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Temple of Shiva (Demo) by Deadly Flourish
Blue43 2 3 6 6
DJ Full 9 6 7 6
dmdibl 4 5 7 7
eRIC 1 4 7 7
Gerty 1 1 3 5
manarch2 3 4 5 6
MichaelP 5 7 7 7
MizzCroft 1 1 3 6
Ryan 2 4 7 7
Zhyttya 5 3 3 7
release date: 20-Jul-2010
# of downloads: 1210

average rating: 4.75
review count: 10
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file size: 41.89 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

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Reviewer's comments
"Yes, as other reviewers have mentioned, you cannot save your game here otherwise the game just freezes and you'll likely have to reboot your computer. By a stroke of luck, I only needed to restart twice (both during the timed trapdoor runs) and hence was able to get through in around 15 minutes without too much frustration. Still, deliberately removing the savegame function is not good game design so I've decreased my gameplay score accordingly for this reason. You get a good looking and atmospheric Indian jungle setting to run through, but not enough to overcome this major sin." - Ryan (20-Apr-2019)
"I'm going to start to take some rage out of my system first. I just finished playing this game, and every time Lara emerged from the water she made this...ANNOYING SOUND! That ALONE made me give the third option a 3. Simply annoying with the will of closing the game and never playing it again. Also, it makes it totally unrealistic: one time Lara has a normal voice, the other she has this tinny voice. However, the music and soundtracks are average. Overall it's an enjoyable level, i liked the game play, some traps where challenging, but no puzzles. I know it's a demo but i'm reviewing it as a game, so no puzzles, means half of the points. The enemies where repetitive and buggy sometimes. And of course, the fact that you can't save the game is frustrating. It does increases the difficulty but it's incredibly annoying and can become boring. Ultimately i would like to see the final version, too bad it didn't had the patience for it." - Zhyttya (03-Aug-2015)
"Well this is the last level I ever will play from this builder. Removing the savegame function... how bloody dare you. Also I was not aware of that fact and my computer froze, had to restart the whole thing and the same thing happened again. Reading the review let me into that"little secret". Using the normal TR4 exe didn't work at my end. Can you tell that I am peeved?" - Gerty (07-Jul-2011)
"Just.. wow, the only thing I liked was the Lightning." - MizzCroft (05-Nov-2010)
"The author has deliberately removed the savegame function; considering the tasks involved this made the game unpleasant. [I should say at once that this is a crock. I used my standard TREP-enhanced Tomb4.exe to play this game, and at once found it possible to save and restore games without problems. So the author has deliberately sabotaged his 'Start.exe' in order to make a grueling ordeal for players, but players can use a regular Tomb4.exe to play normally.] On my first attempts--without the save function--Lara climbs up a shaft, then had extreme difficulty making it across a tightrope on a timed run. With the save function restored, Lara tried the tightrope about twenty-seven times. She unbalances immediately, repeatedly leans over, and if players use a left or right key to restore balance Lara does a complete about face instead. And then usually loses her balance. She seldom advances at all before the timed door shuts. Then I discovered that Lara can do a forward somersault on the rope, but even with this maneuver it is nearly impossible to make the timed door, as at least once Lara will go into a lengthy unbalancing routine. Finally Lara took the optional route through scything blades and spikes, since this is a fast run. None of this testing would have been possible if I hadn't restored the savegame function. After this Lara picks up the first key, which is called 'Read Diary' in inventory. (Important!) Next Lara goes through blades and rolling boulders, to get a second key. When she picks it up, examine inventory, and see that there is still one key in inventory, since it is called 'Read Diary.' Lara returns to near the beginning of the level and uses one key, and that is all there is. The second key doesn't register. Lara has to use the first key she finds in its keyhole, and only then get the second key and use it in its keyhole. So I repeated the entire game, making sure to use the first key Lara finds before going for the second key. At last the door opens, Lara travels a few meters into the corridor, and the game ends. I repeated everything for nothing. I found the good lighting to be helpful, but the texturing seems oddly lower resolution; the same textures in TR3 look much smoother. The bats are annoying, and the green lizards are thinking about something else and forget to attack Lara. The game play could be good, and the atmosphere and greenery are well done, but it is baffling that the author chose to inflict this level on players in its current state." - dmdibl (13-Oct-2010)
"I cannot say I quite share DJ Full's enthusiasm, but he does have a point in saying that despite (or rather because of) the inability to save in this level, it turns into a bit of an experts challenge. And if you choose to accept it as that, it can be fun in a strange kind of way. I, for one, started with enthusiasm, but it was stifled quickly when I failed somewhere along the way for and had to go back and shoot those lizards yet again for the fifth time. Eventually I did manage to get through in just under 15 minutes and it is quite achievable indeed, once you know the path and the tasks at hand, but yes, it is not a piece of cake to not make a mistake along those (generously) timed trapdoor jumps, rope swings, blade jumps and avoiding a few rolling balls. Speed Raiding for hardcore raiders so to speak - with solid but rather uniform India looks." - MichaelP (10-Aug-2010)
"You gotta to get used to the idea of this demo where you can't save the game. I hope this is an unwanted bug, otherwise the author should have also removed all the saving slots. Also and more importantly this fact should be advertised , noticed with big characters in some read-me file , it would be the least of the things to do ( and even better in the demo presentation on the host sites ), otherwise consumers may feel rightly so they are cheated on the product. The ingredients are otherwise rather good , the atmosphere is there , the texturing correct , the lighting could be worked on more so that Lara appears in 3D , too many bats and shootable pots , the green lizards are often stuck in walls , the course is logic , the tasks at hand are pretty good. I think that globally the level may have been a bit too easy if the possibility of saving was there as these individual tasks are not hard at all. Still you need to concentrate and observe all the time before going on. Even with prudence , observation , and timing , this demo is a discouraging sore. It must be said that the author has improved his skills a lot since the released of his 2 previous. It was worth while to wait, I am pretty confident that the whole game will be quite entertaining." - eRIC (10-Aug-2010)
"Why do I just LOVE annoying levels, full of mistakes or bugs, especially these projects which after the release were said to be unplayable? Because when almost everybody gives up, I find myself absorbing all their lost patience. It concentrates in me, giving me unnatural agility and filling my mind with infinite will to survive in the most extreme virtual environments. Unfortunately, Lara has no compass in this one... But it doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter some keys are called "Read diary". I know I shouldn't do this, but I explain myself Read Diary is some name of ancient jungle shaman. Also, inability to save doesn't disturb me. I found it rather challenging, but not so frustrating - not only because I got familiar with save inability fact before launching the game, but especially because I concentrated myself on the only one thing a player needs to be wary of during this game - the traps. Some of which are done very well. Not brilliantly, but definitely above average. They may seem to be impassable, but it's an illusion. You have plenty of time, and if you manage NOT TO PANIC and to work them out, no single medikit, weapon or ammo pack will be necessary for you to finish this level. Items as such will probably be useful in a part of a game that is not built yet. As long as You don't need them, you can either do a 10-minute speedrun through this level, or choose the 20-minute version including killing more enemies and picking up some more items. Regardless of your preferred raiding style, you'll be surprised how many things the author has managed to place on such small space. A passage full of beautiful plants, underwater and above the surface, with collision set variously, what makes you have an impression of real brossering through jungle shrubbery. A lot of well placed steam emitters, several battles, a swingrope, deadly pool, spike traps, blades, timed platforms, a tightrope... ALL OF THIS AND MORE packed with incredible density, in quite small rooms, what makes you feel like in a jungle cave, aware of the amount and volume of surrounding rocks isolating you from the rest of the world. You're outta civilisation, compressed in the lost temple as well as the remaining elements around you. This make you really integrate with them, as they are the only things you can rely on if you wanna proceed. All that immerses you and making you wanna explore. This is called... A RAID!!! It shows how good level Temple of Shiva will be when the full version is released. And even now, for the demo - it's so good I don't mind I can't save! After this magnificient adventure you finish the game so suddenly that you start to wonder if there is a huge, mysterious, unfinished part of Matias' project beyond the ending trigger. I was so suspicious I launched FexInspect and checked that. The answer is NO. It really IS the end of the level, and there's nothing more. Respect for the builder he didn't leave useless space behind the finish trigger. SUMMARY: One of the most underrated levels. Because many people dislike this cursed game saving problem. I have the only one, medical solution for this: "IF IT HURTS - DON'T TOUCH IT." Meanwhile, I recommend this level for any experienced raider. You'll be very satisfied when you finish this level. It's well worth playing. So I give 9 for gameplay and I don't mind what anyone else is gonna say." - DJ Full (09-Aug-2010)
"This demo level looks nice with the Tr3 India textures and seems to have a nice story line, but unfortunately has been released way to early as the game crashes every time you trying to save. There are plenty of traps that you will run into without warning. I have played this multiple times and maybe almost reached (I think) the end, but finally gave up frustrated because I had to replay from the beginning again. Object placement is also rather bad. If there is a pickup Lara must be standing in pixel perfect position to get it, otherwise a nearby object will prevent the pickup and if that wasn't enough the camera usually ends up behind some other object, which isn't helpful either. I wish the builder had tested this a bit more before releasing because it looks really promising and I definitely found the sound, lighting and general atmosphere in this level well done." - Blue43 (25-Jul-2010)
"I can't say the level itself wasn't very fine and I didn't enjoy the textures. The gameplay looked nice so far, it could be an interesting level. But there is a very, very big point that prevents going further: You can't save here. If you want to, the game freezes and you have to end it. Becuse of the rather challenging puzzles where you can die very fast, you can't solve them without reloading, which isn't possible. Another bad thing is the squeaking sound which happened to me sometimes at the beginning. Let's only hope that the builder improves that someadays. I think the first impressions on this game are good, if this mistakes weren't there, I would certainly like this game and rate it higher. But this demo is absolutely not recommendable." - manarch2 (21-Jul-2010)