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Author(s): mattlsu
total rating:7.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Drakan 8 7 8 7
eRIC 7 8 6 7
eTux 6 6 7 6
Gerty 6 7 8 8
Jack& 6 7 8 7
Jay 6 7 7 8
Jose 8 7 7 9
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Phil 8 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Spike 6 7 7 7
category averages
(13 reviews)
6.85 6.92 7.38 7.54

Reviewer's comments

"4 small, very short levels, with mainly push blocks at the right positions to move forward. The end is a bit more difficult with some enemies, although we can avoid them by quickly taking the artifact in the middle." - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)

"A four part game it may be, but it took me only 45 minutes. Not that that's a negative point, on the contrary I found it rather entertaining. It just means you shouldn't brace yourself for an epic. You get to shove lots and lots of boxes around, utilise a couple of Lara's nifty ledge-jumping moves and fight a variety of enemies, culminating in a super tough boss battle. An improvement over "Lost Hospital", definitely." - Ryan (19-Mar-2017)

"Pretty huge download for a total of forty-five minutes of playing time. Four levels in all, each of which is little more than a tidbit. However, you get a variety of looks in the first three, and my scores are a bit higher because of this. There are some new moves, including an unexpected leap from a tightrope. (Whenever I did the tightrope walk in one go, I was rewarded with a premature jump into the water. I had to stumble periodically on purpose to get far enough along so that the leap, when it came, would deposit Lara on the other side of the pool.) These levels, although nearly eight years old, have that fresh new look that I always find appealing. Recommended for a stress-free change of pace. That is, until you reach the concluding boss level reminiscent of that giant arachnid monster near the end of TR1. I spent what seemed like forever dodging this way and that while firing away with my pistols after exhausting my uzi ammo. I finally got tired of the exercise and manufactured a revolver with unlimited ammo. Even at that it took about a dozen rounds before the beast finally succumbed so I could move on." - Phil (26-Jun-2015)

"I guess you might expect a bit more with the big download and the fact that you have a four level package here, but it ends up being a surprisingly short adventure. That does not make it a bad one though, quite the opposite. The four levels make for a nice little change in setting and pace: Mountain Base (15 min) is the most accomplished and starts with a block pushing exercise that is a bit overdone, ie too tedious, but then has a few fun jumps with a new move and a few decent little traps to avoid. Part 2, The Hidden Temple (7 minutes) is much of the same gameplay wise. Part 3, Arctic Towers (10 min) is essentially a single high room in which you get to perform a few fun acrobatic moves while centaurs are shooting at you and Part 4, Burial Grounds (3 min) offers a short boss fight on a platform surrounded by lava before you get a quick ending sequence as Lara escapes. Entertaining and woth a look if you don't mind the big download." - MichaelP (14-Oct-2008)

"When I saw the *.tr4 archives I thought this could be a long game but I was mistaked. Even so, this was a good game for me, I enjoyed it and I liked the new Lara's movements as in TRL too, but I didn't need to use the long jump mentioned in the readme (?). Rooms are often small and there were some interesting puzzles, I missed some flares to pick up and more guns and ammo, but there were not much enemies to shoot; I missed some more musics in certain places too, but in general the levels are well builded and enjoyable. This new builder promise good works in the future. Continue thus." - Jose (27-Nov-2007)

"This game is divided in shorter levels with a simple gameplay but a tough enemy near the end of it. The areas seem a bit small with greenery outside and cave type rooms inside. The enemies are centaurs but the game is mostly it is about puzzles and less about fighting. There are nice jumps, moveable blocks and fire around especially in an area with two snow creatures which makes things difficult for Lara. It is a nice small adventure, about forty minutes that you will enjoy." - Kristina (05-Nov-2007)

"There is perhaps a bit too much reliance on pushable blocks in this four part level, although that might just possibly be offset by the wonderful new move Lara has when jumping up from shimmy cracks. That apart, the gameplay is quite entertaining and moves along at a nice pace, with good, well used enemies and generally pleasing settings (I loved the look of the icicle laden tightrope). Basically, it's a blameless little level (it may have four parts, but they're all pretty short) - it may not be Hall of Fame material, but it's well worth having a look at." - Jay (29-Oct-2007)

"A game with 4 levels and a short cutscene sequence at the end. The levels are quite short (the whole game can be completed under one hour) but is fun to play and very fluent. And this is the perfect game to familiarize yourself with Lara's new move (reaching the higher alcoves) which is cool to practise. There are also some movable blocks puzzles with good ideas, easy traps (stargates and hammers), a bit of tightrope, a couple of enjoyable moves , and few cool enemies : ice centaurs, ice monsters, friendly natives and butterflies , and a guardian dog as final boss , along with the standard crocodiles. Despite the new textures and a rather atmospheric lighting, the looks are nothing special , the architecure being simple and the rooms too much square. Also the audio files when Lara is saying something are of poor quality as I could not even discern in which language it was. Anyway if you are looking for a game with no brain-teaser but fluent to play, this one is quite recommanded." - eRIC (18-Oct-2007)

"This is an interesting set of 4 levels that's definitely a step up from the same author's debut level. The settings are varied, but mostly cave-based as you can already expect in a mountain setting, and from what I understand you make your way up the mountain through the various stages while passing boulder traps, movable box puzzles (a very long one in the very beginning even) enemies which include crocodiles, ice-centaurs among others including a very neat boss fight as the final level - for which I recommend saving all your uzi ammo. It includes some novelties like the ledge-jump ala Legend and Anniversary (do check out the readme for instructions, as its near to impossible to figure out the combinations yourself) and Lara commenting on some of tasks ahead of her. It could've been even more varied as far as tasks go and looks-wise more consistent, but generally is a fun adventure as it is and worth a look." - eTux (17-Oct-2007)

"The follow-up to Matt's short and quirky 'Lost Hospital' is this short and equally quirky four-level set. He throws a little bit of everything into this rather invigorating mix,(acrobatic jumps;lever/raising-block puzzles;tightrope walking;colourful opponents)ensuring that you're kept constantly entertained.I even appreciated the presence of the 'moveable-block logic sequences',although they threatened to become boring,as they indicated a versatility in the devising of Gameplay on the part of the Author.The four levels were all a little too short for Gameplay to have been scored higher,but they were undeniably exciting and ensured that this adventure fairly zipped along in about an hour,culminating in a taught confrontation with a particularly resilient Hell-Hound above a deep pit of Lava. Added to this some pithy (but generally unimportant) comments at opportune moments,competantly placed textures and decent lighting and you have a fun mini-adventure. The atmosphere would have been improved with somewhat more convincing environments (the sky,for instance,was static)but this was a game built for entertainment value,not artistic brilliance. Recommended for players of all abilities." - Orbit Dream (16-Oct-2007)

"Quite solid but short 4 level game but do read the readme. Not for Mac players as you need to use the TR4 exe as there are push/climbable blocks in this level. There is also a new moves, nice I have to say... but the pushing one has to do in this level is already way too much for my taste and now you get the overdoing shimmy/hopping bit from one ledge to another. The textures that are used are the big ones, which always do look great I have to admit. Your goal is getting your hands on some artefacts. Would be nice if they had genuine names and not the ones it has in this game. As said the levels are really short and the last two have some action, specially the last one. Took me about half an hour to finish it and no secrets and remember, do read the readme" - Gerty (14-Oct-2007)

"Possibly the most terrifying sight for me at the start of any custom level, is a long block pushing task. Thankfully though, any following pushable blocks only had to be shoved a short distance, allowing room for the other gameplay elements on offer, mainly involving long shimmying sections and trap-dodging...the latter being more exciting. While the first two levels were quite average in terms of gameplay, the third one was quite fun. The task here is to traverse around a large cave in order to reach the top where another pushable block sequence lies, but at least it involved a little thought this time around. The final level is simply a short battle against a demon-dog, and there wasn't anything particularly special to mention here, bar the small fly-by 'cutscene' at the end. In terms of presentation, it looked quite good, with decent texturing and some well-lighted areas. Another nice addition was Lara's voice, and she occasionally commented on the things surrounding her such the the freezing cold water that she had just landed in. Compared to mattlsu's last level, this is an overall improvement, and I'm sure that the next level released by this author should be even better again." - Spike (13-Oct-2007)

"well what i can say .............. nice level but with alot off junk pushing and very very short for a 80mb game ........ ending is very abrupt ,,what i like moust at this level is Lara new move from ledge to ledge high up at the rest fairly linear and very very short ........." - Jack& (13-Oct-2007)
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