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Author(s): rowadie
total rating:9.37 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
ameliacrofty 9 10 10 10
Baratheon 10 9 10 8
Cosmos 10 10 10 9
DJ Full 8 10 9 9
Drakan 9 9 9 8
Gorty 10 10 10 8
Jay 10 9 10 9
Jorge22 10 10 9 9
Jose 10 9 10 10
Larabiker301 9 9 10 9
manarch2 8 8 10 9
MegaGamer 10 9 10 9
MichaelP 9 9 10 9
Orbit Dream 9 9 10 10
Phil 9 10 10 9
Rambo 8 8 9 8
Ryan 9 10 10 9
The Boo 10 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 10 10 10
category averages
(19 reviews)
9.26 9.37 9.79 9.05

Reviewer's comments

"I can't believe I didn't play this one before, I love these really atmospheric and scary levels, the gameplay, textures, lighting, everything was well done and I really liked that it reminded me of Dino Crisis." - ameliacrofty (29-Nov-2019)

"Now, there's an all-time low to this game: the save system in which you're unable to move through the slots and just keep saving in the same slot (I assume), hoping you haven't missed anything that could make the game harder or unplayable - I'm not even sure where to rate that as there isn't any choice for technical issues. Now, on to the actual game... It's one of those demos that didn't have to be called that way as it's pretty much complete in every sense. Gameplay wise it's quite varied and the puzzles are ok, perhaps more than ok, only occasionally making you scratch your head but keeping your adrenaline levels high the entire time. I'm not really sure I found any secret (or even if there was any) but the enemies (dinossaurs - I loved that final T-Rex run along crumbling tiles - a hag and mice) were quite satisfying. Not being utterly amazing, the general atmosphere is solid and fits the main theme rather well. The lighting and the textures also looked appropriate to me. So, what else can I add? It was a fun, thrilling, horror genre, game to play and I recommend it in spite of that infamous save glitch." - Jorge22 (30-Aug-2019)

"One of those type of game which call themselves DEMOs while in the truth they quite ain't. Could work pretty well as a storyless game, but anyway let's talk about the game. The gameplay is quite good with few running-away-from-enemies, very good scares and ingenious timed runs. It is quite straightfoward though and one especially timed runs was insanely hard! The enemies are raptors and a big dinosaur, you get pistols in the game yet it is very, very better to escape than combating as they are insanely nasty to kill! Atmosphere itself gave me creeps thanks to a very clever usage of the soundtrack which changes itself subtly as you proceed within the level!. Lighting and texturing were both well cured by the author! What else to say? It is a great experience, yes, not that incomplete as someone would think by finding labelled DEMO. Shameful that in five years no-one has heard anything about this level. Very recommendable to who is searching for a great frightening experience, as I do by the way. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (24-Feb-2019)

"This builder really has a good grasp on how to make a game seem incredibly atmospheric. This may bear the Demo moniker, but this could without stand on its own as a full length level and is close to a masterpiece if you want an edge of the seat experience. The gameplay is fast paced, enjoyable and packed with wonderful challenges and gameplay concepts, the objects are wonderfully used to simulate a horror-like environment, enemies are effective (normally I'm not a fan of not having any weapons, but here it adds to the isolated feeling and the T-Rex chase was nothing short of inspired), the atmosphere and sounds are brilliantly executed and texturing is wonderful. Lighting is dank and gloomy, but that's to be expected in this setting. Wonderful stuff and definitely recommended." - Ryan (07-Mar-2018)

"I totally randomly chose this level to play from the hall of fame list not knowing what I will get. Many times I get very disappointed when trying a hall of fame level. It turned out to be a very atmospheric and creepy/scary game ! From the start till the end the atmosphere catches you and makes you want to explore and get to the end of the level. Many scare jumps and many innovative gameplay parts. Very enjoyable. I was always wondering what will come next, what will jump on me from the ceiling or when will the next sound effect kick in. Texturing had sometimes few imperfection and also the light could be a bit more diverse or complex, but overall an amazing job. A deserved hall of fame game. A great use of flybys, music effects, objects and enemies. I doubt it will ever be released as a full game, but doesn’t matter, this demo was enough to make me remember this game as something great, new and unique. Highly recommended !" - Gorty (25-Aug-2017)

"I've never seen a level like this before. Referring to the very intense atmosphere, I would even go so far as to say that this is a milestone. As other reviewers told before, the player expect something evil behind every single corner. So you are running from enemies, which are to strong to fight, in small corridors in the hope that you find a way out! This is real Horror! Nothing else. Besides there are some innovative tasks and traps. I also liked the linear gamplay. Secrets I found were well hidden (just got 3 of 5). For me this Demo deserves a ten in all classes. Summarizing: WOW!" - The Boo (30-Sep-2015)

"Excellent. Perhaps not a 10 in the second section 'cause I expected more variety of enemies, some extra weapon and the raptors were very hard to kill, but the remaining featuires are fantastic, near the perfection. Extraordinary atmosphere enveloping the player in a creepy environment and a very good gameplay always knowing what to do or where to go with creative puzzles and innovative tasks not very difficult to do except the timed run over the spikes and expanding platforms. A level you can't stop playing until the end. The final escape with the T-Rex on your heels was the icing on the cake. Looking forward for the final release. Highly recommended." - Jose (26-Feb-2015)

"This is a truly gripping adventure of about an hour that will soon have you on the edge of your seat, as you expect something bad to happen behind each next corner. And that is despite a great sense of isolation that the environment in the sewers creates. Gameplay is quite clever without ever turning obscure, the close quarter raptor battles are a nice adrenalin rush and there are a few well used effects with sounds or lights or cameras that turn this into a quite a unique raid. Defintely one level you should check out and I cannot wait to see how this demo will be turned into a full adventure one day." - MichaelP (15-Nov-2014)

"Gameplay&Puzzles: The gameplay is rather good, there are many good tasks and puzzles are nice too. I did not enjoy everything here, a bit boring, but there are good parts, especially the T-Rex scene. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are rather well placed but the raptors are too many and too hard to kill. The objects are nice but nothing special, the secrets are excellent. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: Really the most convincing part of the game, the atmosphere is really great, nice musics, good cameras, everything felt just about right here. The architecture is a bit uncomplicated. Lighting & Textures: The textures are well placed but a bit boring and monotone, the lighting is very dark but correctly so, it is quite good. Total: 8,25/10, a quite successful mystery level." - Rambo (14-Nov-2014)

"I echo the remarks of the previous reviewers. Although billed as a demo, this level certainly deserves to be considered as an outstanding stand-alone level. Gameplay has been mapped out with care, but with Dutchy's equally well rendered walkthrough the guesswork was done for me and I was thus enabled to finish in an hour and 22 minutes. There are some challenging sequences, but the timed runs did not pose undue problems for me. I found impossible the jumps from slope to slope in the room with the burning floor and had to resort to Dutchy's savegame, but there's probably a trick of some kind that I never stumbled across. Specifically, I kept coming up short with that curved jump to the third platform, whether I tried a long jump to the second platform (low ceiling impedes your arc) or a side flip to the first platform. We're told that it's a mystery level, which probably accounts for the pervasive darkness, but with unlimited flares I was able to progress without too much grumbling. The breaktile run at the end, with the T- Rex breathing down your neck, was nothing less than inspirational. Good, spooky fun. High recommendations." - Phil (28-Oct-2014)

"Wow, what an adventure this was. I really had an enjoyable time playing this creepy game, especially since Halloween is around the corner. ^___^ You have a lot of tasks to do in these dark, spooky, sewers. Objects and secrets were great. Enemies were just a little... odd. I wasn't expecting to see dinosaurs in here. Why dinosaurs? Perhaps add something like spirits, ghosts, or zombies in here, because putting dinosaurs in this game just doesn't really fit with this type of level. Atmosphere, perfect. Just really creepy, and I expected something from every corner, which shows signs that this game is really creepy. Good textures and lighting. Sometimes a bit too dark in a couple places, but still very acceptable for me. All in all, it's a great demo, and I would give this level a try since it's close to Halloween, perhaps it'll squeeze a scare out of you. ;) I'm looking forward to the full version of this game." - MegaGamer (18-Oct-2014)

"I do not have the habit of noting demos but this one is long enough that it deserves. The action takes place mainly in the sewers, and it's better to play in the dark as in a lighted room, the game may be too dark even with the use of pls. There is much to do, with some puzzles poussables, go down 2 blocks on the fire is excellent. Somewhat surprised to find dinosaurs here but why not. I also found them a bit longer to die (50 or 100 balls revolver). There is nothing difficult but you better open your eyes. Music gives a good claustrophobic atmosphere. I found a little shortcut and some twisted textures. It took 50 minutes but without finding secrets. May be in the final version I will seek." - Drakan (15-Oct-2014)

"There are Demo's (you know the ones;the short twenty minute jobs that most likely will never be developed into anything bigger);and then there are Demo's (the ones that not only proudly proclaim a masterpiece in the offing,but are also of such substance that they can easily be viewed as proper stand-alone adventures) - this is unquestionably the latter. It's absolutely brilliant! The atmosphere (a combination of superbly chosen and applied textures;evocative lighting and sinister sounds and music)is probably the most potent I have ever encountered in a Custom Level - so much so that,despite the relative lack of nasty creatures (save a couple of genuinely scary dinosaur moments) makes you utterly convinced that something very nasty indeed could be lying in wait behind absolutely every bend in a corridor. The gameplay is generally linear (perhaps this levels only questionably weak point?) and never particularly difficult (although it took me a while to work out how to begin;and there are two rather tight timed-runs).Pushable blocks are utilised very neatly;there is loads to explore;and the Finale is a superb T-Rex gauntlet.90 minutes of nail-biting tension (my heart pills have never been so necessary!) and a truly superb and memorable 'horror' level. A must play." - Orbit Dream (14-Oct-2014)

"I've got to say, I love horror games and this...well, this is awesome. But regardless, this won't make me biased at all. That saying, this game offers a number of shock horror along with some atmosphere value so if you're not into shock, don't play it. It'll give you an heart attack. The one specific heart attack moment was when Lara had to investigate a deserted cell block area; unbeknownst to the player, it's far from deserted. Gameplay wise, the game did start out slow but picked up a certain areas while other areas seemed to slow down a bit again and again. Puzzles consisted of tedious pushblocks but that's not it. It really isn't your average pushblock puzzles, although they were exhausting. The author gives us more complex pushblock puzzles that you'll be sure to get if you pay attention. The atmosphere was key to this game. I don't see where I could add improvement. Enemies were okay but I didn't see too much else in terms of enemies. Lighting was okay I didn't see anything that needed much work, but some textures were rotated strangely or was squashed. Some areas just didn't seem to worked upon. Overall, this level is definitely spooky and I do like the personal light source that is added. I couldn't find more than one secret but I might be willing to locate them if the real game comes out. Finished in about 3-4hrs definitely recommended." - Larabiker301 (11-Oct-2014)

"Whatever happened to the days when all Lara found down the sewers were a few rats, rather than hordes of raptors and a T-Rex? This really is the most amazing demo and I absolutely didn't want it to end. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent length for a demo at well over an hour, but it's just so very good that you won't want to stop playing. Everything is spot on - the wonderful creepy atmosphere, the unsettling sounds, the rancid looking water with floating corpses, super gameplay, dealing with the aforementioned raptors, which mainly involves running away, and the culmination of a collapsing tile run whilst being chased by an obviously rather peckish T-Rex. Some of the timed elements are definitely not for newbie players and those of a nervous disposition might find it a bit scary. Personally, I loved it and was intrigued by the tantalising bit right at the end where Lara had to choose between the uzis or a shotgun. I very much look forward to finding out what happens next. Splendid stuff." - Jay (11-Oct-2014)

"The mood is superb. Claustrophobic sewers, industrial mechanisms, blinking lights and lots of litter dropped here and there. Surely spooky, but I couldn't figure out what the place is - a factory, a storage, a lab? Would be better to clarify that to support the game with a solid, strong scenario. Still, the only objects I would remove are the rollingballs which don't fit a horror level at all. Gameplay is entirely classic but nicely done. For some doors You have to stand on the tile for one second, otherwise they won't open - not that serious though. In the end, I found the soundtrack a bit tiring, especially in case when I played carefully and spent more time in particular locations than the builder wanted - so I'd advise some more ambience variety. Nonetheless the music usage is more than good, and of course the enemy part is covered with excellence... though lack of stronger weapon for the entire game is a bit frustrating - I hope the full version will at least have some stronger pistols to reduce the number of unwanted bites. All in all, even a raptor would die after receiving 50 bullets, wouldn't it? SUMMARY: This is a really promising project with arguably the best intro flyby I've ever seen in a custom level. It might become an excellent full version one day. Highly recommended." - DJ Full (11-Oct-2014)

"First of all, the Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras deserves a straight up 10. I thought rowadie did an excellent job on creating a suspenseful and terrifying atmosphere, and the sound cue's were spot on. Gameplay wise, again... perfect. I thought the sewers were absolutely incredibly well designed, and all the smaller individual rooms held for some fantastic puzzle solving. I was initially surprised to find that they main enemies within the game were actually dinosaurs, I was actually expecting something a little more... sinister. But I must say this really fits the style, and the level could really be a horrific take on the Jurassic Park (or just a sewer infested by dinosaurs). I loved that you were forced to run away from them rather than kill them (though, I did my best to shoot them dead) and they took pretty much all your health away from you if they bite you. This really makes for excellent survival elements. The dead people in the water also was a frightening and very effective addition! I was really disturbed by the first dead guy I saw. The game was very well textured, even though I don't think it's the best looking texture set out there, but the lighting really did create a spooky (well actually terrifying) ambience. I try not to give out straight 10's now, but really, when a level is created to this quality, it's hard not to. Everything was just perfect." - Cosmos (08-Oct-2014)

"If there ever will be a prize for the most shocking moments in a custom level, this one offers several serious contenders. Especially the raptor cellar provides for a heart attack moment, so if you're easily scared, you might want to let someone else play through those bits... but nevertheless I strongly advise you to play this level, because it has a fantastic atmosphere with great sound effects, - even besides of the shock moments - an effectively spooky ambience and a lot of gameplay on offer. There are some slightly dull parts, especially at the start, but the further you get the better this level turns out to be, there are some really fantastic timed runs and several good puzzles to solve here and the breaktile challenge with the T-Rex close behind you serves as a good finale (the water underneath should be deadly, though). Maybe there were a few too many raptors in too small areas, there's an incorrect switch animation and some doors open only if you stand a while on the tile with the switch, but I guess those things are changed in the final version. The usage of textures and lighting is highly professional and I really begin to like the use of the PLS so that no flares are needed and you can see what you need to see. This builder has a grasp on building atmospheric maps and I'm now really curious to see how he does in the full version. The secrets are really well hidden (I missed one the first time) and I finished the game in 40 minutes." - manarch2 (08-Oct-2014)

"Tomb Raider: Beyond the Shades (demo) is an absolute prime specimen of not only a demo, but a horror Level Editor level, done perfectly. You are furnished with atmosphere, gameplay and narrative alike that will keep any player on the edge of their seat (I literally cannot stress enough how good the atmosphere is). You start unsure of your purpose, weapon-less and in a locale that isn't exactly pleasing on the eye. You must swim around dirty sewers to locate the correct path, only to be awarded with a floating dead body. Eventually you come across some cages, filled only with shadows and eerie noises until you pull a switch. Almost instantly each of the cages opens and dinosaurs emerge turning this incredible horror into a survival horror with intense chase and action sequences. Unfortunately for Lara these dinosaurs aren't playing games, and one bite can be enough to knock you down - so the best thing to do is to run and to survive. After traversing the beautiful level for a while, avoiding dinosaurs and traps alike, you're face to face with your first"boss". Although I didn't try to kill him/her, the music and intense atmosphere created when you enter this room and clear the water is absolutely crazy. I was literally; pardon my French, needing some clean undies. After a while you reach the end of the level and what ensues here was the best experience I have had in a Level Editor game in a long time. I won't spoil since this review is already quite spoiler heavy, but I literally had to have a coffee to calm my nerves afterward. I had goose pimples! Thank you for the incredible level, and I can't wait to play more. Definitely one to watch." - Baratheon (06-Oct-2014)
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