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Author(s): teme9
total rating:9.80 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Adrian 9 8 10 10
Adriel 10 10 10 10
afzalmiah 10 10 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 9 10
dmdibl 9 9 10 10
Drakan 10 10 10 10
eTux 9 10 10 10
Jack& 9 9 10 9
Janny 10 10 10 10
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 7 10 10 10
Killer Gameplayz 10 10 10 10
Kosmos 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 9 10 10
Mary 9 10 9 10
McRaider 10 10 10 10
MichaelP 10 10 10 10
Minaru 9 10 10 10
Mister-B 10 10 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 10
Moonliteshadow 10 10 10 10
mugs 10 10 10 10
OverRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 10
Raider X 10 10 10 10
requiemsoul 8 9 10 10
Ruben 10 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Shandroid 10 10 10 10
TheStig 10 10 10 10
Valdive 10 10 10 10
Velociraptor 10 10 10 10
young Lara Croft 9 9 10 10
Zhyttya 8 10 10 9
category averages
(37 reviews)
9.51 9.78 9.95 9.95

Reviewer's comments

"Awesome jungle trle conquest fighting gorillas,alligators,cobras and much more.Try to find the 3 secrets, torches, flame, crossbow and enter into the place of magic. There's under water mazes the 2 Statues of Shiva that open the doors to another area with a switch puzzle to find a cog that leads you to the final area of magic and the final Boss Fight! great lighting, textures and action, you cant get much better than this trle for a jungle/tripped out magic adventure, had a great time playing it. Bravo teme9!!!" - Killer Gameplayz (27-Apr-2017)

"This is the best level I've played. It is a perfect level that takes you to a beautiful jungle with well hidden secrets and great strategies, the sound of the jungle is like a real jungle, the musics are great and peaceful. It is a hard level, it makes us think much, but this is a positive thing. I recommend that, this game gave me pleasure and I'm very satisfy with that. Great game! 10 for all!" - Velociraptor (05-Aug-2016)

"I don't think I have ever seen a jungle this close to reality. The steamy wilderness and the birds singing made me feel like I was there. Great gameplay, lighting, textures and atmosphere. One negative: having to fight Kali with pistols. The rest was excellent. Unmissable." - Ryan (21-Feb-2016)

"There's little things to point out negatively on this level. I loved the atmosphere, loved every single detail used to spice up the level and of course the music. Everything graphical was marvelous, it really felt realistic. The water effects were amazing, except the green light change whenever you enter the water...that was completely unnecessary and intrusive to the eyes of the player. Yes it does make it more realistic, more close to the real swamp (where inside the water the green color domains due to the pollution) but for a game it's not mandatory to look 100% realistic. Besides the green light, there were more little things which were buggy: pulling the ball was a good new puzzle, but it didn't work properly, as you need to be in the perfect angle for the trigger to work. Other than that there was at least two puzzles which were amazing to figure them out, the rest of the game consisted on pulling levers and opening doors. The mechanic behind the Final Boss was pretty sweet and well thought, but the flames were dispensable. Overall the puzzle itself was simple, but due to that you never get bored as you progress constantly and of course, the beautiful surroundings don't let you get frustrated or bored." - Zhyttya (19-Aug-2015)

"I made this level at its output and I remade with some pleasure. The author has corrected all the little mistakes of its previous levels and this is a level of beauty, not too hard but not very easy. The passage in suspended islands is wonderful for arrive at the final battle. Highly recommended." - Drakan (08-Mar-2015)

"I only award exceptional levels scores of 10. Reflection of Eternity takes what I'd previously considered exceptional, tears up the rule-book and left me breathless. Visually this is as accomplished as anything you could hope for. Teme9's work here is frankly staggering. The beautifully lit jungle ruins, the vegetation, the architecture and the fact that you keep stumbling across massive space after massive space in what is unbelievably a single level! Then there's the gameplay, which has some really neat touches. Just once you think you've got the measure of what's happening your thrown into a dark world inside a globe & later a magical layer (think floating islands from TR2, but how you always imagined a mystical world like that should REALLY look!). There's a nice Indiana Jones tribute of placing the stone on the plyth to save yourself from the advancing flames when retrieving the shiney cog too :) Other neat touches include the camera that slowly rotates when you leave Lara idle, or that when you build the pushable plinth the lighting throughout the level actually changes to show the passage of time :D I'll admit however I did get stuck once or twice (I'd never of thought to shoot bubbling pots in a pool to find a key), but overall the gameplay was well balanced and accessible to all players. Any criticisms? Only one comes to mind, which was that I didn't like the filter effect applied when you go under-water that just gives everything an overpowering glare/glow. All in all I netted 2 hour 50 mins from Reflection of Eternity. It is staggeringly beautiful and genuinely innovative. I'll wrap up the same way I did with the last level of Teme's that I played (The Mystery) simply by saying 1000% recommended! Stiggy :)" - TheStig (09-Sep-2014)

"Simply put one of the most impressive levels I came across in a long time. I played this a few months back but didn't review it up until now. What made me remember it was the beautiful surroundings, lush vegetation and stone temple textures combined with atmospheric lighting a masterpiece indeed! I don't have complains regarding the puzzles and gameplay, for me the everything was a pleasurable experience, occasionally found in a fan made level, I cannot recommend this enough, a high score for a beautiful level!" - young Lara Croft (04-Oct-2013)

"Oh my eyes! Just finished this thing and I can barely see anything after getting out of that flashy turbulent water... Yep, the level is sometimes too bright for me, but the color balance is flawless (and don't forget I play on LCD, so this might be a monitor issue of mine). I mostly have nothing to say against the game, except four things:
1) Pushblock density is a bit too great, sometimes I was close to lose patience.
2) There's a lack of consistency in customization: I mean there's a crawlspace roll applied but neither the roll-out move nor the faster shimmy, what can make the game speed jump or slow down rapidly.
3) I would add one hintful static camera to that 5-switch riddle, because light effects over the room successfully prevent the possibility to see from the balcony which trapdoors open/close, so the puzzle takes 2 times longer than it should.
4) There should always be an additional purpose pushing players to find secrets, except from their looks, even as pretty and theme-fitting as here.
All the rest is shiny, steamy, flashing, sparkling and very... jungly (?!?!!), bringing wonderful creature enemies, pl(a)nty of natural-looking floral beings and several nice puzzles topped with unique cog trap and gate hammer, all crowned with a very creative boss fight. And it's also a nice surprise that the black area containing one of Shiva Statues appeared not to be an ending but a sidequest container instead.
SUMMARY: I can belatedly confirm what the others say - this game is beautiful, organic and sometimes even magical. However something tells me the older Mystery will fit me better, because so far I always preferred subtle organic sceneries leaving peace in my heart than overwhelming NG-effect firework feasts. Progressing now to check that supposition immediately :D" - DJ Full (19-Sep-2013)

"I have to score this game 10 in every category. I had a bit of trouble getting it to run to begin with - don't know why - but once I ran it in window mode there were no more problems. The scenery is outstanding, beautiful. The puzzles are well thought out and the atmosphere, and sound great. I thouroughly enjoyed this level, congratualtions!" - Moonliteshadow (12-Mar-2013)

"One of the best jungle levels and the most beautiful and detailed graphics i have ever seen in custom level!!! I love jungle levels and i enjoyed this so much. I spent in this lovely single level 2 and half hours of net gameplay and loved every single second exploring and admiring such breathtaking beautiful realistic jungle. Perfect puzzles and gameplay, secrets were cleverly hidden (i found all 3 when i played it second time), beautiful atmosphere...and perfect ending battle with Shiva. There is no bad thing in this adventure...oh, wait..there is only one bad thing - that it`s only one single level and i want more :D I appreciate hard work of amazingly talented teme9 and all contributors, respect from me. A MASTERPIECE and mustplay for everyone. Absolutely full 10/10/10/10" - OverRaider (09-Jan-2013)

"There's just something immensely satisfying when you can start up a fan made game and know from the word go that you're about to experience something that could easily match anything from the original games, if not outdo them in some aspects. Such is the case with all Teemu's levels, but you don't even have to enjoy jungle/India inspired levels to appreciate what's so great about this game here. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've rarely seen more beautiful settings than the lush Indian ruins and even more so, the eerie magical pocket-dimensions with their shimmering lights, floating debris and other assorted eye-candy of various degrees of awesomesauce. It's almost futile to describe what's so great about this - the immersive settings, the great attention to details, the immense care each object and texture has been created with - any serious TR fan is doing him/herself a disservice by not playing this alone for the beauty of it all (although to level builders there's the added danger that you might sink in a depression and vow to never build again). I greatly enjoyed how some aspects - whether in settings, objects or enemy choice - were indirect throwbacks to the original India levels, but at the same time manageing to create a whole new, unique look of its own. While it never quite reached the lofty standards of the level's aesthetics, the tasks also help to make this a worthwhile raiding experience. I certainly would've loved some parts where the author attempts to think outside the box (always welcome in my book) to be just a tad more intuitive - i.e. it wasn't entirely clear what the tools were for when I found them, and even if one would suspect to approach one of the broken wooden structures, it didn't help that there was more than one in the same area. Most other tasks don't stray far from the possibilities offered by the editor and the new TRNG options. I wasn't enamoured by all of them (there could've been more in the way of the 5 switches puzzle), but they served the game well. Apart from the mentioned hiccups, the game flows very well, and I greatly appreciated the author's clever way of constructing the course. In the hands of a less capable master this could've been a confusing, non-linear mess, but in here, all falls into place soon enough. I suppose my biggest gripe was with the boss ending. I didn't find it to be unfair or unbalanced per se, I just really had no clue what was happening most of the time. Kali flashed in and out of existence - a sort of glowing thing she did hurt Lara, which might have made sense in some kind of conceptual way, but I found I could do nothing about it, so ended up just mechanically pumping Lara with medipacks until Kali died (fortunately they are not much needed before this if you exercise some basic caution throughout the game). As for Kali's one-liner - apart from it getting annoying to hear the same phrase over and over again, it just didn't make any sense, unless I missed some crucial pointer to what it was about. As far as I could tell, Lara wasn't using any magic at all, or was Kali just being ironic? This aside, there's little else to complain about. Do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in Teemu's world to see the best a custom TR game can offer. Found all 3 secrets." - eTux (22-Oct-2012)

"This is such a brilliant level! I am usually not too keen on jungle levels, but this one was great. Everything was done perfectly, and the magical places were so outstanding, especially the second one. The level isn't terribly difficult, but there are places where I had to check the walkie. I was a bit perplexed why teme9 decided to include gorillas in the level, as gorillas are not native to India, but that is really nitpicking. Excellent job!!" - Shandroid (16-Sep-2012)

"Oh. My. God. This level is just too good for words. I'm so impressed at how a builder can make an engine which is more than a decade old look this atmospheric and beautiful. The level editor definitely has evolved throughout the years. I was definitely very impressed with the level and I found myself just staring at the environment as I progressed through the level. The ideas for gameplay was really original and impressive in my opinion. The level isn't too hard with where to go and the puzzles are a bit diffucult but as you pregress to the end of the level, things start getting challenging. The only enemies I can think of are snakes, bats, gorrilas and the boss. The thing I was most impressed with was the enviroment and how the builder achieved to make such breathtaking scenery. I am extremely impressed with this builder and I am very looking forward to more levels that will definitely leave me speechless. Highly reccomended." - afzalmiah (12-Aug-2012)

"Seldom has it been so easy to review a level like this as it is simply an almost perfectly designed game. Nothing more to say but Thank You to Teemu but also to Paolone for the NGLE which makes it possible to design such masterpieces.Here comes a big bunchful of 10`s !!!" - Ruben (23-Jul-2012)

"another great work by teme9! A very convincing atmosphere remebering to the India-setting of TR3. Much effort must have been done to create this stunning environment. Lara remains in this location during the whole game, except from two trips to magical places with floating rocks and ilands. Although gameplay becomes a bit harder in the last third of the adventure - and it is a real one! - there are no really hard challenges The author created an absolute realistic atmosphere here, lghtning and textures were perfect. One of the best games of this year up to now." - Christian (22-Jul-2012)

"It is hard to describe this masterpiece of a level. I spent just over 3 hours in it at a leisurely pace, taking my time to enjoy the magnificent scenery and progressing deeper and deeper into this place with never too hard a task to manage, yet never a real moment of boredom or tedium along the way - very nice balance of gameplay and even the slightly more challenging timed runs had plenty of seconds to spare for the seasoned raiders among ourselves. I really liked how the next step was always kind of obvious, but took a little moment to be figured out and I only had to resort to the walkthrough twice - one of those times with the really clever idea of how to get around the moving fire trap. The magic moments and floating island sections in the middle and at the end are truly amazing and thick with atmosphere and even though Kali is not that hard to kill, her presence as a boss enemy works really well. If I had one or two complaints it may be the at times a little too dense vegetation or the not always fully obvious climbing walls, but those are very minor gripes on a truly stunning, commercial quality adventure. We, as a trle community, are truly blessed with so much talent out there. Do not miss out on this level!" - MichaelP (22-Jul-2012)

"You were thinking the prologue of "The Mystery" was already the greatest ? You were wrong ! Teme9 currently working on several projects. Here is an overview of "The Reflection of Eternity". A lush jungle (plants, trees and roots), incredible effects (sunlight, waterfalls, lighting effects in black areas), high resolution textures (including objects). Gameplay is very rich, with a lot of climbing and exploration. Puzzles are well managed too, for example items in several parts (for the wood structure) ou the Indiana Jones trap. The only thing I had trouble with are some details that I missed (the small pushable in the spikes hallway, the key in the shatter underwater, etc.). I also met some difficulties to beat the boss : many medipacks used ! But this level is so outstanding that every time I was stuck, I followed my research and I could finally finish it. The boss was pretty difficult to defeat : many medipacks used ! I found one secret out of three. I'm very envious when I see this work, I have to scratch my head to find how certain things have been implemented (with the editor), and when I find I can only applaud the mastery that teme9 has demonstrated to perform these wonders with so many quality. This level is absolutely perfect !" - Kosmos (04-Jul-2012)

"well what can i say ? ........teme9 made a excelent jobb ... graphics was stunning ......... maybee a bit too greenish moustly underwater but very nice builded jungle with alot off interesting ides like the ropes burning wich activate 2 hammers wich brake the walls alowing progres at new areas ........ at the end is alot off tricky jumps and the final fight with Khali ..... wich was a bit to tendious only with standard pistols ...... weponlry was a bit weack only standard pistols and a crossbow ........ but all in all a good riding recomanded ......." - Jack& (03-Jul-2012)

"Well, this level has been out for a while, I read the initial reviews, I downloaded and fired it up with a reliable advance knowledge of what to expect, and I was still mightily impressed. This is the kind of adventure that in a perfect world one would have to pay for. That we in the raiding community get to play it for free should be acknowledged for the privilege that it is. I waited until the D&G walkthrough became available for two reasons: (1) I would never have been able to figure it out on my own and (2) this is the kind of level where you want to be able to enjoy the scenery without having to worry about such details as to where to go or what to do next. I spent about two and a half hours here, and I never found myself irretrievably stuck. The surreal floating islands sequence at the end presented some jumping challenges, but the D&G walkthrough described everything quite clearly. The boss battle at the end would have been made a little more fair to the player with some heavier armament, but all I then had in my inventory was a pair of pistols and a crossbow with nary a single explosive arrow. (Playing in god mode helped here, especially since I was unable to avoid the flame blowers while trying to mow down Ms. Shiva.) This is a tour de force that should quickly make it into the Hall of Fame. Highest recommendations." - Phil (01-Jul-2012)

"A really nice, cute and playable game, As far as i could see i didnt find any error in textures, i was looking for one but couldnt find anything so its really good, the level looks fine i definetly loved the light green grass, the traps were ok wasnt that hard so anyone can play it even kids, the sounds were nice to hear you could relax a little bit on this beautiful minijungle,excellent work!" - Mary (01-Jul-2012)

"This level takes the new gen trle to higher levels indeed. Rather perfect FMVs but not the usual show off, they exust where they actually are supposed to exist. Great music, general atmosphere and settings with no visible flaws to the untrained eye at least and an adventure across the jungle, oh what an adventure, filled with clever puzzles and action scenes but nothing one could call "undoable" (a little less regarding the final Kali boss who is actually quite tough to defeat). A few parts spring to mind as most original: the construction of a scaffold, the dark "out of this world" place with the tiny magic light and all the jumps and the very last surreal part before meeting Kali. A wonder to look at and enjoy! This is as professional as it gets (and, please, everybody don't try to imitate and flood trle with India levels). I couldn't really rate it with any less than four perfect tens without becoming too strict on such a well done job. Congratulations!" - Jorge22 (01-Jul-2012)

"The level is really good in all aspects in my opinion. The effects that the author used, make this adventuremore realistic that any usual level you may find throghout the fan sites. The gameplay is very good and I think the challenges are very intuitive. The most tricky thing to discover about this game is how to defeat the final boss, but it's not that difficult too.I won't dweal talking on the gameplay because I think it is very good this way. I loved the effect of change from morning to afternoon in the level. The author made a good use of the NG features here. The exclusive itens were very creative too. A real masterpiece level was created here. I just imagine how much effort the author put to do this objects. It really deserves a very good rating!" - Adriel (27-Jun-2012)

"There are many reviews by now, and all of the superlatives are true. This adventure competes with recent official Tomb Raider games in its incredible rich scenery. Don't miss the special texturing, which may not always be obvious because of jungle undergrowth, grasses everywhere, climbing vines, thin roots embracing ruins. The ponds are filled with floating plants or waving grasses. Players are raving about this, although for me it was sometimes difficult to see what was going on, that this was a case where a bit less would have been more. In addition to the tangible jungle environment, there are two magical places, one dark with a flying light source for Lara, the other with fantastic lights and a central pink spinning sphere leading to a temple of Kali. Both magical places feature pillar jumps, and the last one is more difficult as fanciful lights get in Lara's eyes, so that in places it isn't clear where a pillar ends. A battle with Kali is the grand finale, in which she taunts Lara and radiates power to drain Lara of health. I had trouble because of corner rotating flame emitters and the small space, so Lara can barely flee or evade. Eventually, Lara did nothing, or at least hardly moved, and that worked. Lara appears and starts shooting Kali with arrows, and keeps doing this with at most minor sidestepping, taking medipacks as needed (don't shoot when Kali is radiating). When the arrows are exhausted, use pistols for a short time, close in on Kali, and she falls, still proclaiming that Lara's magic is powerless to defeat her. Throughout this is beautiful; appearance and atmosphere are unbeatable. Puzzles and effects are superb. I sat and laughed at Lara taking time to construct a heavy-duty scaffold. But I could not have finished with all secrets without Dutchy and Gerty's detailed and helpful walkthrough. I had to stop and replay the entire adventure with the walkthrough. There are places where players can't see. Even trying to submerge in a pool of water late in the game, there are blinding lights, maybe reflections at the surface, and a tangle of grasses underwater that makes it maddening to navigate. On my computer it seemed that the Next Generation engine was being pressed to its limit. The adventure ends with another great addition, a final scene of Lara back with her prize, for a satisfying conclusion." - dmdibl (27-Jun-2012)

"After playing this awesome level I keep wondering why are they still releasing new Tomb Raider games when it so obvious they can't compete with the ones you create. Everything was amazing, and the space-like parallel universe was incredibly beautiful (and the slopy part was fun). The jungle areas were pretty realistic too, and the various waterfalls along the game are just the peak of perfection. I must admmit I was pretty lost when I had to pick up the shiny whel. I didn't guess I should replace it with a rock, it was a nice thing to discover. The final battle was exciting and it did last long enough to enjoy and not to get bored. And the beggining and the end of the game were astoniching, with the magnificent animation.Great job!" - Minaru (26-Jun-2012)

"Everything in this level has been polished up to perfection and it shows. And not only with graphics: the puzzles require logical thinking. The surroundings are very detailed and there are many new objects, not to mention a big amount of plants and trees in a savage jungle. The light effects deserve a honorable mention: one of the best I've ever seen. The contrast between jungle's light atmosphere and the dark sequence's gloom is unpredictably great and fresh. There are some very nice tiny details like the rolling landscape in a crystal ball and the greenish orb that follows Lara like a cherub. The final fight is not just about shooting and jumping around, there's an actual tactic to be figured out. Awesome level with a huge amount of eye candy and a must-play for everyone." - Valdive (26-Jun-2012)

"This level is set in ruins that, whether intentionally or not, feel quite evocative of TR3's India. Being a Teme9 level this has stunning presentation and visuals, including intro and outro FMV's. I do think The Mystery looks a bit better, but this probably comes down to personal preference, and it's still up with the best of the best. It's also full of little touches like new visual effects and meshes.
Gameplay feels like it's lacking a little of the wow factor that the visuals have, it's still very enjoyable with little wrong with it, and there are some nice new object uses and puzzle ideas (without getting too obtuse), but I felt it lacked a certain something for me to go all the way. There are still some great surprises though, like being warped off to strange realms after certain tasks. There's also a decently satisfying conclusion. As expected from Teme9 this is a must-play." - Mman (24-Jun-2012)

"Seldom one can sit down and get entertained by such an overwhelmingly fantastic level with a fantastic setting changing between Jungle and two surreal areas, with the light as your guide in the first and the spectacular surroundings in the second one, that were so hugely beautiful that only the glance on these areas makes the atmosphere worth getting full 10 points. Not that the Jungle areas stands much behind them - I usually don't like them too much but Teemu presented the classic setting into something refreshingly new and added a lot of great gameplay that often misses in Jungle type levels. The puzzles in this level are very cleverly put together as we got to expect from this builder - items you can combine several times to finally... well this scene has to be seen to be believed, so I won't spoil your gameplay experience here. As this is a single level the map is very large and after the start quite a huge area can be explored as well as you have to return to some of the places again later on (but no heavy backtracks I can promise) so that getting oriented in this large game might cause problems at first, but if you are the observant you won't be stuck for long. Still I think the gameplay could be a bit better as the trapdoor/monkeyswing puzzle (even if ingenious) was a little bit of trial and error and the actions before finally entering the last surreal area seemed a bit too much prolonged a bit (too long block pushes, the not very engaging climbing room that needs to be done twice etc.), but this are really only small complaints of me and I clearly can see progression even from The Mystery, the builder's last release. Now speaking of visuals - texturing, lighting - they were nothing but great! I could only find one small mistake in the texturing with some of the pillars having not really wrongly, but strangely rotated wall textures, but else than that the whole level was pleasing to the eyes and lighting was superb throughout. So what else can be said? Three secrets to find in this level of which I had luck to find them all as they were well hidden, not very hard perhaps but in great locations where some players simply wouldn't search if they didn't play a Taras level before ;). The enemy variety was very great and absolutely fitting to the setting with small gorillas, the TR 3 reminiscent snakes and many others - only the fight with Kali at the end seemed a bit unfair to the players for me as you have a very limited space to shoot at her and this space is even more smaller due to the really enerving rotating fire traps - maybe those could have been left away. Also it's still a mystery to me why Lara looses health when she shoots at her too long, but I got used to it and only needed two medipacks for the fight which can be easily conserved before. The custom objects were great, as the not- to-be-specified sequence, the hammers breaking the doors after burning the ropes or the whole lot of greenery throughout the whole level helping to create this great ambience. All in all this is the next masterpiece of this builder with a lot of great stuff to experience and shouldn't wait too long to get into the HoF - well deserved!" - manarch2 (22-Jun-2012)

"A very professional looking effort, richly deserving the accolades this level is getting for atmosphere, lighting & textures etc. I didn't feel any of the tasks were too hard - and wouldn't mark them down even if they were. Some of the puzzles were nicely executed and the secrets were quite easily found. The final Kiri battle was I thought a little anticlimatic after all that effort to get to her, as I just let Lara stand & shoot, using medpacks as required, so no real gameplay involved. Overall a very nice level." - Adrian (15-Jun-2012)

"Just a world: WHOUAAAA Everything is perfect in this level. To beginning to the end, it was a real pleasure to play it. A very good gameplay (the stone on the piedestal is just great). Few new enemies (cobras, spiders, Kali^^). The atmosphere and the lighting are EXELLENT, the level is not dark (exept in the dark place with the shiva statue ... but this place is just great and the small light with lara is so lovely). The end in the flying zone is perfect and the last moment with Kali too. There are also fmvs and there rae just beautifuls .. like a real game from Eidos. Certainly one of the best level of the community. Thanks a lot Teme9 for this game. Very recommended." - BigFoot (14-Jun-2012)

"Yeah! Really the most impressive level I've played until the moment. Fantastic atmosphere with all kind of special effects, incredible architecture and an environment which make you think you're playing a professional game. Excellent. I lowered the score in the gameplay (I've enjoyed it a lot) 'cause several too difficult tasks which forced you to reload, reload, reload and try it excessive times: one point for the very tricky running jump to the slope with twist in midair and a final hard curve to grab a crack in the cascades area; another point for the very tricky running jump in the final area between floating ledges from the very corner to another very corner; and finally another point for the final fight with sheevah, it was really hard, Lara loses her health very fast, there are few medipacks and shooting only with the pistols a very heavy boss like this is simply ridiculous. All this are features I never found in an oficial game. I expect that future releases will not include unnecessary annoying tasks like this." - Jose (13-Jun-2012)

"Good Job!. Excellent lighting and the "Indiana Jones-style" fire trap is genius. Nevertheless I enjoyed it less than "Tomb Raider: The Mystery" or "The Treasure of the Lost Spanish Galleon"" - requiemsoul (13-Jun-2012)

"Again the author brings us an excellent adventure in a great place full of very good effects and an atmosphere as never seen before in games of this type.Everything seems to be in his place and serving its purpose, a wonderful recreation of the jungle and its ruins...puzzles very well created and resourceful and very few moments where the player is stuck, jumps to me are easy and I think they were well designed and not hard to do.Always a pleasure playing games created by Teme9 and waiting for the next adventure...the best of 2012 in my opinion, presentation, textures, atmosphere and gameplay make it a "must have it" in your collection!!" - McRaider (13-Jun-2012)

"Oh! How I loved the beauty of this game! As you can tell from my scores, I believe games just don't get any better than this one. It packs a powerful punch at every turn - whether or not it is the venue that just soaks you into it's heat and lush landscape - each texture lovingly applied to perfection - or the fabulous adventure of exploration - puzzles to be solved using wonderful new objects. Enemies that have been re-designed to the highest degree of believability include spiders, crocodiles, cobras, the Shiva, bats (butterflies - beautiful, but not on the enemy list), and gorillas. The sounds play such a great part in this game - they truly do contribute to the overall atmosphere. One of the coolest things I've yet to see in a game is the magical transformation from day to night - it added such a great degree of variety and difficulty to the tasks at hand - spectacular! Lara's adventure to capture the Reflection of Eternity was worth every step of the way. Thank you so much teme9 - now get cracking on the next one because I can't wait!" - Mugs (11-Jun-2012)

"I've never encountered a custom game that made me mouth "oh my god" as soon as the menu popped up. And the oh my gods just kept coming the more I played, because this is just about everything I wanted out of a custom level. It's peaceful, unpretentious, fun (something which is often replaced by obscure raids these days). But the best part is that it makes you nostalgic for the classics. It has the jungle theme and the boulder crashes and within only two minutes of gaming I wanted to go high-five the level builder because his/her creation is exactly the sort of stuff I was waiting for in 2006 when Legend announced that it was "going back to its roots". This is the sort of stuff that makes me feel like I'm actually playing a classic TR, only in 2012. This is how it's done. I never thought I'd ever find a level that I'd just have to give 10s all round, but this one definitely deserves it." - Janny (11-Jun-2012)

"The atmosphere in this level is terrific; you can almost smell the steamy heat of the jungle, and the whole thing is exquisitely well made. There's an absolutely magical section of the game, where Lara is transported to a night-time setting high up among beautifully lit trees and later on another floating islands type environment that has an underwater look to it - these have to be two of the most beautiful areas I've ever seen in the history of Tomb Raiding. Seriously. The gameplay is inventive and absorbing, with some excellent puzzles. The agility tests and timed runs are challenging, but not fiendish, which is just the way I like them. Enemies are scarce and easily dealt with up until the final boss ending with Kali - that really does get the adrenalin going. Superb in every respect." - Jay (11-Jun-2012)

"Although the other reviewers have probably written about everything that is magnificent, I can only add that they are right. This level has everything and is absolute perfection. Please play this level, you will love it. This level will probably lead the hall of fame for a long time. I hope there is more from this author." - Mister-B (11-Jun-2012)

"Lets just start by saying, this game is brilliant!! I have downloaded a lot of custom levels but this is one of my favorites. Lara has no new abilities, but that makes no difference to me. Gameplay&Puzzles: Great job here!! I loved the FMV sequences!! The area's you play are gorgeously built. It felt like I was playing a brand new TR by Crystal Dynamics!! Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Brilliant again! Beautiful surroundings! I could not fine 1 secret ( Didn't really try :D) Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The camera was always at my side, the music fit beautifully and it really felt like I was in a jungle, in a distant dark space-like place, and inside a spirit realm. Lighting & Textures: Once again, amazing! The only thing that bothered me through this game was the green-ish effect when swimming underwater!! This game is a masterpiece from beginning to the end!!" - Raider X (10-Jun-2012)
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