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Author(s): Nella
total rating:7.16 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Christian 7 6 6 8
Czar 7 7 6 6
Daffy 8 6 7 8
eRIC 7 7 4 6
Gerty 6 7 8 7
herothing 7 6 8 7
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jerry 8 7 7 8
Jose 8 7 7 8
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 7 7
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 7 7 8
Scottie 10 9 9 7
Shandroid 6 6 6 6
TheStig 7 7 5 7
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.31 7.06 6.94 7.31

Reviewer's comments

"This a game of two halves: the first,a sprawling non-linear outdoor level;the second,a dark and generally straightforward corridor quest.The former is generally bright and sunny,but unfairly obtuse (how,for example,is the player to know that a small section of wall is shootable?) and often terribly vague in it's forward progression. The latter is rather more enjoyable,although spoiled in places by some incipient darkness.The textures are well chosen,though;and the first level's depiction of a (somewhat re-imagined) Jerusalem is rather endearing.Enemies are well placed and varied;while objects are appropriate to the surroundings,and secrets are neatly concealed. The puzzle element is far more evident in the second level (including a rather creative torch-carrying sequence);and the aquisition of five stars is well-handled. The Walkthrough is undoubtedly your friend in the first level;and this somewhat spoils the overall experience - but it's a creative and commendable effort all the same." - Orbit Dream (12-Sep-2019)

"I would recommend that you play this with the walkthrough not too far away, as although this is no doubt an involving game with some entertaining parts, there's a lot of ground to cover with no real additional guidance given. Thankfully I was able to have an enjoyable time here thanks to the crib sheet, because there are a few fun parts here. Each part is of roughly 40 minutes, and the first, in a nicely made area of Jerusalem, is mainly exploration based with a few simple puzzles and a couple of items to find, while part 2 is a little more intense, but takes place in underground chambers with a few dark corners. I did find the gameplay more interesting in this part though. Overall, well put together aside from some sound issues and somewhat obscure actions required." - Ryan (24-Mar-2018)

"I missed this relatively recent two-parter when it was first released. It gives you quite a bit of gameplay in a reasonably compact download, as each level took me just a bit less than an hour to complete. There are some tricky spots, particularly that diabolical spike-trapped pickup in cramped quarters early in the first level. The concept is an interesting one, especially that first level that takes place in and around a recognizable part of old Jerusalem. Whenever you pick something up you hear the sound of a stone door opening, which is a bit distracting. It's also too dark for the most part, and I finally created unlimited flares in lieu of squinting in an effort to see better. Your primary task in the second level is finding five golden stars (a Star of David would have been a nice touch in this setting), and Harry Laudie has provided his typically competent walkthrough. Recommended for a change of pace." - Phil (30-Jul-2015)

"I will admit that I did enhance my playing experience here by keeping the walkthrough close at hand to avoid the headless running around that other reviewers have commented about. Even so, several gameplay moments seemed a little unfair to the player as you essentially needed to have a wild guess about certain actions in order to proceed. Nonetheless, when you know what to do, this presents itself as a two part series, each about 40 minutes of net gaming time long and part 1 is set outside and more about exploration, while part 2 has many traps and SAS, skeletons and wraiths to cope with in an underground environment. It is competently built and there are nice objects used to enhance authenticity - all it needs is a bit more guidance to the player to be a truly great adventure." - MichaelP (08-Mar-2010)

"This level was not terribly interesting, especially the first sublevel, Judeaj, where I found myself running around wondering what to do, and especially what throwing a switch did. This level needed helper cutscenes to make it better. The atmosphere was ok, but it didn't have a very realistic feel to it. I think if the author would have worked a little harder spicing the level up, I would have been more apt to want to play it. The next sublevel was better and the gameplay was more interesting. Try this one out for the second sublevel for sure." - Shandroid (19-Jul-2009)

"This level is made by the unofficial LE and you can see that. Don't get me wrong it looks good but you can do some different thing building wise than with the LE. This level is all about exploring and finding your way in a small dwelling situated around the Dome of Rock. I could do with more camera work as I've been running around this dwelling far too much to figure out what I triggered now. Getting your hands on the two Guardian Keys is your goal here, but in order to do that you need the Crowbar, revolver and Sight, plus some more artefacts. I liked the fact that you could enter some of the houses and although in some of them there is nothing to do, it gives a feeling of being in a small village. The next level is different as Lara travels underground. Here her goal is to find five Golden Stars, in order to do so she has to open quite a lot of doors and avoid being spiked and smashed by boulders. Finding a torch is a must and to get rid of the nasty wraith, shooting them with your pistols will work. Although there is some camera work in here, it is still very spare. I could have liked finding flares, as there are parts that were too dark for my taste. There are also some sound problems and I had to crank up my sound to hear anything. Be aware that picking up an item might trigger a door opening so search in all corners. For me, gameplay was confusing (hence hardly any camera work to show you what happened) but overall if you are patient you get the Golden Stars and leave this place" - Gerty (19-Jul-2009)

"The next step this author should take would be to work on the atmosphere of her levels , as here again it was a pity it was quite dull ; by adding the missing sounds (waterfalls, wraiths, etc...) , correcting the inappropriate ones and working on the lighting (sun bulbs should be added as a minimum). When we consider the absorbing gameplay in this adventure and the work made on the textures or objects, it is regrettable that this category is not at the same level of quality than the other ingredients. The looks are pretty good at times in the 1st level which is all about exploration and retrieving some objects. In such a big place, it is easy to overlook some things like the crawlspace panel to shoot. There are some very nice views , while other places are quite common. I could access to the top of the world and the lighting is not worked on. The background audio loop does not fit at all for this outside area. The 2nd level is somehow more atmospheric and most of the setting evocates an underground abandoned city and catacombs. Good puzzles to solve in dark and smaller areas, the absence of work on the lighting is even more obvious there as Lara and animating objects look quite bright in comparison with the textures. Even though , despite poor atmosphere and audios, an adventure recommended for the unusual location , many new textures and good puzzles too." - eRIC (19-Jul-2009)

"A nice non-linear start to the level requires you to do a good deal of exploring. There's some cunningly hidden jump switches, and a rather tight timed section to deal with too. The environments have a nice sense of scale, and out in the city the texturing is immaculate. Lighting is also excellent in most places. The only thing I did occasionally notice was that some sound files came out a bit strange, particularly when Lara picked up an item. I also had a few occasions when when the entire environment seemed to blink in and out of view (though having had this on another level I'm starting to wonder if this is my graphics card!!!!). About 2 and half hours game play in total. Look forward to seeing more from this author :)" - TheStig (18-Jul-2009)

"On first appearances this level set looks to be a somewhat amateurish effort. With a relatively large play area that is rather bland and quite starkly lit I am not hopeful for a good game. Even getting the game to load was problematic for the exe included is the slow loader. Why level builders include this in the download I'll never know as it's just the one we all have anyway. That replaced with an XP compatible exe I get on with the game with normal loading taken care of. The first strange thing I encounter is pickups that sound like a moving block when picked up. Then I draw Lara's pistols in silence to take care of some snakes which sound like crocodiles. I wonder if this one is going to be seriously bad, but am mindful that I have changed the exe and that might explain these anomalies. I don't really know and can only guess, so on I press. Getting into one of the apartments in this city is easy enough, but it's such tiny living space. I have no idea why one bed I find can be moved because it serves no purpose. Finding several levers around the place, none of them provide any kind of hint for what they are for. All is not lost, however, as what's triggered is usually very close by. Getting a good view of 'the end of the world' is easy with this first part and similarly easy to break out of where the player is supposed to stay, so it's just possible to get stuck with this one. I'm really not liking this as it's giving me no thrill or excitement and just seems disparate and uninspired. It's looking to me as though this one really is the builder learning the craft at the simplest level, though I do understand this isn't the first level from this builder. That said, one or two traps might catch the player off guard, so complacency isn't always your friend. For the life of me I don't know why, but I continue. I could say more about this first part, but it's so dull all I will say is that basically, I was just glad to be done with it. On to the next part then, and what a change. Whereas the previous level seemed to be empty in so many regards, this next part is a more unified affair with plenty of running around. The adventure here takes the player into room upon room in such a clever and pleasurable way that one is always filled with that sense of perhaps missing something. Various levers and doors are well placed, with one or two neatly secreted about the environment. You need to keep your eyes peeled here because it can be too easy to run past something. There are various tasks to complete, including some neat swimming, avoidance of several sprites, correct placement of objects and a few skeletons to take out, all in a tight complex of rooms and passages that give a good deal of pleasure to investigate. It appears the builder has made excellent use of space here for over all I do think this is still a relatively simple level, but it is the arrangement of things which makes it more than it is. This second parts seems all the more carefully thought out in its construction and is a great advancement over the first part. Worth going through the blandness there then, just to enjoy the second. Toward the very end there is a fire sprite which proved a little more difficult to kill for me as it still burned Lara even though she was under water and took a couple of times going through the water itself because it correctly extinguished. I hope we get greater complexes of puzzlement from this builder in the future. Scoring is a balancing out of lower marks for the first part and higher marks for the second." - Czar (13-Jul-2009)

"Sure that this author is getting better with the time. The levels are not easy but not about difficult tasks, but you'll have to explore a lot and look carefully in every corner. I found that in first level, if you activate the spikes in the tiles with the guardian key and you jump back and don't pick it up you'll never finish the level :( I liked some puzzles, architecture and textures, but the ambience in second level is very dark, and the packs of flares I found were not enough for me. There are some missed sounds and only the background music to hear; I missed some more cameras too. I coudn't find secrets, perhaps the closed doors I left when finished... Anyway good levels you can play with no many problems." - Jose (12-Jul-2009)

"The first one left this level takes place in a sizeable space or they get lost easily, to find its way is not obvious. Decoration is enough soft but succeeded enough nevertheless, I noted some defects in height or Lara passes across walls. Apart from some snakes, the enemies are rare. The second part more enticed me, the gameplay is more amusing to play, a lot of research but in more reduced areas, they find rather quickly what it is necessary to make. A lot of Lara's habitual obstacles are present, holding takes place in a rather dark decor but on the whole well constructed. After the collection of 5 stars, the discovery of treasure is the good end. Although some progress remain to make at the level of finishing it is already of the great work, encouraging for the future of this constructor and also for us, the players." - Daffy (08-Jul-2009)

"Well, the old town's maze of Jerusalem may be a bit confusing for the visitor, but the way you have to go through the really beautiful yards, places and quarters to finally get the two pyramid keys is a bit annoying. Some hints would have been helpful. Worth mentioning is a non marked shootable crawlspace - not for a secret, but to get the torch ignited. You enter the picturesque dome of rock only for a rather short visit to get down to the catacombs of the 2nd level. The game becomes a bit more challenging now, soldiers are waiting there for you (the hamas?)to prevent you from collecting a couple of stars. I don't know why sound problems like the noise of a door opening when picking up an item can't be sorted out by testing. All things considered I had fun proceeding through these levels, but nothing to write home about. So I only can give a bit more than average rates." - Christian (07-Jul-2009)

"This isn't a bad level by any means, but one can't help but feel it could have been so much better. For a start, it would have benefited enormously from proper beta testing, which would have flagged up a few problem areas (not to mention the strange sound file associated with all the pickups, which had me searching for a newly opened door initially). OK, so much for the cons. As to the pros, it's a nice, mainly quite bright, realistic looking two part level, with some quite diverting gameplay, but be prepared to get confused in part two as it's quite an involved area to explore (especially with wraiths chasing you)." - Jay (07-Jul-2009)

"The look of this two-parter is very nice, very authentic, it is obvious that the author put great effort into building. Unfortunately he put not even half as much effort into sound and camera works. There are no audio files used, not a single one, not even some crickets chirping or birds tweeting in the outside area, or some kind of thrilling sound warning the player against a trap or something. Instead there is a strange scratching sound every time picking up an item. And still I wonder why a level builder put so much work into a level and not include some camera hints, as there are none throughout the game. All this lowers my rating a little in this category. Gameplay-wise there are big areas and buildings full of nooks to explore in both levels, which was confusing at times, the more so because of the missing camera hints. Your goal is to find 5 stars to reach the end of the level and you have to perform many varying tasks to get hold of them. Enemies are not so many and thanks to the crossbow not even the skeletons are hard to deal with. More annoying than the skeletons were those ghosts, because each of them means travelling a rather long way to the place you can get rid of them. I needed 2 hours to complete, found no secrets." - Jerry (06-Jul-2009)

"Lara is in Jerusalem and wants to go into the Dome of the Rock. But it does not go so simply of course. She must find two pyramid keys, because only these open the door of the dome of the rock. The search for both keys develops rather full of suspense, because Lara explores not only the lanes all around the dome of the rock and a few houses, but also a small cave system below Jerusalem. Then in the second part Lara penetrates deeper and deeper into the dome of the rock, until she stands finally in a small room before a grave. And while in the first part only a few dogs disturbed Laras circles, these were in the second part SAS-Soldiers, fire ghosts and normal ghosts. Nella has caught the atmosphere of Jersusalem very well. One can recognise right away the Wailing Wall and the dome of the rock. One could already recognise with Iraq Sacred Place which Nella can build very well. However, with her next level she should deal sometimes with the subject Lighting. Because it uses nothing to make just the surroundings brighter or darker, then Lara still looks two-dimensional, nevertheless. She should talk sometimes to other level builders, they can give her certainly valuable tips. There are also unfortunately a few smaller sound problems. There is no sound if Lara pulls the pistols. And whenever one pick up something, the noise of an opening door sounds. Apart from that the level has really felt well and it is worthwhile to play him." - Scottie (05-Jul-2009)

"I think Nella's levels are getting better; i thought that the very first level is showing many signs of understanding with the level editor and they are starting to look better. I think some of the rooms build were, however, a bit pointless since they werent filled with anything and they were just... well, they were just there doing nothing. Enemies which were scorpions i dont think should have been there, i dont think they fit in with the atmosphere, but t he good thing about the atmosphere is that it looks like some time has been spent on making it look good, although the lighting isnt perfect, Nella has achieved the look that the room isn't just a box with nothing outside it, it is starting to come along. Unfortunately I was reminded seriously of cross between TR2 and TR4, the story for me didn't quite fit together and i think the builder must work on that for next time. Overall, Nella's work is progressing and i urge the builder to keep trying. Grade = B" - herothing (04-Jul-2009)
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