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Author(s): TRFAN21
total rating:8.32 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 9 8 8 9
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
eRIC 7 8 7 8
Gerty 8 8 8 7
Jack& 8 9 8 10
Jay 9 8 9 9
Jose 9 9 10 9
MichaelP 8 9 8 8
Minox 9 9 8 7
Nikki 9 8 8 7
Orbit Dream 9 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ruben 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 9
Scottie 5 8 6 9
Shandroid 8 8 8 8
Spike 6 7 6 7
Thorir 9 8 8 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.28 8.33 8.17 8.50

Reviewer's comments

"Quite a brilliantly done d├ębut level indeed, in a classic Egyptian setting. A lot of keys and cartouches to locate, fairly linear but challenging progression, an attractive setting and a few mighty boss confrontations. I enjoyed myself during my stay here, even though it may feel a little long-winded with all of the artefacts that need collecting and that horsemen battle was the pits, but those gripes are minor, really." - Ryan (19-May-2017)

"Wow I missed this level when it was up for downloading. It is great debut and although the main thing is to find keys and cartouches so Lara finally can sniff some fresh air again, it will take you some time to achieve that though. There is of course exploring to do and in some of the rooms you loose control over some weapons, but that is OK. The enemies are rather fierce, like demigods and harpies and also a battle with Seth you luckily can slay after doing some tasks first. Nothing is real hard, even the timed runs and you are seeing the time you need to do them in. Textures could use some TLC as I saw quite a lot of squashed ones. Lighting was OK but the audio drove me a bit crazy though." - Gerty (15-Feb-2015)

"Very long raid in Egypt, this level is decorated with beautiful audios that give a good atmosphere. Original and well thought out the idea of putting a timer for the timeruns. I rather regret the number high of objects to collectibles (keys, puzzles), you get lost a little. Still I liked this level. It can be done without too to search." - Minox (04-May-2014)

"This is a return to Egypt, which gave me a great time gambling The decorations are successful and original enough that we had wanted to continue the discovery, do not leave this level, we are going to last. The course is going well without too much research puzzle. The author has alternated between simple passages and a little more difficult. Only 2 riders towards the end I was really focused on my nerves because of lack of ammunition. This is a level that I recommend. Very good job of the author." - Daffy (14-Oct-2010)

"It is rare that you get as much as (almost) two hours of net gaming time out of a single level these days and therefore this debut was remarkable by that feature alone. Also remarkable that despite the use of the old tutorial texture set, the many, many rooms had a very decent look to them, with some really good and effective lighting applied several times and nice use of the fountains. Progression is never hard to figure out - it is always clear what to do and where to go next, but there are challenging moments along the way, even though the timed runs had many seconds to spare and the inserted boss battles can be handled with patience and routine. The two horsemen on horses were rather tedious though, due to the nature of the uneven floor in the room and the relatively close quarters. I missed one of the six secrets, but thought those I found were placed well - not too hard to find but always with a bit of an extra spin to them. Maybe it went on for a little too long and the Seth battle should have really been the end vs another room with a slightly tedious push exercise and maybe it was sometimes to simple and too repetitive with yet another key or artifact to gather in order to open the next door, but personally I thought the variety of tasks did work well and I had a great time playing through this in one sitting." - MichaelP (11-Apr-2010)

"Certainly you also know this: You see great textures, hear a great sound, find weapons, ammunition, Medipacks and Flares in abundance and think, this must be a really first-class level. But the longer you play, the more you are bored. Repeatedly this boring music. Constantly in search of countless keys and cartouches. One rushes to and fro and sometimes one wants only that the level should have a quick end. So was it for me. This constant background noise with this boring kiddies electronic organ music got on the nerves of me anyhow so so that I would best have thrown the boxes out of the window. However, this would not have been so bad, because I live in the ground floor and through the snow the boxes fall softy. And for the next three weeks I can not see any keys nor cartouches. The level in itself is made good, actually. There is hardly mistakes with the textures and the opponents are as a rule no problem. An exception are both Horsemen on her horses. This room was built a little bit unhappily, thus one could not make way so properly and had to run constantly behind both guys behind to get them in the right position. There were also many really nicely built rooms. And some passages felt well to play, although a few Jumpswitches were camouflaged too well. It is, in principle, everything there for one or two nice hours. But, nevertheless, this level has gone to be a cock-up in my opinion. But, nevertheless, I am already curious on the next level. Since it can become even real better." - Scottie (11-Jan-2010)

"I was amazed at the amount of gameplay offered by this stand-alone level. Even though I played while using Tom's notes for the purpose of writing a detailed walkthrough, I nevertheless clocked in at 2 2/3 hours without feeling that I had wasted a lot of time along the way. This is raiding in the grand tradition, and I enjoyed myself a great deal here. There's a lot of pulling levers and killing things to gain pickups for continued progress, but it's all quite fun and there are no game-stopping moments to get you bogged down. I was wondering why the builder warned against wasting rounds for a certain weapon, when I realized that the crossbow alone had been taken away for the two rooms in question. I never had come across that phenomenon before. There's an extended boss sequence near the end that was quite exhilerating. Highly recommended." - Phil (13-Dec-2009)

"Quite a long raid in Egypt, more than two hours of net gaming time were necessary to reach the end of this entertaining adventure, so you get plenty for your"money" here. The author has made a good work , globally in all categories , using standard resources to good effect , with the addition of original features , such as the adding of friendly messages at the bottom of the screen , also the countdown playing when starting a timed door , a couple of new moves , like reaching a monkey swing at the top of a ladder, beyond other things. Aside from the timed doors which were on the easy side [the first one with all the traps was the hardest , because you don't know when you pull the switch if the time given to you is sufficient to make the trial quietly or not , in fact the timing is generous and the player can even stop a bit along the run to get resynchronised with the traps is needed], there are some other traps as well, and simple puzzles mainly shooting blue spheres , pulling switches and placing artefacts. At the end after the boss there was a pushable object puzzle. Mainly the tasks at hand are rather simple. The hardest part [at least for me] was one tricky rope swing in one of the water caves, which required many reloads. A good number of enemies are to be encountered here , and of many kinds, two kinds of gunmen , two kinds of demigods , harpies , crocodiles , a centaur , a couple of horsemen on their horses [the author is generous in medipacks so they came in handy there] , and Seth at the end , but this final boss was almost a non event as Seth was rapidly stuck running against a wall and I could raid quietly this area, I will not complain of that. The map and the placement of the artefacts is well thought out and well tested , the author making sure that the player will not get stuck anywhere, despite the great number of objects needed for progression. I think there were too many of them, which do not add much to the gameplay [a good example of this is when you pick up the two keys on the same pedestal], this is not necessary to add so many objects and doors. Lighting has been worked on good , texturing too [only 3 or 4 rooms , the ones that resemble more to caves with a chaotic feel to the floor have compressed or not rotated textures] so the level is good looking. I like this very high room the most , and the lovely background Oriental audio loop here. Speaking of audios they are a mixed bag , with some quite atmospheric and harmonious ones and others quickly annoying so I played these parts with only the sfx sounds. Anyway a very solid work , and despite a couple of tasks that are a bit more difficult a level that should be tried by everybody." - eRIC (22-Nov-2009)

"I wasn't sure I wanted to continue playing this level once I started it, as it had annoying music and seemed sort of cheesy, however, I quickly realized that this was part of it's infinite charm. I have a distinctive feeling that this builder is a big fan of arcade games, because this game felt like what it would feel like if you were playing a Lara arcade game. I really liked the information given at the bottom of the screen when battling bosses and I especially liked the timed run countdown timers. I really wish everyone utilized these timers, as it was nice to see how much time I had left. I wasn't able to find all six of the secrets, so I couldn't see that award, but it didn't matter. This is a unique little level that gets better and better as you go on, so give it a chance, you won't be sorry." - Shandroid (22-Nov-2009)

"Congratulations ! A very well worked out TRLE Adventure in classical style. It starts off in a well known easy way ,to become familiar with the game and also its features. But beware ,there are some challenges to come ! In these days when even the fantastic NGLE has been tested to its very limits it feels good to sit down and play another game just relaxed in old TR style without being pestered by timed runs that only Usain Bolt would be able to do ! Nice custom music , useful hints for Lara now and then come up on your screen. A very interesting issue from a new builder who made his first mark. I hope for another to follow ." - Ruben (22-Nov-2009)

"Nice to come back. I was a bit busy in the last period, but TR is part of my life. Ok, this was a nice adventure; spiced with some tough spiked trap runs, some burners along with monkeyswinging - well, it was not a walk in the park, hehe. Overall a nice game, not too tough, no hard jumps or timed runs, but overall very nicely built with very good graphics and nicely built rooms. Enemies are powerful ones. I mean demigods - even flying ones and some harpies. Some boulders to avoid and need to find some keys to open further doors and I got also 2 jars - which I didi not need to use? Well, good game but somehow unfinished. I mean, rushed out a bit, ending was somehow disappointing too, after using the last key, which you get from a killed demigod, you open a door and run at a sloped corridor and the game ends. This builder is a good one and I look forward to next games from him - recommended." - Jack& (21-Nov-2009)

"You start the level with a nicely builded room.Pull a switch to you what are the new moves (which is strange..) and after a few run-throughs the room you find 2 pieces to combine them and open the door.The gameplay is pretty fun,but what i didn't like is the old textures - you could place some new ones TRA had some really good-looking Egypt textures! Homever the textures are nicely placed i have found only a few little mistakes in texturing.The atmosphere is good you could add some sounds to make it better.The random placing of the vases was pretty annoying,but the waterfall rooms are more than beutiful!The lightning seems to be done perfectly on them.Anyway i really liked the level - a few hours of real fun and enjoyable gameplay!Every player must play this!" - Nikki (20-Nov-2009)

"I know what you're thinking - debut level, Egypt, maybe I'll give it a miss. Don't, it's actually good fun and pretty impressive for a debut level. The builder certainly seems to have a good grasp of the level editor and I didn't notice any of the usual hallmarks of the newbie; in fact some of the large areas are extremely pleasing aesthetically. You have a lot of the usual Egypt style level artefacts to find and the gameplay is fairly linear and straightforward, but never boring and there are some nice individual touches, like the occasional on-screen commentary and the regular 'boss' fights interspersed throughout the game. There are some fun timed challenges too, although the allowance to achieve them is generous, so I would say the game is accessible to players of all abilities. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to more levels from this builder." - Jay (19-Nov-2009)

"A gorgeous, must-play level, appears the work of a seasoned author. Many of the textures are those from the tutorial wad, but they have been reincarnated here with fresh life. Over and over I was impressed by the appearance of myriad rooms through which Lara travels. The control of lighting is a relief: no murky cluttered rooms. Instead the author finds ways to suggest gloom without overwhelming the player in shadow, and the underwater lighting is well done. I liked the sound of Lara splashing through water, and much of the audio and music that was chosen, though sometimes after battle scenes the dramatic music keeps looping long after enemies are dead. The author has chosen to use visual aids, so as soon as Lara pulls a timed switch, a countdown of seconds appears at the bottom of the screen. When Seth appears, he is identified as a boss with 400 HP, so we know that he is tough but can be killed, and Lara explains about her weapons being temporarily disabled. This is very good, though the technique should be used sparingly, as it can detract from the reality of the moment. The game play is a little uneven, with the opening way too simple, then interesting rooms, followed by a frantic run through hundreds and hundreds (okay, maybe only a dozen) slamming teeth doors and spikes. My main complaint was having Lara face off against two horsemen when she has only pistols to use against them, and not that many medipacks, and not even a block to stand on. She can't use the revolver, because its ammo needs to be conserved, and shotgun and Uzis will just waste ammo, so this leads to a protracted battle that bleeds away every bit of health that Lara has, and takes a lot of reloading. There were times when I longed for a camera shot. Lara makes a long climb up, uses a jump switch, a trapdoor opens under her and she slides down. Halfway down a slide she leaps to pull another jump switch. What did it do? There were places where I just wasn't sure why Lara was pulling levers. Hunting out switches and levers sometimes takes time, but most of this goes smoothly for hours of delightful fun. Go for it." - dmdibl (19-Nov-2009)

"I'm glad I decided to give this level a try. I had a very entertaining evening playing it. At first I thought that it seemed almost too easy, but I definitely changed my mind after a lethal timed run through a narrow corridor of spiky floors and dangerous bladed doors opening and closing! However, it never got too difficult, which is something I hate in a level. The difficulty is just right. I think this should be enjoyable for everyone. Some interesting music choices sets this level apart from other Egypt-levels. The boss battles made it seem more video game-like and was a pretty original touch! Egypt still looks beautiful, and there are plenty of lovely looking rooms to explore here. The only negative thing I can mention, is that there were an amazing number of keys and stars to find to open new doors. It got a little confusing, but it's just a minor complaint. This was a very enjoyable debut level, and the builder shows that he can build very nicely. I'm looking forward to see more of him!" - Thorir (19-Nov-2009)

"The Internet - a veritable source of information, and that which kicks off one of Lara's latest adventures. Upon stumbling across one particular website detailing a pair of presumably ancient artifacts - including their exact name, location, country, and probably also the temple's address and postcode - she decides to wander off to Egypt once again (the far more intelligent decision of actually relocating her manor to the Egyptian desert once again evading her). Once we reach the temple in question, however, we're treated to a pretty good adventure - some parts of which are even great. The large, open rooms are littered with ledges and deadly traps, and are often nicely textured and well lit. So why the slightly lower score than you'd expect? Well, to put it bluntly...a hefty chunk of the first half of the level is a bit rubbish. Rooms are barren and uninspired, while gameplay is a little dull. It takes quite a while for the overall quality to improve, and even then a number of squashed and badly rotated textures can still be found on several occasions. The music choice is also a bit dodgy at times, with a number of pieces seeming particularly inappropriate. The lack of cameras connected to many switches also got a little annoying after a while. But that said, for every messy, rushed and boring area, there's a more decent area to balance it out, and if you can get past the earlier sections of the level, there's sure to be something to like." - Spike (19-Nov-2009)

"Really a very good debut. Puzzles are not something from another world, but gameplay is very enjoyable, with all those messages giving you hints and no impossible tasks, with a lineal line makes the game very fluid. I expected some more ammo at the beginning but perhaps I missed the shotgun (only found 3 of 6 secrets) to deal with the many enemies I found. There are some small defects along the game but few important. I loved the nice and appropriate musics and the lighting. Textures are very good too. Around two hours of fun, a level recommended to play for everybody. Congratulations!" - Jose (18-Nov-2009)

"A most impressive debut.This adventure may start out deceptively easily,with some very straightforward 'find how to get out of each room' gameplay,but don't become too complacent - it succesfully develops into an ambitious multiple-key-collecting adventure;filled with colourful enemies,devious challenges,entertaining timed runs,plenty of interesting environments and huge amounts of creative flair.Secrets are placed well (I only found half of them),music is used rather effectively,lighting and textures are generally very accomplished and there are even some helpful (and occasionally amusing) text hints.The difficulty level is never too high (apart from the horsemen confrontation)and progress is generally obvious provided you look around carefully. This is a good example of why I keep playing Custom levels - despite using a fairly standard egyptian location,the builder succeeds in providing a fun,entertaining and often highly creative adventure.In short: fun for everyone!" - Orbit Dream (18-Nov-2009)
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