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Author(s): Amanda Lepore
total rating:2.24 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
Cory 3 0 1 1
DJ Full 4 2 4 5
eRIC 1 1 1 4
EssGee 2 2 3 3
eTux 1 1 2 2
Gerty 1 2 2 3
Jack& 1 1 1 3
Jay 2 2 2 3
Larson 1988 1 0 0 2
manarch2 2 1 3 2
MichaelP 3 1 5 5
Orbit Dream 2 2 2 5
Roli 4 4 8 5
Ryan 1 1 2 4
Shandroid 2 2 2 4
Treeble 1 2 2 2
TrueRaider 4 1 2 2
category averages
(18 reviews)
2.00 1.44 2.39 3.11

Reviewer's comments

"Same exact problems as the original 'Amanda Lepore', only with a grating looped voice that caused me to reduce the sound effect volume down a great amount as well(and that includes the seizure risk via continuously flashing imagery from animated textures as well). So just another release that's easy to skip." - Ceamonks890 (05-Apr-2019)

"Very much the same as part 1, with rather more questionable song lyrics and no long tunnels to run down. Still no real substance to it however, and only for the curious raiders out there." - Ryan (29-Mar-2019)

"The next movement of psychedelic performance is built in the same fashion as the overture, with less tedious backtracking yet more flat lighting and some open space, featuring possibly the most disturbing but fortunately also the shortest floating island part ever built, which, together with see-through windows in the earlier corridor, thoroughly prepares us for a satisfying interstellar conclusion. The number of puzzle items and Lara guides has doubled, and this time the sudoku is solvable. Now I see in the previous part it also was, I just didn't notice that whole tile among the ones broken with animating screens (but the rating wouldn't change if I did)." - DJ Full (02-Feb-2016)

"Not much has changed in the style of the builder, and I was pretty annoyed with the long ladder, the too many (unnecessary) jumpswitches and the many same-looking guides that nearly don't allow Lara to pick up the Ornate Handle. The lighting was not as good as in the first level, but as there was not such a long corridor, I will be gracious with 2 points to gameplay, because of some parts I wouldn't directly call bad, such as the room with the raising block and the one with the platforms. But this level can't be recommended at all. I am sorry." - manarch2 (02-Jun-2011)

"The extravangaza continues with this level. In addition to a catchy and hardly appropriate background song, this time around there are some new sound effects for that extra touch. It's basically more of the same, except this time it has less backtracking (and, for some reason, the first level is also included in the package). 5 minutes. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)

"Wow, Amanda sure likes her kitty cat!! I listened to the background song once then muted it. Let's just say I am happy I use headphones so my kids couldn't hear that song. Regarding gameplay, there isn't much to do. Collect a "Pussy Piece" or two (oh Lord, rolls eyes) and pull some switches. The incredibly annoying "groupies" are here again, but no real enemies (why do we need a grenade gun again?). This level again assaulted my eyes with numerous images of the flamboyant "Miss" Amanda Lepore. The level claims to be "the best level ever", which of course, I am sure the builder states as a joke. Only for the 2 or 3 Amanda Lepore fans out there." - Shandroid (18-Jul-2008)

"Amanda in the space!! :D The continue of the first level. Some dancing womans, and astronauts :D You need collect puzzles, and open the gates, and go to the space. Similar textures like the first level, but now better. An intresting gameplay with intresting objects... The music is great and funny (for me... :D) \"My p*ssy...\" LOL, I really liked it... ;-) :D. If you have a little free-time, try this level! :-D" - Roli (14-Jul-2008)

"Here is Episode 2 in what you might call a tribute by the author to their transgender icon of the same name. A quick search on the web will give you a background on AL, and where the level is coming from. We're told that this is 'The Best Custom Level Ever' which is a pretty bold statement! But AL1 was also heralded in the same manner. So only one of them can reign supreme. Which to choose - what a dilemmna??? Gameplay wise, it seems that the Hathor Effigy has found a new function....say no more. The rest is similar to AL1 minus the mile long corridor. The first installment had some originality. This is pretty much a clone of that idea with a bit more botox and plastic surgery thrown in. There is some more experimental use of transparent textures and images and the horizon object. The backing music is another, I assume, hypnotic AL subculture hit song. What more can I say? It's a flashy, bizarre concept that makes for 8 minutes of light (albeit slightly disturbing) entertainment between raids." - EssGee (18-May-2008)

"I had to play this level immediately after the first since that one had me laughing so much, and also I'm quite sleep deprived and it's best I don't continue with this legendary series in a state where I'm likely to remember it. It's best to describe this as "Lara's brothel adventures" as it's just so...slutty. Slightly shorter corridors this time but with even more irritating 'dancers' who appear out of nowhere. I could do nothing but enjoy this level however, I don't know, it's just so kitsch and camp and pointless that it made me want to finish the level. Bring on Amanda Lepore 3..." - TrueRaider (18-May-2008)

"This was worse then the last one, at least the long hallway was gone!" - Larson 1988 (17-May-2008)

"Despite there is no long corridor in this 2nd level by the author this time, I think it is worse in terms of gameplay as there is nothing to do here , apart pulling jump switches and a couple of very easy jumps. For the rest (pictures of women with make-up, objects) it is the same stuff with another piece of 'techno' music. Quite superficial." - eRIC (16-May-2008)

"Glad to see a person that loves herself so much that she wants the world to know. Confidence can be a virtue (I said CAN). But that doesn't say that this level is a nice one to play. This feels more like an ego-trip than anything else. But have a go at it, you might be the person who loves it as much as the builder herself." - Gerty (14-May-2008)

"Dohhh.... what wrong we doo in our life to need to play such a miserable game like this one ?? ....... lol seriously this Amanda Lepore 2 just like Amande Lepore 1 is a pain in the asss one off worst cutstom levels ever played .... i waste 15 min off my life playing this crapp ...... i cannot recomand at no one ....." - Jack& (13-May-2008)

"More of the same here - you get to play level one again (if you choose to) and there are two key improvements in part 2 vs part 1: the looooong walkway is gone and the Sudoku textures are complete here, so you can actually have some fun with those." - MichaelP (12-May-2008)

"Well, if you've seen the prequel, you know very well what to expect here. And if you haven't you might as well go straight for downloading this release, as it contains that as well as the new level. And there's nothing particularly new there - just more of the same flashy, campy looks with the same ego stroking flair, a somewhat suggestive and annoying background track, and a huge barely textured room, where I have to honestly admit I found everything from ways to trigger more of the annoying dancers and ways to suddenly fall of the edge into the oblivion, before I stumbled onto the finish trigger. I would recommend to give this a go and give the better games out there a try, but then again - I guess you could still do worse than playing this." - eTux (12-May-2008)

"Well this sequel is apparently 'The best custom level ever' The gameplay was poor but i had to give a 3 because there was use of vairous triggers to open some doors, some jumping and not much backtracking. The grenade gun was useless and the 'dancers' were annoying so a 0 for that. The only reason why i gave a 1 for atmosphere, sound and cameras is because of that ok flyby. The music was awful. It was textured very badly, mainly the room with no textures at all made me give it a 1. If you didn't know, the end is when you fall down a hole in the middle of the 4 people." - Cory (11-May-2008)

"Honestly,I don't know what young people are coming to!Gaudy fashions,rude pop-songs,immodesty ('best custom level ever').I suppose level building keeps them out of mischief." - Orbit Dream (11-May-2008)

"Oh joy, a sequel, just what we needed. Actually, I'm beginning to think this girl is in need of a spot of therapy. On the off chance that someone out there actually enjoyed part one, then that person should download this immediately because it's more of the same with an equally irritating song." - Jay (11-May-2008)
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