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Author(s): Boris Samoilenko
total rating:3.64 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 4 6 6
Ceamonks890 2 2 3 4
DJ Full 3 2 6 7
dmdibl 3 2 6 4
eRIC 2 3 4 4
eTux 2 2 3 4
Jay 2 2 4 4
Jose 1 2 1 5
manarch2 2 3 5 5
MichaelP 3 3 6 4
Nuri 4 5 7 7
Obig 3 3 5 4
Orbit Dream 2 3 5 8
rtrger 2 2 6 7
Ryan 2 3 4 4
Sakusha 3 2 4 3
Selene 3 1 2 4
sonnyd83 3 5 5 7
Treeble 2 2 2 2
category averages
(19 reviews)
2.58 2.68 4.42 4.89

Reviewer's comments

"Even being a test level, the author could fix some things, like the man embedded in the floor, the absence of background music and the animation when pulling the switch or the golden rose in midar I couldn't pick up (and place a finish trigger!). An architecture remembering the AOD game, climb to the roof of the building and no more. Unremarkable." - Jose (23-Apr-2019)

"This is the first level from "Angel of Darkness" rebuilt in a simple Tomb raider 5 style. Some kind of a strange upper part of a body was stuck in a corner at the beginning, no clue what that was supposed to be... Some equipment lies on the rooftops, that Lara can only pick up in a certain angle. You can find a HK-gun on the top, but there is no continuation of the level, so, no use for it. There isn't much detail in this, but enough to recognize the Parisian Back Streets from AoD." - Nuri (23-May-2018)

"Quite faithful to the original AoD level and the textures aren't too badly applied. I also had to have a laugh at the guy embedded in the stairs, although his significance was unclear. Aside from those, there's simply a quick bit of climbing, cabinet searching and gazing out at the skyline. I found the animations a bit odd too." - Ryan (01-Apr-2018)

"This test level is a bit better than the other ones because it reminds to Angel Of Darkness by the cameras and construction of the rooms. You have to climb, look for items in shelves and kill an innocent guard, but there's also an easy secret and I think it's the only one. The rainy atmosphere is nice, and Lara's outfit is a little weird. Then there's nothing else to do but look at the mysterious guy trapped in the stairs." - alan (18-Nov-2016)

"An interesting take (or should we say 'demake'?) of the opening level in Angel of Darkness, adapted to work under the Chronicles engine. A few cameras spread about as you make your way to the top. Not much else - plus, Lara's catsuit looks a somewhat wonky. This is a test level so not really much to see or do here otherwise, pretty much only for the completionists. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)

"While sounding like a promising idea on paper, this attempt at remaking the 'Parisian Backstreets' level from TR Angel of Darkness(under the guise of a test level in the TR5 engine), just comes across as pointless, with relatively little to justify its existence in 2014. Gameplay involves plenty of climbing and rummaging through cupboards for items that provide literally no use whatsoever, texturing is passable, lighting is competent and the overall atmosphere generated by the rain pouring down from above(in combination with the Roman ambiance track chosen) is decent enough. In conclusion, not worth playing through nowadays. With an obviously unfinished feeling to it(from the missing switch pulling animation to seeing Zip lodged into the ground of a staircase), this is one release that simply can't be wholeheartedly recommended to anyone." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2014)

"This interpretation of the Parisian backstreets level appears to take place in New York judging by the (pre 2001) horizon. The layout is fairly similar, possibly a little more compact than the original, but the textures are all very different, more historical looking perhaps. The 2 indoor areas are both actually larger and contain cabinets to search through. There's very little to do in this level other than climb and jump, and no finish trigger, although it does contain a worker from TR5 but he doesn't do much. I notice the head sticking out of the stairway, and a couple of paper thin walls I found 1 secret though. 10 minutes to complete." - sonnyd83 (11-Dec-2012)

"I certainly felt like Lara was in Paris. The combination of urban textures (from Rome), VCI horizons, blue-green lighting (and with Lara's blue-green catsuit to blend with the setting) and rain somehow worked for me. Gameplay mainly consisted of jumping over guardrails, climbing ladders and investigating shelves for items. The only downsides are the presence of an immobile enemy (a bug) and the fact that this level is too short." - Sakusha (01-May-2011)

"This short, senseless, unfinished TR5 level is still much better than Charlie Sewell's remake. The rainy atmosphere is quite good. Unfortunately the level was not filled with gameplay elements but ladders. 5 minutes and all is over when shooting a VCI scientist." - manarch2 (20-Nov-2010)

"A guy stucked into the stairs is actually Zip, not a baddie. But is doesn't change the fact he is stuck, indeed. Very good atmosphere. Climatic rain. Shame there's no rotweiler in the alcove like it was in AOD. Texturing is great, and the lighting is quite good. There are no puzzles in this game, but some areas we can investigate and some shelves to search make a player busy. One secret is definitely too easy to find, and the only one enemy is not enough for me. Nevertheless, the level remains to be a great resemblance of AOD. It's a pity the game is set in one small backstreet only. SUMMARY: If you want to remind yourself of AOD and you don't have enough time to play the whole game, pick up this level and enjoy for a short," - DJ Full (19-Sep-2010)

"This level based on the AOD. I wish sequel. Now it's just a test level with many errors. We have to reach the roof for the weapon, but unnecessary to use it. The baddie is stucked into the stairs. There are one secret too." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"This feels like the genuine beginning of a level--and indeed it is, if one notes the parallel to AOD--with Lara climbing up and getting ammo and the HK gun from cabinets, preparing for an adventure across Paris rooftops. The rainy night is set, Lara is in her catsuit (though her left leg looks odd), but then the project is abandoned by the author. It appears we will never know what was intended." - dmdibl (28-Dec-2009)

"This level is plenty of pickups. But there's no need to use them, since there's no enemies in this level. But you can go up to the roof, pick up the weapon and kill the guy on the main ground. And no more epicness, or end trigger." - rtrger (02-Dec-2009)

"Being a remodeled variety of the tutorial level in AOD, this really didn't have a lot to offer for my part. There's a TRC-style worker in an orange suit walking around on the ground, but I have no idea why. I found one secret and all the pickups were floating in mid-air. I couldn't find any weapons though, although I did collect a few batches of ammo. And what's with the guy that is stuck in the concrete? I do know that these are test levels, but for the next time please remember the ending trigger. It does get pretty tedious running/jumping/climbing around without knowing whether you're stuck or the level has actually come to an end. For some reason a bug caused me to get past some fences up on the roof, at which point Lara got stuck and refused to budge an inch. Can't really say I'm impressed." - Selene (25-Oct-2009)

"It looks rather convincing as a back-street (complete with nameless victim embedded in concrete!),and there are moments of gameplay: the climbing and back-flipping;the shimmying;the searching in cupboards;the cowardly guard;the aquisition of secrets. These do their best to eke the duration out to around 8 minutes,but you're hardly likely to remember this after more than a day or two." - Orbit Dream (23-Sep-2009)

"This is a short AOD Paris re-creation and as far as it goes it's quite a faithful rendition, but unfortunately it's a bit sloppy as regards the animations. Even so, Lara moves a damn sight better with the TR5 engine than she did in AOD so perhaps it's time somebody did try making a decent full length version." - Jay (22-Sep-2009)

"the 3rd"remake" of this demo of the AOD level I played , this time as a TR5 level. The textures are different and the way to reach the top of the roofs is also different. Some mistakes in the looks (thin walls) which are otherwise pleasant spoil them , and the lack of real mission and end trigger does not help." - eRIC (22-Sep-2009)

"The first AoD Level rebuilt with the TR5 engine. It will take you a little over 5 minutes to complete, has some very odd moments (what's up with the man buried in the concrete?) and technical glitches (switch animation, no finish trigger, thin wall) and is all about collecting a few pick ups and a bit of climbing and jumping." - MichaelP (20-Sep-2009)

"Essentially this is a TR5 remake of AOD's first level - the Parisian Streets. As a remake it works kinda OK settingwise, as the looks are nicely done for most part, but the TR5 objects here were a bit hit and miss for me. The shelves and even Lara's weird version of the catsuit fit in, but the rest of the objects usually were not believable substitutes and I was not even sure what the purpose of the VCI scientist was. Gameplay obviously mimics the level of inspiration to some extent - you climb up to the roof, get your gun... and that's about it. I did go back down to put the hapless guy out of his misery, but neither that nor anything else I tried seemed to trigger the end of the level. Enjoy the setting briefly here, feel free to call it quits then." - eTux (12-Sep-2009)
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