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Author(s): Pascal Scherer
total rating:4.30 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 3 3 2
Cory 3 3 3 4
DJ Full 7 5 4 2
eRIC 4 4 3 3
EssGee 5 4 4 4
Gerty 5 5 5 5
Jay 6 5 5 4
Jose 5 5 6 4
manarch2 4 3 3 2
MichaelP 6 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 5 5
Phil 5 5 5 5
Ryan 5 4 5 4
SeniorBlitz 4 5 4 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
4.71 4.36 4.29 3.86

Reviewer's comments

"For an uncomplicated little respite of a level, this is quite nice actually. The gameplay is actually progressively simple, once you realise that you have to work from a multi-tiered structure and solve different tasks in order to clear the way to the end of the level. I liked the hiding places of the three secrets too. Admittedly, it won't set your world alight, the texturing and lighting is rather bland and the ninja attacks were more of an annoyance than actual enjoyable battles, but it's fun while the short duration lasts." - Ryan (13-Feb-2018)

"This is very uninteresting level, while it’s not that bad, It doesn’t feel very complete, and in some places it felt very rushed (since there are stretched textures in some places), the enemy placement was very cheap. The puzzles are somewhat simple, and the challenges that you have to go through are somewhat difficult (especially the one with the fire and the spike balls), but, I will give credit to the secrets, since some of them were challenging to find. I won’t say I didn’t have fun with, but, this doesn’t have much going for, only play this as a pastime at the maximum." - SeniorBlitz (04-Dec-2017)

"An incredibly uninspired Egyptian debut level that is just not very fun to play, feeling incredibly drawn-out by the end of it all, including a few gameplay tasks so arbitrary tedious to the point of frustration(with hardly noticeable lighting effects, generally poor texturing and bland use of standard TR4 objects/enemy ninjas not doing much to help matters.) Personally wouldn't recommend this one at the end of the day, but if you must insist on going through it regardless, approach at your own risk." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2015)

"For a builder's first level, this is not a bad effort, but there are a few beginner mistakes that are pretty noticeable. Gameplay is basic, in some parts fun, and in other parts pretty tedious (I'm referring specifically to the pushable block 'puzzle'). You find and place a Hand of Sirius on each floor so you may escalate the tower, which culminates in a nice flipmap changing the lava to water. One of the glaring beginner 'mistakes' is the ending of the level. After running through the level for about 20 minutes, you reach a dead-end, which is where the finish trigger is placed. It's always a bit of an anti-climax when you play through a level just to finish at a dead-end. The other main mistake is the 'Ninjas appearing out of thin-air', it's important to trigger them outside of Lara's field of vision. Texturing and lighting are both fairly basic, with wallpapered textures, and lighting consisting of shadow bulbs. Overall, not a bad first effort, but with plenty of room for improvement. 20 minutes, 2 secrets." - Cory (31-Jul-2013)

"If architecture and textures were more worked I think the ratings could be better. Gameplay is not bad, but sometimes the author could give hints so the player can know how to proceed, like in the floor with many levers; only one is necessary to show the ladder, but I couldn't find a hint to know this (trial and error). Also rooms are too huge with no objects or decoration, and texturization is monotonous, but not a bad debut to begin the building task. Come on!" - Jose (20-May-2013)

"This isn't bad for a debut level. A lot better than I could have done. No doubt it would have been much better received had it been released back in 2000. We've come a long way since then. Still, there are things to do here and it's not a complete cake walk. When I played the first time I missed two secrets. (I found three in all, hope that's it.) The highlight, if you want to call it that, is making your way up a multi-tiered structure so that you can change the lava below to water and make your exit. This is a pleasant 20-minute adventure that beginners can play to hone their skills." - Phil (01-May-2013)

"This 20 minute debut level really does show promise. It's competently, if somewhat uninspiringly built, but I really liked the idea of making one's way up the central tower with puzzles to solve on each level. OK, there's nothing at all challenging going, but I definitely came away with the feeling that this is a builder to watch in future." - Jay (16-Apr-2013)

"This debut level from Pascal is not bad. The relationship doesn't get off to a flying start as in the opening second of the level, I see an end of world view, spike hole textures not matching the spike position and an urgently required jump to safety to avoid the spike pit. Making our way through this 30 minute level, there is much evidence of the classic first-timer mistakes. Big bland boxy rooms with bland wallpaper texturing, and mostly a lack of atmospheric lighting. So, in the looks department it's not much to write home about. On the positive side, it looks like the author has done his homework and studied the TRLE manual tutorials, with many of the basic concepts applied properly here. Gameplay! Yay there's actual gameplay ideas, that make up the multideck tower. Although somewhat trial and error, there are the signs of common sense with the use of texture clues or at least allowing the player to see his potential options in the path one must negotiate. Definitely deserving of an encouragement award , with the hope that in future levels the author pays more attention to constructing interesting room geometry and experiments more with lighting and room ambience." - EssGee (14-Apr-2013)

"Having played this one directly after 17 BtB levels, this level feels heavily uninspired and pointless. Apart from the end of the world moment, the starting area looked somewhat agreable, but the rest of the level seems to be done in a haste and does look very primitive, especially the walls of the area with the tower. The gameplay has some decent ideas within the series of puzzles you need to solve to climb the tower (though I didn't understand the meaning and logic of the switch puzzle yet), and the jumps across the fires were quite nice. Spent 15 minutes in here and found four secrets." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2013)

"A"concept" level with no great atmosphere , basic design and texturing, but proposing some gameplay . None of the tasks are excessively complex nor innovative , but they are well made. The riddle with the fire tiles and the couple of spiked balls required a bit of thinking. There is no glaring bugs , and it's rather solidly built. Found only 2 secrets [25 minutes] 4 4 3 3" - eRIC (06-Apr-2013)

"A new builder at the building firmament, always a good sign. Of course there are the usual beginner mistakes but the idea is a good one. A nice little romp with an indeed spectacular dive at the end. Now concentrate on building smaller and a bit less box rooms. Try to divide the walls a bit better as well as avoiding cracks and bob's your uncle." - Gerty (03-Apr-2013)

"Not a bad effort for a debut using the basic trle tools. You get a fairly classic level which starts badly with a view of the 'end of the world', but gets better from there with a decent concept of making your way up a multi leveled tower, solving a task on each level. There are quite a few ninjas to battle along the way and apparently 5 secrets to find, of which I got only 3 and saw a fourth without finding a way to get it. It is all over after a little over 20 minutes, but provides solid fun while it lasts and shows promise for this new builder." - MichaelP (01-Apr-2013)

"Smack my wrist - I only found one of the five secrets! In other respects,this was a reasonably entertaining debut level,with four generally well worked out puzzle sequences,and one spectacular dive into water.The textures do their job,but are unexciting;and the lighting is generally non- existent.Ninja's appear en-mass,but are nevertheless predictable.The camera fly-by near the start helpfully guides you through the entire level;but this was an enjoyable, unsophisticated little blast;and I would recommend it for anyone who fancies a quick 20 minute piece of fun." - Orbit Dream (01-Apr-2013)

"I don't get it. Rooms remain in their basic square form, textured wallpaperly without any break of pattern, while in the same moment puzzles vary and attract, just like many useful secrets and a great (as for only three rooms used) amount of required moves. All is accompanied with proper sound and a very accurately done flyby, what together forms very good. So why did the author left this place so ugly? SUMMARY: Short and optional, but I really think we should see more from this builder." - DJ Full (01-Apr-2013)
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