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Author(s): Amanda Lepore
total rating:2.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Aneres 4 2 9 8
Bedazzled 1 2 1 2
Bene 1 3 1 3
Blue43 2 2 2 4
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Cory 3 2 3 3
DJ Full 1 2 4 6
eRIC 2 4 3 6
EssGee 3 2 5 5
eTux 1 2 2 3
Gerty 1 2 2 3
Jack& 1 1 1 7
Jay 2 1 3 5
Larson 1988 1 1 0 5
manarch2 0 1 4 3
MichaelP 1 1 5 5
Orbit Dream 2 1 2 4
Roli 3 3 7 3
Ryan 1 2 2 4
Shandroid 3 2 3 6
Treeble 2 2 2 2
TrueRaider 4 1 2 3
category averages
(22 reviews)
1.82 1.82 2.91 4.14

Reviewer's comments

"A truly awful game that is undoubtedly among the more trollish nonsense of custom levels, with boring tedious gameplay, annoying 'fangirls' that you can't destroy to stop them getting in the way of your business, an atmosphere that feels too busy and textures that define the very definition of surreal, with a grating theme song on top of all that which caused me to mute the music volume entirely for the sake of not getting a serious headache from it all. If you're at risk of suffering from seizures through flashing images, I especially advise you to stay away from this release(as there are a ton of animated textures present which continuously flash throughout the entire experience that may put you at risk). But better yet, just stay away from this altogether as you aren't missing out on anything of value here." - Ceamonks890 (05-Apr-2019)

"Call it art all you want but it's not exactly classic raiding, is it? The textures are undoubtedly a unique choice, but the long running up and down a hallway was tedious and the looping music was extremely grating. Hardly a really entertaining raid, more of a novelty (if you can call it that)." - Ryan (29-Mar-2019)

"It seems this game is about another artist I heard about too late, because the trashy background song is much better what we hear today. Right, now where the heck am I and how do I rate atmosphere of such thing? Following criterions of realism and structural consistency that's plain 0, but blame it on magic or fantasy/surreal and it jumps up to 3... But it also takes sound, and the level reminds me how big improvement has been made with TRNG, which doesn't restart the background loop on each reload like here. The author thought about cameras and they really work - not often you get a hint for each door in a two-room and one-corridor level. These psychedelic animation ranges and customized script entries also indicate this isn't an ordinary bad level but an intentionally made epilepsy-generating drug feast which took some skill to make. In such case I will assume the rollingballs falling too early are no coincidence as well, aimed to scare but not to kill... pretty fair, for if we succumb to distraction and fall that's our fault. SUMMARY: I swear I wasn't serious when I suggested a sudoku level... but that wall example is unsolvable anyway." - DJ Full (02-Feb-2016)

"Well, this level had some things in it that were really really annoying. First of all, the cruel Amanda Lepore song "My Hair Looks Fierce" that is so repetitive and stressing that I put down the music volume at once. Next, the very annoying twins that don't allow Lara to get the Grenade Launcher (well, you don't really need it). Then, long backtracking through a very long corridor was the main part of this level. The slope part was interesting though, but since you had to get to and fro four-five times through this corridor, I can't give gameplay points as this ruined everything. To the good side - the atmosphere was quite good and lighting was not bad, but the steady pictures on walls and floor were not good. 6 minutes, but only 2 of real gameplay, 4 of running through a seemingly endless corridor." - manarch2 (05-Apr-2011)

"After reading about this I just had to try it, since it is the first and original level of this crazy Amanda Lepore series. Well it is what it is - a joke level, and as such maybe not even that bad. Game play is very limited because there is not much to do other than climb a few times, pull a couple of levers, run down a long tunnel and avoid 2 twins who are getting annoying after a while. The only enemies are a few dogs. The Atmosphere is strange as expected. Lot of colors and blinking textures and a repetitive song, which I still can't get out of my head. Not much else to say about. Play it if you want something really different..." - Blue43 (18-Oct-2010)

"I finally get to play the infamous Amanda Lepore extravangaza and the everlasting thought is definitely... lolwut? This is quite the ego trip as you have more pictures of this person in this level than I probably have ever taken in my whole life, but I never was much of a photogenic person anyway. She may not know much about clothes, but her hair sure looks fierce. 10 minutes. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)

"My two cents - not as unplayable as many reviews might make you think. Only 11 minutes long but I enjoyed it overall. Gameplay was not exciting but not non-existant; as simple and cliche as it is I always enjoy a slidey jump sequence. Enemies were a few dogs, dark and surprisingly hard to see in this bright flashy atmosphere. The 'groupies' following the player were terribly annoying for the fact that they walk right into her and push her about. Trying and failing to activate lever because getting pushed out of the way is not only annoying, it looks glitchy. There was a grenade launcher available to pickup at start, but there was no use for it (since it didn't blow up the groupies). The falling boulder bit wasn't bad, and a few of the jumps were tricky enough to warrant a reload. The superlong corridor definitely could have been cut down by at least 1/3, and the flyby as you enter it was incredibly fast and jarring. The good things? Well I'm not a big Amanda Lepore fan (in fact only wiki'd her after reading the infopage on this level) but the music wasn't un-listenable and the photos all over the walls were pretty cool. This level was zany and fun, worth a laugh in my opinion." - Aneres (01-Nov-2008)

"I avoided these levels for a while since I am not usually one for the bizarre. Well, I decided to check them out and give them a chance. I have no idea who this Amanda Lepore character is, but I am assuming she is a real drag queen. I now know what she looks like in every respect except for the one that is male. Oh, and thank you for sparing us the boob view, whew! Regarding gameplay, there's not much here. Throw some switches, get a key piece, oh and travel down an extremely long corridor twice! Ugh. I am assuming that I could have killed those groupies (Amanda has female groupies?!) with the grenade gun, but even though they were highly annoying, I would have felt bad, plus I wanted someone else in the room to have to endure that hellacious song! Obviously, this builder knows how to build levels, but perhaps a little more fun activities would have warranted higher scores." - Shandroid (15-Jul-2008)

"Hmmm... Because I found the Amanda Lepore name funny, I tried this level :-D An fan-made level, with intersting textures, and OST. ;-) I liked the music "My Hair looks fierce" :$ The gameplay is a little boring, the tunnel the most boring. The longest what I ever seen.. :D Puzzles: not too much, borings. Enemies are dancing girls, and a dog.. Not too much object in this level. I liked the ligting, and textures. One good level from this new author. Enjoyable, but nothing special..." - Roli (14-Jul-2008)

"A joke level? A self - parody? Don't think so - the builder would have to be too self-aware to be able to see as others see. A swipe at our world-wide youth obsessed/brain - dead culture? hmmmm too sophisticated for this, perhaps. ahhhh could it be the joke is truly on us as I had a thought that the builder was....never mind, that's just too silly. An in-joke, maybe? ...that only a few insiders would 'get'? Whatever(!)... if it has a punch-line, I don't get it. What I did get was a headache and a few aspirin. Play at your own peril." - Bene (23-May-2008)

"I want to know what drugs were used when designing this level, because you know what, I actually really enjoyed it. I couldn't stop laughing for the duration of this level, but I'm glad it didn't go on any longer. It's wacky, crazy and very colourful. The author seems to have some kind of narcissistic obsession, especially with comments in the readme such as "I'm single and u can date me if you want and if I want"." - TrueRaider (18-May-2008)

"Wow, this was a strange level! But the long hallway could be removed. :)" - Larson 1988 (17-May-2008)

"A good shrink could tell you a tale or two about this builder, I for one was glad that there is a volume switch on my PC so I could kill the nasty loop music that was going on and on. OK it is a joke level but you don't hear laughter at my place. Too much and too wild, let leave it at that." - Gerty (12-May-2008)

"Having played "Love and Peace" before this flashy, eclectic 10-minuter, I can kind of see the connection and it's not that surprising to find out Miss Daemonica and Amanda Lepore know each other and were possibly mutually inspired by the other's contribution to the TRLE world. The signs are all there - the flashy textures, the forever looping audio track in the background, and a bit of an amusing self-indulgent ego stroking flair to the whole concept, and it's all in a good fun. The level doesn't look that unappealing, and there's a neat jump sequence involved to keep you going, but the biggest annoyance probably was the miles long tunnel connecting the 2 main areas that you have to traverse multiple times. Overall it doesn't really amount to much, and I should probably recommend to steer clear from this one, but then again, you could do much worse than playing this level." - eTux (11-May-2008)

"This is a typical joke level but the designer does have an underlying talent it just needs to be put into a proper level. As a builder I can appreciate the work needed to get all those animmating textures working, hence the 2 for lighting & textures.And how many newbie levels have a load screen like this has, that in itself is not easy to do." - Bedazzled (11-May-2008)

"A very artsy, campish, weird joke concept. Lots of animating images and some creative lighting. Gameplay is largely about repetitive use of a painfully long corridor. The readme is good for a giggle. Play this level if you fancy taking a walk on the wild side." - EssGee (10-May-2008)

"Pop raiding anyone ? Not so much of a joke than a kind of original demo with some animated textures, and you play with a new and blonde model. Not bad for a debut but the music is annoying. Some jumps, a monkeyswing, a bit of shimmying , a few dogs to kill , two blonde Amanda's fans to give you some company , a few triggers with even a flipmap, but you spend almost half of the 10 minutes in a very long corridor. Why did it had to be so long ?" - eRIC (09-May-2008)

"Actually, I thought the funniest thing about this level was the readme. Otherwise, it's a typical joke level, although admittedly I have played far worse ones. The music is initially quite amusing, but quickly becomes irritating in the extreme - luckily, you won't have to listen to it for very long. It's an original notion at least and I did like the use of sudoku games as wall decoration, but this is really one for die hard completists and dogged reviewers only." - Jay (09-May-2008)

"well i dunno iff this can be called level ..... is 5 min gammeplay wich 2 huge corridors 2 levers to push one at upper level and a Ba cartouche like item wich u find easy and need to be placed at the end off the long corridor to open the last door at main room for a corridor wich is empty and at the end the game will end 3 dogs and 2 babes wich folow u useless ,i think this is only a try for the builder to get used with the editor.... the music is not bad but get boring after a while.. worthess level -waste off time ...." - Jack& (08-May-2008)

"Please don't play this level! The music is irritating and the texturing is pathetic. Gameplay consists of running down a long corridor over and over and over again. The cameras can be helpful but i remember one of them showing the door opening from the wrong angle. This stopped me from knowing what door had opened. It ends rather suddenly (but not a moment too soon) when you run down a corridor. Just don't play it!" - Cory (08-May-2008)

"Well, I guess there are different forms of art and you cannot really argue about them. This level - if you want to call it such - is a case in point. Wild and wacky mix of textures (many animated, some Sudoku one's), a suitable music track playing along while you waste 10 minutes of your life running back and forth a few times between the one room and the other." - MichaelP (08-May-2008)

"Yes it's daft;but what the heck..I've played far worse Joke levels! The only annoying element(aside from the music) was the repetetive running down a huge long corridor.Other than that,it was a zany and colourful piece of flippancy." - Orbit Dream (08-May-2008)
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