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Legend of Triton by Talos

Chel 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 6 9 9 8
Gerty 7 9 8 7
janachorider 7 7 7 8
Jay 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 7 7 8 7
Jose 5 8 8 7
manarch2 4 8 7 8
MichaelP 7 9 8 7
Phil 8 8 9 9
Rambo 5 8 6 7
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sarikman 7 8 8 7
release date: 17-Aug-2013
# of downloads: 5799

average rating: 7.54
review count: 13
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file size: 94.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Coastal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level looked so interesting to me that I hunted around on the Internet to find the download package. I'm really glad that I did! This is a fun two-level set with some creative settings and those custom character mods that make Erika's creations stand out. The first level is a nice seaside Greek town with plenty of places to explore. I loved the integration of exploring various homes and yards along with the streets, seas and train station. Hunting down all the secrets was worth it just for the sake of being able to explore everything. Town levels are a mixed bag, and they can either be amazing or dreadful. This one was fun. The ship level had me running in circles for a while. I missed a few things and got turned around several times. I finally broke down and consulted the guide for the bits that had me stuck. One of the most unique ship levels I've seen and it was nice to explore a luxury liner that was right-side up on top of the waves instead of upside-down on the seafloor. The boss fight with the angry merman was a trip. I didn't experience any crashes or technical issues with this level package. I hope that Erika might give it a reboot at some point." - Chel (20-Apr-2019)
"After read the readme file I was expectant what I could find in this adventure; the environments are nice and worth to explore, with a lot of new textures and objects, I liked the use of new musics and the cameras and flybys pointing the triggered objects. But the gameplay was very confusing for me to like: the swam jumps in the first level, the barrel you don't know where to move, the hidden switches and items, etc. and the worst, the nasty backtracking; in both levels you can run around and around finding often dead ends if you miss a switch or you forget something (easy, most in the island level). Even so I'm not regret to play this levels, but it's not very funny to consult the walkthrough every 5 minutes." - Jose (03-Oct-2017)
"This was a pleasant and relaxing game set in a couple of attractive settings: a coastal island and a luxurious ship. Both levels mainly revolve around exploration and searching for items rather than trap evasion and solving tricky puzzles, but I guess that adds to its appeal. A fair bit of backtracking to get through, but I didn't mind in such good-looking settings. I had a fairly good time." - Ryan (21-May-2017)
"When I made it through the readme I thought the hardest is behind me, but NOPE - this is a solidly confusing game with a lot of running back and forth in search for sometimes illogical tasks, while the whole map is explorable. In my case the above conditions combined into real gaming time surpassing the statistics counter more than three times. But the level executes the topic so well and feels so comfy yet unusual that it wouldn't be good to skip it, so take the walkthrough and run through it. Recommended." - DJ Full (19-Aug-2015)
"This is what you get if you played Erika's level in the wrong order (I was lost big time in the first level so decided to replay this on a later date). So the whole ship level was much easier as her level Fireworks is also all about that same ship. Still it is no walk in the park as sometimes I had no clue what or where to go and going back and fro and still having no clue does tend to take the fun away." - Gerty (18-May-2015)
"While this stays very true to the style of the builder, I probably enjoyed her debut level a bit more than this two part adventure. It does have the same strengths though: excellent choice and use of objects throughout to create a believable setting, here a nice coastal village (first level, 40 minutes) and a ship (second level, 20 minutes). Supported by equally good choice of audio tracks and a few camera flybys. But gameplay can indeed quickly get confusing and a bit tedious, as you run back and forth a lot - often not even knowing what to search for - and especially in part 2 it seems to be all about finding that next jump switch and nothing much else. I did quite a few times take a glimpse at the walkthrough to avoid any frustration to really grow in me and hence did have a pleasant experience here nonetheless. And in fact did not encounter any crashes at all." - MichaelP (20-Mar-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: For me, a good game has many puzzles, difficult parts and fun exploration. This one, doesn't have anything of that. It's just a boring hunt from one point to another, this game consists of backtracking only, mostly the second level, but the first level isn't much better. There aren't any fun puzzles, so I cannot give a higher score, I am generous with the five but I think it's enjoyable in a way that maybe others like but I don't. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: I liked the enemies and the objects, they are custom made and look nice. The secrets in each level were great. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: This could have been such a beautiful level, but there are some really odd ways to disguise the end of the world, part of the town wasn't realistic too! It's hard to build a town with the editor but I'm sure it can be done much better. The music is a mess (please only trigger them once), as badly placed fixcams. Lighting & Textures: Textures were mostly good, sometimes wallpapered, but the lighting is solid all over. Total: 6,5/10, unexiting and not built with enough care (maybe a masterpiece if the builder had that)." - Rambo (05-Feb-2014)
"This is a nice, relaxing two-parter that I played while writing a walkthrough. I was scared off for a while by the reported crashing issues, which I indeed experienced while playing the first level, but the builder pointed out that these issues (inherent in the building software) could be avoided by using only the first three savegame slots. Since there are relatively few enemies, this didn't present an undue hardship. You get two completely different adventures here. The first involves exploring a seaside vacation resort spot, and the ambiance is very effective here. The builder helped me through some of the more obscure areas, but everything fits together quite nicely. As a bonus, you get to visit a train yard for the level's only secret. Good lighting, unique scenery and thoroughly enjoyable. The second level takes you on a tour of the Titanic, and the eye candy is equally as impressive here. Instead of exploring a derelict you get to go through a working vessel, which I found a refreshing change of pace. No crashing problems with this level, either. The game map for both levels is fairly compact, so even though quite a bit of running back and forth is required, you never get the feeling that you're being put upon. Gameplay is more of the brain-teasing variety than getting past wicked traps and shooting scads of enemies, and I thoroughly enjoyed both segments. High recommendations." - Phil (22-Oct-2013)
"I have mixed feelings about this level. The idea of exploring a greek village with all these good and nicely placed objects was good. The village had strange building. I mean it wasn't so natural. Closed roads with many obstacles isn't normal. The textures were good, but there were some which didn't look so well. Also, many walls needed texture mirroring. I liked the idea of a greek song as background music, but it may end up annoying if you keep running around in order to find out what to do. There are not enough clues which will guide you and you have to notice everything to find what to do next. I also, managed to go at places where Lara wasn't supposed to go and watch the end of the world. The second level was visual better and it was better constructed. I think the textures from TR2 were not needed. I enjoyed the first level more than this one, even if it was more straightforward. The boss was a nice enemy, based on author's avatar. Very good. The lighting had some issues, but not a big deal. I believe that, if the author keeps on building, she'll become better. She has potentials. I remember her first work had some good puzzles. All in all, this level has some constructural issues and you may get stuck in places for a while, but it also has many good objects and many parts of it are beautiful, like the beach or the rooms in the ship, simillar to Titanic." - Sarikman (11-Oct-2013)
"I agree that this custom level isn't perfect but i still liked very much. the first level is in a greek village where its easy to lost and there are some errors in the buildings but apart from that is enjoyable the second level is my favourite.its set aboard a ship with many references to titanic including the B-52 room and Rose's drawings the rest of the ship is a little strange and uninspired but still was my favourite in conclusion,this isn't a bad adventure but so you can give it a chance although i would like to reccomend the author to work a little more with the building and gameplay." - janachorider (22-Sep-2013)
"Composed of two separate levels, the first on a lovely Greek island and the second aboard a ship. Unfortunately (be it because of the use of FLEP or not; I didn't have the announced no FLEP exe in my download anyway) the first level, louloudaki island, is very buggy in that I had a total of over 150 crashes when loading savegames - and that means I was interested, otherwise who would be that patient? It's also a bit confusing at times and there's a key that disappears (it disappeared for me) but that wasn't a problem for the game. Then, as I entered level 2, the crashes were suddenly gone, so I could go on playing peacefully. The second game is a bit complex too, orientation wise, but no big deal. There aren't traps and the usual obstacles to overcome, these two levels are more about orientation and finding keys and a few more objects. The music in the first level didn't bother me as it seems to have bothered a few other players. It's not perfect, I can remember I was ran over by a train that only showed up later and so forth, but it's still a nice second try. My computer's antivirus is set to let the FLEP games run, so that's not the problem, the first level has to be actually buggy and it hinders the gameplay quite a lot. I liked it despite all the crashing problems I went through and I recommend it (especially if you don't get the same amount of crashes as I did). Hopefully, FLEP's creators (not Talos) will refine it so that will stop causing problems to players if that's the case. I mean, everybody should be able to play levels, not just the lucky or patient few..." - Jorge22 (30-Aug-2013)
"Louloudaki Island: How lovely, a holiday on a beautiful Greek island. Well, OK, Lara being Lara, 'holiday' may not be quite the right word, but the atmosphere certainly will make you feel a lot more relaxed about dealing with the various enemies dotted about, plus the cats down by the harbour are friendly enough. Lots of keys to find and quite a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, but exploring such a delightful spot seemed no hardship at all. M/N Revenge: I always enjoy ship levels and this one is a pleasure, with its opulent rooms and amusing Titanic references. There's quite a large area to explore, but, amazingly enough, I managed not to get lost. The two sections are quite different in looks, but are united by common threads. There are undoubtedly a lot of keys to find, but also one or two unusual items such as mail, vinyl record, a teaset and diary to spice up the action. There's a real retro feel to the look of the level and the choice of music is excellent. Enemies are not overused and indeed, once aboard ship, most of the characters Lara encounters are well dressed passengers who offer no threat at all. The action is gentle and well within the scope of most players. The only caveat I would make is that I found my savegames refusing to load on a regular basis and had to persevere to get them up and running again, which was annoying but not insurmountable. Having said that, I really would recommend it for its feel good factor." - Jay (22-Aug-2013)
"This level would have deserved a much higher score for me, but I think it doesn't quite fit the expectations and stays far away from its potential. Many things in this level are plainly great - the wonderful settings (coastal and ship), the choice of objects and textures, the story with lots of background information - but then it just totally fails to be a decent level. The gameplay in here is confusing to say the least, in the first level less than in the second. It mainly revolves around finding items so obscurely hidden that you might just wander around the city fifty times until you find it per chance or by a hint from the forums - near-invisible keys, too well hidden alcoves, the way of handling with several items (e.g. the shatterable boxes) not really being intuitive, etc. The secret in this level has the distinctive style of the level, in general all these tasks would have been quite OK as secrets but not for the normal gameplay route. Another point was that the architecture of the city seems to be too functional and gets too much affected by gameplay relevant tasks - the way over the rooftops which seems way too much being just prepared for Lara passing by; or take the squaric water areas; or randomly architectured buildings. It's still not that much of a fault though and one can easily ignore all those things, but the background music is what one cannot ignore, else than by tuning the music down, and this is exactly what I needed to do in this level. Music pieces as background sounds rarely work, and this level is not an exception in that, but all of this is even made worse by using several tracks that way too often toggle between each other, this really made me dizzy and that's why I had to put off the loadspeakers; the flybys also feel a bit of pointless and not helpful at all here. All these things destroyed a close to perfect atmosphere in this level. The second level was slightly better in that regard, though it has other problems. Just like the first level, everything started really nice, introducing Lara on the ship, and a nice cutscene that follows shortly. But you'll soon notice the main problem of this level and that is the very cramped and maze-like setting where the player is sent to and fro eventually losing his orientation totally, even camera clues (not always present) don't help anymore since all areas seem to be pretty much the same after some time. And the pestily hidden levers or items are still present here, meaning you will be running around the level even more than in the previous. Towards the end things are a bit more clear and the encounter with the human/fish fight was rather nice, but apart of finding the next item to use, this level has a lack of interesting tasks, meaning no puzzles or platforming or anything else. One crowbar door could have been better marked, since I never even dared to use it (the one to the diary room) especially since the secret in this level is hidden behind another of those doors, meaning the builder knew it would be hard to spot those. But there are also other problems in this level - invisible walls behind door items that aren't used as doors, incorrect placement of the texturing, although the colourful visuals are generally good, as well as in the first level. A minor thing I would have liked was that some water could have been added around the ship and not only the horizon, for the sake of realism. Overall, this could have been a very good level, if the mentioned points considering the atmosphere would have been changed and the gameplay would be (a lot) more player-friendly and engaging. The whole construction really cried for more... 1:15 hours." - manarch2 (21-Aug-2013)