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Author(s): PH
total rating:6.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 6 6 7 8
Cory 6 5 6 5
eRIC 6 5 5 6
eTux 4 5 4 5
Gerty 5 5 4 5
ggctuk 7 9 8 8
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 7 6 6 8
Kitkat 7 6 6 6
manarch2 5 6 5 4
MichaelP 6 7 6 7
Orbit Dream 7 6 7 8
Phil 7 7 7 8
Roli 8 8 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Samu 7 6 6 5
Spike 6 5 5 6
TrueRaider 4 4 4 4
Vaughnage 5 1 1 9
category averages
(19 reviews)
6.05 5.74 5.68 6.53

Reviewer's comments

"This is a feisty little level that seems a bit underrated to me. You start in a large lava room and need to make your way through various openings to perform tasks that allow you to keep moving along. While more than 10 years old, it features some of the "new" moves such as ledge jumping. It's somewhat short at thirty minutes but provides a nice, linear raid that's well lighted and fun to play. There's a glitch near the end where it's necessary to pull a pushblock so that Lara is squeezed between two blocks and has to side jump to escape, as documented in Harry Laudie's uncredited walkthrough, but that didn't dampen my enjoyment of the puzzle. Also, the jumpswitch and spike trap didn't present a problem for me. I beat it the first time simply by rolling immediately upon landing. Play it for a pleasant diversion." - Phil (01-Feb-2019)

"This was short and sweet, or possibly not so sweet, seeing as those spikes were giving me fits. This was quite fun for what it is, and seems to showcase a few nifty moves for Lara (which work quite well) and a few brief cutscenes." - Ryan (09-Oct-2017)

"A nice but little level. Your task is to get out of a big lava room with a lara clone in it and if you want a nearly invincible Natla. The textures used here are very good and I really liked the mummy floor lever. I didn't like the room with four pushable blocks because you had to push Lara through a block which was - as the WT writer said - a little bit cheating. But overall recommended." - manarch2 (07-Sep-2010)

"This is an interesting test level which basically contains one large room with a multi level central structure and several doors in the walls, which have to be accessed in order to complete a few tasks. I enjoyed the custom objects which have been used here - good ol' Natla running around a floating TR1 Lara was kind of funny. The game play was fairly easy and so were the puzzles. Couple boulders, rope swings and jumps over spikes. The hardest part is a crazy jump switch which which ended up in Lara's death many many times, as she dropped right onto time spikes. Finally got lucky and made it. I thought Lara's new moves looked pretty nice here. A short and fun level to play. I like the style of this author and I am looking forward to play more of his creations." - Blue43 (17-Jun-2010)

"A quick one for in between but don't let that fool you. Tasks are sort of simple, push some blocks, swing some ropes, push some levers and avoid some traps. Interesting comes to mind specially if you played the first level by this builder, this is an improvement, definitively." - Gerty (21-Oct-2008)

"I really like the Egyipt levels, so I tryed it :-) 1 great, but linear level, with great new moves, and new animations. Textures are from the TRA and from the Core's TRA (I hink..). The gameplay is quet good, enjoyable. 25-30 minutes, and you will finish. The ligthing is atmosperic. Enemies are Natla, teeth spikes, and other humanoid enemies and a lot of traps. We have Excalibur as crowbar (good idea!). The musics from the TRA. Well this level is a good choice for the beginner players." - Roli (12-Aug-2008)

"Tricky trasks await for you in this level; sometimes you must try the same move a lot of times or another times you'll have to be lucky, but it's not impossible. Although the architecture is not very good, the areas have a good aspect, nice textured and no much dark. Few and original enemies but I couldn't find extra weapons; there are no much objects to ornate the environment too. Sometimes when you trigger something you have to figure out where to go 'cause the action you've cause to happen is not near from where you are. The new moves the author says in the readme file are not much used. Not a bad work." - Jose (12-Jun-2008)

"I had very mixed feelings about this game, some aspects were very well done, like lets say, the textures I found very good looking. The lighting is very beautiful. I bad things are the limits. The enemies are unoriginal, and I don't think they fit in well with the whole level. I didn't really like the sounds particulary either. The gameplay and puzzles were okay, nothing special. But, the return or Natla in the tutorial level was just unimaginative. But, all in all, this TRLE game/set of levels was not my favorite by a long shot." - Vaughnage (03-May-2008)

"We start in a large chamber, which we have to traverse several times to enter and exit through various side-openings. The gameplay is varied, with some trap dodging, block-pushing and jumping to accomplish, though it generally wasn't too hard and some sections weren't that exciting. The visuals are decent, though far from perfect. I'd like to see a full level from the builder sometime soon, as I'm sure they are capable of it, and considering the leap in quality from the "Princess of Persia (Demo)" release, I'm sure the next offering will be pretty fun." - Spike (27-Apr-2008)

"Rather short at under 20 minutes, but still a fancy looking level which revolves around a central hub room and offers a few interesting jumps, some odd little cutscenes, a block push puzzle and some traps to avoid. Worth a look if you would like a quick level for in between." - MichaelP (27-Apr-2008)

"What a vastly superior level than 'Princess of Persia'!PH has just qualified for 'most improved builder award of the month' with this test level which,despite the tag,offers more of a challenge than you might imagine.Although less than 30 minutes in duration this ticks most of the boxes: rolling boulders;tricky jumps;rope-swings;block pushing puzzles,together with well-applied hi-res textures and a very smart pace. Nothing complex but all highly enjoyable. Now lets see what PH can come up with next." - Orbit Dream (24-Apr-2008)

"Still remembering what the author's debut was like, I can say that this, though not entirely problem free on its own, is definitely a step in the right direction. In the 15 minutes spent here, most of the tasks centered around a platform in the middle of the lava and various sub-tasks scattered at the edges of the pool and some adjacent areas. There's nothing overly inspired as far as the tasks go and you get a pushable block puzzle, some rope swings, avoiding some traps and pushing some levers, but I probably liked the use of spikes the most here. I didn't care much for the jump over the open door from the chain/pole as it just complicated things unnecessarily and disrupted the otherwise ok flow the level had, and it ended kind of abruptly. As far as the looks go - technically I didn't spot too many alarming mistakes, but overall it looked kind of bland and overpoweringly depressive because of the colour range chosen. Overall - as said this is a step in the right direction from the author - and the only thing to ask would be to stop releasing test levels, and start conjuring up his magic on the real stuff ;-)" - eTux (23-Apr-2008)

"The title made me laugh actually, because it sounded so much like something I might have said with an 'oh no, please not' in front of it. However, this is not a traditional Egypt level, albeit that I reached a point where I needed the crowbar and hadn't found it, which is absolute classic raiding the way I do it. Not that it was hard to spot or anything, it's just that I seem to be genetically predisposed to ignore anything even vaguely crowbar-shaped. Anyway, this is a short, enjoyable level that seems mainly designed to showcase some of Lara's new(ish) moves. In the readme, it's described as a 'test' level. I hope this means it's a demo as I should certainly like to see it worked up into a full-length game." - Jay (23-Apr-2008)

"What stands out most for me in this short level are the new animations Lara has. (Hence the 7 as I didn't know where else to put it.) Which (when I got used to them) were fun and added a new twist to old tricks. The texture pallet is perhaps a little on the small side and some of the rooms are a little too (I hate using the term, but...) "boxy", while others are much more interesting. (I'm thinking of the circular corridors, the collision was a little "off" but the effect was impressive.) I would have liked to explore the area outside, at the top of the tower but, alas, as soon as you are at the top you hit the finish trigger. This is listed as a test level though, so hopefully when the full level is released I will get my wish." - Kitkat (23-Apr-2008)

"Odd for a test level, to be honest. It's one long and there's objects from Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, everything bar the kitchen sink. But that's fine. The only real problems I had was the collision in the rounded corners, but the place was done quite nicely. Natla shows up (just how many lives does she have, anyway?). The texture placements and objects were quite nice too. If this was just a test I can't wait to see this builder's real levels in the future." - ggctuk (22-Apr-2008)

"There's not a lot to this level really, by admission it seems to be a test level for a few new animations and objects. It took a few goes to get used to the new jumps you can perform but I think they can work well in a better environment. I think the author should definitely keep working on these but to release a level which is a little more intricate. The main room is huge and empty with just a few jumping blocks and a rolling ball. In turn you go through little side doors to complete a puzzle or two before being able to climb out of the roof. The curving wall looks great but needs work as you can walk right through it and even get stuck behind it. Each room seems to be textured in one or two textures and it looks very wallpaper-like. If you want to try out these moves then go ahead and play, but to be honest there's nothing much else in this level to be excited about." - TrueRaider (22-Apr-2008)

"A nice short level of about 17 mins. Here we start with a nice flyby and a wierd creature standing behind lara. Gameplay is linear and Natla does not pose any threat. The ending was a bit sudden and a pole was not needed. I would have given a 6 for textures if i had not seen a missing texture. Be aware, it is easy to miss the crowbar. I liked how the author sloped the roof so you could get over the gate. This shows that they have spotted and changed something (which i like). Overall, this is a nice egyptian short level that i reccommend." - Cory (22-Apr-2008)

"An Egyptian level with the TRA textures that despite of repetitive texturing does not look bad, and despite a not so fun challenge with a jump switch you have to time so not to be screwed by spikes was fun to play. The level mainly consists of jumps and moves which was enjoyable for me. The 2 short movable block puzzles were a bit uninspired though, and there is a lack of atmosphere through out the level. The level is not dark which is a good thing. Only a couple of little scorpions to kill , there are several good objects and animations, and enemies that did not harmed Lara. The level is short , about 25 minutes so I can't rate higher, but it is a good level. I loved the moves. Keep up the good work !" - eRIC (22-Apr-2008)

"In my opinion this is quite nice level which lasts about twenty minutes. In terms of gameplay it is neither bad nor terrific. Tasks are mainly usual kind of jumping tasks and pushblock puzzles that you can find in many other levels but they are very nice however. The new animations, which you can perform when you're in shimmy position, were great and they made jumping very entertaining. As a minus side the architecture didn't particularly appeal to my eyes. It is not bad but overly rather boxy and same textures are used repeatively in many rooms. Lighting was maybe a bit bland but again not bad. All in all this is a nice level and hopefully author keeps building in future because I'm sure he/she has potential to build even better stuff." - Samu (21-Apr-2008)
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