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Author(s): zip_1
total rating:8.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 10 9 9 9
Dutchy 9 10 10 9
eRIC 9 9 8 8
eTux 10 9 8 7
Gerty 8 9 8 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jose 10 9 9 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 9 8 8 8
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
Minox 10 8 8 9
Phil 9 10 9 9
Ruben 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Samu 9 8 8 8
TheStig 9 9 8 8
category averages
(16 reviews)
9.13 8.88 8.63 8.63

Reviewer's comments

"A fun romp through a Tomb Raider Legend styled environment. Everything about it screams Legend. The music, room structure and even the gameplay. The first part focuses on finding a way into the complex and gameplay is mostly movement and trap based. The puzzle aspect is more predominant in the second half, when you perform separate tasks off a hub room. At the end Lara escapes in a Jeep to the accompaniment of Legend music and the level ends." - Ryan (25-Jun-2016)

"This is a fairly challenging three-parter not without its downsides, but overall quite professional built. What stands out most in this pack is the very gameplay, but also a nice setting throughout even if it often too much cramped together and most of the time you will be exploring pretty tight passages - more large rooms would certainly have helped the atmosphere a bit. There are a few problems such as split-second cameras but since the map is pretty compact this wasn't a large issue at least for me; the texturing is a bit rough though and a little more care for the (fairly uniform) lighting is necessary. The second level might be the best gameplaywise with a central hub and six different paths to raise six blocks around the hub to get to an important key - I found this pretty engaging and also the side tasks were pretty fun as they are mostly puzzle-based and a lot of creativity has gone into them. I also liked the (two!) boss fights with a gladiator (though not fitting ot the setting) and the skeleton boss; in this level the normal skeletons actually were mortal which was a nice idea as elseway they would be too much disturbing. After the two pretty fun first two levels the third level was not exactly matching the quality of the first as I didn't like exploring the buildings so much - things were hidden too well and there is not much space to navigate - but the final jeep ride was quite making up for it, although it was as often way too short and it's necessary to kill one of the "good guys" in order to drive on. Finding all seven secrets shouldn't take much as they were really easy to find. All in all I spent 1:50 hours in this game - highly recommended for the clever gameplay in a competent but not overly atmospheric setting." - manarch2 (14-Sep-2012)

"I did play it a while ago and send a wrong review to the boss. I happen to play a couple of long levels at the time and my brain is made of Teflon (as Gunilla used to say), so I had to play it all over again. Glad there was a walky as in my download the camera hints were no hints as they just showed me not even a glimpse of a hint. So most of the time I had no idea what happened when pulling a lever/switch. But I hit the finishing trigger. Had to ask for help with one particular jump (thanks vimmers) and I did remember that jeep ride. Well... ride is too big a word; it is more manoeuvring around corners and then jumping over gaps. All in all it is quite an adventure one has to make and I am glad that I took my time to get through this one again." - Gerty (22-Aug-2012)

"Every now and then you really get so much more out of a custom level than you expected and this is certainly the case here. Almost 2.5 hours of wonderfully fluent and engaging gameplay in total in nicely crafted surroundings make this a blast to play and a memorable adventure that should be played by everyone.
Part I - Inside the temple (9/9/9/9, 60 min, 3 secrets): This section has many smaller areas/rooms to make your way through and impresses with its clever architecture. Many traps about but nothing ever too devious, some ahmets, spiders, lizards to kill and one slightly annoying fire wraith to avoid. The big boss at the end was rather pitiful though as it fell over with a single shot of the shotgun.
Part II - The treasury (10/8/9/9, 45 min, 2 secrets): Great overall design here, with a single colourful hub room and the daunting amount of doors you open, only to find a wide variety of quick and fun tasks behind them to get the necessary blocks raised and eventually make the way to the key. Maybe a few too many buttons and levers throughout and how did those Shivas end up in Bolivia? The boss fight is actually not as tough as it seems when you figure out the things that need to be done, but serves as a solid climax in the middle of the adventure.
Part III - Fleeing with the talisman (9/9/9/9, 35 min, 2 secrets): Nicely bringing the storyline to closure, you need to complete plenty of tasks here as well to escape through the camp and barracks in the jungle with a (way too short) jeep ride at the end." - MichaelP (16-Mar-2009)

"A near perfect adventure level, where you'll find it all and then some. In some places I thought the switches and levers to pull to get one block up a bit too overdone, but I admired the placement of those switches and levers, done with such ingenuity, you had to love it. Surprising ideas where it comes to placing traps and objects to make your progress challenging. A 3 level adventure with a"boss fight" (although you couldn't shoot him) halfway down to get the Aymara Talisman. I thought the Jeep ride should have been longer and less curbed, to have a nice reward. driving through the countryside after thıs challenging level. Now I got annoyed when the thing slipped off the ledge into the pit every time. Found a couple of misplaced textures. Without those it would have been perfect Hard at times where it comes to jumps and dodging a big Skeleton Boss, but certainly a must play... I'm glad Gerty said I should have a look..." - Dutchy (24-Jan-2008)

"This is a first class raid that took me the better part of four hours to complete, even though it consists of only three separate levels. You actually find the object of your quest at the end of the second level, but you still have much to do by way of exploring an outpost nestled in the jungle hills and finding the Jeep keys to make your escape. This is one of the few productions that manage to thwart both my hex-editing program and the GUNS cheat, but I was able to make it through (with the help of Harry Laudie's walkthrough) legally without too much trouble. However, I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic, because there are entirely too many tight places here for my taste. And there's a crawling sequence in the third level that's fraught with difficulty. Not only is it a struggle to enter the crawl space in the first place (because of the nearby box), but the fixed camera angle once you get inside makes it nearly impossible to get back without touching one of the side walls and thereby becoming stuck. This won't be high on my replay list, but it's definitely one of the elite releases. Recommended." - Phil (26-Dec-2007)

"This is a very good level, which I did not find too difficult, but not easy, however, because we have to explore, there are many traps and puzzles, secrets are easy enough to find! I liked the lights and textures (a few were misplaced s) and the game play in place was more difficult but this level in 3 parts can fit all. I recommend it." - Minox (18-Dec-2007)

"This was rather nice three level adventure including well designed gameplay. Puzzles are varied and this game contains also many challenging jumping tasks and traps that will keep you on your toes but everything is resolvable. Atmosphere is also good during the whole game. Environment looks good despite it's sometimes slightly unmemorable and monotonous because most of the areas are rather similar looking small chambers. However, I enjoyed this game and I recommend it for every player." - Samu (25-Nov-2007)

"This is one of those games that at first glance will probably want to make you run away in a burst of sheer-minded bloody frustration. But don't, because if you persevere with the first jump puzzle you'll be rewarded with a genuinely fun few hours of game play. There's a solid balance of shooting and puzzles. I like the author's choice of music (particularly the scores taken from Tomb Raider Anniversary). The patching of the Tomb Raider executable to display level statistics is also a nice touch. You will feel very blocked at times playing this, and it's the sort of adventure I recommend playing in 30 minute bursts to rest your mind and them come back each time with a fresh set of eyes. You'd be amazed how sometimes something very simple is staring you in the face. Some of the enemy placement is scary and there's a nice variety of very cruel traps thrown in for good measure too. There was however at-least one instance of those mind-numbing aggravating 26 reloads to try and avoid Lara's splat of death encounters (after throwing a drop down switch which subsequently triggers a boulder above you, requiring you to dodge out of the way avoiding flaming lava while pushing Lara's moves to the very limits of what the game engine will allow. If I were to be critical, I'd say that the lighting in some of the outdoor locations could be better. When you consider how fantastic many of the tombs and under-ground areas looked, I just found the jungle sections very visually flat in terms of lighting. All in all I got 3 hours and 45 minutes from this set of levels played over several evenings. Recommended to those with patience, and a good grasp of the limits of Lara's move set with this engine. Like I said: persevere with the puzzles, by the end of it¡Kyou'll really feel like you achieved something." - TheStig (15-Nov-2007)

"This was a very good level for me 'cause I like levels with a natural environment, and this is one of them. This level is builded based in not very big rooms so it's easy find what you're looking for. Also it has a first TR games style, with a lot of traps, nice puzzles and not very difficult tasks (except the jumpswitch with the boulder falling). Secrets are easy if you explore a bit and there is enough guns and ammo. There are two big bosses too, and one of them can be killed. I liked objects, lights and textures too, with no much dakness in the rooms. Definitively I like the style. Perhaps it isn't a great level, but I've enjoyed a lot. Congratulations, and many thanks." - Jose (05-Nov-2007)

"A good Temple/jungle adventure which alternates indoor and outside areas, with some good textures used. The areas are generally a bit small in size , and the author should learn to use the crack mode to avoid all these disjointed textures. Nevertheless the levels look good, if a bit dark. This set of levels are especially memorable for all the small challenges , some of them being quite subtle , with the solution being always not far from Lara, which is fair. There is plenty of switches but also good puzzles and "diabolical" traps, with none of the tasks being too difficult so not to frustrate the player for too long. In my opinion, the author has really made a good job in the use of some of the objects , traps or enemies, to the maximum effect. Try this Bolivian adventure if you dare !" - eRIC (28-Oct-2007)

"This one took me by surprise. I was not sure what to expect from the level, as I have not played any by the author before, so was pleasantly surprised when I had covered some of the first tasks. The author has gone out of his way to make them as varied and interesting as possible and keep you occupied at all times! At times it even feels that every next tile you step on offers a new challenge and the trap density in this temple and jungle environment makes you wonder if there's a factory nearby dedicated solely to keep them working non stop! Looking back at it all, there may not be that many novel ideas as such, but the trap composition always is interesting enough and overall this is one of those levels where there never is a dull moment and you're occupied throughout the entire duration of the adventure. Fortunately it also is never so hard you'll be stuck for ages scratching your head whilst trying to figure out the next move. The few jump-switches and underwater levers that blend in provided me with the most trouble and they also were my least favourite part of the adventure - otherwise I can't really fault it - the author has done a splendid job as far as the tasks provided go. There's nothing wrong about the looks too, and they're nice throughout all times, but if there's anything - then I think the author could've worked more with the lighting, as it looked rather flat for most part. Using a sun bulb in every(!) room, varying with the light and shadow intensities and exploring their logical flow is definitely something the author's further levels will benefit from. I was also pleased that the author kept all the areas pretty compact at every time, and I actually can't recall any unnecessarily huge area. I managed to find 5 of the 7 secrets. On the whole - there is more to praise here than to reprimand about and definitely worth a try if you're not afraid of a little challenge! Recommended!" - eTux (28-Oct-2007)

"I am not sure how to describe this level. It's not a jungle but it has much greenery and it has inside areas that look like caves at times. The idea is to get the Aymara Talisman of course but be aware that n the way you will have to deal with many traps, quite challenging traps. Each area has a unique task to complete, even in the area with the many raising blocks each room behind the doors has a different task to complete. From lava rooms with slopes to jump to, to underwater tasks with many levers I might add. The enemies aren't many but that is not a downside for such a level but you do get some natives and snakes to name a few. There are also keys and a key card as well as a jeep to jump over a couple of gaps in narrow outside areas. I only found three from the seven secrets and found this level very enjoyable." - Kristina (24-Oct-2007)

"This pretty much starts off with a timed run that took me ages to perfect, only to find that I needed to do it again, whereupon I managed it first time. I suppose that's raiding for you. Some of the challenges are very health draining, but there are plenty of medipacks to find. The gameplay really is a nicely balanced mixture of agility tests, puzzles and enemy battling and I enjoyed myself very much. I especially liked the middle section 'The Treasury' where the gameplay involved performing various tasks in a series of rooms off the main room - a scenario I always find appealing . It's very well built and easy on the eye too. Perhaps not one for beginners, but certainly not too difficult for anyone with a bit of experience. Highly recommended." - Jay (18-Oct-2007)

"A 3 level adventure of the fine art . Definetely a good job done here.Everything that seems to be hidden and beyond grasp will be revealed if you look a little bit closer . Some nice custom music to enhance the atmosphere of the game , excellent use of cameras , no miles-away doors to search for once you pulled a switch. The advanced raider may complain about the lack of a real challenge as the gameplay proves to be rather continous without real moments of excitement. Altogether a nice little package of TRLE raiding with a well worked-out story , also suitable for the beginners !" - Ruben (13-Oct-2007)

"A compelling series of intelligent and diabolical puzzles keeps the player glued to this enjoyable game. Many of the puzzles seem impossible, but actually turn out to have straightforward solutions, and can be quite satisfying. Time after time I felt blocked. Maybe there are flame emitters, spikes, swinging spike bags, and no possible solution--unless Lara could monkeyswing over spikes. And there is a monkeyswing. Or a jump switch was out of reach, and the game at a total impasse--unless Lara could grab a hidden crack in the stone and shimmy around the walls to that jump switch. And there was a hidden shimmy crack. In other words: think. There is always a local solution, Lara never has to traipse off to the other end of the level to pull a switch, but can find some way to accomplish the needed task. In one six by six block room the author may cram ten different, multi-tiered challenges: jumps, floor switches, spikes, flames, clacking blades, trap doors, shimmies, and even the occasional timed run. Technically, highly proficient design. Many other authors might find their levels enhanced if they included even a few such devious puzzles. Yet oddly I reached a point where there was too much of a good thing. In the first level Lara does a lot of crawling through tight spaces. By the second level, I actually began to feel claustrophobic, and that feeling never let up. I love the soaring grand architecture that is possible in Tomb Raider, and here that is completely absent. A puzzle room might be very good, with Lara having to jump over a series of sloped blocks to a ladder and finally reach a jump switch, and then find a way to pull it even though it will release a boulder directly overhead, and she is prevented from jumping aside by surrounding lava. But this is all done in an eight by eight block room. It isn't as though this is Tokyo real estate and the author has to pay for it by the square foot. The last level does go outdoors, but even here the spaciousness is something of an illusion. The jeep ride at the end barely begins before it ends. But such comments are a personal reaction. Most Tomb Raider fans will love these levels for the inventive challenges they present. Highly recommended." - dmdibl (06-Oct-2007)
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