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Author(s): Raider Croft
total rating:6.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 7 7 9 8
Ceamonks890 6 6 7 6
DJ Full 6 7 8 7
dmdibl 7 7 8 8
eRIC 5 8 8 6
eTux 5 6 5 6
Jay 6 7 7 7
Jerry 5 6 9 8
Jose 6 7 7 7
manarch2 5 7 6 7
MichaelP 7 6 7 7
Obig 7 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 8
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Torry 7 8 7 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
6.07 6.80 7.33 7.13

Reviewer's comments

"We've reached the end of our journey and I'm glad to see that there has been some visible improvement compared to the previous sections. There is less reliance of backtracking this time (although some is still present) and the gameplay manages to include a few clever moments in the form of a brisk timed run and a nice colour-coded block puzzle. The lighting and texturing is more attractive too and a few of the rooms do look impressive. There still isn't anything difficult or high- octane, there could have been a few more puzzles, the unmarked ladders were annoying and the environments still aren't "high class", but these two levels are just enjoyable enough to prevent tedium setting in. Overall, this series doesn't end with a bang, but at least a bump. I do praise the builder for putting this entire game together, but you may want to choose which sections you want to play." - Ryan (04-Nov-2018)

"PORTUGAL: Not bad at all except for the unmarked climbables yet again. The end was anti climatic. No big boss to put to death. No jumping on the ram ala Angelina Jolie. Just dispatch some stone monks which were easily sent to their own version of heaven with the shotgun. One secret near the end contained the rocket launcher but you simply did not need it. Pity. Of note here is the Lara skin used in this level set. This must be the breast implant skin because oh my........Overall a 7." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)

"The final levels of the adventure are set in Portugal inside a little ship, then you leave it to go underwater and kill some crocodiles and scuba divers with harpoons. Then you enter to some caves. In here you need to explore a bit to find a way to open the doors. Some boulders will appear somewhere so be careful. In the final level there were like 3 Alejandro Frost to kill, and it was very easy with the weapons provided. There's a pushblock puzzle where you have to place the colored blocks to their corresponding locations so it's not a hard puzzle. There was a huge fly- like creature near the end but I couldn't kill it because it was too high. It's not necessary though. I expected a final boss fight but it's just another Frost and once you kill it (2 desert eagle bullets) you retrieve the stone and you can dive to the water. The ending was abrupt, but oh well, the adventure ends there. All in all it was a nice adventure around the world, my favorite parts being India, Spain and Portugal. Chile and U.S. were not good for me, probably because they were kind of boring. The storyline is interesting and well planned, but not everyone will be able to understand it, so a translation in English would have been fine for everyone to understand the story and have a more enjoyable experience. Cameras were almost always there to give clues and they were well placed. In the first levels there wasn't a lot of music but later some tracks appeared in certain parts and I liked that 'cause TR3 has one of the best OST in my opinion. Textures and lighting were sometimes bland and repetitive, so there should have been more care with the textures. In summary, a good levelset, not bad. If you like TR3 then give this game a go and surely you'll like some parts. Buen trabajo." - alan (13-Mar-2018)

"The final part begins brilliantly, onboard a sunny ship restoring the weapons, instantly redeeming their lack of variety from the previous part - but this time we get so overfirepowered the bullets are mostly unused and even the bazooka is likely to stay in the backpack. On the other hand I wonder where's the launcher for these grenades picked up 14 levels ago... The scenery is again interesting despite of the whole thing happening in a huge cave, and as we get closer to the final enemy the structures get more and more serious with mighty pillars, halls and ramps, balancing tension as supposed... except when the author appears another who somehow found it great to include a multiblock pushable in the final level. Once again, the only correct timing for such thing is the middle of the game when the player is already immersed - in the prologue he's not yet ready and the finale literally means the "finale" when everything should resolve smoothly. In the end we get few boss encounters but the final one feels the least important in a transition room, and the following water leap doesn't in fact feel concluding enough as it's like going again deeper instead of out. SUMMARY: The whole series suffers from basic issues but mostly from flat lighting and unbelievably forced duration - vague or absent hints, all the intense fighting, repassaging and backtracking makes it at least two times too slow. If it wasn't for that, discovering the full enjoyable storyline would feel much, much better. I think this whole project should be revised because it's too ambitious to lay untouched by many." - DJ Full (21-Mar-2017)

"For me the best levels from this long adventure. There are new objects and enemies, an effort with the architecture and several puzzles. Also the cameras (as usual) and lights are well worked. Only the "but" for the unmarked climbable walls and the textures in small surfaces. Musics are good placed too. Avoiding the excessive backtracking in previous levels, the unmarked climbable walls and implementing some fresh puzzles this could be a fantastic adventure." - Jose (08-Dec-2015)

"And now at last, Raider Croft has finally managed to craft levels that are actually done well to an extent. Rather disappointed that it took him this long to figure it out, but regardless, I found myself having more of an enjoyable time going through these last two sections of this long worn-out series here, than I have with prior parts. Despite a number of uncorrected problems over the course of the series(such as unmarked ladders or numerous crashing issues at certain points to name a few), these last two sections are worth downloading the full 'Lara Croft Regresa' package for the overall quality demonstrated in most areas alone. And if you're willing to ignore the convoluted mess masquerading as a narrative(mainly for the purpose of having fun), then go for it. Though in retrospect, if you really want to try and invest yourself into this series, be prepared for a lot and I mean, a LOT of potential tedium along the way. In conclusion, a decent ending to an alright(though not too terribly inspired) saga. And I commend the builder for managing to stick with it for so long." - Ceamonks890 (20-Sep-2014)

"Hands down, this is the best part of the set standing far above all other levels, but I think it could have been even better with a few changes. The texturing has a mostly clean appearance, maybe it's a bit sterile but it's good nonetheless, the lighting is also decently used. Gameplay revolves around a few nice flipmaps in the first level, but more camera hints could be added and thus you have to explore everything. Through both levels no ladder is correctly marked, but finding it is intuitive enough, although that doesn't hide the fact that is not a fair thing. I think the second level contains the most decent gameplay elements, like the timed trapdoor shimmy and the colour puzzle which is simple but requires at least a bit of thought. There also were a few nice custom enemies in here (especially the stone warriors are nicely put into scene) and some objects like the log, although its function is a bit illogical. The hunt for the secrets, albeit mainly using unmarked ladders, was fun and rewarding too. This was the only part of this levelset I played without hoping that it finally ends, a bit of a sad fact regarding the length of the game though. Finished in 55 minutes with nine secrets. Not sure if the time spend in the whole series was well worth though since most levels are fairly pedestrian and the looks, except for this last duo, average to below average. But it's one of the largest TR 3 series out there and one has to appreciate the amount of time the builder spent with it. In total (according to my extrapolation since I don't have the stats from the first levels) I needed about 5:30 hours for this game." - manarch2 (14-Aug-2013)

"Never accuse Orbit Dream of not playing really big multi-level series.Look at this one,for example - fourteen decent sized levels,for heaven's sake! Admittedly,it has taken me the best part of four years;but that's because the individual levels themselves were hardly gripping,and I never once felt the burning desire to see what excitements the next level in the series potentially promised.Nonetheless it must be said that these final two levels actually weren't half bad,and even looked rather interesting at times.Occasionaly colourful lighting;a block puzzle or two;some spiked boulders and a general absence of backtracking allowed a faster pace to develop than in any of the previous levels in this series.What can't be ignored,though,is the overall lack of anything in particular to actually do;in fact you spend most of your time simply running through quite well crafted tunnels and temple passageways longing for some bloodthirsty action.Eventually you find yourself under attack from rather impressive stone warriors;but you've ammassed such a heavy arsenal by now that the poor things are despatched with complete ease;while a winged serpent appears to have been placed in the wrong room;and the final Boss is sent on his way to the hereafter with just two Revolver bullets. To anyone considering investing their time in playing this immense series,I would have to say not to bother;although the final four levels do provide a certain entertainment value on occasion. When all is said and done,the builder must be commended for actually completing such a monumental series;but even greater praise should be heaped on those plucky souls who actually play it all the way through." - Orbit Dream (19-Jun-2013)

"And so we get the best levels as the last in this series. It may seem like that's not saying much considering how poor the weakest links have been thus far, but this duo, and the last level in particular do work very well - and it's been interesting to note the author's progress with each passing level.
Salvation Rite (4, 6, 5, 5) 21 min, 0 secrets - Lara's mystery helper very considerately resupplies her, at this point meager gun collection, and fortunately so - because I ended up never finding any of the numerous secrets in here, and thus had to rely on the revolver and harpoon gun exclusively for all the mayhem and murder. The inclusion of the harpoon gun, the UPV and some prominent underwater sections make for the most gameplay innovation you get here - the rest is basically the same strolling through numerous cave sections you've seen before. Mind you, they're decent looking caves comparing to what the author has offered before, though hardly anything to write home about. More unwelcome was the return of the unmarked climbable walls, and quite surprisingly - a scarcity in camera hints, which up to now had not been a problem, and the weird way in which regular pickups will trigger gameplay-relevant events - not a good strategy, considering that the player may have decided he/she doesn't really need an extra throng of flares to the ones he/she (mercifully) doesn't have to use already.
Tomb of the Light (6, 6, 6, 6) 25 min, 1 secret - Putting aside all pondering whether the 14 level foreplay was worth it to get here, this undoubtedly is the best level of the series. The settings are interesting, varied, with a great selection of textures; decent, if not very nuanced lighting, and an overall feeling that you're approaching the resolution of a story, no matter how little you had to go on for one. I still would've liked an additional camera hint on more than one occasion, but the game plays well - throwing in some boulder traps, a timed shimmy, a coloured movable block puzzle and some more or less exciting battles with stone guardians of the tomb, and the Frost guy who's mansion you ravaged (or was ravaged by the helicopter crash? I didn't manage to extract a lot of story context from any of that) in a recent preceding level. The battering ram, as well as the guardians are nice allusions to the film franchise, and the level overall concludes on a high note, even if it was a bumpy road to get here.
The series as a whole definitely gets better as you advance to later levels, but whether you consider holding through worth the ride or not is up to you, since one could just as easily only start up the Portugal levels on their own just to see the best the series has to offer. One certainly can't fault the author for not being ambitious, and if you - on one hand - want something with a narrative carrying you through a longer set of sequential levels, yet on the other hand - don't want it to be too complex at the same time - this might be worthy of your attention. My ratings have mostly reflected the content (or lack of) of the levels and not necessarily how much I enjoyed them. I'd gather - apart from the first two India levels and the last Chile level there weren't really that many times when I was annoyed and actually felt it wasn't worth the trouble, so give them a chance." - eTux (11-Mar-2013)

"These two levels represent the finale of a much larger game and start off with Lara swimming for her life whilst all manner of denizens of the deep try to do her in, then consists of running, climbing and occasionally wading through a series of caverns, pausing only to kill a few thugs and dodge a couple of boulders along the way. The second section takes place in a not unattractive temple area, with a small timed run to achieve, plus a simple coloured block puzzle and a whole host of stone figures which come to life, but are actually quite easily dealt with. Not the best TR3 level, but certainly not the worst either." - Jay (27-Jan-2012)

"The last two levels of this massive series and by far the most mature levels as a whole. The looks are better and the textures more modern. Gameplay still remains the same old, same old a bit, but you get an occasional push block puzzle, a few boulder runs and a bunch of monks and bad guys to kill. Often an odd pickup triggers something, so make sure you do collect everything. A total of 9 secrets is a fun side quest, even though several of them hide behind the author's trademark - unmarked climbable walls. I had a few crashes in the first level, but they were easy to avoid by not stepping on certain squares. And so overall, this very ambitious series ends on a high note and the author has to be commended for sticking with it and providing many hours of solid, if not overly inspired, Tomb Raiding entertainment." - MichaelP (30-Oct-2010)

"1: Salvation Rite - We start the level on a submarine, then after the dive we can use the diving machine. During barracudas, crocodiles, frogmans bother us. After the adventure continue in cave with homeless persons, don't shoot them. But one homeless have a medipack in his pocket :) There are 4 secrets on the level. Nothing too hard challange, but you have to open your eyes if you want to collect the secrets. Textures are nice, I can suggest this great level for everyone. 2: Tomb Of The Light - We are roam underground, in caves and churches. Enemies are baddies, knight, and we will meet with Seth too. You have to push blocks, open the trapdoors by switches. And we need to collect two keys, two Stars, if you have them, we escape the level with a mask, and a huge swandive. Other challange is the secret collecting (5). If you collect them without walkthrough, let me congratulate. Secrets include weapons, but you dont have to use any harder weapon or medipacks." - Obig (25-May-2010)

"Obviously the author had made another step upwards in quality with this world, too bad my game crashed a little after using the underwater vehicle. I played the 2nd level as a standalone , which is atmospheric , and if there is areas which serve only for connecting others (uneventful then) , there is some good things in between with the timed trapdoors along which you have to shimmy , the movable block which blends excellently in the architecture , the spike balls traps, the easy puzzle with 5 coloured blocks. Enemies are not many but are good with the warriors that come to life. Some good fixed camera work in this pleasant level." - eRIC (20-Dec-2009)

"I had opposite reactions to these two levels. The first, "Salvation Rite," seems lightweight. There is an underwater assist vehicle, and frogmen to battle, yet none of that is developed. But then the concluding level, "Tomb of the Light," got me involved. It has better design and architecture, and the contrasting textures (that bothered me in the first level) work here. Lara shows off a new skimpy top by crawling, running, or swimming toward the camera. I missed most of the secrets of the concluding level the first time playing this. With the aid of the walkthrough, I found that the secrets invariably involve invisible crevices stretched across a room, or unmarked climbing surfaces, but it was nice to get them. Lara solved a colored push-block puzzle after moving only three of five blocks, surely a bug. The tomb ending is fun, with stone monks coming to life. Lara gets a rocket launcher, and fights more stone monks in a chamber with a buzzing winged demon overhead. I thought the rocket launcher was intended to kill him, but never brought him down. The finale is a high dive, as in this author's "Ice Heart: Inside the Cave." I wish the author had spent more time on consistent development, instead of completing levels in a few weeks. Despite what I thought were glaring flaws--all those unmarked climbing surfaces--the conclusion to the series is enjoyable." - dmdibl (13-Nov-2009)

"Although there is still not so much to do in this two-parter, I found it best out of the whole set. There is still a lot of running to do here (and it is your main business besides some climbing, diving anf shooting the one or other bad guy), but not that much backtracking as in the previous levels. So this time I found it okay to run around a lot down there, the more so because the caves you are led through are nice to look at. Yes, I really liked the overall atmosphere in those well designed caves. And for the first time lighting too is well worth mentioning. Later on there are some puzzle items to be collected, a timed run and an easy coloured block puzzle to do until you finally get hold of the desired artifact and reach the end." - Jerry (17-Oct-2009)
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