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Hollywood Mini Adventures - Egypt by MBog

Ceamonks890 1 1 0 1
DJ Full 2 2 1 3
Drakan 2 2 2 2
eRIC 1 3 0 2
Gerty 0 1 1 1
High Priestess 1 1 0 0
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 2 5 2
Larabiker301 1 1 1 1
manarch2 1 1 1 1
MegaGamer 0 0 0 0
MichaelP 0 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 1
Quentin 1 2 1 1
Ryan 1 2 0 1
Torry 3 3 5 5
release date: 17-Jun-2014
# of downloads: 1630

average rating: 1.30
review count: 16
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file size: 23.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Indeed an ultra short level at three minutes but you get some interesting camera angles and some improved animations for Lara. I actually quite liked the concept." - Torry (11-Oct-2019)
"5 minutes of play and already finished. Even the enemies are not dangerous. Apart from the different camera angles that can be interesting." - Drakan (26-Nov-2018)
"Wow, this level was over before you could say: Holy macaroni what is that for a nasty camera angle." - Gerty (03-Jan-2018)
"3 minutes to reach the end, and yet if you take the time to kill the scorpions. Some jumps to perform and a couple of fire burners to dodge and that's it. In reason of the strange lighting and weird architecture which includes thin walls , the setting isn't realistic. I like the animation when Lara climbs a ladder very quickly, that's funny." - eRIC (16-Aug-2017)
"Mini indeed - at 3 minutes this is a tidbit at most and rather hastily put together. The scorpions made for some enjoyment, which was sadly diminished. Missing sounds, rudimentary gameplay and a camera "bug". I personally wouldn't recommend it unless you want an extra review." - Ryan (04-Feb-2017)
"Loads of missing sounds are this level's biggest problem. I don't know what was the exact reason of skipping even the generic sounds like footsteps and pistols, but from intensive wad modifications which possibly have led to this, it can be seen the builder put some work in - for example replaced the backward jump and swim animations, changed the inventory and applied a faster climb, though the last could have been done a bit smoother. There are some enemies to kill, platforms to jump and burners to time, so, among the underdone visuals (even the room grid often isn't there though creative usage of opacity indicates the author at least wanted to care), gameplay starts to develop nicely. Unfortunately, when a sole mysterious CD track makes one expect something different, the level ends, what differs from not ending indeed. SUMMARY: From the ratings I supposed a debut and I'm surprised it's not - maybe the builder just had a bad day, because if the same tasks resided in more pleasant scenery, it could have been a good level." - DJ Full (26-Apr-2015)
"Yep! This is not a mini adventure, but a mini-mini-mini-adventure! This level is too short to be considered a true level. Only interesting the good use of the cameras but no much more to say about a "level" where you can only do a few jumps and avoid a couple of fires on two blocks." - Jose (03-Jan-2015)
"Well...this was honestly a step down from the author's previous levels. First, there is not much to do, at all. Lara is thrust into an Egyptian type area with large and small scorpions to combat. After that, not much happens. You climb, swim, and climb again, and then you're done. The lighting was alright, but like everything else, needs improvement. Gameplay was almost none existent but, then again, so was everything else. Sounds were missing as well. But, nontheless, I still added it to my list of levels to review and now I got it out of the way. Overall, I expected much more. Time 10-15mins, Difficulty easy, secrets (?)." - Larabiker301 (03-Jul-2014)
"This level is very very ... short. The only element of gameplay is to jump over 2 flames and there are just 4 enemies that can be passed without any difficulty. The green water was supposed to kill ? I was stuck in the first pool with the ladder ... The camera was uncomfortable too ..." - Quentin (21-Jun-2014)
"So.... what was the point of this level? All I know is that this is VERY short and boring level. It appears that the levels that MBog is releasing are getting worse and worse. Probably the most boring level I have ever played. If you still want to release levels, please read the reviews so you can learn the mistakes you made and actually make a decent level. Otherwise... yea... you know what will happen... but seriously, what was the point of this level?" - MegaGamer (20-Jun-2014)
"Right... very, very Mini indeed, with the only remarkable moment being how the big scorpions kill the small ones for you at the beginning and a few interesting camera angles. Over and out in less than 3 minutes... if you take your time..." - MichaelP (20-Jun-2014)
"If it weren't for the fact that I'd actually played the builder's previous works, I would have instantly assumed this was someone else's debut. But anyway, it literally seems as if MBog has learned nothing from the reviews of his other levels and CONTINUES to make a lot of the same mistakes here. Plenty of missing sounds, no music, simplistic gameplay, missing and/or repetitive texturing, uninspired level design... the list just goes on and on. While there is some nice custom animations shown off(for things such as climbing a ladder and swimming in water) or a more zoomed-out camera, they ultimately feel wasted here. In conclusion, don't even bother downloading this two-minute level. As it's rather painfully obvious by now that the builder himself doesn't care about what he releases to the community. Either get your act together MBog or just stop making levels altogether. It's that simple." - Ceamonks890 (18-Jun-2014)
"Good grief, if these Hollywood adventures get any more mini they'll cease to exist (and some might say that's no bad thing). I really have no idea what the builder is trying to achieve with such brief, not well built, vignettes, but I really wish he would concentrate on building better quality games of a reasonable length before releasing anything else." - Jay (18-Jun-2014)
"It's not often I give a bad review but to say this was a disappointment would be an understatement. I'm a slow player generally as I like to take time to explore rather than rush headlong towards the finale. This, however took ME less than 6 minutes to finish and that was with two reloads on the fire burners!! The layout was awful - thrown straight into an area with giant scorpions then a short climb and jump sequence over two fairly easy burners which I just happened to mess up somehow, up a ladder and into a pool. A short swim underwater and the end was triggered. This wasn't an adventure of any kind and frankly there is nothing to explore. It lacked any imagination or forethought." - High Priestess (17-Jun-2014)
"There are ways of producing short,fast-moving little levels which still entertain and impress.Alas,after several mini-adventures in a similar style,there is simply no excuse for the builder to construct something as basic and rough-around-the-edges as this.In fact,there's almost nothing to positively comment upon in this 3 minute duration release;but,at the very least,the builder could have taken the time to ensure that there were no bugs with the standard sounds and cameras.Extremely disappointing." - Orbit Dream (17-Jun-2014)
"Sorry but I simply don't understand why the builder releases levels like this one, still having in mind that he actually has released a level that kind of shows promise to his future levels (Jungle). This is the shortest level of the builder at only two minutes, and it wouldn't be half that long if not for the initial fight with several scorpions, because the rest of it is just a simple jump sequence including some burners and then you're already done, so all in all this feels pretty rushed. Also because there is close to zero atmosphere in this level, again no background sounds (why are there so many in the download file), missing sounds for the pistols, plain room design - with simple architecture and no additional objects - and last but not least wallpapered texturing. The slightest hint of a unique touch is the camera work, but for such a restricted map it feels rather pointless. I'll be brave and say this level won't impress anyone, so the builder should take MUCH more time for his next release, the results if he doesn't shows off in the rating." - manarch2 (17-Jun-2014)