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Author(s): Cain
total rating:3.17 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 3 3 4 3
Ceamonks890 1 1 0 1
DJ Full 5 6 6 6
eRIC 3 7 4 3
eTux 2 3 1 2
GeckoKid 1 2 0 1
Gerty 1 3 1 1
God Horus 3 1 0 0
guss18 2 5 2 2
Jay 3 6 4 5
Jose 2 3 1 2
Kitkat 3 4 3 4
Kristina 3 3 3 3
Leeth 3 4 2 3
MichaelP 2 5 2 2
Orbit Dream 3 6 5 6
Ryan 3 3 2 2
Scottie 5 6 5 4
Sethian 10 10 7 2
Spike 3 4 3 3
Zhyttya 3 4 1 2
category averages
(21 reviews)
3.05 4.24 2.67 2.71

Reviewer's comments

"Yes, the homicidal chickens are hilarious the first couple of times you encounter them and yes, there may be a certain novelty in Cain's levels for those who like this sort of thing, but for me this became a chore pretty quickly. The progression only revolves around shooting bewildering arrays of enemies and using a couple of levers, which made it quite underwhelming for the short time it lasted. The sound files are a bit messed up and a few were absent altogether, while the textures are nothing to write home about. The golf buggy was a cute touch, but as a whole my positivity doesn't go very far here. Sorry." - Ryan (28-Mar-2019)

"This is actually a full level, although poorly designed. Enemeies are weird as always, rooms are blocky and I think that T-Rex couldn't die. I think the outfit doesn't match the environment very well but whatever. It becomes a little boring after a while. If this is a remake, then the original is way better!" - alan (20-Jan-2019)

"This was one crazy adventure...just one question....those bears with the boulders were supposed to be..lions??? Amazingly well thought!! Indeed this is a low score level, with most of the sounds missing, big square areas, and lots of broken enemies, but i assure you'll at least have fun on the last part with the car." - Zhyttya (12-Apr-2016)

"And a 9/10 for silliness! The only way it could be better was if Lara was dressed as a clown and we had a grenade launcher with fireworks since the beginning. The lack of sound was something negative in here but the random enemies was a joy to run and avoid because you would just die trying to kill that. Recommend to everyone, best game i played in the last 10 minutes!" - Leeth (12-Apr-2016)

"I don't see how one can classify this as a remake, when it looks essentially nothing like its original counterpart in any real shape or form. Now, I don't care about Cain's level 'style' as some previous reviewers have brought up over the years. Since what's demonstrated here is basically bad game design incarnate by Tomb Raider standards. Boxy rooms, little to no lighting, too many enemies to fight at once, tedious and boring gameplay, repetitive texturing... I could go on and on. Overall, nothing but a massive waste of time for any poor soul who dares go download this monstrosity. Avoid at all costs!" - Ceamonks890 (14-Apr-2014)

"If you don't like Cain's style, you won't like this level. You won't appreciate how the author has improved the object placement, or the lighting, which is more accurate than in any other of his customs. But if you are the one who doesn't mind criterions and rules of the world arrangement, you'll have fun, as Cain will keep you entertained through every single moment of this level. The way he combined an opportunity to kill hordes of enemies with the lack of frustration is perfect. We have enough ammo, not too much, but enough medipacks and we're not feeling outnumbered or surrounded, even if we're fighting dozens of opponents at the same time. I think this balance of difficulty is a top achievement of Cain. We're not getting stuck, we're not frustrated, the action is going on, and we go with it! WE PLAY! The best level by Cain. Simply." - DJ Full (30-Jul-2010)

"Cain has tried a remake of TR1-Caves. And what I should say, just it must have looked in the original. Well, almost as well as in the original. More or less. But so properly one cannot look around anyhow, because Cain brings up once more everything once as opponents which he has in his repertoire. There are eels, lions with strange heads, chickens, a big dino and a few more opponents. Still the chickens were the best. Cain has not bothered us ith difficult riddles, what feels also well, however, because we are occupied completely with the opponent. Later one still finds a cute small wagon. The thing had a certain resemblance to a golf car. And it had a high utility value because one was able to wipe out all opponents. Then after about 20 minutes was end of work. Anyway these 20 minutes were really hilarious" - Scottie (03-Jun-2009)

"Good level-no, funny level-yes. I must admit some of the creatures you encounter and the strange vehicle did make me LOL. So if you enjoy LOL and killing masses of strange creatures then have a go at this one. " - guss18 (05-Dec-2007)

"I am oh so surprised why this level is not classified as Joke. There is no need to play it, Cain is clearly just joking around making this. The level felt oh so boring, but you do get quite a few laughs out of it. Overall, not worth your time. It has boring gameplay, repeated textures, no atmosphere, and awful enemies. How on earth did that bear get it's head stuck in a boulder. And why are there beatles in Peru? Flying beattles???" - God Horus (03-Dec-2007)

"This is for me the best level of this author, but only a little bit better than the previous. Simple architecture, all the time shooting hundreds of those strange enemies appearing everywhere and pull a few switches could be the resume of this level. Near the end you'll drive a very original yellow car to run over some ramps and kill more easily many other enemies." - Jose (29-Nov-2007)

"Seriously, just what is Cain on? Surely he can't dream up these enemies without the aid of some sort of recreational chemicals. If you've played his previous levels you know what to expect by now - a shooter to end all shooters with enemies out of a delirium dream and ultra weird sound files. I must say I found this to be his best offering to date and if viewed as a joke level (which really is the only way to approach his levels) it is actually quite good for a giggle. Perhaps one for collectors of oddities only, but I must admit I enjoyed the creaky chickens." - Jay (12-Nov-2007)

"I am not sure if this progress but I guess it is as far as the setting is concerned. The gameplay though still suffers. The only thing we have to do is use switches, kill many creatures that we have already seen in Cain's previous levels plus a new enemy that looked like a big turkey. The last area has a colourful jeep to drive up some slopes and after opening the last door the level ends. Surely, much work must be done until we can call this a good level." - Kristina (08-Nov-2007)

"How ridiculous can you get, well this is how. I would be milder if at least he got the textures and sound right." - Gerty (03-Nov-2007)

"I always thought it was odd that I always look forward to Cain's levels, even though they mostly get terrible reviews, and that's mainly due to the wackiness that's present in all of them. This level is no exception, and is basically a chance to shoot through swathes of enemies ranging from grizzly bears, to common-garden turkeys...yes, TURKEYS. Sadly, aside from the laughs, the level is mostly devoid of interesting gameplay, and the poor texturing and lighting joins it in the list of things that Cain needs to work on before releasing his next level. While this level is quite memorable due to it's oddness, the fact remains that it's simply not in the same league of some of the other levels available today." - Spike (03-Nov-2007)

"This level was completly ridiculous and atrocious. But, it had me almost rolling on the ground and laughing and crying hysterically as I trecked through it. I honestly loved every minute, and therefore the rather high marks. I'm not sure if Cain is mentally insane, 5 years old, or some cynical genius who is laughing at all of us and especially all those newbie remake projects on trfs that dream of remaking one of the classic games in the most SUPER KEWL LOLS ZOMG way. For some reason, I personally feel compelled that Cain is the later. The game was truly the most hilarious joke I have ever played through, and I simply love the random eels and chickens. eriC above in his review however mentions that the chickens made funny noises when dying... this didnt happen with me. I made sure I transfered all of Cains custom samples, but when I converted his files the sound was sadly messed up. Oh well... funnily enough most of those newbie levels that I think are being made fun of with this level have messed up sounds. Fabulous job Cain with your fabulous Cain level Cain! Please keep us up to date with all of your Cain remade Cain levels Cain!" - Sethian (01-Nov-2007)

"Cain's self-deprecating humour is such that it's really quite impossible to criticise this too much. In no way is it a decent re-creation of the Caves level from TR1 (although recognisable as such for the first few seconds or so) but what the heck...when you're chased non-stop by a hilariously bewildering array of daft enemies,while armed to the teeth,for a fun-filled 15 can I possibly complain? Cain has already established himself as a 'mad' builder,and I look forward to his future output (in small doses,of course!)" - Orbit Dream (01-Nov-2007)

"LOL, I just love Cain's levels. They always bring a smile to my face. This starts out in a room very similar to the first area in TR1's Caves and the last room was very similar to the last area before you enter the City of Vilcabamba too but inbetween the level rapidly turns into the sort of shoot-a-thon we expect from Cain by now. Strange turkeys, giant eels and my favourite custom enemy - bears with boulders for heads - inhabit this cave kingdom. Lara is ridicolusly outnumbered but Cain does provide alot of ammo and places where you can climb up or rum away from them. {My Uzi's didn't seem to have any sound so I wonder if a sound file was missing in the download?} I do think the room design and texturing are better in this level - the textures many be reprtitive and wallpapered but I didn't notice any stretched ones. {Maybe I was laughing too much to see?} The lighting is a little too bright, but getting atmospheric lighting with the level editor takes practice. And there is a finish trigget! Yay!" - Kitkat (31-Oct-2007)

"This level is so hard to rate. On one side, this is absolutely disastrously ugly, yet I have never laughed out so loud before in playing a custom level, from the moment that I downloaded the files I'm already bombarded by how "amazingly fabulous" Cain's level is, by Cain himself. Can't be any less fitting for those words. I particularly found that shooting the wolves one by one and yet more keep coming funny. Just how many enemies did he put in his rooms?! Oh and the turkeys and snakes... and everything else. They are just ridiculously out of place... perhaps it's the author's style, which makes it so funny? But overall this is a big joke." - GeckoKid (30-Oct-2007)

"For good or bad, but bar a few hallmarks of the official level, I didn't see much resemblance to the Caves at all. Maybe I was distracted by all the out of place, yet in a true Cain style used enemies that you are bombarded with constantly, or maybe the looks that are sub par even for a remake made it hard to distinguish at times, but it's all over too soon and is forgotten just as soon too. Obviously a joke effort, but the ridiculous enemy and vehicle choice justify the levels place in the category, so it's all worth for a few laughs, if you expect nothing more." - eTux (29-Oct-2007)

"A Caves Remake in Cain style - which basically means the architecture is fairly simplistic but what you get is literally tons of enemies coming in big batches, so the 15 minutes you spend here are on a linear path with guns out all the time. That said the mixture of enemies is so hilarious that it is almost funny and to top it all of, you get a totally out of place vehicle at the end that made me laugh out loud." - MichaelP (29-Oct-2007)

"LOLOLOL, now that was fun. This is the first level I play from Cain and I quite like the humour of the author manifested in the read-me file or in the load screen. This is a 15 minutes shooter level that you begin in the first room of TR1. It is Not a remake as all the other rooms are different. A good reason to play this level despite the bland looks , the repetitive texturing , and the absence of puzzles, is because it is hilarious. You have packs of various enemies, flying beetles , bats , wolves , eels , bears with a boulder head , green mutant men , but my favourite of them are the running birds and the sounds when they die. Except from flipping a few levers , avoiding some spiked balls , and all the shooting (first with the pistols then with explosive weapons), you also have the leisure to drive a funny vehicle to run over more hordes of eels , birds and mutant bears. I highly recommend this fast and enjoyable shooter." - eRIC (28-Oct-2007)
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