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Reach the Top by Pascal Scherer
Ceamonks890 3 2 2 1
Cory 4 2 1 1
DJ Full 4 3 2 2
eRIC 3 1 1 1
EssGee 5 4 3 3
Gerty 3 2 2 1
Jay 6 5 3 3
Jose 5 4 4 4
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 4 2 0
manarch2 3 2 2 1
MichaelP 6 5 3 2
Mman 3 2 2 2
MpGrill 3 2 3 1
Orbit Dream 6 4 6 6
Ryan 4 3 3 2
sonnyd83 3 3 2 2
release date: 04-Apr-2013
# of downloads: 1667

average rating: 2.92
review count: 16
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file size: 16.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"Yet again very minimalist texturing and design (even with the flare bug in a dark room), but again another nifty concept: negotiate a perilously high room filled with traps and jumps...only to flood the room and spectacularly fall back down again. The only pickups are Uzis, clips and medipacks (the secrets mostly consist of those same pickups) and ninjas appear in rather en-masse manners (sometimes in packs of four or five), so the actual manoeuvring is the main course of the day. Still, it's quite fun while it lasts." - Ryan (13-Feb-2018)
"Returning to the tower concept yet again(except in a more base-like setting rather than Egypt), I have to say that this is probably less creative than the builder's last attempt via his debut, with no puzzles on offer this time around to somewhat alleviate the ever-growing feeling of absolute boredom, in the gameplay department. And with literally every other relevant aspect receiving less attention than before, this is merely another release that can just as easily be skipped altogether. Not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (11-Jul-2015)
"A very basic climbing level. The gameplay is actually okay for what it is; there's perhaps a few too many ladders and monkeys swings but it generally keeps momentum and slowly ramps up the tasks (the enemies blatantly spawning out of nowhere seemed odd though). Except this seems like it should just be one part of a larger level rather than a level in itself and it's possible to easily skip the whole level. The visuals are extremely basic with almost no lighting or attempts to vary the wall textures, there is at least distinction between what is climbable though. The flarebug is also present, which is annoying for one dark room. Very simple but I think it shows some potential if the designer focused on having more visuals." - Mman (09-May-2014)
"Similar to the first level from this author, you start at the bottom of a very huge room and your goal is to reach the top with some gymnastics between floating metallic ledges, avoiding some traps and shooting some white ninjas. That's all. This time the excessive fires make the flare bug appear but still the same deffects with the lights, textures, etc. like in previous levels. I hope this author evolves with future levels." - Jose (20-May-2013)
"It's all in the title really. Whilst the author seems to have abandoned any attempt to make a level with anything other than minimalist decor, the gameplay appears to have had quite a lot of thought put into it. Simple premise - make your way to the top of a large room. This involves a lot of climbing and general manoeuvring, rope work etc., but some care has to be given to chosing the right route and I found the whole exprience quite enjoyable." - Jay (16-Apr-2013)
"For mine, the best of the trilogy of releases by Pascal. This level is 20 minutes of fun jumping and platforming, taking us to the heights of a huge tower. Well thought out path and challenges. What hasn't changed is the bland repetitive textures, the default lighting and tag-team attacks of instantly appearing ninjas. Still falls well short of a full length level but it's fun while it lasts, as long as you can ignore the uninspiring texturing and atmosphere." - EssGee (14-Apr-2013)
"The main idea might be interesting but that's where the positive aspects of this level stop, this being an utterly boring and uninspired platforming adventure. One can see the same tediousness of the actions like in the builder's other levels; there are only four different textures used in this level and I think the builder didn't care a bit for them - the wall textures are applied using the "texture all" button, the structures we have to climb have the same textures - all in all this nearly didn't qualify for a single point in that category, especially as lighting is bland and uniform except a single (very) dark room where flares don't help because of the amount of fires used in the main room. All in all the worst of the builder's levels and not recommended at all (15 minutes)." - manarch2 (13-Apr-2013)
"Another minimalist level from the author. Not recommended for the looks , for lighting , for enemies placement, not even for the good working of flares. Platforming is what you get here. I like that , but in my opinion The Lava Temple from the same author is a better level ." - eRIC (13-Apr-2013)
"I think that Pascal just tinkered along to see where he could go with the LE. Nice jumping in this huge room and it is fun to watch the ninjas appear out of thin air" - Gerty (10-Apr-2013)
"After seeing 3 levels from the same author submitted every 24 hours I'm starting to wonder why there is no rule to prevent something like this. It's becoming like a spam action from Pascal. There is no improvement at all ! Lighting is non existing ! All rooms look like boxes with generic lighting and texturing. Gameplay is ultra basic, but it was ok and a little bit fun. Really not much to say about this level. I haven't played the first two levels to the end ... only took a little look. Levels like this can be created in one day." - MpGrill (06-Apr-2013)
"And part 3 of this new builders series, following the same general concept of a fun path up a tower like structure and a deep dive back down at the end. The setting is even more bare than in his other efforts, but the 20 minute climb was fun with its diversity of moves and (gentle) spike and boulder traps and inevitable ninja battles. Found 3 secrets this time." - MichaelP (05-Apr-2013)
"Ok, first time around, I missed the Hand of Sirius. Boy, do I feel stupid. Of course, then you reach the top, realise your mistake and have to play the level again. However, after watching someone else play the level, I realised that I only missed out on about 10 seconds of gameplay. Hence, I don't think I need to replay it. Then, knowing where the finish trigger was, I replayed it for the fastest time possible. As DJFull said, its entirely possible to manage to finish in under 20 seconds, in fact, I managed 15. In the author's defence, the level is actually quite fun in some parts. Obviously the gameplay is highly repetitive for the most part, but some areas, like the boulder and spike gauntlets, are pretty enjoyable, but not difficult. Enemies appear out of the blue, and in the first instance are actually forced to stay on their square, so when they run out of ammo, it feels really mean to actually kill them. There is no atmosphere created unfortunately, and I can count the number of textures used on one hand, and the same with the number of light bulbs. Also, there were no cameras at all, but I didn't really mind, because the level is self- explanatory. I'm not quite sure why the author felt creating a pitch black room, knowing the flare bug was present, was a good idea, but other than that, everything flowed quite well. All in all, a quick level with some enjoyable moments, but these are just too few and far between to make for a higher gameplay score. Also, it looks like the author textured everything in 2 minutes - this isn't a good look to be going for. 15 minutes on the first playthrough, 15 seconds on the second. 1 secret. Not recommended, but if you do feel like playing it, remember to pick up the Hand of Sirius at the beginning." - Cory (05-Apr-2013)
"Wow, I counted four textures. I'm not sure if this is an improvement, or a regression, though. Due to path design which is apparently wrong this time, I could finish this in 21 seconds, but as I was too lazy to practice, I'm convinced someone will do 20 or even less. Weird thing obtaining one of the main pickup requires EXACTLY the same move which allows the faster ending. Then it appeared if You forget/don't get the pickup, You need to repeat the whole 20-minute, quite sophisticated ascent from the very start. Yes author, yes - I KNOW the pickup is obvious, but there ARE people in this world who can miss it, so next time please don't let Lara go further before the item lands in her backpack. SUMMARY: Just like previous one. Dozens of flames. Ghost ninjas. Binocular bug. Nonetheless my favourite from the builder, with best gameplay so far, along with worst graphics." - DJ Full (04-Apr-2013)
"Gameplay&Puzzles: I liked the way you have to go up, but some bugs waste a bit the gameplay: flare bug, no light because too many flame emitters lights on in the same time. I was boring because of "fire platform" somtime you die, sometime you don't. Puzzles, just a star to pick at the begining (don't forget it) and to use at the top. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: no secrets, no real objects only medipack rope, few ennemies and fires. ennemies were stupid, and was trigger like sh*t...They pop-up from nowhere. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: one camera, one music, no background soundtrack...Atmosphere? Nothing. Lighting & Textures: flare bug, no lighting just fires, textures? "texture all floor/all ceiling/all wall button"...No work in this point..." - Lara_Fox_Croft (04-Apr-2013)
"This third release from Pascal is undoubtedly his best. Although the textures are hardly outstanding,and lighting is still somewhat basic,there can be no doubting the ingenuity of this one-room challenge.The single location (although intriguing in itself) clearly exists simply as a venue for a series of rather cleverly thought out timed challenges and interesting acrobatic sequences.Enemies seem to have been placed simply to garner a point or two in the appropriate category,and little entertainment value would have been lost without them;but what makes the level is it's continuous and entertaining ever-upward gauntlet,culminating in a spectacular descent to the very floor of the huge chamber,and the Finish Trigger.20 minutes of no-frills fun." - Orbit Dream (04-Apr-2013)
"On the one hand you have an original level which looks quite artistic with the floating platforms scattered throughout, and the numerous traps, especially further on, which are done well but are too difficult and you will find yourself reloading over and over. There's even some spike traps with baddies shooting at you on the same platform. Most of it running and jumping. The annoying thing for me was reaching the top after what seems like forever - officially 15 minutes, but more like 45, and finding I don't have the star to place in the slot. It's not a level you can explore to locate said artefact, so ended it there. Only about 3 textures were used, and lighting is only present in side passages." - sonnyd83 (04-Apr-2013)