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Author(s): Cain
total rating:1.52 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 0 1 0 0
Daffy 1 3 1 3
DJ Full 2 3 2 4
eTux 3 1 0 1
Gerty 0 1 0 0
herothing 0 2 1 3
Jay 1 1 1 2
Jonson 2 3 2 2
MichaelP 4 4 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 0
Ruediger 1 2 0 1
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Scottie 4 4 2 3
category averages
(13 reviews)
1.54 2.08 0.85 1.62

Reviewer's comments

"While Cain's previous did have a sort of novelty within the enemy section (if you can call it that), unfortunately that really isn't the case here. Attempting to kill the eels at the very start is an extremely arduous and boring task (they can be killed if you try hard enough, but it's easier and much less stressful to run away) and things go rapidly downhill from there. A terrible run through a maze after setting Lara on fire which was also rather buggy in my game, an absolutely dreadful underwater maze that has to be negotiated twice (I didn't have enough medipacks to make it through so I used a savegame editor out of sheer desperation) and an unreasonably difficult bike sequence all combine to make this a very unpleasant experience indeed. Added to which, there's no finish trigger. The usual problems are also present in the lighting and textures side of things. Avoid like the plague." - Ryan (10-Apr-2019)

"You'd think after so many consistently atrocious releases, that Cain would start to get the hint that nobody(but him), finds these poorly-designed levels to be actually fun. But I guess not, as here's another copy/paste Egyptian level fresh from the oven and of course, it has the exact same issues as every other levelset thrown out of Cain's harddrive. So, simply ignore this piece of garbage and try out something with much more higher quality instead, if it wasn't already enough of a no-brainer, considering Cain's track record." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)

"These are the details of my rating: 2 for gameplay - I must highlight one challenging jump, and a clever timed run. Also, including TR engine bugs in gameplay is creative :) However, I can't rate it higher, because the game is full of invisible walls and there's no access to last battle and finish trigger. This bug, after several hours of penetrating underwater mazes and killing hordes of eels, is very frustrating. 0 for (no) puzzles So total for Gameplay & Puzzles: 2 3 for lovely Enemies - just like the classic level from Cain should contain. Farewell, usual baddies! 0 for objects, as they are few and placed the wrong way 0 for (no) secrets So total for Enemies, Objects & Secrets: 3 1 for atmosphere - it's still an unique level 1 for grotesque sounds of chicken and hearing eels' footsteps again :D... 0 for Cameras, as there are NONE So total for Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: 2 2 for lighting - it's totally AVERAGE. 2 for texturing - stretched and rude, but they doesn't disturb so much, what is the most important thing when texturing any level. This time some odd textures are giving hints, so if a player neglects them, he/she may get punished - stuck in a level. I really like it, because Cain shows us he can make us feel what he exactly wants us to feel. And teaches us even in his levels players shouldn't get used to something that may seem common or repetative. This is a strong advantage. But the whole rest of texturing is average, anyway. So total for Lighting & Textures: 4 SUMMARY: One day the Monty Python group said: '- My hovercraft is full of eels.' Only in Cain's lips these words make sense. His levels are like Monty Python - 50% loves it, 50% hates it, but there's no person who didn't hear about them od doesn't mind them. One of the most controversial level creators ever - Cain the Eelmaster - writes us another movement of his BitterswEel Symphony and wants us to play it. It's not for everyone, like all the symphonies in the world. But I'm sure it can be played by hardcore custom raiders, which love ridiculous challenges and are familiar enough with TR engine bugs to recognize situations of their usage in gameplay." - DJ Full (30-Jul-2010)

"Cain drives me crazy. There are situations, there I would kick his levels into the barrel. And then there are situations again which give so much pleasure which one would like to embrace Cain. So sometimes honestly, how can one only have the idea to hunt the inclined player burning through a maze?? Such a thing is the absolute play fun killer. At this place one would have to break off, actually, immediately the game and banish it from the hard disk. And I bet that this many people have made. Whereby one must define "many" closer. How many weirdos play generally the level of Cain? Maybe one should begin sometimes a survey. The result would really interest me. But back to the game. The problem is which one misses the whole fun, if one would really break off. Well, it is not maybe so really amusing if one has to go through a forever long underwater maze and must throw one medipack after the other. But then the inclined player knows what blossoms to him if he can gather suddenly so many medipacks which he already gets backache from to many bends down. Really funny is it, when Lara races with the motorcycle through a long way and thereby countless of SAS-Soldiers will fall victims this tearing along. Here of course one also finds some beings from the Cain universe again. Flying sharks and gigantic eels, for example. But one has, actually, always enough weapons and ammunition. Except at the beginning. There one has to go through three rooms in which the exit is closed and the key (for example, a cartouche) lies in the middle of the room. And two of these big eels are there of course also. And one knows, that they something endure. So one must shoot either for several minutes on the critters, or one accept some health loss and simply gather the keys and three medipacks. The latter goes anyway faster and is better for the nerves. Result: Apart from the fire labyrinth I have liked the level quite well." - Scottie (04-Aug-2009)

"I feel a bit guilty. This might be the 4th Cain level I am reviewing this month. Part of it is probably due to them usually being good for a review count boost and setting yourself in the mood for some more serious raiding, but I see that it's beginning to end here. I suppose the previous installments might have been a clue too, but with this level taking a bit below 30 minutes to finish (i.e. pick up the eye piece), it might be a sign the eel hunting will go on for longer from now on. While there are some modest signs of progress for gameplay in form of a mazes that had some creative, if masochistic touch to them, and the plethora of bikes involving some interesting rudimentary tasks around them - I sure wish the progress would've extended a bit more than the duration aspect. The looks are, as usual, bland and ugly, the enemies make little sense, and the level overall leaves much to be desired. At least the other Cain levels were good for a quick laugh - in here, the joke gets old soon." - eTux (31-Jul-2009)

"See that is what happens when a builder has built a reputation of always producing the same kind of annoying levels. People begin to not even see when there is some effort being made in terms of adding actual gameplay. Such is the case here, for good and for bad. The good are a few jump sequences, a devious underwater maze that is made easier if you follow the texture clues and what I actually liked was some pretty decent use of the bike (or various bikes). All of this is unfortunately embedded in the usual boring kill everything that moves (and there is a lot that moves) in a setting that is very poorly textured and lit and the biggest killer is the maze which you need to navigate while in flames - gulping medipacks. A big no-no! That all said, do not be fooled by the readme. This is not a 3 hour game. If you simply run from the enemies where you can and don't bother killing them (which takes forever) then you will get through in about half an hour." - MichaelP (28-Jul-2009)

"Never played a level by this author before and apparently I didn't miss much. After killing 4 eels in the first room with 100+ gunshots, you get do exactly the same in the next room. If this repetition wasn't proof enough yet the intention here is rather to bore and annoy people instead of entertaining them, the boring maze afterwards helps to realise that. No use of music, textures stretched to infinity, it's garbage." - Ruediger (27-Jul-2009)

"Difficult to find positive points in this level. If, nevertheless, Caîn is persistent in its idea of making of the building in the hope that its levels he pleases us and does not lose heart. Problem for him, it is that his style is not our and his approach avoids us a bit." - Daffy (24-Jul-2009)

"Are you actually joking, this game is horrific. Yet again, Cain has persisted by stretching and overusing his textures, lighting has been ignored again and making a good game has been ignored again. Gameplay is the same as the others, kill a fex people and then do whatever and complete the game. Atmosphere is horrible, sound is boring and camera's were ok. As far as i'm concerned, there werent any decent puzzles and the gameplay was just the same as others, not improved even the slightest. That's all i have to say. Grade = E" - herothing (23-Jul-2009)

"Once I arrived at the underwater maze (and drowned quite a lot) I quit the game and threw it in the bin, what a dribble." - Gerty (23-Jul-2009)

"Cain's levels used to be poorly-made but fun diversions,which wiled away a few spare minutes. Now they have become much lengthier,infinitely more annoying and boringly predictable.No longer do the over-sized enemies raise a smile;they merely get in the way of a tedious forward progression.A simply vast underwater maze which entails following a texture clue (the only element in this entire level which conceivably warranted a point for original Gameplay) while guzzling masses of large medi-packs in order to keep air in her lungs;a horrible bike jump onto a small floating platform;and a truly nasty run through a maze while Lara is on fire. All this to end in a room with no Finish trigger.Awful textures;no lighting,sound or cameras;not the slightest vestige of atmosphere. Why do I continue to torture myself with Cain's masterpirces? Why?!" - Orbit Dream (23-Jul-2009)

"In Cain's last level, Lara was wearing what looked like an under slip. This time, she's dressed for the beach - bikini, sunglasses, pistols. I shall be a little nervous about the next level; it could be x-rated. And we do know there will be a next level - Cain seems to be unstoppable. Trying to kill those awful giant eels at the start of the game, without benefit of grenade gun was unbearable. I have no idea how long it would take as I gave up after five minutes and ran away. For me, he's taken a retrograde step with this one. His last level, bad though it was, did have the odd moment of almost enjoyment. This one? Not so much. I really think I might just opt out of his next adventure and let Cain stay lost." - Jay (23-Jul-2009)

"What will you do, if you see a new level by Cain on You download it, what else. This time Lara looks for the lost Cain. She explores a big tut1 area full of Dinos, eals and the other enemies we know from Cain (I only misses the Spikeball head bear :-( ). Driving around with the green bike was very funny, but there were some passages I don\'t like, for example the long underwater labyrinth, or the fact that the level has no finish trigger. I only need 30 minutes, but the author wrote the level was about three hours long, so I was a little bit disappointed. I hope Cain keeps on building his popular level and improves his skills in his next masterpiece ;-)" - Jonson (23-Jul-2009)
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