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Author(s): JesseG
total rating:9.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 10 10 10 9
dmdibl 10 10 9 9
ersatz 10 10 9 9
EssGee 9 9 9 7
eTux 9 10 9 7
Jack& 10 9 10 9
Jay 10 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 9
Jose 7 9 9 8
Juno Jim 10 10 10 10
Lokky99 9 10 10 9
manarch2 9 10 9 8
MichaelP 9 10 8 8
Phil 9 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 9 9
Samu 10 8 8 8
category averages
(16 reviews)
9.44 9.63 9.25 8.63

Reviewer's comments

"I had parked this game a long time ago 'cause the lots of new movements the player needs to learn to advance through the levels, but finally I didn't need to use them excessive times. The adventure is very well builded and very complete too, with a lot of original tasks to accomplish. The mines area was the hardest, 'cause the serious backtracking I suffered, sometimes only to get secrets with the quad. I liked the architecture and lighting; the atmosphere was good too; perhaps excessive pickups but never annoying. I had to low the rate in the gameplay section 'cause the level with the hoverboard; always dying and reloading until I got used to driving it. The tasks in the final fight were a bit repetitive, but forgivable. Finally, an unusual adventure you should try; definitely for me was worth to play. Thanks Jesse." - Jose (07-Aug-2017)

"An unspoken leap of creativity since the last part. I was astonished to see how complex it is but how well the elements stay in focus and how masterful the tasking resolves, the closer to the end the better - I only got halted once, forgetting one scion pedestal. This time I have no doubt, it's a full mark for gameplay, though I had things against it: tons of cabinets, too long hoverboard part (I'm not that arcade), a missing ladder denying a no-medi run in the 1st level, and a lacking readme hint about a savegame needed to get all weapons - I didn't get it so I went too far to start over, and tons of bullets and shells without any gun were incredibly frustrating. I had the uzis but I switched to them as soon as acquired, and used them for the snakes, what quadrupled my death count when dealing with later raptors - btw what do these beasts do there, wasn't it a botany lab? But the boss plant is great, I particularly appreciated the two trophies - the head lying right next to the Scion. Then I got the grenade launcher and combat went easy, however I may still replay the whole thing properly armed, because even when I wasn't, it was incredible with ideas to remind of themselves more than once, also extensive animations of switches, vehicles and cuts - it's one of rare cases when my rating scale is too narrow to show how effectively they work. But much attention to them didn't prevent classic interaction with the map - we feel much connnected to the world structure by flipmaps reshaping the landscape to allow or disable something, also classic keys, doors and buttons appear yet arranged without much repetition. Just like in case of much newer but recently reviewed Sapphire Hunt, certain graphic spots could be better because their quality, mostly kept very good, ranges from absolutely flawless to quite displeasing but never repulsing - when I missed something it was no problem to replay a bit. Certain spots gave me familiar vibes, setting the mood somewhere between Titak, TC14 and Bojrkraider. SUMMARY: An adventure class release, requiring some observation and memory but rewarding both with generous display of movement, change and surprise. Consider it a must-play at some point." - DJ Full (24-Jan-2017)

"Wow - this game is yet another example of the boundless creativity of our builders. What a unique experience this was. There are lots of new moves that are necessary to progress through this four level game and some do take a lot of practice, so do have a training round in the first level or keep the walkthrough/readme to hand. The hoverboard took a while to get used to, but I eventually conquered it. Well worth experiencing." - Ryan (19-Dec-2016)

"I really enjoyed this level set I loved nearly everything about it great puzzles also there are some new moves which Lara and Luke have to use it will take a bit of time getting used to the new moves it's probably best to write them down so you can remind youreself of what buttons to press when doing a certain move. There was a final boss fight which was interesting but it was great when I killed Sophia but sad that it was near to the end of the game but it wasn't the Sophia that we are used to from tr3 it was a winged demon called Sophia. I also liked the idea of how there was more than one playable character overall a brilliant level found 10 secrets on my first try then played it again and found all of them you also get a reward if you find all the secrets in some levels like a vehicle and also a way to get a secret this level set is definitely recommended :D" - Lokky99 (07-Mar-2016)

"Botany Lab (8-9-8-8): This level starts kindly with a training room where you can practice all the new moves introduced in here, and you need those badly because there are lots of situations where you would otherwise be stuck. The gameplay is rather enjoyable, with most of the tasks being set around the new moves, but there's also a nice flooding puzzle reminiscent of Barkhang's Monastery and an enjoyable quest for three keycards towards the end. I really liked those gravity tiles where Lara could jump up in the sky, although they don't seem very realistic, and the quest for the secrets (which makes you being able to find another one in the next level) is rather nice. The level was a bit too long for me though and I was rather glad to have finished it. The visuals are a step upwards from the previous Wolf game but do still look a bit plain, blocky and uninspired at parts. 55 minutes.
Zoology Lab (9-10-9-8): Playing as Luke this time, this level was a bit better than the first. At the start of this level I felt the same kind of boredom as in the previous, as the office area with a lot of keys to be found is pretty uninspired, but the level picks up the further you get into it, the better it gets, like challenging timed run, a simply but enjoyable block puzzle, all culminating in a very cool scene where Luke changes his clothes to be able to swim. While the hub area looks very atmospheric in its sterile greenish looks, I think more could've been done to the side rooms which still look fairly boxy. I appreciate though that Luke's sounds are completely changed though which gives these levels a completely unique charm. The secret system I already enjoyed in the previous level is even better in this level, where you actually get an alternate finish if you found the quadbike. 45 minutes.
Leigh's Mines (9-10-10-8): Same as before - at the start there's no challenge at all, but this time that changes even sooner and I found it to be the most immersive level of the game. Despite being pretty dark at places, you can easily see everything important and the architecture is much better in this level, resulting in a very authentic TR 1 like atmosphere. Textures from nearly every classic TR game are used in here, which actually works rather than being a wild mix. There are several nice riddles along the way, such as the golden cat which works as a bull, the usage of the scion and the ropes and of course the fun rides with the quadbike, so all in all, together with the next level (but in a different way), this was my favourite level of the set. 55 minutes.
The Journey (10-10-8-7): This was for me one of the best race/arcade levels realised in TR, and even with a small bit of frustration (as you die everytime you hit a wall) I had a whole, whole lot of great fun in this game which has to be played to be believed. Lots of new animations for Luke on the skateboard, lots of challenging obstacles, lots of entertainment. Admittedly I don't quite understand why some floors aren't textured, and generally texturing is a bit careless at parts, but the main thing in this level is the gameplay and that's what counts. 10 minutes.
Eternal Life (7-9-8-6): This is essentially an extended boss fight against Sophia and even if it's a level full of adrenalin and action, I felt a bit of tedium since Lara had to do the same task (filling the scion) three times, twice with climbing up fairly complex paths which are albeit a bit buggy (Lara wouldn't grab some of the crawlspaces and just falls down), while the ladder and monkeyswing textures are very hard to spot among all those other, very similar ones. The cutscenes at the start and finish still make up for the gripes, and the builder thankfully didn't tortures the players with overly long climbing parts. The visuals are fairly amateurish though and suffer from the wallpaper effect on the walls. 10 minutes.
Summary: The first offering of this builder showed a lot of potential already, but this game really shows the skills of the builder, and not only this game, but many others benefit from the great new animations which are enhancing the gameplay experience greatly. The looks are the element where he could improve mostly - although some areas already are quite well made, and texturing and lighting are rather solid (maybe except in the last two levels), the rooms lack a certain charm which I imagine would arise with more care for the visuals. This definately is a very unique experience you shouldn't miss, and it's no wonder that this level has reached the Hall of Fame. Found 15 secrets in 2:55 hours of net gameplay time." - manarch2 (09-Mar-2014)

"Botany Lab (8/10/8/8, 60 min, 1 secret found): Playing as Lara here, this essentially starts out as a training level for all those new moves, as you get lots of opportunity to practice them while moving up and around a huge room. It is all highly interesting and intriguing, but I also found it rather tedious, as the key combinations did not seem very intuitive to me, so I had to revert back to the readme several times. The anti-gravity pads are great fun, the dragon area is a decent challenge and you get to do some flooding and draining as well.
Zoology Lab (9/10/9/8, 60 min, 2 secrets found): Now playing as Luke, still being a cute character, and initially faced with many closed doors, this level opens up nicely as you progress. There is a push/raise puzzle and many other little ideas, most notably the swimsuit (that Luke changes into in game!), which then allows you to swim to previously unreachable areas. Dogs, mosqutioes and ahmets to kill in this lab and several keys to hunt for.
Leigh's Mines (9/10/9/8, 70 min, 3 secrets found): This has a very TR1 feel to it and you can quickly feel a bit lost until eventually things fall into place. More original ideas here with the golden cat that shatters the four triggers and then you get to lock it in and generally great 'drama moments' as enemies appear. The scion is used in waterskin fashion - a nice diversion from the norm.
The Journey (8/10/8/8, 15 min): Now we are talking something special! A level where Luke rides a red hoverboard, almost constantly moving forward. Yes, it IS great fun, but of course it is also frustrating, because you will inevitably die many, many times and reach a level where you want to throw your keyboard away, but with smart saving and a bit of patience it really is not actually all that difficult to master.
Eternal Life (8/10/8/8, 20 min): A classic boss ending level with Sophia in the Seth slot initially, while Lara needs to hustle around the place to use the Scion three times, so that Sophia becomes mortal (in form of a demigod then).
Overall, it is a truly unique TR experience that must not be missed. The architecture, texturing and lighting does not have the finesse of other top builders out there, but the sheer creativity and ingenuity of the technical accomplishments, the gameplay ideas and the storyline more than make up for it. Still, I was quite exhausted when finally done, so maybe it is a bit too much 'work' vs 'pure fun' to get through this adventure, but others may well see this differently, so try it out!" - MichaelP (08-May-2010)

"Reminiscent of classic levels, and filled with new animations. This should be a top hit, but I suspect that many people were put off, as I was initially. I began playing "The Wolf 2" months ago, but found all of Lara's new moves and strange key assignments confusing. When I reached a room filled with ladders and monkeyswings the number of new possibilities was overwhelming, so I set the game aside. With the release of "The Wolf - Whiplash," I had a chance to re-experience the intriguing new moves, and so went back to retry this level set. "The Wolf 2" gets better and better as it progresses, so I would urge anyone who is put off by the learning curve to stay with it. (Also the architecture is rather boxy at the beginning, and this improves greatly, though beautiful architecture is not the point in this game.) Not only does Lara have new moves, but we get to play as Luke the Wolf in some of the most enjoyable game play (Luke and Laura are, of course, a famous soap opera couple). Generally I don't like playing as an alternate character, but Luke is very engaging; his human traits are the results of experiments conducted by Sophia Leigh. Luke has all the new moves with a few differences. When Lara draws Uzis she reaches up to her backpack, and whips out the guns from over her shoulders--thus there are no unsightly weapon bulges, which Sophia commented on in TR3. Luke simply draws the Uzis from his hips. These are the sort of little details, hundreds of them, that fill this game. When you shoot a werewolf, it doesn't just burst into flames and sprawl on the ground; instead, it flips on its back, limbs in the air, one forelimb thrown in a dramatic gesture across its face. And raptors have never been so energetic, somersaulting to avoid Lara's fire, and with their own theatrical death throes. Pickup items can float in the middle of a water column, so that Luke snatches them from any depths, not just from the bottom. Lara can ride mine carts, and be thrown out of them across chasms. She can kick underwater breakable wall panels to open a way. And there are anti-gravity plates that send an adventurer soaring to the tops of buildings. One feature I liked was the reward for finding secrets: find three golden roses and get to take an upgraded, more rewarding path into the next level. Near the end there is a mini-level where Luke rides a hoverboard, jumping ledges, ducking under overhangs. Luke can never step off the hoverboard, but must stay on it, almost always in constant motion. I admit the hoverboard section was my least favorite, though the video game crowd may love it. I found it too difficult to find the right path, or to anticipate the obstacles ahead, so I had to reload the game hundreds of times in this section, just trying to get through it. For "Leigh's Mines," which is extremely complex, and for the hoverboard level, one can always consult the good walk-through for directions and help. Some of the new moves are similar to those in Legend, such as jumping while hanging from a lower ledge to a higher ledge. Lara and Luke can monkeyswing under a balcony, then hoist up to its railings (monkeyswing to ladder up). Another invaluable move is the jump while sprinting, which allows leaping wide gaps. But rather than go on and on in this review it would be better just to play the game and see for yourself. A really creative implementation of Tomb Raider, lots of fun." - dmdibl (27-Dec-2008)

"I took on this mammoth series as a walkthrough writing project, and in the process befriended the builder, who gave me enthusiastic assistance which helped me enormously. I prepared myself for the project by first playing The Wolf 1, and I would recommend that all players do the same. There are some new, unfamiliar moves in The Wolf 1, but there are even more in The Wolf 2, and I was amazed that the builder was able to incorporate all of this unique gameplay while using the standard tomb4.exe file. I'm also somewhat surprised that other builders haven't done the same thing, but maybe these are innovations that Jesse has discovered or created on his own. In any event, get ready for a new raiding experience. Botany Lab: You play this one as Lara, and there's a training area at the very beginning where you can become accustomed to the new moves. Lara makes frequent use of them in this level, so be sure to practice before you begin. There are four secrets with Golden Roses here, and if you find at least three of them you're given a special route to additional secrets in the next level that you wouldn't otherwise be able to obtain. You're also provided a special launching pad that enables Lara to jump like Wonder Woman. Zoology Lab: Luke the Wolf takes over for this and the next two levels. Zoology Lab has the feel of a base setting, and your tasks bring you up and down an immense central chamber with a number of side passages. You also get a special diving suit that makes you immune to otherwise deadly pools. Once again, finding three Golden Roses here gives you access to additional secrets in the next level. Leigh's Mines: I found this level to be extraordinarily complex, and I would have been hopelessly lost had it not been for the builder's detailed notes. Even then I had to feel my way along in certain spots to make sure I was on the right track, especially during that sequence on the quad bike where you go for one of those special secrets. As the name implies, you spend your time navigating underground passages in search of three fuses that give you access to the hoverboard. The Journey: I have to admit that for me this was the least enjoyable level. You spend the entire time on a hoverboard that keeps putt-putting forward until you run into something (whereupon you die and have to reload) or slide forward down a slope to a flat surface, and the learning curve required to operate it efficiently was about as steep for me as when I was trying to master the basic moves back with TR1. I would have enjoyed it a lot more had there been some means of stopping, dismounting and getting back on as with the quad bike. Still, it's a unique experience, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity of doing some cruising on the hoverboard, although I'm not looking forward to repeating it anytime soon. Eternal Life: You play the concluding Boss level as Lara, and your mission is to charge your Scion and empty its contents into three sets of scales scattered throughout a vast cave while Sophia Leigh tosses firebolts at you. It's quite short when compared with the first three levels, and all told you get four or five hours of stimulating and challenging gameplay with The Wolf 2. Too bad there's not a separate rating category for creativity, as this release would deserve top honors for that. Highest recommendations." - Phil (21-Oct-2008)

"I enjoyed some aspects of TR: The Wolf - part 1 but generally found it to be lackluster, however it couldn't be any more different with Part 2 here. Yes, there still are levels on which the author has to grow, but I take my hat off and bow down to the creative genius that are the new moves and their application throughout the game! It can be pretty awkward, especially in the beginning, but strangely enough - at least the majority of the new moves soon became second nature to me, and I actually felt somewhat sad in the end that I'll have to part with them (till Jesse's next offering at least!):
Botany Lab It all starts with a training course to get acquainted with the new moves and I recommend to restart the game every now and then to complete it again (especially when stuck) just to keep them fresh in your memory - as you most likely will only memorize them by applying them frequently - and the learning curve might actually make this the hardest level in the game. But do not be afraid - the author relies on his innovations almost exclusively so getting the hang of it is not that tough too. As the title reveals - you'll spend most of your time in a base like setting, occasionally encountering a larger cave system, a dragon's lair and an arboretum. While there's nothing overly wrong with the looks - they're not particularly inspired as well - thus being the weakest part of the game. Specifically in this level - the author relies on big blocky rooms which mainly seem to serve the gameplay's needs thus making it all look a bit artificial as well as not leaving much room for the author to enhance it aesthetically. But as said - the looks are not bad as such too - it's just that you'll remember the game more for the tasks.
Zoology Lab With this level you take a bit of a break from Lara, and play with the wolf-man Luke instead. Besides the protagonist - nothing changes much though - and everything actually seems to flow better with the entire Botany Lab (to test your skills) behind. In that aspect it's more of the same, which usually is an approach I wouldn't applaud to, but it works here, though makes it hard to point at something that stands out in this level particularly. The first main area with the green tubes seemed promising, but on the whole - I found the base setting to be pretty depressing. It might have been the author's intention since Sophia Leigh possibly conducted some nasty experiments here, but I thought it could've been done in a more interesting manner.
Leigh's Mines The depressing & overpowering atmosphere stays with this level, but the quest for the 3 fuses, 2 grappling hooks, the detonator, the crowbar and the Scion is pretty fun in contrast and enough so to pull you through. The settings are what I could best describe as a mix of Natla's Mines, Atlantis, a base setting, Tomb of Seth and the Playable tutorial level. While fairly eclectic as you could guess - and lots of my criticisms about the previous levels still apply here - I think that the author actually pulled it off considerably well, and the passovers between the various settings seemed at least believable if not realistic. Other than that - I also found my only 3 secrets in the entire game in this level.
The Journey Now, this is the level you will probably remember this game by the most. What it's basically about is using a hovering skateboard to get from the more Egyptian settings to the Atlantis like in the end, flesh and guts included. For a Tomb Raider level - this no doubt is a new experience all the way - you will in fact die more times than you'd prefer to - and to be perfectly honest - I don't think I ever managed to stay on the board long enough to hear the funky tune from start to end. Still - it's a fun, if awkward experience - especially exploring the various routes and trying to get all the pickups. The final pyramid area is fairly impressive, but nothing else really stands out much as far as the looks go. What I didn't like so much here was - that whilst the author again included most of the new moves in a short training course (and I can certainly understand why he didn't introduce them all) - it was hard to guess what exactly he wanted me to do when first encountering a line of blue arrows, and it seemed a bit unfair that while mostly Luke could hover over the nothingness, there were a number of parts where he fell down straight into the lava, thus making me needlessly speculate whether the next bit ahead of Luke will throw him to his death (again) or if it's just fine. Despite that - definitely bound to be one of the most memorable experiences in the entire Tomb Raider custom level history!
Eternal Life - after a cutscene where Sophia spills her evil plans, you gain control of Lara once more and as you could guess - your main task is to kill her. It's frustrating to get started as it's not entirely clear at first what needs to be done to get to the higher levels of this Atlantean chamber setting, as is finding the right spot to perform your sprinting jumps to and from the 2 adjacent platforms, and the backtracking to recharge your Scion might get tiring soon, but overall it's a really enjoyable battle once everything starts to fall in place. There could've been more of an ending - as I was not entirely sure what happened to Luke in the end, but while it leaves some questions in the open - there's nothing wrong with the way it ended now too.
In a nutshell - this is definitely one of the most unique gaming experiences among the 900 levels I've played and reviewed to date, thus might easily be a love/hate thing depending on how patient you are with the game's novelties, and while it's true that the looks still could've been mastered in a more appealing fashion, the new moves and their application is what you will remember this game for, despite it's shortcomings in other areas. As far as the difficulty is concertned - it is a pretty challenging level set - but not because it was built with expert players in mind, but because, due to its original properties, everyone will be a beginner when starting this up! But I hope that won't scare anyone away, as you'll be missing out on a truly special game!" - eTux (07-Aug-2008)

"New, modern and fresh, a lot of new moves which are hard to learn at the start but gives Lara a lot of new possibilities. The story is interesting , fast action and sometimes very hard. It is very surprising and innovative game. I admire idea for surfing on the board however i prefer something more in TR climate. Music sometimes was a little frustruated so i turn it off especially in the last two levels. But i am sure that everyone should try to play in this game and tout ensemble is just great." - ersatz (01-Jul-2008)

"10++ For this Game. Something like this is more than just a level. For those that haven't played yet, I highly recommend going thru (both) the training exercises a few times. That really helped during the game. I can't add much else to what has already been said. I enjoyed this game more than almost any other, for several reasons. All categories of measurement exceeded my expectations. The new moves may even require a new category. It was an adventure, with all kinds of different things to amuse and challenge me. Some of the new moves were a litttle buggy, but mostly "operator errors" - LOL The Wolf was adorable, and seemed to have a little personality of his own. I was very happy to see him spring back to life at the end... I lucked out in the last level, and somehow knocked the wicked whatever she was into the pit, so I could casually finish the game. Good production also, in showing the credits at the end, very professional." - Juno Jim (14-May-2008)

"I must admit that this game is almost perfect in many aspects. Gameplay for example is one of the best I've ever seen including many complex puzzles and I had no idea how some of them were set up. The level where you have to move with the board was especially surprising and the many new moves which Lara and the wolf guy had were created extremely well. I liked also very much the idea of getting dressed in a special suit which allows you to swim in a deadly liquid where you can't swim without the suit. Custom audios are also a big plus and all in all this game is really good. However, there's much space for improvements when it comes to the surrounding and how the textures are used and rooms constructed. Many times I thought that much attention wasn't paid in the environment because the efforts were probably consentrated on the gameplay. Anyway this game is a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it." - Samu (11-May-2008)

"A highly original and innovative set of levels that showcases jesse's talents with new Lara animations and the unique hover board without the help of TRep or TRNG. I am full of respect for the achievements in this area. The set contains two tutorial segments that are essential to the player as it takes some practice to learn the many new move combinations. You'll play partly as Lara and partly as Luke the wolf. A great deal of thought has been put into the gameplay to utilise the new moves, which at times may leave you scratching your head as to what to do next, in what seems an impossible situation, but is usually just a new move away. The audio features a number of musical compositions by jesse as well. Texturing tends to be the one weak link in this level set, and although I know (as a beta-tester) that the author has worked hard to improve this aspect, there is still room for further improvement. This is truly a 'must play' for its originality, but will take some patience to master it as it is somewhat non-conventional." - EssGee (10-May-2008)

"well this game is very special with some new moves that u cannot find yet at other custom games........ but could be a pain untill u manage to master all off them ....... well i finished 1 keyboard untill i finished this game have a skateboard riding level wich was very funny but a pain to get through ,cos was very hard u need to master perfectly the controls at very tight places AND to find the right route wich is not easy belive me ..... this level is not for begginer riders for sure but the hardcore riders will enjoy every minute off it ......... wich draw me back to not give 10 in the line was the last level cos u need to make insane jumps and movements and to be worse u need to avoid the final boss fireball blasts and this level have no medipacks ......... so iff u dont remain with 4/5 off them u have very slight chance to survive untill u drain the scions - wich must be changed 3 times for the 3 places for it wich is a pain in the ass cos untill u drain all 3 u cannot kill the final boss !!! this part is very tough one and withdraw back the gameplay but all in all this is a top level between best 10 ever and serious contest for the hall off fame .............. this builder is very talented and cannot wait for his next game very good jobb" - Jack& (04-May-2008)

"I think I must start by saying this was the custom game I had more fun with so far or, at least, it certainly is among those I had more fun with. That means the gameplay is near perfect, challenging but always doable even though I got a little bit confused at times in the last two levels - one that is a skateboard race inspired by the Christmas snowboard minigame by Tifa Nazah and the other, a final showdown between Lara and Sophia Leigh in a large cavern. In the meantime, you get to play with Luke, a rather nice wolf with a nice face. I liked it a lot. Plus, Lara's got new moves and even though it takes a bit of getting used to them at first, they're all great and greatly contribute to the action. I just don't know why I picked up so much ammo along the way when the only gun I ever got besides the pistols was the most useful shotgun... Anyway, enough said. This game has it all (it could only have a prettier environment, not that it's ugly or anything) and is a must for every TR player." - Jorge22 (29-Apr-2008)

"Lara's got new moves - a LOT of new moves, some of which take some getting used to but certainly make for interesting raiding. There is an optional training session at the very beginning, but I'd recommend keeping a copy of the instructions (included in the readme) to hand, because it would take a hell of a lot of practise before the various moves became second nature. As with the first game in this series, you get to play as Luke the wolf man part of the time and I must say I found the idea of a wolf shooting dogs somewhat disturbing (heaven knows why - Lara shoots human beings all the time after all). This is a highly original and innovative set of levels that I found extremely enjoyable, albeit occasionally somewhat confusing. In particular the 'skateboarding' level was a completely new experience for me. I don't know if there are other games that use this type of action as I'm only acquainted with Tomb Raider, but I found it quite fascinating - and challenging. I'm guessing that this game won't appeal to everyone simply because it is so different and admittedly I would not want to see Lara tampered with to a great extent, but personally I loved (almost) every minute and was sorry when it ended. Do try it - it's quite an experience. Oh, and the builder also composed the catchy music. Obviously a man of many talents." - Jay (28-Apr-2008)
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