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Author(s): Tolle87
total rating:6.35 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 7 6 6
eRIC 8 6 7 4
Gerty 7 6 6 5
Jay 8 7 7 6
Jose 7 6 7 6
manarch2 7 6 6 4
MichaelP 7 6 7 6
Nina Croft 8 6 7 5
Orbit Dream 7 4 5 5
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 7 7 7 6
Taras 7 7 6 6
TheStig 7 6 6 5
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.23 6.23 6.46 5.46

Reviewer's comments

"The main thing that lets this otherwise solid and enjoyable 75 minute long adventure down is (like in the builder's debut) the uninspired and blandly textured scenery and a few end of the world issues in places). This point is actually a bit of a shame because, with a bit more time and effort spent on sprucing up the environments, it could have been both great fun and wonderful to look at. The atmosphere holds its own thanks to some nostalgic classic TR music choices, but it's nothing to shout about. Still, it's a pretty neat level in the gameplay category. There's some nifty pushable puzzles, uses of elevators (lifts to us English folk), some fun gymnastics and challenging swimming exercises that make the time spent worthwhile." - Ryan (30-Apr-2019)

"This 80 minute level gave more entertainment value than my scores would suggest,but not even the most lenient reviewer could overlook the plain and often scrappy texturing;nor the basic lighting.The atmosphere (although aided somewhat by the evocative TR1 music score) never really amounts to much;and enemies are very thin on the ground - so it really all comes down to the Gameplay;and that is surprisingly creative and entertaining.A terrific buzz-saw gauntlet;a nifty rolling boulder challenge;some head-scratching block pushing puzzles;and loads of "what am I supposed to do in this huge multi-ledged room,then?" scenarios. A timed run or two wouldn't have gone amiss;and there seemed an overabundance of elevating floors and blocks (which felt more like gimmicks than actual puzzles);but it entertained consistently,and that's enough to make this completely recommendable." - Orbit Dream (04-May-2015)

"If you look past the massive bare rooms which all need a little TLC in terms of lighting and texturing there's actually some quite good gameplay here. I don't think I've ever seen this many elevators used in a single level. If the author can continue to refine their visuals I think they will do well. Stiggy" - TheStig (04-Apr-2015)

"Creative comes to mind after playing this level. There are puzzles and at certain places some jumping but better look first as the going isn't all straight forward. Nice use of elevators though. Rooms are huge and bare; textures need a lot of TLC. I could have used some more flares as at my end it was rather gloomy and I had a hard time finding the last door, also because the flare bug kicked in. The builder forgot to disable the amount of fires he used in this level." - Gerty (05-Oct-2012)

"This is an Egyptian level of the old school, and even though it's hot off the press it looks curiously dated. The lighting is fine, but the surroundings are drab and lifeless. I suspect it would have looked a lot better had the latest game engine been used. Gameplay isn't bad at all, and it's complicated enough that I'm glad the builder provided a walkthrough with the download. Even with its help I spent a bit more than an hour from start to finish. Not a classic by any means, but fun to play. And that's all I ask of any level." - Phil (02-Oct-2012)

"At the start of this level, I didn't think I would enjoy it at all since, to put it bluntly, it doesn't look very inspiring with its rather crudely applied, stretched textures and obvious end of the world issues. Luckily, it plays better than it looks - a lot better actually. The gameplay is a very nice balance of agility tests, puzzles and enemies, with the difficulty level set at moderate. I should think any player with a bit of experience would be able to get through with comparative ease. I had a lot of fun with it, but if only this builder could match his actual building skills to his obvious ingenuity we could really be in for a treat." - Jay (02-Oct-2012)

"I don't know why, but this level feels like the direct sequel to Michael's debut level I recently played, because of the rather crude usage of the texture set but still rather interesting gameplay elements throughout. The only reason why I am not rating this level equally is the constant darkness in the second half of this level, from which even the gameplay suffered - the actions even if quite original changed into dull tasks that only dragged on and on. Apart from that, the four tasks at the beginning at the level were all really greatly put together, with creative usage of already existing structures like the rotating blade trap, a pushable puzzle and elevators. The two secrets close to the end were well hidden but I would have appreciated if there was an airpocket when finding the second one, as I had to consume medipacks to be able to get through alive; the camera work is actually engaging with good sound applications, but there's nothing really outstanding atmospherewise because of the rather drab setting. All in all this game would be so much better if the builder had cared for a little more player-friendly and attractive visuals. Spent 45 entertaining minutes in this level." - manarch2 (01-Oct-2012)

"Maybe this is trying to do what the Fenician Temple series did: illustrate a number of different puzzles. Indeed, some of the puzzles and gameplay here are pretty good, whether it is sorting out push blocks, or evading a large rotating blade. Work has gone into making sure that all jumps work. But there are two things weighing everything down. One is the dull atmosphere and lighting, with uninspired texturing, so that there isn't much to look forward to in the way of eye candy. The other is that the author has included a helpful walkthrough with the level, so players can quickly see how to get started, and maybe this has substituted for hints within the level itself. Using the walkthrough one could probably play this in an hour, or hour and fifteen minutes. I would have preferred camera hints also. For instance, with that large rotating blade, a camera could have swept over the loop that Lara has to run, then focused on the ladder she must twist and jump to. It might not be amiss to have a camera angle showing that an elevator is going to rise up into a curtain of fire so that players can anticipate, which always adds to the fun. At the end, there are several switches before a large section becomes flooded. Why not have a camera show which switch to start with? I mean that the inclusion of a walkthrough is to be commended and is appreciated, but it would be more fun for some players if hints or leads were within the level itself. (The flyby for the flooded area is good.) The level is considerably better than the author's first level, although boxy architecture can make players feel weary." - dmdibl (30-Sep-2012)

"Well, this level has its great side (gameplay and puzzles) and its bad side (lighting, texture, overall architecture), so it is a bit difficult to give a review when I have such mixed feelings about it. As I said, the architecture of this level is basic, rooms are generic, blocky and not pretty at all, and the outdoor area is missing the horizon. Furniture and decoration are almost non-existent, and moreover, pillars and walls have not been divided into sectors properly, thus textues are stretched and contain millions of cracks. Enemies are few and diverse: bats, ninjas, crocs, dogs, there are two secrets to pick up which are not at all difficult to find, and lighting ranges from very poor to very nice in darker rooms. Too bad that the builder haven't paid more attention to the beauty of the level and to the texturing. I cannot help but feel that he used "texture all walls/floor/ceiling" button too often. On the other hand, gameplay is very dynamic and good, puzzles are very cleverly designed (push puzzles, levers, raising blocks, etc), traps are also excellent, and should the architecture and atmosphere have been better, the level might have been much highly rated. Camera hints are almost always there and that is also a good side. There are some minor problems with sound, but overall, it's decent. Also, the builder should have worked on his script in order to avoid having keys named "Load" in the inventory. Also, a few pick-ups should have also been good, at least a couple of flares for darker areas. Here, Lara can pick up one small medipack, two crystals (secrets) and one amulet. Platforming is great, and sometimes traps and jumps are not easy to be passed. I hope that the builder will spend more time building architecture and texturing his levels in his future projects. In this way, his great ideas for puzzles and platforming would be much more appreciated by the players." - Nina Croft (29-Sep-2012)

"Better than the previous one from this author, this level has some fresh ideas, with variety of tasks and some interesting puzzles (the puzzles with the moveables). Not difficult to play with a lineal gameplay, very few enemies, the rooms are still too huge with a monotonous texturization, many times with stretched textures, and lights are not well worked. Architecture is quite simple, only with square and rectangle rooms; also there are very few ornaments and objects (poor decoration) but even so the level is worth to play. Please, continue so. ;)" - Jose (28-Sep-2012)

"A One hour level that will never win any beauty price ( walls not segmented enough so you have stretched textures, uneven lighting, ... ), but presents an interesting gameplay , globally straightforward with a four quests section in the middle, with good ideas along the way. In the first part of the level , Lara died quite a few times , until another option of doing things is thought of. The pushblock puzzles are intelligently made, there are some fun jumps to perform, what is asked from the player is not his agility skills but a bit of thinking or observation at times. The level remains quite fluent , it is imho hard to get stuck. Not many enemies. Some TR3 audios. Recommanded level." - eRIC (28-Sep-2012)

"A level without great pretensions, with environments and graphics unappealing. The walls sometimes are not divided and the textures are excessively long. The best thing is a puzzle well studied with some pushable. The gameplay shows some ideas that could be better developed but the thing on which Tolle must work harder is the graphics. Even the atmosphere is penalized by a graphic approximate." - Taras (28-Sep-2012)

"The second level by the author and if you have played the first, you will be recognizing a certain style. For better and for worse that is, as yet again there are good an creative gameplay ideas here, with a mix of block push puzzles, use of elevators and such, and there is a decent amount of jumping and platforming, the occasional traps and very few enemies. On the downside, most of the rooms are very bare and square, often rather oversized and the texturing is fairly generic and repetitive. Lighting and sound was reasonably ok though and the hub room with the four areas for the keys worked pretty well. There are two secrets towards the end of this hour long adventure that will likely manage to entertain you if you can overlook its lack of eye candy." - MichaelP (27-Sep-2012)
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