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Author(s): Lukasz Croft
total rating:7.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Czar 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 7 7 5
Gerty 6 7 7 7
herothing 6 7 8 7
Jack& 7 7 7 9
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ray Croft 7 6 7 6
Ryan 7 8 8 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.08 7.42 7.67 7.33

Reviewer's comments

"A classic set of three Egyptian levels situated in a TR1 styled environment. If you've played any of this builder's other levels (particularly his earlier ones), you have an idea what to expect: simple, linear though entertaining gameplay, a lot of combat sequences, high powered weaponry and a good use of music. I liked the blue fog used as lighting in this level bringing a new look to the classic Egyptian scenario. Providing you don't expect anything too brain teasing, you should have some fun here." - Ryan (02-Jul-2017)

"This one starts without weapons but not for too long. What the player gets here is a 3 level adventure in a TR1 Egypt environment with pretty linear gameplay. The Texturing however, could really be improved as there are a lot of wrongly rotated one's. I liked the lighting though, very colorful and the fog is a nice addition. There were too many CD Tracks in my opinion (like after entering every new room. This could have been better with short tracks). There could have been less enemies too.. Classic Raiding. Playable." - Ray Croft (01-Feb-2017)

"It's often a disappointment to start a level with no guns, and this level is no exception. All is not lost, however, for it is not too long before Lara's pistol are found and we can begin to shoot all those pots we so love to shatter, and how many there are. It is almost strange to say that it's refreshing to see some of the shattered pots reveal something unwanted, like a scorpion or a snake, instead of the generally expected goody, but this feature seems almost entirely forgotten with level builders so here it is indeed refreshing. But for the flair that this builder has in making the old seem just as fresh and interesting as when we first saw them, with pretty much all the texturing consisting of early TR tiles, the look of things here might mistakenly be considered to be standard. Perhaps the good arrangement of rooms helps. Perhaps it is the lighting, or maybe a combination of these things. In any event, throughout the whole of this set everything looks very good indeed. There are plenty of sequences to figure out in this set that seem to strike a good balance between too hard and too easy and it was nice to have set up's that required a little bit of thought and demanded that the player pace themselves instead of rushing unthinkingly through to the end, thus increasing the enjoyment of play. There are a numer of sneaky triggers here and doors that are not so obvious to get open. Often there seems to be a number of rooms with tasks to complete before opening one particular door, adding to the whole sense of expansiveness that I had with this level set. Many of the numerous rooms are very well connected by passages of varying complexity, again, adding to the sense of having much to do. Beside the appeance of things, the audio too is done well and each incidence of music was a pleasure to hear and didn't impinge upon my enjoyment of the game. Again, like the textures, these are all classic TR pieces. There is a good selection of enemies here, from scorpions big and small, to pumas, flying beetles, mummies and a good many ninjas. Not all of them functioned entirely correctly, but I'm not going to complain about that as it made them easier to shoot - especially the mummy who ended up running into a corner. The secrets all seemed well placed generally, though one or two were a little easy to stumble upon. This whole set then contains a good mix of puzzle types and enemies in an extensive environment that was a great pleasure from start to finish and long term players should feel entirely comfortable playing this one." - Czar (05-Jul-2009)

"This is the second release from this builder that I've played, both three-parters and both highly entertaining. This one takes place in a classic Egyptian setting, and while there's nothing particularly innovative here, you get a solid gaming experience with a challenge or two thrown in, but nothing of a game-stopping nature that sometimes mars the more highly rated levels. I even stumbled across, quite by accident, the secret that had eluded Jose in the second level, so that was an unexpected fringe benefit. There are lots of enemies scattered about, but you're given plenty of firepower with which to deal with them (although you inexplicably don't get the desert eagle until almost all the shouting is already over). Recommended for a invigorating raid of nearly three hours." - Phil (01-Jun-2009)

"Well... At least there are not impossible timed runs like in previous games from this author; a long time ago I didn't play a level from this author because this reason. As usual, quantity and variety of enemies to kill, but enough supplies too; I liked the new objects and the lineal gameplay although sometimes you have to look for items a bit far. Small rooms with a lot of doors to open, be sure you explore carefully to find hidden switches; it's easy get stucked. Musics in most places, colourful textures not very well placed and some fog effects. Very playable, but not a jewel." - Jose (20-May-2009)

"Three classical Egypt levels from Lukasz that really play as one long one, as progression is quite fast and linear and if you keep your eyes open for sometimes not so easy to spot levers and trigger tiles, you will hardly ever stop for long thinking about your next move. Only at the very end the killing gets a little heavy. Initially enemies are fewer and far between: ninjas, snakes and panthers primarily. You start with no pistols but will find your weaponry soon enough along the way. I thought the overall lighting felt fresh and colourful, but for whatever reason the texturing throughout has been applied in a very sloppy way, with many, many very obvious and easy to fix rotation issues. Not sure why that is, as it really spoiled a better visual appearance that could have been possible here. Gameplay, while generally simple, is spiced up every now and then with some good ideas using push blocks. So all in all, 2 hours of good clean and very classic raiding. Not the worst set of levels to have a look at: Cairo, Egypt (35 min, 2 secrets); Tomb of Cairo (35 min, 2 secrets) and Temple of Cairo (50 min, 1 secret)." - MichaelP (20-May-2009)

"well unusual game from Lukasz.......... well not that shooter style i mean ;)..... but relaxing one ...... realy nothing difficult....... some easy timeruns ....... some easy puzzles / levers pull .. and such ..... i think graphics / visuals deserve more than moust off reviewers put... but is only my opinion .......... nice relaxing game ...." - Jack& (17-May-2009)

"Bleh... too many bugs for me, and it isn't that Lukasz is a beginner so this is just plain sloppy. Lara got stuck in quite some places and the only way out was to reload a previous game, so better watch out. Had a real hard time getting down from a block, every time Lara let go.. she stood up the block once more. Then the wraiths wouldn't follow Lara to the water but had the audacity to follow Lara everywhere else. On the other hand if you want a sort of linear adventure and do some shooting as well than you are at the right address. Be careful of your health in the beginning, as medipacks are scares. The further you go the more weapons you'll find which is good, as the enemies are getting fiercer as well. Keep your eyes wide open as the levers you have to find, are sometimes very well hidden. There are also some traps and timed runs, although they are not of the frustrating kind, but will have you reload a couple of times, so have fun." - Gerty (16-May-2009)

"What a jolly Egyptian adventure this is. It's a three parter with a TR1 Egyptian setting, including the usual suspects in the way of enemies. The gameplay is linear, fluid and brisk with very little backtracking. It is in fact a typical Lukasz offering - very playable, not difficult and good fun. There are a couple of timed runs, but they shouldn't pose any problem for most players. I personally had quite a lot of fun with this one. I also really liked the panther being flattened by boulders at one point - nice bit of realism, that. It made a change from the scenarios that have me screaming things like 'why doesn't the lava set the blasted mummies on fire - they should go up like tinder, as dried out as they are?' at my monitor. Yes, I do get a touch carried away at times - raiding can be an emotional business. Do give this one a go, I think you'll enjoy it." - Jay (04-May-2009)

"A very interesting make, i dont know why you picked the costume and the sounds how they are but they seem to fit in well. The title and the font used are very nice aswell. The gameplay isnt too amazing but it is fairly good. The sounds are very very creepy at the start when the cain is swinging and you sort of have background music from a horror movie. Lighting also isnt too amazing since it isnt used that much but the textures were good. A nice level. Overall - 7/10" - herothing (03-May-2009)

"By the end of the 2nd level, I thought I already knew what I would write in my review for this game, mostly some of the same things than for Tomb of Creatures , the author previous game : small rooms , too many breakable vases , too many audio tracks and some are unnecessary ominous, and the same kind of gameplay. Except for the occasional good idea with some trap or a room more enjoyable to raid (like the first lava room in the 2nd level) , it was routine raiding for Lara. These levels are textured with no effort to be consistent, probably all textures from all official TR Eyptian levels have been used in a careless fashion to create some kind of patchwork places which are therefore not so appealing. The 3rd level was better as it has essentially only TR1 textures , and gameplay wise it is also the one I liked the most. In fact , writing my review a soon as the game ended after 2 hours, I don't remember what it was all about in the first two, except for the beginning of these. As you can expect many enemies in these 3 levels , although not a shooter type of game, and they become bigger along the way, but so is your weaponry, so no problem of supplies to deal with them. Not a difficult game, despite a couple of switches well hidden and a few short timed doors which are well manageable after a few tries. For TR addicts." - eRIC (03-May-2009)

"Yet another robust contribution from Lukaz Enterprises,and those who have played any of his other levels (particularly his more recent multi-level adventures) will know exactly what to expect.What you get here are three loosely interlinked levels (neither flow logically into the next)all containing the same type of gameplay:run into a room,shooting nasty baddy;solve straightforward puzzle (usually involving searching out a lever to open a door);avoid nasty trap while leaving the room and entering the next one,whereupon the whole process begins again.It's all extremely sequential and I would be surprised if anyone gets particularly confused with forward progression. What spices it up slightly(again,as per a Lukasz adventure) are the occasonal slightly tricky jumps and timed runs,although they are never too difficult to master this time around. Textures and lighting are applied efficiently,although a few elementary errors crop up once in a while (no double-sided textures on water,for example)while the room architecture is serviceable without ever becoming awe-inspiring. Music is once again used effectively and so are the occasional fly-by's (although they're hardly necessary,as everything is aggresively linear). What you ultimately end up with is a 2 1/2 hour adventure which moves along at a fair old clip and is continuously entertaining while never quite reaching the breathtaking heights of inventiveness or spectacularity you may be expecting from such a sizeable download." - Orbit Dream (03-May-2009)
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