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Author(s): Raider99
total rating:8.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 8 8 9 9
Christian 8 7 8 9
DJ Full 8 8 9 9
Don007 7 8 7 9
Gerty 7 8 9 9
Jay 7 8 9 9
Jose 7 7 8 8
Larabiker301 7 9 8 9
manarch2 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 9
misho98 8 8 9 10
Mman 8 9 9 10
Nina Croft 8 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Rambo 6 7 8 8
Ryan 8 8 9 8
sonnyd83 9 8 9 8
Talos 7 8 10 9
The Boo 9 9 9 9
category averages
(20 reviews)
7.60 7.95 8.60 8.75

Reviewer's comments

"Level in Egyptian style simple and graphically excellent. Designed for a particular competition, this level can surprise for its elegance: The atmospheres of anniversary are faithfully reproduced, but with a hint of Tomb raider IV. The gameplay is easy and suitable even for less experienced players (a very easy time trial). The only real difficulty can be found in the sunken room with the four levers, but nothing impossible. Recommended for those looking for a simple level with a good atmosphere, suitable for an evening in the company of Lara." - Talos (15-Aug-2017)

"Nice little Egypt adventure in Anniversary style. A timed run, one secret, a draining puzzle and a boss battle. Try it out." - Ryan (07-Feb-2016)

"Very well developed mini level, areas open up nicely. The gameplay is a bit too simple, objects and enemies are well done as well as texturing (very strong)." - Don007 (25-Mar-2014)

"I think this game is a bit underrated. This little level consistiture a beatyful and consistent atmosphere. Tasks are nothing new - indeed - but well created. Particularly the timed run was excellent equilibrated. Some textures are wrong placed, but this doesn't really matters, cause the general impression is for the short playtime more than satisfying! (9/9/9/9)" - The Boo (02-Feb-2014)

"It's worth to struggle with the initial pushable a bit, because right after that the action speeds up, as nicely connected rooms of the ministructure guide us through fair timed runs, few but varying traps and several fights with enemies with nicely adjusted health, everything in right moment and wrapped with proper camera/sound envelope (audio channels interfere, but it's not that disturbing). I think every single pickup feels like worshipped in its personal little shrine, so each of them feels valuable and mysterious despite of being made of a well-known object (some of them are slightly modified, but nothing overdone). SUMMARY: A game where no square is wasted. I often like such little dense gems more than huge epic areas. Recommended as highly as widely and deeply." - DJ Full (22-Jan-2014)

"Lara enters an Egyptian catacaomb environment and starts with a timed run out of poisoned gas. No time to rest yourself, an amusing 2nd timed run over some blocks and ledges, passing fireburners is waiting. Creative ideas and well created gameplay finally leads us to a fight with a demigod, which is not that easy in a quite small room. Chased by wraiths we leave this little level, that might be a good starting sequence for an Egyptian adventure. Graphics and textures are very well done, the atmosphere is convincing. Very recommended!" - Christian (27-Dec-2013)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: For the start of a longer level, this would not get a 6 but I think this level is too short to rate it higher. There are interesting tasks, but I never had to think much, the timed run should have been much more hard. All the puzzles are easy. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are a bit boringly used, nothing special until the finale, where those nasty ghosts added to the demigod are just overkill. The objects are few (but not standard) but help the atmosphere. The secret would be okay but it's a bit better because it's a seperate quest item. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is nice and the architecture is nice, but it suffers from the shortness as it's a rather small area. The sound usage is good, cameras are decent yet nothing special, and there is a small bug (noticed from the builder). Lighting & Textures: The new egypt looks are nice, but there are some mistakes with the lighting and some less with the textures, which aren't obvious, but the lighting could be better. Total: 7,25/10, good looks but too short." - Rambo (16-Sep-2013)

"I do love Egypt and I was looking forwards to this one. It is nicely done but the"ah" sound that Lara made, did scare me at first though. There is a nice timed challenge, all in all not too hard to get through. But the finally was not one of my favourite gameplay, battling Seth and two wraith, that for sure put the pressure on me. But if there is any truth in the"to be continue" I am all for it." - Gerty (16-Sep-2013)

"This is a nice little level, about half the length of India and placed in a much more confined setting. Gameplay is well conceived, however, and there's a nice timed run that wasn't very taxing if you knew the route ahead of time (courtesy of Nina Croft's walkthrough). I also liked the idea of the ankh wraiths at the very end. The lighting is good and the surroundings (all indoors) are pleasing to the eye. A fun raid that all players should enjoy." - Phil (25-Aug-2013)

"Another short entry into the 20x20x20 competition at about 15 minutes of net game time, but this one stands out for ist modern Looks, interesting architecture and good use of lighting throughout. Progression is fast and not tricky, with maybe less than ideal choices on the use of an earthquake and the two wraiths that you cannot do anything about during your demigod fight. The core gameplay element a the timed run which was rather well designed. At the end you get the 'to be continued' question and I can only say - yes, please..." - MichaelP (23-Aug-2013)

"It's always a pleasure to see a good evolution from a builder and this is one of this cases. This egyptian level is not difficult to play, with small rooms and not easy to get stucked. The timed run was not very hard and it shows an effort to get a good atmosphere and environment; nothing to compare with the previous level from this author. Good work and keep it up." - Jose (20-Aug-2013)

"A great 20 minute Egyptian raid. The gameplay features a block puzzle, timed run, some swimming and a great boss fight in the end. I wish there were some more tasks though, the level ends too quickly. The only annoying thing was the spirit in the end but at least you don't have to be alone with it for a long time. The atmosphere is well done, there were enough camera hints as well, great choice of music too. Texturing and lighting - almost perfect, only some mistakes at times, but they can easily be overlooked. Recommended level and I'm looking forward to playing more from this author." - misho98 (10-Aug-2013)

"This is a well constructed and nicely devised little Egyptian level, with just a couple of ninjas and a demigod to fight, an interesting but not too tight timed run, swimming, spike traps, a block push, spike room and transporter. Quite a lot in less than 30 minutes of gameplay. Fast paced and fun." - Jay (08-Aug-2013)

"This is a very well done level for it too be that short. I left feeling a little sad that there was nothing else to do anymore. The only reason I didn't give gameplay a higher score was because of the fact that it was so short; I hadn't enough time to get really involved with the game. Everything seemed to be rushed along but I did really enjoy it. I can't seem to recall any puzzles except for a few easy ones but the only one that got me infuriated was at the beginning where Lara has to push a block into another room which add about five minutes to game time. I've never liked long push puzzles and I'll never like them. It seemed to just be there to add to gameplay but nonetheless, I was surprised but what happened next which made me eager to continue on. The wraiths and the last boss was a load of fun at the end the level and the objects helped add a lot to the experience. This was by far the most atmospheric looking level I've played in a long time. The lighting was superb especially with the fog. I highly recommend this game as a good little coffee break. Total Time-15-20Mins, Total Secrets Found-1/1, Challenge-Easy" - Larabiker301 (07-Aug-2013)

"Gameplay: The disadvantages of this level are mainly: too short and too straightforward gameplay. Difficulty level of the gameplay is easy and suitable even for beginners. It is very unlikely that you get stuck at any moment. However, it does not mean that the level is badly thought of, quite the contrary. The space is very well used and almost all elements of gameplay are well packed into a rather small map: few action moments, pushblock sequence, traps (burners, spikes, poison room...), climbing, swimming, timed run with climbing and burners... The builder showed quite an excellent talent in economizing, giving us small map with almost all elements of a good raid. Puzzles: pushblock puzzle is quite interesting and not overdone. The poisonous room is well thought of, and the hint as which switch is safe is excellent! There are few great moments, such as lion-head switch and the timed run. The switches and doors to open are also not overdone, everything is well balanced and quite interesting. Enemies are not so numerous, starting with some ninjas, to end with a small boss fight against a demi-god. There is one cleverly hidden secret to be found. Objects that are used to decorate the level are well used and the level is not "heavily" decorated as many builders tend to. Atmosphere is excellently built thanks to superbly used texture and lighting as well as some nice flybys. Although the level is too short (ends when it is most interesting), it is definitely worthy of playing and immensely enjoyable. Highly recommendable!" - Nina Croft (07-Aug-2013)

"Now,that's an improvement!After this builders previous debut level (which,although rough around the edges,showed some decent ideas),this second release is a very satisfying and smooth-flowing 20 minute Tomb adventure,which is filled from the very start with plenty of things to do.Perhaps it wasn't so much of a good idea to have a rather dull block pushing sequence as the first task (re-arranging the order of the gameplay to have it come later might have been a better idea),but the surprise gas attack perked things up rather effectively;and,from then on until the finish trigger,it was hell-for-leather!A timed jumping/monkey-swinging challenge;a couple of swing pole maneuvres;a not well-clued deadly floor room;a breathtaking underwater challenge;and a great Finale with Seth,which was enhanced by the continuing attacks of the deadly flying ankhs all provided a great deal of entertainment.The textures were immaculately placed,but the lighting seemed too bright on many occasions (in one room,beams of light poured in through an apparently solid stone ceiling);but the atmosphere was well engendered with good use of sounds and cameras;while occasional text hints were very useful.Overall,a fine and modest little adventure,which will entertain players of all abilities." - Orbit Dream (06-Aug-2013)

"A very dark, perhaps too dark, Egyptian style setting, which has plenty of traps to keep you occupied. You get to make full use of a pushable block at the beginning, followed by a vertical, flame ridden timed run, but timing is spot on here s shouldn't be a problem. Find a revolver, shoot a gem, and unflood a room with some underwater switches, I thought this was well designed since Lara is on her last breath when the room is unflooded giving her much needed breath of fresh air The highlight of the game is a demigod fight, but with a twist, he has ghosts twisting around him, both of which have possessed an Ankh. The end is just in time, as these ghosts drain a lot of health. Not your regular Egyptian level with regards to graphics, atmosphere etc, feels much more like a Tomb, quite claustrophobic 25 minutes" - sonnyd83 (06-Aug-2013)

"We start off this raid with Lara sliding down into another Egyptian tomb, our main objective involving the retrieval of a magical ankh which is believed to be cursed, as alluded to in the title screen. Now, one thing I noticed immediately from the offset, was how impressive the lighting was in this level, with effective use of textures and appropriate timing of music, helping to convey a lot to the atmosphere in bringing the environments to life, allowing me to get easily immersed into the experience for the 12 minutes I spent playing. Gameplay is thankfully quite fun and balanced, with a timed obstacle course to a switch being definitely the main highlight of the level, giving off a huge feeling of adrenaline as you rush to get to the end without getting set on fire by burner traps along the way. Whilst enemy encounters are fairly scarce in this level, the simple yet cleverly designed puzzles and overall exploration of the tomb itself more than make up for it, with well-fitting objects throughout helping to complement the surroundings. Eventually reaching the main prize and defeating the guardian of the ankh, we open up another trapdoor and slide down, exiting the tomb with a feeling of satisfaction, our overall statistics shown and the builder himself saying in text form that he may do a sequel to the level. I hope he does, as this level shows a lot of potential for a follow- up. In conclusion, a levelset that should be played by raiders of any skill level. While there are a few bugs present and it may be a bit too short for most players, it's not enough to be a deal-breaker and will definitely satisfy veterans looking for a quick level to play during their lunch break or a worthy introduction to the level editor for new players." - Ceamonks890 (05-Aug-2013)

"An Egyptian style level (Anniversary textured), the level is detail is high and there's great lighting, it's a little cramped at times but that's the only issue I had. I think the warning messages should have stayed in the readme rather than breaking the gameplay flow to show them. The gameplay is quite straightforward but pleasant and varied with a couple of nice twists like a gas trap. The water trap could have done with slightly more clues to make it less trail-and-error, but it's not hard when you know what you're doing. A solid level, although perhaps some slightly more open areas would have been nice." - Mman (05-Aug-2013)

"This is a rather accomplished raid with modern Egypt textures that, despite not being perfectly placed everywhere, worked rather well and created a very nice atmosphere together with good lighting and a few nice glimpses to later or earlier parts of the game. The gameplay in this level is pretty linear and flowing very nicely, with only the spike room being a bit confusing since I missed (and still miss) a hint which tiles are safe. The camera bug in this room actually was a rather nice easter egg for me, I liked the half-panoramic way the room was presented - maybe this could actually be used in a level? The tasks in this level are mostly interesting and the builder has implemented a few nice things like the poison room or the teleport, not sure if I liked the long earthquake swimming though. The timed run was IMO a bit too generously timed but the secret here was well hidden. Also didn't like the finale , the wraiths that don't leave until the end of the level were rather enerving. Overall, despite some things I didn't like so much in this level, I found this to be a pretty and compact level with a nice dose of tasks to solve. 15 minutes." - manarch2 (04-Aug-2013)
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