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Author(s): birdmonster
total rating:3.15 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 2 3 3 2
DJ Full 2 6 4 2
dmdibl 4 2 3 3
eRIC 1 3 3 3
Gerty 2 4 3 2
Jack& 3 4 3 4
Jay 4 3 3 3
Jose 3 5 6 3
MichaelP 3 5 4 2
Obig 4 4 4 3
Ryan 2 4 3 2
Sakusha 2 3 3 2
category averages
(12 reviews)
2.67 3.83 3.50 2.58

Reviewer's comments

"Any words muttered in building rage to express how bad this is will fail the job. It's surely the worst game of 2008, the hall of infamer, terribly long, unacceptably buggy and it's undescribable how much effort has been put into making it this way. Many crucial items are missable without return, some are used much later so you may repeat hours of playing. Flyby cameras waste more time, it's the only case when I saw them backtrack through shown location, sometimes an entire level, their speed always default slow. We keep running out of numerous bullets provided, we get explosive ammo for ahmets immune to it, grenades fall closer to Lara but instantly kill her from close distance while their removed collision can miss enemies. Those vary and fit the scenery, meeting Natla multiple times is a great pun intended or not, and few clever lockups store extra firearms so I count them as secrets even though none of them registers. A curious thing is after I got used to "Load" pickups, for the first time I saw one called "Save". SUMMARY: Playing this game granted me a few less days in purgatory, it made no sense otherwise. My atonement is complete, one thing remains to say: Jade Empire is next in order and I can't wait to give those tens..." - DJ Full (08-Mar-2017)

"I usually never review levels I am not able to complete, but this is an exception. I made it to the end of level four, but after countless tries, the game persistently crashed to the desktop, regardless of what I tried. I didn't enjoy what I played anyway. Huge, repetitively textured rooms, far too many enemies to shoot at one time and generally dull gameplay. The audio files were amusing though, so that's a positive. Maybe this review will be rejected due to my failure to complete it, but I hope it is posted to warn other players of possible crashing issues." - Ryan (02-Mar-2017)

"I'm sorry, but this was another one of those levelsets that simply shouldn't be played through by anybody, due to a combined multitude of problems that have barely been addressed from the builder's debut, alongside a number of new issues(such as random crashes in certain areas or poor enemy placement among other things). Gameplay is unabashedly linear and boring(with incredibly uninspired boxy level design that never gets any better), lighting is practically non-existent and the rest of the overall presentation is so disjointed and schizophrenic, that I had to relay on listening to a podcast in the background, in order to keep my mind active. And that should never be something a player has to do while playing a game. So in conclusion, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (17-May-2015)

"To be honest I only played this to get this over and done with and have another notch in my belt. Everything I don't like you can find in here. Long, long crawls, long, long ladders, huge vast rooms, textured by using the feature"texture whole room". If you missed a crawlspace or an alcove (with a needed pick-up), there is no way to get back and you will be stuck forever. I got a crash at the start of level 4 so I couldn't play it. I should be glad for the savedgames provided by the author but I rather whished he cleaned up his act. Level 6 I couldn't finish as I needed to climb a pillar but a huge bird I shot prevented me through its collision to climb that thing, so had to use another savedgame. It got really boring after a while; same old, same old and the hoards of enemies were not so funny to fight at all. Too many bugs to mention, but I hope you get my drift." - Gerty (17-May-2013)

"This level series shows an ability to import objects into a wad file, and the burgers as well as the balloons were funny. Unfortunately, the big rooms, the excessive darkness in some areas (particularly in Terror, Death and Fear), the stretched textures, the poorly executed flybys (along with the music that didn't go well with the level) and the really tough enemies mar the atmosphere of this adventure considerably. One level would've been enough instead of making several levels with the same mistakes as the first level. While I was able to beat most enemies such as the Atlantis mutants, somehow no matter what I did, I couldn't defeat the T-Rex, even when I managed to find a way for the T-Rex not to pursue Lara. I would try shooting at the T-Rex for 10-20 minutes, but nothing would happen. Luckily, the savegames allowed me to progress. TR Crazy was more amusing than this level series because some of the enemies were too difficult for my taste." - Sakusha (19-Mar-2011)

"Tha author based this adventure on the TR1's Atlantis. Textures and enemies from there. But the snowmobil might be the author's favourite, because we can accros on sands and rocks by that. The motorbike would be more realistic. There are 11 short level in this levelset. Maybe a shorter but better level would be cool, and would be well furnitured on the empty rooms, and more nice textures. Totally linear levels, but be careful, collect the talismans." - Obig (30-May-2010)

"To make play tolerable, I used a walkthrough so that Lara did minimal searching of rooms, and to be sure all artifacts were acquired. The Hammer God in the last level can be killed, but Lara was unable to kill him, even using automatic fire--with Lara standing safely on the room entrance, place a heavy object on the Ctrl key and walk away from the computer. That didn't work, so for a second attempt I greatly enhanced pistol damage, and again left Lara at it while I ate dinner. When I returned after forty minutes the Hammer God was still standing, though by then he had taken a huge number of hits. Lara placed the four artifacts, continued on to shoot soldiers, and reached the end gate, but without the key held by the Hammer God. If the gate opens all she does is drop into the shaft--apparently the game crashes at the end. In general, these eleven levels are huge boxy rooms with repeating textures. Level titles suggest different locales, but really play is always the same. Lara drops down enormous ladders, runs through vacant landscapes, then climbs enormous ladders, then drops down ladders, etc. She faces tough opponents such as four T-rexes at once. The Torso Monster from TR1 appears in pairs. I thought a weird glitch had happened, because one Torso Monster was on top of a tall pillar. Then this happened again, and again. In "Egypt Mosque," which never even faintly resembles an Egyptian Mosque, the dead Torso Monster fell around the pillar, his remaining bulk making it impossible for Lara to climb the pillar to reach a key on top. I replayed this section repeatedly before Lara could finally retrieve the key. It is possible for Lara to run right by necessary artifacts, hidden perhaps on the other side of a high crawlspace. There are no safeguards to ensure players get everything, such as having an exit door open only when an artifact has been picked up. In the last level, "Clown World," it is impossible to reload a savegame. Super grenade ammo seems ineffective against the Hammer God, but explosions may kill Lara if she is too close. Then players have to retrieve the last savegame from the previous level, and replay the entire "Clown World." Nonetheless, "Clown World" is the most interesting visually, capturing the creepy horror of clowns. There are floating, colorful balloons. Skeletons lie on the ground dressed in pantaloons, still holding balloons in bony fingers. To reach a wall, Lara climbs giant hamburgers--suspiciously like Big Macs. The fact that players cannot save in this level makes it a failure. Play at your own risk." - dmdibl (13-May-2010)

"This set of small levels was bored for me 'cause there are not puzzles to solve, only pull switches and kill enemies to get the keys to open the doors. The rooms are too much big and only square with no objects in them, empty. Some bosses are too much hard to kill, there are many paper walls, missed sounds; walls, floors and ceilings textured the same way, unending ladders and unnecesary cameras. The best for me were the musics and some enemies. An adventure you're whishing to finish soon." - Jose (23-Jan-2009)

"A very appropriately titled huge adventure, which initially had a strange appeal to me, as you run in fairly linear fashion through oddly coloured and textured huge square rooms with strange placement of a wild mix of objects, listening to a weird collection of audio files and killing one hard to kill enemy after another. Until it gets pretty old doing that for ever so long, because this is no less than 11 levels of always the same thing. Add to that a number of technical issues, like: intermittent crashes in F.C.I. (Level 4), inability to save and reload in Clown World (Level 11) and the big issue that you need to actually collect 4 artefacts throughout the levels which you may easily miss lying around, but if you do not have them in Level 11, you cannot get past the final doors to reach the end. I also missed one of the four objects and decided to finish the set using the savegame provided by the author in the download and realised I was not missing much before the end actually comes around - with a crash again rather than a proper finish trigger though (?). For reference my rough net gaming times per level:
1 - Atlas City 12 min; 2 - Atlas Lab 13 min; 3 - Atlantis Underground 25 min; 4 - F.C.I. 25 min; 5 - Terror, Death and Fear 30 min; 6 - Egypt Mosque 35 min; 7 - Foot Mountains Part 1 10 min; 8 - Tibetan Buddhist Temple 15 min; 9 - Foot Mountains Part 2 5 min; 10 - Atlas Mansion 20 min; 11 - Clown World 20 min.
Overall, less would have been much more here and much more focus needs to be spent on room geometry, lights and textures if the author wants to deliver a truly enjoyable level set in the future. But it's quirky as it is and in a way has to be seen to be believed. If you liked TR Crazy, this may be just for you..." - MichaelP (15-Dec-2008)

"An epic game with 12 playable levels , although they are short in general. I was at around 3h30 of net gaming time before giving up in the last level. Too bad there are several gameplay deadends in the second half of the game , such like an essential key you need to have to continue but can't because the elusive key is in the previous level and have to reload a savegame to try to find it. What really takes the biscuit is that you can arrive in the last level without the 4 artefacts you are supposed to place here to finish , but there is a high possibility that you have missed one or more of them as these 4 objects are supposed to be found somewhere in the 11 previous levels, that is why I binned the game eventually. I encountered also a couple of crashes but which were of little annoyance comparatively , as this was not really a hindrance for progressing. I will say nothing of the huge rooms without any lighting, the very long ladders you have to climb , the repetitiveness of the fights with enemies that take a rather long time to kill , of the fact that Lara can kill herself when using the grenade launcher. One really great annoyance is that in the last level the player can not save, and has to redo all the level if he dying. The author should have shortened this epic to a few levels only , so to concentrate in them the few good ideas you can find there, and of course make sure the player can finish the levels and the game itself without the very important problems mentioned. In these conditions, playing this was a complete waste of time, I'm afraid." - eRIC (14-Dec-2008)

"For 'crazy' read 'complete anarchy'. You get to explore (initially by snowmobile oddly enough) a series of rooms composed of a real mish mash of textures for what seems like an interminable length of time. I thought it would never end. It's a debut level and bears most of the usual hallmarks of one and, whilst I applaud the builder for at least trying to do something a little different, for me it really didn't come off. The idea is quite creative, but I think he's rather overstretched himself and perhaps should have stuck with something a little less ambitious until his actual building skills improve. Also, battling ridiculously tough enemies got old really quickly. A brave attempt perhaps, but I can't honestly say I enjoyed it and had to play it in small doses in between other levels. Plus, it crashes a lot, or at least it did for me. Hmmm, I'm not really selling it am I? I'd play an Advent level instead, if I were you." - Jay (11-Dec-2008)

"AFTER I DOWNLOADED THIS GAME I WAS THROUGH WILL BE A GOOD ONE .after see is 148 Mb game ........... but i get very dissapointed ........... right after start u need to ride the snowboard AT A FLAT DRY PLACE !! WHERE IS THE SNOW ?? LOL ,,,,,,,,,, well hardly i can make a review cos this game is a big waste off time ......... poor graphics ...... big bad designed areas with 1/2 structure scaterred around .......some funny enemyes ....... well for me was not .............dummy gameplay .......... i played over 100 TR custom games but i dont see a worse one wich have over 100 MB............ well ..... i have only 1 advice ...... avoid THIS CRAPP !!" - Jack& (05-Dec-2008)
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