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Author(s): David Rukawa Raider Croft
total rating:5.04 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 5 4 5
DJ Full 4 3 6 5
dmdibl 5 6 7 7
eTux 3 4 4 5
Jerry 4 2 6 7
Jose 6 6 7 7
manarch2 3 5 4 5
MichaelP 4 5 5 7
Nina Croft 5 3 7 6
Obig 5 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 3 5 4 5
Ryan 4 5 5 5
Torry 4 5 6 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
4.15 4.62 5.46 5.92

Reviewer's comments

"THE TOWER: This is a reasonable raid of around 30 minutes but really added nothing extra in terms of story line to the original adventure. This was out and out a shooter with lots of enemies and no real puzzles to mention and was relatively pedestrian I am sorry. Overall a 4." - Torry (01-Apr-2018)

"Oh come on. After 15 levels of learning and progress we're back to nonsense, fighting repetitive baddies, never finding any serious weapon and barely making it without a medikit. I don't know what's the mission in here, I also think "Gold" should include more than one location, even if quite atmospheric like here." - DJ Full (21-Mar-2017)

"This level is actually intended to be played as an epilogue to the Regresa series itself, but I ended up playing it before. This was a generally underwhelming and average level, with no real standout points to speak of, bar a really easy breakledge run over spikes. I found that the "shoot enemy, use switch, pick up item, repeat" gameplay got predictable after a while and I left this adventure feeling less than satisfied. I probably won't be investing my time into the full series any time soon." - Ryan (24-Jul-2016)

"Taking place quite some time after the main 'Lara Croft Regresa' series ended, this short collaborative mini-adventure unfortunately doesn't really live up to what Parts 14-15 managed to achieve for the main 'Regresa' series by the end of it all. Oh sure, some long time issues(such as unmarked climbable ladders), have finally been addressed and the gameplay in itself can be enjoyed as a nice quick distraction in-between more taxing and longer releases as you mow down well-fitting opponents, but if you're not one for shooters, it can be become incredibly dull real fast here. And with mainly empty(albeit decently-textured) rooms to traverse through with seemingly no noticeable signs of lighting, let's just say that this isn't going to be winning any rewards in terms of visual design. Overall, while not a bad way to relax after writing a couple of incredibly taxing reviews, what you'll get here won't exactly be memorable in the long run. So best approached when you're bored or needing something to help unwind and nothing more." - Ceamonks890 (26-Oct-2014)

"Some years ago I wrote the spanish walkthroughs for the "Lara Croft Regresa" series, so I expected some more from this "gold" level. In the readme file I saw something about "puzzles", but the only "puzzle" I found was to drag a block to reveal a switch. The gameplay is lineal and simple, pull some switches, kill some dogs and guards, climb long ladders and go through long crawlspaces. There are some cameras to help and usually textures are well applied; perhaps the lights are not well worked. Enjoyable anyway." - Jose (05-Dec-2013)

"Although I am familiar with the limitations of the unofficial editor, I still think that the builder here did not use its full potential, far from it. Gameplay & Puzzles: The level has no specific purpose, except to go through this base, kill a couple of soldiers and dogs, collect two keys and pull some levers. The level misses its purpose: why is Lara here at the first place? What is she for? Puzzles are almost non-existent, gameplay is very fluent and even a beginner can finish this level within a half an hour without the walkthrough and even getting killed if careful enough. The level is poorly decorated and seems empty. There are many medipacks to pick up along with some ammo, but no weapons and no secrets. Atmosphere could have been better. Sound is perfect, camera hints are quite clear and acceptable. Lighting is dull and the same in all rooms, outside and inside. Textures are used from TR5 and TR3, and they generally fit pretty well. OVERALL IMPRESSION: It's not a bad way to spend 30 minutes of a rainy day and give your brain a short rest from thinking and overloading while playing other, much harder and complicated levels." - Nina Croft (23-Nov-2013)

"If you're unsure whether you want to start up the "Regresa" series, this level is actually the ideal litmus test for how much you might enjoy it - even though this supposedly takes place after the series, the connection is in name only, and you're not really robbing yourself of much context or backstory (that's needed in this level, anyway). The texturing is a bit tidier than in most of the series - but ultimately representative - and the gameplay is quintessential "Regresa" if there ever was such a thing. But if there is - it's still not saying very flattering things about this level or the series in general - you basically just move from room to room, activating switches, killing guards and guard dogs, dragging through lengthy, superfluous crawl sections and equally lengthy climbable walls. Unless you have OCD, you may as well ignore all pickups, with the exception of the 2 keys and maybe an extra medipack - since you never find any extra guns for the ammunition you're amassing (I understand this was meant to be a longer series, but still). The texturing - as said - is tidy and competently done for the most part - but lighting is almost untouched, thus robbing the level of a fair share of its potential moodiness, and no room in particular sticks out as memorable. The collapsing tile and spike room is probably the highlight of this 25 to 30 minute level merely because it does something different, though if you rationalize too much, you might wonder how it fits in the city/base setting too. Overall - it's sort of decent, but unremarkable - and works best if you intend to base your decision of whether the "Regresa" series is worth the investment on it." - eTux (13-Mar-2013)

"Playing this before having played the entire Regresa series, it does not work well to raise my hopes for the series itself. This is solidly built and texture choice and use is quite ok, but even though it is short at 25 minutes, you will want it to end much sooner. All you do is run from one button to the next, killing the occasional dog and guard along the way for a key or so. The rooms are rather bland, square and empty, too. A tiny highlight was the spike room with the breaktiles." - MichaelP (17-Oct-2010)

"As a continuation of the Regresa series, I can say the textures look much better now. But the level is so boring because you go search for levers to open the next door. And that 20 times or so. There is nearly no other gameplay than this linear method which made the level very tedious. The enemies were well placed however, that made the level a bit better." - manarch2 (30-Jul-2010)

"We have to get out from a tower block. But there are many baddies and dogs on the level. Good, there are many medipacks, I've used some. There aren't rummer challange on the level, we just have to find the buttons for the doors, and some keys too. Be careful almost the beginning of the level, I missed one switch because of vignette wall and switch. Author could be furniture it a bit better." - Obig (30-May-2010)

"This is one of those levels that,while definately playable,somewhat lacks in every department.Texturing is adequate while lighting is non-existant throughout and the initial outside areas fail to convince.Once inside the Tower it becomes a straightforward 'shoot guards,push buttons' affair,marred by the use of a pushable block that looks exactly like all the other static blocks. The final trapdoor could be climbed through without aquiring its corresponding key,and it all just ended at an arbitrary point.The collapsable platform room was fun,and the numerous battles (while predictable) kept things spiced up;but ultimately this was a really rather pointless 30 minute adventure." - Orbit Dream (18-Dec-2009)

"I enjoyed this while playing it, though it has an unfinished feel. In a well-lit base, Lara mostly goes around shooting guards and dogs while pressing buttons to open trapdoors, but some thought has gone into designing the route. I always fail to spot one lever in an alcove because it blends with the wall, and Lara has to go back to it. There are signs, "Danger, Fragile Masonry," so I'm apprehensive the roof will fall on top of Lara when she uses her guns. In "Ice Heart: Inside the Cave," Raider Croft had the roof collapse on Larsen, but in this level nothing comes of those signs. Takes only about half an hour to play." - dmdibl (18-Nov-2009)

"Pushing a couple of buttons and shooting guards and dogs are your main business here. Besides there is a lot of crawling and climbing to do and some keys to find. I found some ammo for shotgun, uzi and grenade launcher, but unfortunately not a single weapon (and I wonder if there was any), so I had to cope with all those bad guys with the help of my pistols only. Level design and texturing are well made, the setting looks quite authentic, but the rooms are all bare and empty, I missed some appropriate objects like motors, fans, valves and such, and lighting is all the same throughout. 30 minutes of playing time and still no idea what was Lara's purpose of being here." - Jerry (28-Sep-2009)
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