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Author(s): DaroRaider
total rating:7.60 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 6 7 7 7
dmdibl 8 9 9 8
eTux 6 7 8 7
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 7 8 7 8
Jerry 8 7 8 9
Jose 7 8 6 9
manarch2 6 8 8 7
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Obig 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 9 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 8
Torry 8 8 9 7
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.00 7.77 7.77 7.85

Reviewer's comments

"Lovely little TR3 level that will keep you occupied for around 45 minutes. Good balance between enemies and exploration with not too much back tracking required which is always a plus. There are a couple of glitches with ladders that you need to swing up rather than hoist up as per usual and Lara's head keeps disappearing when engaging the enemy ( a new trick perhaps?)but other than that a pleasant raid. Health becomes an issue as the more powerful weapons are few and ammo for them even fewer." - Torry (17-May-2018)

"Lara seems to have went to the other extreme as far as her hair concerns. If this doesn't distract you, then the way her head disappears when she shoots will. Putting those minor things aside for a minute, this is quite enjoyable for a medium length TR3 level. It's not as surreal as some levels of a similar theme, most of the areas consisting of standard base layouts, but the overall environments are quite pleasing to look at, tactfully ignoring the odd passport textures. Gameplay-wise, there's a bit of an overreliance on ladder climbing (a couple of them were buggy so I had to climb hand over hand on these), crawling and switch pulling, but there are some neat touches like the return of the electric machine which always adds a frisson to the experience. Well worth a look." - Ryan (30-Mar-2018)

"I'm not sure which I found the more distracting - Lara's fluorescent green hair or the way her head disappeared when she was shooting. Weird hair and outside shots aside, this doesn't really give much indication of other-worldliness. It's really just a base level by any other name and involves quite a bit of swimming, shooting guards and a bit of crawling through ducts. Also, a couple of ladders weren't functioning properly, consequently taking ages to climb, which was a bit irritating, especially since one of them needed climbing about three times. On the plus side, I thought some of the lighting was extremely effective and it was great to see that electronic cart again and have fun pushing a block whilst trying not to be electrocuted. One to try if you like base levels." - Jay (18-Jan-2018)

"Really a very good design for this TR3 level. Excellent architecture and a good work with the texturization and lights. It's a pain the absence of musics to create a good atmosphere, 'cause there are a lot of helping camera shots when triggering objects. I found some small defects like solid panels moving underwater (missing textures?) or a couple of ladders I had to climb only with the hands, but nothing specially important. Perhaps there's an abuse of the switches/items to open doors, and often I had to backtrack to previous areas, but the gameplay is not boring at all, 'cause the well balanced enemies and entertaining tasks. Well, I missed a lot some flares and also some more ammo for the guns (I couldn't find the desert eagle). If you like the TR3 levels, this will be worth to play for you. Good work!" - Jose (16-Jun-2016)

"While not too bad for a debut release, I found this one to be quite lacking in the gameplay department, with an over reliance on crawlspaces and ladder climbs for a mere switch or quest item, quickly starting to wear out my interest fast. And while the enemy/object choices work somewhat within the context of the respective environments(alongside standard base texturing and lighting application), it just didn't really convey the whole 'outer space' atmosphere too effectively in my opinion(especially in certain rooms when you hear crickets chirping away, despite the location you're at.) So in conclusion, if you're looking for an excuse to have Lara visit outer space, you sure could play a lot worse than this one. Admire the builder for creating a seemingly original horizon though." - Ceamonks890 (31-Jul-2015)

"A very early effort of Dario. This level has quite interesting future looks, even Lara's hair is bright green (unfortunately disappears while shooting and saving). Texturing looks good but at some points it was simply too much used. Gameplay was not very interesting, there were few nice ideas near the end but the start was quite annoying with a long block push and too long ladders and crawlspaces. Secrets were too easy to find and there were too many guards to kill, it had a shooter style character. Some camera views were interesting and the only one outside room (for a secret) looked impressing. In general, an interesting level, but there could be more gameplay in it, what you get here is too much "pull lever to find keycard to open door to find lever"." - manarch2 (15-May-2011)

"A very nice adventure in a Space Base, about an hour long and with all of the usual ingredients. Lara's hair is indeed a bit extreme and the fact that her head disappears when she is shooting is a glitch that should have been avoided. Much like the passport textures that appear in a few odd places. Those minor things aside though, the gameplay flows rather weel, with a few guards and dogs to kill, blocks to push, discs, fuses and key cards to find and 6 nice secrets along the way as well. The short rocket launch scene is well done and I liked some of the coloured lighting effects a lot. In the second half the back and forth gets a bit much though, and aside from the level becoming even more pedestrian per se, you also get long ladders and monkey swings to go through. Still, a solid adventure, worth checking out!" - MichaelP (10-Aug-2010)

"We are on a base on this great level. We have to solve many challanges. For example the little yellow electronic machine from the TR3. We have to see the moveable crates, and for the dics, keys, and code cards. Rewarding to collect the secrets because of weapons, but I just used pistols. Enemies are guards, baddies, dogs, and divers. I found 5 secrets, I tink I missed one. :) Great level, I can suggest for everyone." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"Dario's space trilogy had a good reputation even in the days before their addition to the listing, so I was tempted to try it on numerous occasions, but have only now managed to finally get my hands on it. This first level of the three, while not without its oddities - as Lara's hair colour, not to mention it disappearing while Lara is engaged in a bullet exchange - is an overall pleasant ride in a colourful, nicely built space station. The electric thing and movable box puzzle is a highligh, the water sections something I would not have expected to be so prominent in a space level, an interesting, if samey secret hunt (at least for the ones I found) and a couple of annoyances like the invisible lines on climbing walls that don't let Lara pass without the use of some tedious tricks all describe the experience accurately, but overall it's more a positive one, and one where sci-fi level fans can't go wrong, even if only to prepare themselves for the next installations of the trilogy. Found 5 of the 6 secrets." - eTux (17-Apr-2010)

"What a nice adventure. Lara is supposed to be in space and apart from some windows where you can look out into what should be space; it is more a base level then anything else. Do pick up as much of the goodies you can find, as there are quite some enemies, like guards and dogs that guard the place. You have to find some key cards so you can leave the place. Best thing is still that electric card with the pushable block. Funniest thing is that when Lara shoots, her head disappears, but that is in the readme. Her hair in my game was bright green and as said again in the readme, no music whatsoever. Anyway, it is a nice adventure though." - Gerty (02-Dec-2009)

"I'm not usually too keen on futuristic Lara Croft adventures,but this one (featuring some future relative,perhaps?) is fun,vibrant and zestful.There are a few minor bugs (a climbing problem,and Lara's head disappearing whenever she fires her guns) but none that prevent gameplay progression;while the ideas on display are fun and occasionally inventive (there's an exciting and tense confrontation with a nasty electrical machine and a moveable block).Plenty of enemies;just enough ammunition and medipacks;lots of secrets;loads of action.Lighting is colourful and textures are generally well applied,although noticeably compressed in places;and what was the point of all the British passports? The adventure somewhat outstayed its welcome,as the rocket-launching storyline disappeared after a while;but it's all fun,fast-moving and never very difficult.Those in the mood for a slice of colourful science-fiction adventuring will definately want to have a look at this." - Orbit Dream (24-Nov-2009)

"Lara looked a bit strange with that hairdo in yellow-green neon colours (and the vanishing head while shooting). But I liked the level architecture and authentic atmosphere and lighting. The only handicap for me was the shortage of ammo. I wished the builder had been a little more generous here, the more so because each guard needs 3 shots with the shotgun (I found only 6x shotgun ammo in the whole game). There is some desert eagle ammo spread around, and indeed the desert eagle would have come in handy, but I found none. To my mind it doesn't really make sense to distribute ammo but keeping the according weapon back. This aside gameplay was various and fun to play. There are some plugs and keycards to find, a pushing block part accompanied by a deadly electrical machine, and some diving and climbing. None of this is too challenging." - Jerry (01-Nov-2009)

"A good debut level by the author. After playing an excellent level like "Lunar Apocalypse," it is interesting to go back to an author's early efforts. Here one can already see nicely choreographed game play, some good architecture, and ideas. Assuming, that is, that one can overlook Lara's DayGlo hair, a fluorescent yellow-green. Perhaps this is all the rage in the future, but it does have a side effect: when Lara uses the pistols her head disappears. Lara did refuse to climb one ladder, but by putting her in the corner, legs hanging down, she pulled up past the "room" border (meaning the break in the level editor). Here one gets to use the harpoon gun where it is most effective, against a frogman diver firing his own harpoons at Lara. I did encounter the same lack of medipacks as in the author's other levels. At the end Lara was down to about five percent health, but was able to shoot the last two guards from a safe distance. The sixth and final secret does give her a small medipack to restore health. Short and enjoyable, with game play of forty or fifty minutes." - dmdibl (24-Oct-2009)
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