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Author(s): Kevin18
total rating:7.13 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 6 6 8 7
eRIC 6 7 8 6
eTux 6 7 6 5
Gerty 5 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 6 7 8 7
Kitkat 7 8 8 8
Kristina 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.50 7.17 7.58 7.25

Reviewer's comments

"Not an all-time classic to be sure, but I still quite enjoyed this competent jungle raid for the just over half hour it lasted. It's simple stuff and nothing too complicated, but moves along nicely in a generally pleasing setting and I thought that the laser guns that activated doors for you were pretty neat, while the (albeit very brief) jeep ride was fun to go through. Music is well clued, and although the room geometry is rather unambitious and perhaps not the most realistic you'll encounter, it's done to a reasonable degree. Recommended." - Ryan (25-Mar-2019)

"This is a jungle/base level and part of a mini series of 2. I played part 2 first and liked it so much that I decided to play this one right after I had finished the other. I guess it would have made more sense to do it the other way around but it's too late now. It is clear that part 2 was the better one. Especially in the texturing and lighting. Nevertheless, this is a very nice level with great jungle ambiance. The game play is really easy, so it is definitely recommended for beginners or someone who just wants a shorter relaxing level for in between. Straight forward without any complicated jumps or puzzles. There is some rope walking and also a jeep ride. I definitely had a good time playing this one." - Blue43 (09-Jun-2010)

"This level is made by using a Patch and I couldn't get it to work on my Mac. But whatever was used I had really trouble to reload as it threw me in a haphazard way to my desktop. I also would urge the builder to learn more about building as I saw some unexplained things in my game. Textures could use some work, as some of them were stretched and badly applied and there were even some small patches with no texture at all. So it is safe to say that this hasn't been thoroughly tested" - Gerty (25-Sep-2007)

"The perfect level if you are tired to be stuck in the bigger games. This jungle level lasts 40 minutes and is fairly easy. Too easy maybe ? Anyway it was pleasant to play. You begin in the jungle killing some tigers, then explore a small village , have a little drive with a vehicle, and end in a high-tech compound hidden in the jungle. Texturing is from TR3 with a bit of TRL , and I really like the small robots that open the doors with a laser. I wonder what was the storyline though as it ends abruptly. A good level even if you can have the feeling not to have accomplish a lot and there is room from improvement. Nevertheless this is a good one for relaxation, and which is quite worthy to be recommanded." - eRIC (02-Sep-2007)

"A rather neat straightforward debut in a well constructed jungle. There's still lots of room for improvement as the rooms are fairly simple and the texturing and lighting are slacking a little along the way, but it seems the author is on the right track. What makes this partly jungle and partly base level memorable are the nice little twists along the way. I thought it was fun to get away from the landslide or see how an earthquake changed the room, or even drive around a little with the jeep. Definitely try to swan dive at one time or another during the level as there's a cool new animation for that - and the way you get into the base via the lasers is just way too cool to miss - makes you wonder why the guards left it there in the first place? Speaking of guards - you meet them only by the time you reach the base, as your main opponents are the tigers. Overall - the author still has lots of things he can improve on, but this jungle level is a fairly solid debut as well. Try it for the little creative things it offers." - eTux (17-Jul-2007)

"A "jungle/legend" level very easy to play with a fast gameplay and no interesting puzzles, but entertaining anyway. Each time Lara dies and at the ending trigger the game crashes. Small defects as some ilegal slopes, some missed sounds or elongated textures but no much important. I picked up revolver ammo but I coudn't find the revolver, only the shotgun as extra weapon. Atmosphere is good but the musics are not correctly recorded. The vehicle is always a good feature in a level. Good work but poor puzzles." - Jose (10-Jul-2007)

"Very classic India Jungle adventure of just above 30 minutes net gaming time here. You get some tightrope walking, a few push blocks to spot, plenty tigers to kill, plus a few crocs and guards, while you collect a series of keys and oddly end up in kind of a Base/Lab at the end for a few minutes. The Jeep was fun and you even get to do a few tight jumps with it. Overall looks were ok, although on occasion there was really not much attention given to the texturing of some of the areas. Solid and promising debut level though and worth a try." - MichaelP (05-Jul-2007)

"What I like about this level is you get two different enviroments to raid in - Jungle and Lab/Base - as Lara makes her way through the jungle to the illegal gene laborotory. There are lots of tigers in this jungle and very few natives, but there are several guards at the base. And the laser in the lab that opens the door is just too cool! I liked the use of flybys but thought the level would benefit with a few cameras to show what effect my last action had {OK so that switch opened a nearby door, but I would have liked to have seen it.} I've always loved the TR3 Jungle music and it really fitted in here. The worst thing about this level is it is too short! More please." - Kitkat (03-Jul-2007)

"For a debut level this is rather ambitious,as convincing Jungle environments are hard to pull off.Well-chosen atmospheric sounds and music,a multitude of creatures (four-legged as well as human),good use of objects (those laser guns were terrific!)and fast-moving straight-forward linear gameplay go a long way in making the environment in this adventure entertaining while never being physically completely convincing;you're always aware that the outdoor areas are essentially just leaf-textured rooms rather than an organic landscape. Nonetheless this was an endearing yarn which even made an attempt at a storyline,and (overlooking the arbitrary and abrupt ending) provided me with 45 minutes of pleasure." - Orbit Dream (11-Jun-2007)

"I don't believe this one will win any awards, but it was a most pleasant Saturday evening diversion for about 45 minutes. What I liked best about it was the ambient lighting, the nicely-arrayed appointments and the fact that a good part of the action takes place outdoors under a bright sunny sky. (These claustrophobic levels where you're in tunnels and caves all the time wear on the nerves after a while.) There's even a Jeep ride thrown in for good measure, although there's nothing challenging other than getting over a pit. The gameplay is fairly linear and there are no devious traps for the unwary, only a smattering of tigers, crocs and few SAS near the end. Recommended for players of all skill levels." - Phil (10-Jun-2007)

"I thought the use of Black Isle audio files rather than the usual Indian ones worked very well. I liked the atmosphere in general and, although the gameplay is fairly simple, it manages to hold the interest quite nicely. You get to shoot a few crocodiles, enough tigers to give a conservationist apoplexy and some guards towards the end of the game. There's also a short jeep ride. It's linear and fast paced and not very long, which makes it a good candidate as a 'filler' level in between some of the epics if you just fancy a quick uncomplicated raid. The abrupt ending made me wonder if this is the first in a series, but as there was no readme with the download I'm just guessing. A very decent debut level." - Jay (08-Jun-2007)

"The jungle setting in a level is my favourite, well one of them anyway, so I enjoyed this level very much. Even though the gameplay was fast paced with not much challenge it was pleasant but I have to say I got tired of killing tigers at some point. From the jungle areas you end up to some sort of a base with lasers that cut open doors and MP guys to fight. Unfortunately right about when it got more interesting the level crashed because I hit the finishing trigger. I have the feeling that this level could be revised or connected with another level and we could enter a base type area thus continuing where this one left off. Nevertheless this one alone is a nice raid so make sure you give it a try." - Kristina (04-Jun-2007)
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