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Author(s): Agnes
total rating:8.04 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cory 7 7 8 8
Dick 8 9 8 8
eRIC 6 7 8 8
EssGee 7 8 8 8
Gerty 7 7 9 9
High Priestess 8 7 8 8
Jack& 8 8 8 8
Jay 7 8 9 9
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 8 9 9
Jose 8 8 9 10
Kitkat 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 6 7 9 9
misho98 7 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ravenwen 7 7 9 9
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Samu 7 8 8 8
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Spike 7 8 8 8
category averages
(20 reviews)
7.40 7.75 8.50 8.50

Reviewer's comments

"Chill level with thankfully not the usual castle aesthetics but with way more original vision. Gameplay although entertaining consists of lots of uninspiring tasks - mainly pulling switches and opening doors. It was annoying that there was not a single camera shot of what's going on after activating a switch. Otherwise the level definitely deserves some attention as it shines with haunting atmosphere and surroundings." - misho98 (22-Apr-2016)

"Agnes is renowned for producing low stress but fun levels and this one is no exception. Gameplay was just right and enemies were positioned nicely. Thank you Agnes!" - Ryan (22-Dec-2015)

"This TRLE is really awesome, A lot of the levers are really well hidden and some of them took me ages to find then." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (29-Oct-2015)

"As others have said, a nice little raid that is none too taxing. A nice balanced combination of the sunny outdoors, a little swimming and a slope trap that I managed first time (avoiding fire pits and spears). When a slope (usually inside a cave or castle), appears I have learnt to approach with caution - usually backwards so I am prepared to make a mad dash for it in the opposite direction :D I was glad I remembered that in this level because sometimes boulders catch me unawares and give me quite a fright. The few enemies of the feline variety were pretty slow-paced and easy to kill even when you encounter three in a contained room. Also you can hear their growls beforehand. I was very late to the table playing this nice level but felt this was very worthy of a review even though I hadn't much to add that has not already been mentioned :)" - High Priestess (21-May-2015)

"I'm not sure how I missed this nice level by Agnes, but alas, I did. This is short and sweet level with a castle setting. The level's gameplay is smooth and fairly simple and the atmosphere is colorful and rich. I really liked the beautiful church, athough Lara didn't stay there long. The lionesses were an interesting change, and made me wonder what the treasure was going to be, since all this beastly protection would seem to be overkill for a simple artifact. There is definitely a reason these lionesses are here. I was surprised that I didn't need to use a single medi-pak, even though there are many to find, but most are parts of secrets." - Shandroid (02-Aug-2008)

"This level has a most pleasant setting to explore - a villa style castle with gardens and courtyards aplenty. Bring some red wine and a variety of cheeses to soak up the atmosphere. That's the strongest element of the level with some most appropriate accompanying music. Some elements of the gameplay didn't really click with me on this one. I was stumped on the well-hidden pushblock at the start. I found myself unnecessarily backtracking because I had overlooked what were presumably obvious things like crowbars, levers and keys on pool columns. An array of simple corridors and T-junctions just got a bit predictable for my liking. These were not faults but lessened the fun factor for me. Overall it's a good level without being great, and the generally easy nature makes it enjoyable for all." - EssGee (05-Jun-2008)

"What sets this level apart from most others is its eye-pleasing graphics. Enemies are rather few in number and ferocity, and the gameplay isn't terribly taxing, so what you'll remember most about Castello Visconteo are the gorgeous surroundings. It's of average length, about 40 minutes, and you'll have a good time here. Recommended." - Phil (26-May-2008)

"As long as you keep your eyes wide open this is a nice little romp. A beautiful environment where Lara has to find some keys to get to the"big prize". As said this isn't a hard level as long as you look, levers are easily overlooked as they do blend in very well. For me the whole atmosphere was eye candy and the added music was a big plus." - Gerty (14-May-2008)

"The peaceful surroundings actually disguise the real nature of this level...the one filled with several opportunities to be spiked, crushed, burned and bitten to death by a number of animals. Still, this amounts to a fun romp through a visually pleasing level, with enough tasks to keep any raider happy. There were a few moments where I was stumped, the most memorable being a pushable block signified by only a lone flower, but the rest of the gameplay flows smoothly and enjoyably. The atmosphere was lovely, and the church was a nice feature of the level. The level lasted me around 30 minutes, and is a good raid for those of any ability." - Spike (27-Apr-2008)

"This is a fairly short, very fun level based on a real location. {Always a bonus for me.} No task is difficult and there is a good variety of things to do. Not many enemies, only afew big cats roaming the area. There is a nice contrast between the indoor and outdoor areas and the textures suit the enviroment very well. Looking for a quick raid in pleasent surroundings? Look no further!" - Kitkat (24-Apr-2008)

"When was the last time I played a level and managed to find all of the secrets? Dunno, not even sure if I have ever managed to find all the secrets in a custom level - I tend not to dwell on them too much, and even resent finding them sometimes if I'm stuck and just want to get on with the level. Anyway, without walkthrough or forum help I managed to complete this level and get all the secrets, which was very nice and unexpected! MichaelP's review helped me get the mindset right from the start, as it served as a reminder of what to expect from an Agnes level: well-hidden objects and switches. Once you accept that that is the only 'threat' here you can choose to hunker down and refuse to give in; eventually all those switches and other things will be found. I can't honestly say the gameplay here is masterful - hide-and-seek seems no more than TR-baseline-gameplay to me - but I did still enjoy it. My only real complaint is the perfectly disguised pushable block - once you find one of them in a level you are duty bound to run past every wall with a flare; they should be banned from trle. Core never used them, there was always some visual clue. Visually the level was attractive in the main show-areas like the opening area, other gardens and courtyards and, particularly, the church. However there were also a lot of dark repetitive corridors linking these areas. Overall a nice filler level - not anywhere near as ambitious as Sudeki - but an excuse to check out Rustay sometime. In fact I may play that next." - Dick (17-Apr-2008)

"Another marvellous level from Agnes. As usual in this author, a nice ambience with pretty textures and objects, beautiful environment, lovely musics, wonderful areas,... even I found all secrets. I was stucked only at the very beginning, but rest of the level was easy to play; not great puzzles but very enjoyable. The only enemies I found were some panthers and no much stuff to pick up. No difficult tasks, it's always pleasant to play levels from this builder." - Jose (15-Apr-2008)

"Even when she blesses us with 'just a little level for in between', an Agnes level is always worth a play. This has a wonderful background story and beautiful and rather authentic looks. I am not sure I share everybody else's point of view that it is very easy and you cannot get stuck, because as usual in Agnes' levels I got a little stuck several times due to overlooking switch that blend well into walls and well jump switches and crawlspaces. But that aside it flows very nicely for just above half an hour and the five secrets are a nice side quest to go for as well. Not sure I found the few panther enemies very fitting, especially not in the nice church, but I loved the beautiful treasure room at the end and the final flyby." - MichaelP (14-Apr-2008)

"Overall this is a pleasant level to raid, or rather to discover as it is inspired by a real place in life. It always help to create a good atmosphere , when the level is well made that is , which is the case here ; also it can really picks up the interest of players to exlore real places. Like in real life, the challenges and enemies are not that many in this level as you navigate in a rather straightforward progression from outside areas to inside and darker parts of the castle where enough flares are provided. The looks are quite good although more could have been done in the texturing to reduce the disjointed textures for example. The audio tracks seem appropriate, I really like the change of atmosphere when entering the church with the sound of the panthers behind the doors. The long zipline over the traps was also one of the good moments in this level. Recommanded !" - eRIC (13-Apr-2008)

"Yes, I know I say it pretty much every time, but I really do love an Agnes level. This is a typically charming, gentle (well, apart from the lions - they're quite fierce) level with super music and beautiful scenery - a complete delight. There are five secrets to find, the music cue for which was last heard (I think) in the Advent levels, and the gameplay is easy - a real rest cure. The only thing wrong with this level in fact is that it's over all too soon - greedy for more, greedy for more." - Jay (08-Apr-2008)

"This level offers raiding time for an hour or less in a nice castle setting. What comes to the surroundings, it's planned pretty well and looks appealing even if it's not as detailed as surroundings in some other lately released levels. Atmosphere is also good accompanied by well used audio tracks that are not used in other custom levels. Gameplay is mainly rather linear not including many smart and unique ideas but on the other hand not any dull moments either. Mainly you look for switches and keys to open doors, avoid obstacles and there's also some flipmaps to activate in this level. What bothered me most in the gameplay was a pushable block in the beginning which is almost impossible to notice without stuck threads or hours of exploring. Excluding the beginning, gameplay is rather nice and this level is truly worth playing." - Samu (05-Apr-2008)

"nice little level from Agnes ....... not very dificult suited for everyone i think ....... just a bit too short in my opinion....not much to speack about. some blocks pushing some swimming nothing special no timed runs no tricky jumps a few tigers very easy to kill albeit...... was 40 min off fun is not belong from top levels but worth to download it and play" - Jack& (04-Apr-2008)

"A typically solid and peaceful little adventure from Agnes,this generally holds no great surprises but nonetheless delights in its depiction of a gracious (somewhat ruined) Church and Castle in a sunny clime. It gets off to a slightly disapointing start with that old bugbear of mine - the unmarked pushable block - but otherwise all proceeds quietly and logically,via a pleasing sun-lit watery crypt,amusing zip-line and atmospheric church. The enemies are few (a handful of big cats that prowl rather than attack),the music is well chosen ('La Catedral' is one of my personal favourite pieces!)the atmosphere consequently placid,but the technical standard is as high as you would expect from this builder and I recommend it for a very pleasing 45 minute piece of enjoyment." - Orbit Dream (04-Apr-2008)

"A nice short game by Agnes lasting 30 mins. The gameplay was simple for most of the game, the only challenging place being what to do once you have the gate key which is easy if you had a keen eye earlier on. The secrets (well the first 3) were incredibly easy to find. Agnes placed one on a block that you just had to grab. The only one i didn't find was in the church but i had a pretty decent idea of where it is. One of the highlights of the gameplay was the zip wire near the end which was incredibly fun but could be skipped if you wanted a secret. At the beggining of the level there is an incredibly well hidden pushable block which in my opinion was only able to be found if you were or had asked the builder. The atmosphere was nice and looked like a small village when you are in the outside areas, alas this does not happen often. The sound was used appropriately and changed mood when the mood needed to be changed which was nice. The cameras were used well though maybe slightly sparsly and one when you pick up the gate key would have been nice. The texturing was used nicely and fitted in well with the gameplay. The lighting was nice with rays coming in from the ceiling in areas which was a good touch. The arcitechture was very nice with the walls at the beggining and the layout of the rooms for the gameplay uses was good, an example of this was the jumping and rope swing room. All in all a half hour adventure with some tigers to shoot, some jump switches and wall switches to pull and some exploration to do. A nice simple level to play. Reccommended." - Cory (04-Apr-2008)

"This level may not be what you would call exactly original gameplay-wise, however it's a very pleasant little adventure that you enjoy playing through. Like most italian levels, it's mostly colourful and bright; and like in most works by Agnes, textures, effects, objects and sounds are tastefully combined so as to produce a level that offers the player a brief but quite entertaining play. Puzzles are easy to solve, as keys/switches/pressure pads are never too far away from Lara or are quite easy to find. Enemies are just lions, that shouldn't pose a problem even when they attack in packs of three. Atmosphere is delightful and charming. Despite the briefness of the level, there is quite a variety in sceneries, including an atmospherical church, pretty gardens, fancy pools, dark crawlspaces and trap paths. Speaking of which, the highlight of the level has got to be the enjoying zip ride over flame traps close to the finale. Would have loved if there was a way to collect all that gold in the end, though!" - Ravenwen (04-Apr-2008)
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