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Aspidetr Easter Time 2015 - Road to Olympia by Talos

DJ Full 7 7 8 8
Gerty 6 9 8 8
Jay 7 9 9 9
Jose 7 9 8 9
Larabiker301 8 9 9 10
manarch2 4 7 5 6
MichaelP 5 9 9 8
misho98 7 9 9 8
Orbit Dream 4 4 7 8
Phil 8 9 9 9
Ryan 6 9 9 9
SeniorBlitz 7 7 8 8
release date: 30-Mar-2015
# of downloads: 2141

average rating: 7.73
review count: 12
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file size: 45.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Easter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"It's a pretty okay little adventure, short and sweet, the presentation was overall pretty good, lighting was spot on, same with textures and the setting, I also have to compliment the new UI which looks quite nice (gave me some MMO vibes for some reason), gameplay could be improved though, the symbol puzzle had an oversight where they reused one of the correct symbols however only one is actually considered the correct one, which objects are interactable are also not clear most of the time, the use of the sword was pretty cool even if it is just a skin for another weapon, kind makes me wish someone made a TRLE with sword or melee combat, however with the general jankiness of old TR combat it would probably be insufferable, well I can dream, right? In conclusion pretty fun, but short, ride, it is the kind of chill level that you play more for the atmosphere and site seeing than the gameplay." - SeniorBlitz (03-Apr-2020)
"This is a nice little teaser of an Easter level. It's incredibly short and ends after 17 minutes and puzzles are a bit thin on the ground, but the surroundings and Greek atmosphere are well crafted and the custom objects are nice and present a couple of obstacles. The timed run can be easily beat provided you don't wait for the cut scene, but begin running straightaway. Fun, but you might need the walkthrough." - Ryan (19-Oct-2017)
"This was one of those levels which tried quite hard to be a 'lateral thinker',but which ended up merely being obscure.The symbol puzzle,for example,was flawed;as the important 'key' symbol was inexplicably used twice,and only one of its placements was appropriately triggered.Then there was the long spear,which could only be picked up by having Lara stand at a specific angle; leading the player to believe that it was merely a decorative object - and whose placement was equally obscure.Most unfair of all,though,was the function of the apple - an object whose placement could have been on any one of a variety of 'not obviously apple-related' objects. I have no problems at all with thought provoking 'combine and use' puzzles,provided they're fair to the player;but these sorts of obscure 'pick-ups which don't particularly look like pick-ups,and which need to be placed on things which don't particularly look as though they're interactive - in order to have a door open somewhere' conundrums are just too unfair. Enemies were non-existent;while objects were often used for the above-mentioned obscure tasks. Nonetheless,I thought the atmosphere was interesting as was the location;helped by some interesting sounds and music - while lighting and textures were all rather elegant. It's a potentially intriguing little adventure;but the thirty minutes I spent here contained far more than their fair share of irritations." - Orbit Dream (20-Apr-2015)
"A nice Greek themed level that was up for download at Eastern. I was puzzled at first, as I could get an apple and I had no clue that one should destroy the tree first, so that was a slight oversight of the builder. Then I had no clue how the pushable puzzle had to be solved. For the rest it is a nice stroll through ancient Greek. Nice use of objects and apart for that puzzle, nothing is too hard" - Gerty (16-Apr-2015)
"A rather quick Greek adventure at about 15 minutes, more a teaser than a full level, but why not for the festive Easter occasion. Unfortunately, even in its brevity, the gameplay is a bit obscure and requires some builder mind reading again to get through (or a glimpse at the walkthough), but as always with Talos levels, the object design and choice is great and the atmosphere works really well. I have to admit that the helmet on top of Lara's head did look rather silly though... 2 secrets." - MichaelP (13-Apr-2015)
"There are really only few designs in custom levels I consider more unfair than when many identical items are placed and one of them made interactive without any hint. Fortunately, it only happens to a particular secret here. Beginning with the alphabet puzzle, continuing with the dead tree and variety of animating objects filling this ancient city with virtual life, ending with custom speech and quite fitting audio tracks, lots of things happen. Maybe a bit too much of usual switches, doors and keys are arranged in chain, the scenery is too dismal even for my LCD (Greece is usually considered brighter and sunnier) and those double columns feel wrong when one can't jump between them, but I can't deny the obvious large amount of work put into this level. I think what primarily bothers me is the fact this extensive application of animated characters doesn't match the simplistic arrangement of rectangular rooms we have to explore. If it only was a bit more integral, with more interaction with all those characters standing around I was eager to talk to, and the rooms had some difference in lighting to give more emphasis to crucial spots, I think I would enjoy it much more. SUMMARY: Something quite different from usual Greek levels, You may try it. For me it was good, though I think sometimes too much diversity is put where it shouldn't be, and vice versa. Still, the one showing what the author is capable of. I think some really good things are ahead of Talos yet and I wish this author a lot of good for Easter. Recommended." - DJ Full (08-Apr-2015)
"Atmospheric and interesting adventure with some easy tasks. I saw some very original objects, the surroundings were great for the eye and the music - for the ear. Takes about 20 minutes to finish, but it's worth looking up. Some things are well hidden so you might find yourself stuck at some point. Check it out!" - misho98 (06-Apr-2015)
"An Easter level that hasn't really got anything to do with Easter, but certainly is light, bright, enemy free and charming to look at. The ancient Greece setting is nicely done and has a definite feel of authenticity. There are some very well re-textured objects to use and it's not immediately apparent just what to do, which I always find most enjoyable. That's the main challenge really as, apart from a timed run (not too tight), the action is quite gentle and suitable for all players. It lasts less than half an hour and I was sorry when it ended." - Jay (06-Apr-2015)
"I'm sorry to say so but I can't see the point in rating this level higher than the builder's other levels. Admittedly, this level is (thankfully) not about hidden items and obscure tasks. There are a few sneaky moments, but aside of the second secret I found that everything is quite solvable and not near-impossible to figure out yourself as in some other levels of Talos. So why the still rather low marks? Well, this level simply doesn't offer enough to be rated with decent scores. The gameplay is best described as a rather decent appetizer or intro for a level of a solid length, which in this case is hardly possible with a length of just 10 minutes. There are levels that manage to pack enough entertainment in such a short time, but the amount of gameplay on offer here plainly does not stand too well - a bit of exploration for some items to find and use, a simply constructed timed run and a single puzzle where you have to put on your thinking cap a little (I'm not even complaining about the thing that the puzzle is a bit misleading because of actually two tiles being a possible solution - I just assume that the player should have knowledge of the Greek alphabet to find the 'correct' of the two possible solutions). Is that really enough? I think some other level designers have done a much better and industrious job and received lower scores. The work in terms of objects is certainly standing out most here: Many new or refreshed objects that really do a nice job in creating an ancient environment and especially the cutscenes are a nice addition. All areas have received care for texturing and lighting (nice choice of textures as well), but the whole structure feels rather flat and there's no real complex architecture, just rather simple and basic rooms with a bit of decoration, with only few nice sights and no interesting room connections. The texturing is solid and without many mistakes, yet doesn't feel very creative and in some areas the visuals are fairly bland and even uninspired (mostly in the area where you find the spear). Even with some nice historical allusions I felt like the storyline isn't used very well in-game and instead of Olympia it could've as well been any Greek temple area you're exploring. The sound choices are good, yet the loops are still not a favourite of mine - I found them to be rather bearable this time, though. Overall, while there aren't many actual 'mistakes' in this game, and as an Easter level this is of course a welcome and addition and actually enjoyable for the time it lasts, but except for the object design the game is way too simplistic and short for its own good. Found both secrets." - manarch2 (05-Apr-2015)
"Well, it wasn't much of an Easter level as more of a Greek-themed level. Either way, it's still a nice adventure as Lara is shown back-in-time in a small Greek themed area full of Greek relics and artifacts. Gameplay consisted of locating a...thing (forgive as it was in a different language). The player has to locate switches and keys in order to progress through the very small level. I will admit that with the new objects used, it was a little difficult but the player is given camera clues so it doesn't prove too difficult. Objects are a very nice addition to the level giving off that Greek feeling and I thought the animating people were amazing for giving life to the area. The atmosphere was awesome although the same soundtrack got a little boring, albeit, it is still a short level. The secrets are somewhat difficult to find even though the level is short. The secret hidden in a vase, in my opinion, was a little unfair since there was absolutely no clue that there may be something under it. However, I still enjoyed finding the other one and was a little surprised since I found it on a whim looking for other clues for the puzzle. Lighting is done well and I have no discrepancies for the texturing. Overall, a well done custom set and despite its lacking Easter theme and its overall net gameplay, is still a good play for about half an hour to an hour." - Larabiker301 (04-Apr-2015)
"AVG does not like this builder's levels. Once again it refused to install the game after I downloaded it, reporting that tomb4.exe was virus-infested. I then downloaded Greywolf's new level, copied over the tomb4.exe file, and now I could play Road to Olympia just fine. I'm glad, because this is the kind of level that gives me warm fuzzies: plenty of light, gorgeous surroundings, interesting and sometimes challenging tasks. My only complaint is that it's too short at 25 minutes. The timed run took me a few tries, mainly because of that persistent cut scene that played each time I pulled down the switch. I finally made it by doing a rolling back flip while the cut scene was playing. Camera control was controlled as Lara's feet were hitting the ground, and from there it was a fairly simple matter to get to the timed gate. Manarch2 has provided an advance walkthrough, which I used to obtain the two secrets and to learn the proper use of the more obscure pickups. Recommended." - Phil (03-Apr-2015)
"Not really an Easter level, but a Greek level. The gameplay is not very confused, 'cause sometimes there are hints so players know where to use the items, but there were a couple of things I didn't like: the first key is not in a visible place, and the timed run is too tight for many players. Also I was able to pick up the apple without previously find the gun. Objects are very well builded and the environments are nice to see and explore, and textures are very well applied. I found a couple of interesting puzzles but unfortunately the level is too short. Enjoyable." - Jose (02-Apr-2015)