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Author(s): MpGrill
total rating:5.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eTux 6 4 7 6
Gerty 5 6 6 5
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 6 7 6 7
Kitkat 5 6 6 6
Kristina 5 4 5 5
MichaelP 6 6 5 5
Ryan 5 6 6 5
Shandroid 8 7 6 6
Spike 5 6 6 5
category averages
(10 reviews)
5.70 5.80 5.90 5.60

Reviewer's comments

"This isn't bad for a first effort, but I personally found it a bit tedious for the 55 minutes I spent here going from room to room, collecting items and pulling switches. The enemies are numerous and well enough placed (guards, airborne sea hags and mutants), but are rendered much easier thanks to the arsenal Lara accumulates along the way, which is enough to open a whole armoury or maybe more. I could definitely have done with less darkness in a few of the indoor areas, and maybe a few more puzzles. Textures weren't bad though. A pleasant enough level if you're a fan of shooters." - Ryan (01-Aug-2018)

"Boys will be boys and the name of the game is shooting. I got an eerie feeling when I was well into this level that I've seen this before. Probably played this and binned it or simply forgot to write a review. But anyway this time I finished it. I would like to have more flares and not all that ammo, as that was way too much. There are some mean enemies to battle but even so I had plenty left when Lara left this place. As a first, not bad and as for the textures, there were just a few that could use some attention; there are however the end-of-the-world issues and paper-thin walls. As for lighting this place, it could have been a bit more gloomy and not only bright places and dark, very dark corners. As for the wrong animation, be sure to have the revised wads before you start building." - Gerty (08-Apr-2008)

"This was a surprisingly fun little shooter. I enjoyed this fairly simple level that was set in a base and had some fairly scary encounters with baddies you don't see very often. I particularly liked the flying sea hags, which aren't a common sight and took me aback. The other creature baddies were formidable foes and tough to defeat, but ammo was aplenty. I do have to say that the last half of the level was more exciting than the first half. I was a bit disappointed that I took the time to collect a bunch of ammo, gearing up Lara for what I thought would be a wicked ending firefight, but didn't need a single bullet. All in all this was a worthy effort by MpGrill and worth a play by those in the mood to shoot something as opposed to solving a bunch of puzzles." - Shandroid (03-Dec-2007)

"It's true that I don't like base levels with darkish corridors so I am not so fond of this level. Expect wrong animations when pushing a button and if the builder had asked around he/she would know how to solve this and the wrong animation when climbing a ladder. The Atlantean enemies were out of place so were the flying sea hags and why on earth did we get all those pick ups! OK, some of the enemies are hard to kill and that robot like enemy in one room made me swear as it took several minutes to kill it and I mean that but stopping every minute to pick up things for two minutes is annoying. You are searching for plugs and key cards in a not so attractive setting with a few jumps here and there. Two secrets found in an hour of gameplay." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)

"This base is really terifying! Only two words to describe this level: very heavy! This desert lab is full of horripilating mutants hard to kill, but don't worry: there are hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of pickups to help you in your journey through this huge instalations (I finished the level with 180 shotgun shells). Best of the level were the new enemies, some very hard to kill, but the level hasn't much interest itself; only going from room to room picking up hundreds of items and killing mutants and soldiers. When you push a button there are not cameras to show you the action it does, you have to explore. There are many dark rooms, but you'll have more than 100 flares to use. Textures are correct. The last big boss (final TR1 mutant) was very very hard to kill, the hardest I've ever seen in all levels I've played: I had to use 58 revolver bullets, 90 shotgun shells and 14 grenades. At the end the game crashes. If you like pure shooters this is your level." - Jose (20-Aug-2007)

"At times mazelike and pitch black this is an adventure of almost an hour length that felt a bit tedious, also because of the tons of pickups that you actually do not need at all, despite the plenty of fights, some of them with a few mutants being quite tough, that you will encounter. Progression is rather straightforward, the sea hags flying in the air are hilarious, you hunt for yellow and blue plugs and key cards and there are quite a few technical glitches with Lara's animations, which however do not really harm gameplay. Texturing is done in a bit of a wild mix and quite carelessly and the two secrets are not very hard to spot." - MichaelP (19-Aug-2007)

"It may not be classified as such, but this pretty much falls into the shooter category. Very unusual use of sea hags and they make even tougher enemies than usual out of water, nor are they the only tough baddies hanging around. Fear not though - this could well be the winner of a"Most Pickups in a Single Level" competition so you'll have no difficulties bumping off the enemies (apart from the Atlantean boss baddie - just run away) and luckily flares are well supplied too as it is rather dark in places. It's a debut level and not at all bad as such. The builder did say in the readme that s(he) had trouble with some of the animations, but personally I found seeing Lara pushing buttons with her boobs rather amusing. (No, I'm not a 12 year old boy; why do you ask?)." - Jay (01-Aug-2007)

"Now I left this one with mixed feelings. On one hand it's a wonderfully atmospheric setting which I can best describe as a mix between a base and Karnak scenario that works surprisingly well, I enjoyed the 45 or so minutes I spent here immensely and when you consider that this is the author's debut you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that this lacks most of the typical beginner's errors. Yet on the other hand - I'm certain that half of the time I spent here was picking up the COUNTLESS ammo, health-packs, weapons and other items! If you were to drop something and look away for 5 seconds, it would have reproduced asexually and you'd have a full room of whatever it is to pick up! Spike's suggestions to just put all the stuff in several cabinets throughout the level would've worked a charm, but ironically the only 2 cabinets I found in the level were empty! The enemies mostly are some German soldiers (I assume, taking the flag on their uniform as a hint), flying sea hags, and a handful of 'boss' battles. Now, I've never been a fan of the boss battles where the only thing to do is to fill the bad guys with as many bullets as possible, but unfortunately that's the only kind you get here - and while you can shorten and simplify them with a couple of tricks or unintended glitches (for example escape through a grating in the first boss area, or have the final boss corner you on the tile with the battery and blast away with all you've got until he drops dead) essentially they don't really offer anything creative or exciting - though I did like the music used - especially in the last sequence, where it reminded me of some old arcade games. Shooting everything that moves and picking up everything that doesn't fortunately isn't the only thing to do in the level, and there are a couple of fun jumps, swimming sequences, 2 secrets (Uzis and a Grenade launcher) to find, as well as some mean laser traps. There aren't really any camera hints there, bet the areas are pretty compact so it should rarely be an issue to find out what each switch or button did. While speaking of buttons - Lara didn't have any animations for handling those, as she did not for opening cupboards or climbing walls. The latter might seem a big deal, and in any other case it would be, but here there's probably only 1 spot in the whole level that houses a climbable wall, and seeing that it wasn't picked up by the testers and other players, it was a good indicator that there was no need to backtrack. So essentially the worst thing it does - along with the unnamed puzzle items - is make the level look like a sloppy job, which besides the mentioned issues, would by no means be the case in this level. It's a very colorful and fun adventure for most part, but has its problems as well. Still, am looking forward as to what else the builder has up his sleeve (and sincerely hope it's not another small medipack or box of ammo)!" - eTux (30-Jul-2007)

"This level mostly consists of blasting enemies to bits with a variety of weapons, including a shotgun and a rifle. Thankfully, there is some variation with occasional swimming and jumping sections, as well as a few traps to avoid...although sadly some of them you have no other choice than to lose health on. One particularly annoying factor, however, was the large amounts of items to pick up, that were all on seperate floor tiles...wouldn't it have made more sense to put them all in a cabinet so that you can pick them up all at once? The objects were usually well chosen, although some of them had missing surfaces in which you could see inside the object itself. Also, Lara's animations when using switches and the like were almost always incorrect or non-existent. The atmosphere was good, although there was a lack of camera hints to help you out, and I personally think that the 'Final Fantasy' rock music when fighting the Demigods was completely out of place. Also, while the texturing was decent, the lighting was sometimes too dark for it's own good, even with the (extremely) large amount of flares at your disposal. While this level was sometimes fun, it is not an essential level to play." - Spike (24-Jul-2007)

"I think I would have classed this level as a 'shooter' instead of 'nc', there is other gameplay but there is a lot of shooting: soliders and flying seahags mainly. The 'horror' is an unnamed organistaion has been experimenting on alien corpses in its secret desert base and produced all manner of horrible creatures: the weird 'out-of-water' seahags and something that looked rather like Resident Evil's tyrant. {Someone should tell Chris Radford where Umbrella's new base is!} However Lara is missing some basic animations, such as pressing a button! And I found a place where you could walk through a wall one way but not the other trapping you and making you unable to continue without loading a savegame. Plus the guards guns make weird underwater noises when fired. There is also a mammoth amount of pickups! (Don't get me wrong - I like lots of ammo and health items but I found myself leaving lots behind simply because a) I had loads already and b) picking them all up was getting tedious.} On a positive note, the atmosphere was very good. I was suitably nervous as I made my way through the level. I really enjoyed the non-shooting gameplay, there was a great room to jump around. I thought the lighting was good as you went from the bright outdoors into the dark base. And the textures chosen did suit the location well. I also liked the final fight music! Plus the level played through from start to finish! No crashes. Always a good thing. This is Mpgrill's first level and it shows a lot of promise. I look forward to their next level." - Kitkat (24-Jul-2007)
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