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Author(s): Scoobykah
total rating:5.64 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 4 7 6 6
dmdibl 4 5 7 8
eRIC 4 4 4 4
Gerty 3 4 4 5
Jay 5 6 8 8
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 5 6 7 8
MichaelP 5 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 3 6 6 6
Ryan 4 5 7 7
Taras 5 5 5 6
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.27 5.45 6.18 6.64

Reviewer's comments

"In retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea to release this first part as a standalone level, as it is now, it seems to be more like a demo than anything else due to many areas seemingly being left untouched by the time I reached the final flyby. The textures are quite nicely placed (although the lighting is too dull to appreciate them properly), but Lara's modified animations did not endear themselves to me and the gameplay as a whole is rather uninvolving, mainly consisting of around 20 minutes of meagre exploration and no puzzles. If a full version should be released, then a lot more work needs to be invested." - Ryan (01-May-2019)

"A bit of an oddity this one and not only because of some odd animations put in place for our Lara, which I did not like very much and which really looked out of sync when pulling underwater switches. What you get is 20 minutes of roaming around in a rather good looking, if a little dark, Catacombs environment, with a few rather mild traps to navigate and some very simple tasks to do. The one secret is sort of funny, but easy to miss, as there are no camera hints in the level at all - not that it needs them, as progression is obvious. There is also a view of a hedge maze which thankfully we do NOT get to explore. This feels like a promisinig but unfinished effort that maybe was released a little too prematurely." - MichaelP (06-Jan-2013)

"The author should write and advice in the readme file so you don't waste the time looking for the second star :( , evenmore if you can see unexplored areas and dead ends. The appearance is not so bad, tasks are easy and high resolution textures give a nice touch, but we'll wait for another kind of surprises and challenges in the final release." - Jose (19-Oct-2012)

"First impressions are good, as appearance is striking: careful texturing and attention to detail. Lara is in an atmospheric catacombs, with new moves to jump up (although new swimming animations aren't as pleasing as the originals). However, gameplay is unfinished, and soon I began to wonder if this really is a demo, or more likely an abandoned level. It seems similar to an abandoned level for which I did a walkthrough. If the author ran out of inspiration, which I suspect, it is a pity this may go to waste. So one sees things like stars already in receptacles, blue gems unreachable, or spikes that pop down into a water channel where Lara can escape by just leaping over the water. Sounds are missing. Mixed feelings for this one, in about half an hour of play. We can hope there really is a Part 2." - dmdibl (16-Oct-2012)

"Part 1, nah... this is a demo, so don't be fooled and as I keep saying this is not the way to figure out if you have something worthwhile. Take a good team of testers, that gives you much more satisfaction. For now, dull lighting, textures are applied ok as far as I could see. Not enough flares to have a good look around. Swimming animations are bad, when Lara stops half her body is under the solid floor. Also the UP-jump is counterintuitive, strange why one would choose that move. Spikes had no sound in my download (as well as the underwater levers) and some objects have a huge collision, nasty. But you are on your way for a nice game." - Gerty (14-Oct-2012)

"Is this supposed to be a Demo? If so,then it completely misses the point of such a sneak peak,as I actually want to give this level a miss when the complete version is released. It seems that around 60% of the level,although explorable,serves no purpose as it currently stands;so you'll waste much time traipsing around areas which currently exist for no clear reason. The textures,although well placed,are not best served by a flat and grey lighting scheme;Lara's animations have been pointlessly tampered with (her swimming animation is ludicrous);and whoever thought of re-assigning her climb-up command to the Down Arrow key needs to take a serious look at the dictionary definition for the word 'sensible'. If you know where to go,you can be through this in about 20 minutes;but you may equally wander around for hours.Either way,it doesn't leave me seriously anticipating the final release - which is a pity." - Orbit Dream (14-Oct-2012)

"From the title I expected a full size level but in reality it's just a short demo, that of course is no problem but it could have been put in the title or at least in the readme for the players know what to expect. As a demo however it's quite alright, especially as a debut, of the usual beginner errors only some missing sounds are present. The architecture is okay, texturing is very well done. Unfortunately the level is quite dark, we're given enough flares though. Some places showed that the builder tried to play with directed lighting, there should be much more of those instead of simply turning down the overall lighting level. The new anims were poor choice IMO, if you stop underwater Lara always moves into vertical position compared to the camera, hindering orientation and the ability too look around comfortably, from the jump/roll she can't hit the ground running, these bothered me. Gameplay is okay, although the shortness of the level and the numerous places that were seen but couldn't be reached made me left wanting some more. Nevertheless it's a promising attempt and I'm looking forward to the full version." - Akcy (14-Oct-2012)

"More than just a first part it seems to me a level incomplete. Also the first part of a level should allow the player to perform certain actions that bring it to complete the level. In this instead you retrieve objects, such as the crowbar, that you will not use, or other objects shown in a view that cannot be recovered, and even environments indicated by fixed cameras that you will not be able to achieve. Also to finish the level you need to insert only one puzzle item, a star, when instead there are two puzzle hole, side by side, and the player may never end the level if continues to search for the second star, and he doesn't insert the one that has already found. However, the textures are nice and well applied and the atmosphere is pleasant." - Taras (08-Oct-2012)

"It's lucky this is quite clearly stated as part one, because I was left with a feeling that there were oh so many things still to accomplish after just under 30 minutes of gameplay. This is a nicely built, quite atmospheric little level - fairly straightforward and readily achievable, but interesting all the same. Am I looking forward to part two? Yes I am, especially as I'm intrigued to know who was greeting Lara at the end of the level. For a debut, this is very promising." - Jay (05-Oct-2012)

"More than often during this game I had the feeling to raid oldstyle level that only pretends to be modern. While it contains a lot of new technical devices like the plethora of animations and objects, the gameplay was not much more than finding and placing items known from TR 4 - what about some creative puzzles?; shooting the occasional enemy and getting confused because there are no cameras for the player giving hints on what a certain lever or placing an item did; the darkish atmosphere is not really disturbing but because of that it's easy to miss the crowbar that is too well hidden in my opinion. Moreover, the "modern stuff" isn't very well executed either - the animations are often faulty (e.g. when using an UW lever), additionally there were a lot of missing sounds (e.g. when using an UW lever...). While the texturing and lighting are mainly good even if a little too dark, there were a few mistakes such as paperthin walls near the maze. The game ended very abruptly but in a somewhat intriguing way after 20 minutes and I didn't even find the secret, but a lot of rooms are not explored yet." - manarch2 (02-Oct-2012)

"Strange level in a kind of Greek setting which has potential. It's probably the first one of a complete adventure but you may rather consider it as a demo to not be too much disappointed at the end. After 23 minutes , when placing the only star I found in one of the 2 receptacles , the level ends after a flyby. I wonder where is the other star and how it would be useful then (as placing it in the second receptacle triggers the exact same thing) , and I did not get the blue gem which I think may be the goal of Lara's presence here. You can reach places that are a dead end at least for now. Some rooms can be atmospheric lookwise but there is no real atmosphere. Useless fixed cameras and no useful cameras when you trigger something . Some very good light effects in a few places but a very dull lighting all over the place. Some nice textures and a texturing which is correct generally , but thin walls. And many missing sounds for the bats , the spikes , the corridor blades , the little spiders ... Despite all these little things that need to be fixed , the author has made a good effort for his first level , but I don't think it was a good idea to release this part without the rest, for as it is the level does not makes a lot of sense." - eRIC (02-Oct-2012)
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