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Author(s): sonnyd83
total rating:8.57 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Angel_K 10 9 10 8
DJ Full 9 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jose 9 9 9 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 10 10 9 9
Leeth 6 7 8 7
manarch2 7 9 8 8
Phil 9 10 9 9
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Torry 4 8 6 7
Zhyttya 8 8 9 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
8.18 8.73 8.82 8.55

Reviewer's comments

"I am sorry but this level set to me was nonsensical and boring and had no relation to 1943, the Iron Cross or Tomb Raider so it left me wandering what it was all about and what the point of this exercise was. If the author is trying to raise some religious point then it was lost on me and if that was in fact the case, Tomb Raider is not the platform to raise those issues. There are also some abstract ideas that were unrealistic such as raising the sentry gun (what on earth for?) the interminable tight rope walk (why?) and the motor cycle which you do not actually need to get to the roof so again, why? I mean the bike looked great but it served no purpose except to highlight that the author could. \then what was the disco all about and why is Lara (Marcia) cleaning up vomit? Also some of the sound affects were out of sync. Sorry but this level left me cold." - Torry (27-Apr-2018)

"g&p: The level is very interesting, Dave made such a good work,the gameplay is very cool and you don't feel bored, you always have something to do. Nothing hard, or impossible here, everything is smooth, except the "bonus end". Poor Marcia ^^ E,O,S: object were well chosen, Dave changed some of them because I ask him to during the beta. Enemies are quite classic but nicely placed.Secret were nice, even if I don't really like the objects used as secrets. A,S&C: Atmosphere is nice, sound were pretty cool and cameras nice too. L&T: Dave made such a big work on it, I found a lot of mistakes during the beta, but he corrects everything I said (I think). I recommand this level because this is a big piece of work that everyone must enjoy !" - Lara_Fox_Croft (04-May-2016)

"Hey, check out Lara's new flamethrower. Brilliant and with unlimited ammo. That should be one of her regular weapons. This is a very innovative adventure of 2 parts, set during 1943. The puzzles were excellent and the choice of punishment for finding all secrets was certainly different. The character interactions were nice. I enjoyed it." - Ryan (14-Apr-2016)

"What a nice level to play, the atmosphere is well done, puzzles are nice, and even if I did not play the first part of this game yet, I think I will try it ! I recommand it for every player!" - Angel_K (08-Apr-2016)

"I have no idea where Karlostov is but definitely not in Poland - that church is just not filthy rich enough. Thanks to the readme I instantly wanted to climb the roof but I got something even better with that air shaft - I don't think I have seen such a combination of standing jump and grab used anywhere else. And in general, typically for this builder, we get surrounded with high density of unusualness, for instance a flamethrower is default weapon and almost every single task in this game is unexpected, including the weirdest defeat of a terrorist threat you could imagine. It seems the crowbar is misplaced, I believe the intended idea was to take it from under the raised dinghy, but I got the plan anyway. I only didn't understand why I locked the church - I think a much better scenario would for instance be to open the door, retrieve the torch from the inside and light something in the open air: for instance the bomb could be triggered this way instead of exploding without a specified detonator. Another suggestion for dave would be to get actors at last, because using non-English voice synthesizer to generate English speech makes the lines distracting and less understandable than if sole subtitles were provided - I had to re-read these tips from the walkthrough because I was just unable to focus on them as they played. There's also a polerope to climb, but the hint camera looking in the opposite direction and a giant arrow suggesting to climb the wall in the meantime both draw attention away of the real target. Finally it's not clear if the game is really supposed to end like it does - such an unexpected conclusion requires a stronger confirmation. SUMMARY: A brief yet solid conclusion (?) of a nice series, take a try." - DJ Full (02-Apr-2016)

"Splendid trip to the past, really well represented. Very rare to see these kind of themes, but when it's done right, the outcome is truly one of the kind. I enjoyed overall the game play, although sometimes a bit too random, talking about the assassination with the bike and the teleport when approaching the girl. A more smooth transition between events would be appreciated, but still it doesn't spoil at all the level. There was this weird bug (?) when Lara hits the wall the sound that is emitted it's the 'roll sound'. I know it's weird, but go ahead and try it. So overall i really enjoyed playing this level, it's very classic and has it's own scary moments (what was that for on the basement?!?!), lovely little town and the music it's so it!" - Zhyttya (22-Mar-2016)

"A bit to random is that resumes this level. There were a lot of fun mechanics to use but it was all a bit to random. The bike to "kill" the guy in the bridge, the key in the car, the crowbard for one single use. Still, was a fun level i can't deny that, but there was always something spoiling it. The textures were a bit "low quality" to, witch didn't help either. The sound was a bit awkward to, the "random revolver" during pistols, or the roll sound when you go running into a wall.. Stuff like this. Still, was fun! A lot of random fun but i was really hopping for a longer adventure, and this was a bit to short and fast to pass. Oh, and another thing, the textures you can grab to climb are a bit random (once again) on the out side when you try to push the machine gun up. But recommened never the less" - Leeth (22-Mar-2016)

"This is an imaginative two-part level with a pleasant urban ambiance that's very easy on the eyes. The lighting is good throughout and some innovative gameplay ideas have been implemented (especially the car that acts like a bull). It got a bit macabre near the end, and the logic of killing the protagonist to end the game (provided all five secrets were found) escapes me, but I spent a very enjoyable hour and fifteen minutes here. This builder is definitely of the top rank, and it's always nice to see a new release bearing his name. Highly recommended." - Phil (12-Mar-2016)

"The gameplay is as to be expected quite special and there are good puzzles like the Bible one, but often they are too easy to solve as their solution is too obvious and the player gets lead too much through this level - although a more complex approach on all this might have screwed the gameplay up, it's really a thin line the builder had to cross. But the creativity in the puzzles and the gameplay could still be even higher and sometimes the logic is a bit lost on me. Why should anyone kill a man with a bomb on a motorcycle when the motorcycle (or a weapon) would have been more than enough? The nitro for the bike is not needed because you can jump up the ramp without it, and lastly the whole ending in the mosque does not feel very senseful (while the bonus level if you find all - not too well hidden - secrets is kind of funny). Anyway, the object design is quite fantastic, there are nice unorthodox ideas, e.g. how to get rid of the sentrygun and the firegun with unlimited ammo was a cool feature as well. The atmosphere is fairly good too, with a large city setting to explore and nice use of fog and snow (and apt music choices as well), while the architecture felt a bit too simple and geometric to me and the visuals are a bit on the bland side, while the textures are almost faultlessly applied and the lighting is decent too. A thankfully different, solid 40 minute level and definately recommended. Oh, and before I forget it, next time do something with the texts - because of some backgrounds they are almost impossible to read." - manarch2 (01-Mar-2016)

"Another good work from this author. Very good architecture, interesting tasks and enough hints to create a fluid gameplay, except when I needed to use the bike for a second time, 'cause I thought that after the explosion in the bridge it was unuseful. The new objects are well builded, the secrets are not difficult to find and it was a good idea the unlimited ammo for the extra gun too. I liked the on-screen texts, the special effects and the nice environments. Really an adventure to enjoy. Recommended!" - Jose (01-Mar-2016)

"Wow, Lara's new flame thrower. Best. Weapon. Ever. Nor is that the only thing to love about this level. It's incredibly enjoyable, with its inventive puzzles, new objects, textures etc. There are plenty of characters to interact with throughout the game, which adds an extra dimension, although it's lucky there are subtitles as some of the (I presume electronically created) voices aren't very clear. If you've played previous levels from this builder, you'll be expecting something innovative and you certainly won't be disappointed. A joy from start to finish." - Jay (01-Mar-2016)
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