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Author(s): Joe Seymour Moog307
total rating:5.39 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 4 4 4 7
Blue43 5 4 6 6
Ceamonks890 2 4 6 8
Dimpfelmoser 6 4 7 7
Gerty 5 5 6 7
Gonxii 2 0 4 4
Jay 4 4 7 7
Jose 3 4 4 5
Kristina 3 3 7 7
LaraFan 6 6 7 8
MichaelP 5 6 8 7
Mulf 1 1 3 6
Neso 3 3 3 7
Orbit Dream 2 4 7 8
QRS 7 5 6 8
RaiderGirl 7 7 7 9
Ryan 3 4 6 6
Sash 5 4 6 7
Torry 7 7 7 10
Treeble 6 6 7 9
Whistle 4 5 6 6
category averages
(21 reviews)
4.29 4.29 5.90 7.10

Reviewer's comments

"This is a dumbed down version of the Original Vilcabamba level, and unfortunately it's definitely not one of the better remakes around. The use of Egyptian objects and enemies just seem very out of place in this Peruvian location and the gameplay really isn't anything original sorry to say. Admittedly, the use of the sword-wielding ninjas provided a bit of an adrenaline rush, there's nothing wrong with the construction, and the use of torches lighting up a room as Lara entered was a nice touch, but those aside, it's a bit "been there, done that". There are better options for remake fans out there." - Ryan (27-Jun-2018)

"If you played City of Vilcabamba then you already know how to complete this level. It's the same as in TR1 copied to the TR4 engine. Some objects have been used to replace the ones of TR1: dogs as wolves, chains as blades, a raising block as a pushable block, trapdoors as breakable tiles, and ninjas as bears?! There is no point in making an exact copy of the level (not exact for the objects). A 7 for lighting because there was some darkness added." - alan (16-Feb-2018)

"The bats are bats, the wolves are the dogs from Newcity which make no sound, and the bears are ninjas. The layout of the map is exactly the same as in the original, every pickup is where it was in the original, and so is every other object unless no equivalent could be found in one of the original wads, in which it case it is simply absent (no underwater levers, no breakable tiles, no pushable block; the latter only partially replaced by a Raising_Block). All secrets are where you expect to find them, though they don’t register as such. It’s Egypt in Peru, and it destroys any atmosphere that the original had (the ninjas being only the most egregious example). It attempts to replicate its model slavishly and with not a shred of imagination anywhere in sight. I breezed through in 15 minutes with my eyes closed. Pointless and redundant. Texturing is competent, though." - Mulf (24-Jan-2018)

"Basically, this is the poor man's version of the original TR1 level, with some jarringly inappropriate Egyptian objects and an irritation of bats - my new collective noun for the experience. If, like me, you have fond memories of the TR1 Vilcabamba, do yourself a favour and remember it as it was - not like this." - Jay (22-Nov-2015)

"This was not a decent remake because there were some things that were missing like the bear and some other things. I liked the use of new objects to replace the older one, for examples, the chains instead of the pendulums. I did not know what were those black ninjas doing instead." - Gonxii (21-Nov-2015)

"It seems that eyptians have invaded south America and made some changes there... Lol! But that changes were not good at all. The same architecture as in the original level but even with less gameplay 'cause some elements have disappeared (levers, objects...) and most of the gameplay consists about running around through empty rooms with nothing to do and shooting a lot of bats everywhere you go. Even the black ninjas have a strange appearance in one of his hands. No cameras when pulling switches, no musics, no puzzles... Not recommended even for nostalgics." - Jose (15-Jun-2015)

"Having the distinctive honour of being the first level of the classic Tomb Raider games to be remade in the TR4 engine, this remake of the City of Vilcabamba level from TR1 comes across as rather bare-bones, with the original level design being left completely intact and much of the original assets either missing or replaced entirely with that of TR4's, making this release feel more like a repackaging than a proper remake. Unfortunately, I assume it couldn't really be helped back then, as the TRLE community had only just started to grow its wings at this point and still had a long way to go, before it became the highly creative source it is today. Texturing is just as good as it was back in TR1's version and the lighting itself is also quite good(I especially liked how the torch pedestals lit up by themselves as you proceeded forward and dealt with several brown dogs on the way to the end.) In conclusion however, while it may have been revolutionary back in 2001 to even get another level from the earlier Tomb Raider games working in the editor at all, the results don't really hold up as well today. With the lack of any of the actual music and objects from TR1, the level loses a lot of its charm and overall atmosphere in the process, making you better off just playing the original level itself from your TR1 disk/download and avoiding this release entirely, as there's really nothing unique here to justify a download by modern standards." - Ceamonks890 (12-Apr-2014)

"It's that old problem,isn't it? How to rate Gameplay for a level which is an almost click-for-click remake of a commercial release.In this instance,I gave the builder the benefit of the doubt and added two points for the additional enemies and a somewhat dubious re-working of those gameplay elements which couldn't be included using the Tut1 wad (crumbling tiles;pushable objects;the large bear).Otherwise,I dutifully did all the required actions and explored all the areas (even though I knew exactly what to expect in them);but I have to admit that I admired the atmospheric lighting in the second part of the level (especially the use of the flame pedestals);the texturing was generally fine;and the enemy quotient,thanks to the black ninja's,had definitely been ramped up a notch.For a well-made nostalgic little romp,this certainly does the trick;but experienced players may as well wear blindfolds for the duration." - Orbit Dream (25-Aug-2012)

"Here we an early TRLE remake of the second TR1 level. While the architecture looks very similar, there are a few differences in game play because of doors that are already opened, levers and push blocks missing and also the enemies have changed - unfortunately not for the better. The wolves have been replaced with some creepy looking and completely silent brown dogs and where the bear used to come out, there are now two ninjas waiting for Lara. There are also quite a few bats coming out of their holes to play with Lara. The texturing is not too bad and pretty authentic except for a few decorative items that seemed a little odd. The lightning in the first area is pretty flat and dull looking but the later part has a very nice look because of the shadows and the torches in the area around the tall building. This is a quick trip down memory lane for TR1 fans and definitely worth the download if you are looking for a bit of easy and uncomplicated nostalgia in between playing some of the bigger levels. (20 minutes)" - Blue43 (25-Mar-2011)

"Another TR1 remake. Since there are many remakes of early Peru levels, I claim this one is NOT a good one. The Egyptian objects are totally out of place. The secrets aren't the same as the original and I didn't understand why I found Uzis there. Besides, no bear is one thing I understand, but replace them by baddies literraly burst out the atmosphere. Lara is supposed to be completely alone. 15 minutes." - Neso (07-Aug-2007)

"I did not get the same nostalgic feeling from this remake as I got from KingSpyder's version. Although the textures are great and the pickups are almost correctly placed there were too much that was not as it should be. And where is that bear! :) I think King Spyder did a better job not replacing the bear.. instead of replacing it with ninjas as in this version! Blasphemy! Overall a good job, but it could have been better. 2005-05-28" - QRS (31-May-2005)

"The Vilcabamba levels are starting to feel like the house ones; boring and all the same. This is no exception apart from a cartouche and a guardian key that in my opinion seem to be out of place there are switches to open doors and a the room behind the gate with the cartouche was very dark. Someone mentions bears well I saw none just dogs and bats. You know this level very well so if you want to play it again this is your chance." - Kristina (27-Aug-2003)

"Rather easy gameplay with no real puzzles. The switches needed are easy to find. The level is very logical in its layout and the opposition provided mainly dogs and bats with the odd crocodile and soldier thrown in all easily dealt with. Graphics is standard but some atmosphere is created with the lighting variations. A quickie level to play for the board." - Whistle (01-Nov-2002)

"Again sweet memories. On one hand it gave me a nice feeling to see the surroundings of the caves and city again on the other hand been there done that a lot. 26-09-2002" - Gerty (27-Sep-2002)

"It's really hard to rate levels that are copies of an existing level as where do you draw the line from originality to unoriginality well it's obvious that a lot of trouble went into making this level as it was a perfect replica besides the certain small touches that couldn't be replicated like the bear. The thing is I'm not a huge fan of the first few levels in TR1 so for me this was a slightly uninteresting level already but the darker lighting in the second half of the level that isn't there in the original actually gave it a more foreboding feeling that I really liked as did the more vivid colouring of the greenery. I'd have to say that this level will only be of any real interest to huge fans of TR1 and people who haven't yet played TR1 otherwise it's a case of been there done that." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"Nostalgia! Nostalgia! If you love the old TR games this level is worth a look for you. A nice remake of the original Vilacamba level where you can find it all back the rooms the enemies (except for the bear) the puzzles. Of course in these 'old days' the puzzles were actually not too complex and if you have played it before you may anyway know what to do but being a TR addict I certainly did have this strange feeling in my stomach when making my way through the City in reminisce." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"Ahh yes another remake of an old favorite. Must say that I love the new textures and it would be cool to link these remakes together. However they are not original and alas I cannot score them any higher." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"Another remake of Tomb Raider levels. This one is pretty different than the original but it supplies the slot well. The great difference are the lights that stayed pretty cool too." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)

"For some reason this seems to be the most remade level from Tomb Raider I - but it's always nice to play it again. There are a few interesting twists here as it was made using the tut wad and although most of the textures are the original ones there are a few Egyptian touches thrown in. The ninjas guardian key and cartouche are used instead of the keys and bears but otherwise this is an almost exact recreation of one of the first levels that most of us ever played. It only takes 17 minutes to get through so it's definitely worth playing." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"This is a remake of the 2nd level of TR1. Although the textures are -mostly- well done several things are very strange. The bears are replaced by a double ninja. The swinging blades are chains. The doors look strange too. In all a nice remake but a lot of work will be needed if it should look similar to TR1. The authors should combine their efforts with Kingspyder so the rest of TR1 would be getting on faster." - LaraFan (21-Jun-2002)

"So this is a remake of an original TR1 game and therefore can't be rated that high? I have to take you're word for it cause to be perfectly honest with you I can't remember although it looked vaguely familiar. Getting old or what? It's a nice and fluent if somewhat non linear gameplay that let you reach the end far too soon. A lot of dogs bats and some Assassins that want your blood but we've been through worse. The nostalgic setting is nicely done you progress by means of easily found items and obvious levers and a bit of swimming is thrown in as well. The jumps are not too tricky and those swinging chains aren't a big challenge either. But anyway Memory Lane is not a bad road to walk on so just for old times sake have a look." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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