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Author(s): Amanda Lepore
total rating:6.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 5 5 4 6
DJ Full 5 5 6 8
eRIC 5 5 8 8
EssGee 5 5 6 7
eTux 4 5 6 7
Gerty 5 5 6 7
Jack& 5 5 5 7
Jay 6 6 8 8
JesseG 5 5 4 6
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
manarch2 5 5 6 8
MichaelP 6 5 8 9
Orbit Dream 7 7 9 9
Phil 6 7 7 6
Roli 6 6 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Shandroid 6 6 7 7
Treeble 4 6 6 6
TrueRaider 5 5 7 7
category averages
(19 reviews)
5.42 5.58 6.53 7.26

Reviewer's comments

"Just when I thought this would turn out to be halfway decent, the ending sequence effectively ruins a lot of design aspects that had been handled well up to that point(reminding you very deliberately who's work you're playing). But either way, I'm glad I was done with this little trilogy(despite some decent texturing, lighting, enemy and object use for the first couple minutes). Wouldn't recommend this to anyone personally, but go ahead if you're desperate to see what all the fuss was about." - Ceamonks890 (05-Apr-2019)

"Evidently, this saga has now been bundled into one single download, so I thought I'd take the opportunity just to review this third part here, and review the others separately once I've "played" them. This concluding segment is a fairly decent raid through an attractive jungle setting with involving enough gameplay, although the cringy song near the end was extremely annoying, and I also didn't like the women who kept pushing Lara around. Anyway, onwards (somewhat reluctantly)..." - Ryan (29-Mar-2019)

"I've avoided playing any of these Amanda Lepore levels due to the notoriety they garnered upon their release. I had the impression that there were a lot of these before Michael stopped hosting them here, but a current search showed a total of only five releases from this unknown (to me, anyway) builder. As a "bonus" for downloading this one, you get the honor of playing the first two levels as well, so I bit the bullet and did so. The first (actually, last) level is not really that bad, a fairly routine jungle romp with few twists and turns that takes about 20 minutes of playing time. The other two levels simply have to be grinned and borne, as they feature annoying music, unsexy portraits of unsexy females, excruciating backtracking, and coarsely-named artifacts. I spent a total of 42 minutes in the three levels and took a cold shower after I was through." - Phil (05-Jan-2018)

"Possible return for the crowbar isn't good and I missed the door sound to break the jungle ambience but hey - canyon pools, temple ruins, a raptor nest unlike of usual T-Rex, all make the place organic and immersive... and then the epic trilogy concludes with Kubrick-like transition which blows head open, draws brain out and exposes it to low-level format on sudoku matrix as the ultimate cycle of beat returning from the first episode encloses the plot in a wonderful frame. The equation is done, tabula rasa. SUMMARY: If one day it appears HowToBasic learnt from these levels, I won't be surprised. At all." - DJ Full (02-Feb-2016)

"Hardly seeming to be by the same builder of the first two levels of the series, this level convinces with good texturing and excellent lighting and a professional architecture that is in total contrast to the very amateurish first levels. I have the feeling the builder only wanted to mess around with us players - I don't have a certain clue in which way though. Gameplaywise, this game doesn't offer that much else than progressing in a quite linear way; there are some interesting connections though like Lara appearing on top of the starting valley. Somehow the caves near the end reminded me a bit on the T-Rex appearance of TR 3, but here only two raptors appeared, and I think it would have been much better to just let the level end while entering the psychedelic rooms that serve as a connection to the first level, as the game goes downhill right away from here, especially with those enerving characters that follow Lara on each of her steps. Spent 15 minutes in this level and did not make my way again through the other levels as I had enough of them." - manarch2 (01-Dec-2012)

"When the level finished loading, I was rather surprised with what I beheld. I was expecting something along the lines of the first two levels and a new catchy song to stay on my head, but what I got was a nicely crafted jungle-ish environment. It all got more familiar once I reached the 'restricted' area and Lepore's girl friends joined the party. It may have been the last part of the trilogy, according to the readme, but it was not the last we saw of Lepore -- whoever she was. 20 minutes. 01/09" - Treeble (06-Jan-2009)

"If you can get past the uncanny character with a hole in the back of her head, the first level of this series is a pleasant raid, though a bit short. Gameplay is straightforward and you search for a crowbar and a few switches, while jumping back and forth around the green jungle hills. The ornaments are lavish, almost too much so, especially since I got stuck in the collision of a bush inside a crawlspace. Lighting is not flat but not varied either. Textures are pretty good, but some are stretched and squished. At the end of the first level everything goes down the toilet as you enter a sort of military base with a hall that takes over a minute to sprint through with random women chasing you, and sudoku and pop-image wallpaper, and you have to "guess" which side of a pit to make Lara break her neck in to jump to the next level, which unfortunately is made of the same mess that made the end of level 1. Due to the animated textures giving me near-seizures, the creepy sound effects, and another minute-long hallway I was expected to run through several times, I stopped playing at the second level and chose to review this mainly for the first level which has the most merit. My scores reflect the first level, minus one point in each category to weigh in the sludge that follows. If you're up for a short and sweet jungle raid, play the first level up to the military base entrance, then remain ignorantly bliss as you move on to something else." - SSJ6Wolf (02-Nov-2008)

"So, this level was made for the haters, huh? I guess haters like pretty good levels! Well, I can't imagine Amanda Lepore setting one stiletto in a dino infested jungle, but at least here the player can have fun. The majority of the level is in a jungle with some decent gameplay and a blissfully non-existent Amanda Lepore tune. That environment ends though, and you are back in crazy world and the "hair is fierce" song starts playing. Not much goes on when you get here, as expected. The level ends abruptly and strangely, just a fall." - Shandroid (18-Jul-2008)

"The continue of the 2nd level. We fall from the spaceee to a little lake! XD This level have a nice feeling, something like the Ghana or Peru, and TR3's South Pacific. Very nice objects & textures too. The gameplay is linear, but enjoyable. The enemies are wild boards, raptors, easily killabe with the pistols. Absolutely new level from the builder, surprise! ;-)" - Roli (14-Jul-2008)

"Well this is more like it, at least it is longer and there is a bit more to do. I was having a good time until that disco music started to pound. Sorry but first of all I am of the generation who has a perfect hearing (not spoiled by endless music through earphones) so this was too loud for me and then the text:"I don't know much about clothes but my hair looks fierce" it utterly dribble. I gave the two other levels amiss. And boss, you made me curious, spill......" - Gerty (26-May-2008)

"I'm not really much of a conspiracy buff, but I think Michael might be right on this actually being a more experienced level builder using the concept as an excuse throw mindless kitsch at the players, as some of the details, especially for setting up the outside areas have nuances that even some experienced level builders out there have yet to discover for themselves (that, and the fact that it's highly unlikely that the real Amanda Lepore would take interest in this hobby... or is it?). But in case this is not the case - I hope the author really detests us from now on, as (s)he really makes more quality games for his/her haters than for his/her fans. The 20 minutes of (new) gameplay here might not be the best example of gameplay as it is, consisting of a highly unnecessary pack of pushable blocks, a few fun jumps and a solely quest for the crowbar in the initial pool you drop into so dramatically (though despite all that - I found the jump course atop the valley very nicely done), but the highlight obviously is the nice setting itself which eventually transforms into what you can usually expect from the author. I can't say I bothered replaying the other parts after the level jump at the end of the new level, since I assume it's same old, same old as before, but otherwise this is actually a half decent effort that gives hope for better things to come, if they are pursued under this moniker." - eTux (24-May-2008)

"Although only 20 minutes in duration,this is so well made and so enjoyable to play that it doesn't seem to have been constructed by the builder of the previous two levels in this series.Indeed,perhaps it hasn't.Whatever the case,I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.The playing area is compact but very cleverly put-together,giving you the impression of a well-rounded actual location.Gameplay is all about exploration and jumping,and lighting and texturing is immaculate.Give this a go,but by all means exit the game once the annoying song begins to'll miss nothing." - Orbit Dream (21-May-2008)

"here we are 3 rd part off Amanda Lepore countless saga lol well i agree at a point with my other friend reviewers ......but .... ;) cmon guys .. all off u know building a good custom games cannot be done at 1/2 weeks and this 3'rd part come out short after 1/2 -a good custom level building take months some times even 1 year.....well iff the guy - or girl (hehe) wich made this off Amandas '' keep the cadence untill christmas i wont be suriprised to see Amanda Lepore 10 or 11 lol ........this time i wont make any technical opservation cos all was said allready in the last reviews .... i want to mention only that to this builder - I HAVE THE IMPRESSION THAT U HIDDE UNTILL A MASK - i think u made much better games in the past untill other nick ....... well i want to give u a advice -no one rush u to get out 2 games / month make 1/2 year but make ones that will reflect ur talent -wich sure u have - cos i prefer better to play Amanda Lepore 4 with 100+ Mb and a long nice ride , that to play another 10 crapp Amandas in 3 months - SO MY FINAL ADVICE IS MAKE 1 OR 2 CONTINUATION AFTER THIS BUT TAKE UR TIME AND MAKE A 7/8 HOURS PLAYTIME GAME EVEN IFF TAKE U SOME MONTHS TO BUILD IT .......... CHEERS" - Jack& (19-May-2008)

"Well if the first two installments of this trilogy didn't mess with your head, this one will pitch you another curve ball. The Return of Amanda Lepore takes our Blonde bimbette on a scenic journey through a 'yes wait for it' convincing jungle/cave environment! Surprised? I was. The builder has talent, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with the areas to be explored here, bar the odd badly applied texture. By and large, it is well constructed with good use of objects (apparently stolen from Codo's Blood Mountain level according to the author's readme) to add to the jungle atmosphere. Sadly it all ends a little too quickly after 20 minutes when you hit the trademark corridor of infinite length, and you find that the temple we are searching for is in fact the animating and flashy soduku shrine of AL. Back to square one, And so it is that as you plummet to seeming death you are saved by a level jump so you can now replay all your favourite moments of the first two episodes all over again. I didn't bother. If the new level in this release is an indication of what the author can create then I'd encourage them to continue in this vein, and put the trashy flashy stuff to rest. The first release had some humour, but the joke has been done to death now. Move on and build real levels - the ability is obviously there." - EssGee (18-May-2008)

"She's back, but now looking oddly placed in a jungle. But I was very impressed. Texturing is done very well and the environment is very convincing and a pleasure to play through. Eliminate the kitsch and you've got yourself a very good although short level. The builder certainly has talent and I actually look forward to a possible Amanda Lepore 4!" - TrueRaider (18-May-2008)

"Dearest Miss Lepore, whoever you may be: "the best custom level ever", lololololol! This really brought to my mind the old bring-on-the-anarchy days of the late 70s - maybe early 80s. Quite enjoyable in a way, I don't see why all the fuss. Three levels for the price of one... In the first, which is the last, to which one comes back after finishing the last, which is (I think) the second, one gets to play a rather straightforward jungle level with very nice textures, where you show the community that you can build in the classic way. Then comes a rather crazed up level where the only annoying bit is the longest corridor in history. Finally, dementia comes to its peak accompanied by an interesting never ending loop that I wish I could have understood. And then the circle is complete. I could almost bet that every begginer's mistake, every lack of sound, were done on purpose. Is that right? I enjoyed the difference although I'm glad that all levels aren't like this. i'M SurE YoUL'l agrEE ThAt This May bE a BiT toUgh TO rATe!" - Jorge22 (18-May-2008)

" what happened here?... The third part is not at all a funky pop art statement, but actually 20 minutes of a very decent, albeit simplistic and linear level in a jungle setting, until of course the moment when it falls back into the setting of part 1 and 2 and even gives you part 1 and 2 to play yet another time, if you were so inclined. So, I guess the most interesting question is: Who really is Amanda Lepore, because the architecture of the initial rooms, the texturing and the lighting clearly shows the skill of a more experienced builder who we may all know under a different name... (?)" - MichaelP (17-May-2008)

"Wow, what a spectacular beginning to this level. I had gritted my teeth in anticipation of another ten minutes of truly awful raiding, but what I got was a short but enjoyable, fast paced romp through the jungle, ending up back in part 1. I have no idea what happened to Ms Lepore in between parts 2 and 3 of this trilogy, but something has done her the world of good." - Jay (17-May-2008)

"Strange indeed when compared to the author's previous releases, this one is quite pleasant and the setting in a jungle type is very well made, regarding the texturing and the shaping of the rooms , with no thin wall this time. Only the lighting could be improved. The level is not very long , at about 20 minutes , but entertaining with a bit of swimming , a subsidiary movable blocks puzzle for a big medipack , a torch puzzle , some good jumps , some enemies , wild boars and dinos to kill, all this in a convincing atmosphere. You spend only the last two minutes in the flashy Amanda 's style with the techno music and the dancing girls. The last flyby is technically excellently made." - eRIC (17-May-2008)
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