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Author(s): CityOfLara
total rating:2.35 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 1 1 2 2
BHM Productions 2 2 4 3
DJ Full 3 3 3 5
Gerty 1 1 2 1
Jay 1 2 2 4
Jose 0 1 1 3
LaraSpears 5 4 6 7
manarch2 0 1 1 1
MichaelP 1 1 2 2
Orbit Dream 0 2 2 4
Phil 3 4 5 5
Rambo 0 1 1 2
Ryan 1 1 1 2
sonnyd83 3 4 4 5
vienna 1 2 3 4
category averages
(15 reviews)
1.47 2.00 2.60 3.33

Reviewer's comments

"This is more like a test level. Lighting are shadows that look a bit messed up. I like that the flare does not blink. I never used the pistols nor any object that the author provided. I didn't experience crashes, but I think I would if I had ever died or reloaded. I'm not sure if the final room was the one with a lot of goodies, or the one with the trident. I first took the trident then went to the crawlspace to collect the unnecessary goodies. I played this after this author's second release: Venice Building. I must say that one was better. Total: 1.5/10." - alan (22-Mar-2017)

"This is a test level without finish trigger. Not recommendable." - vienna (25-Sep-2016)

"This should be classed as a test level. You simply pick up a lot of (pointless) supplies, avoid some mummies, pull a couple of levers and find the trident. That's all. No finish trigger." - Ryan (10-Jul-2016)

"This is something I would probably look upon with some pride if I were dabbling with the level editor for the first time. I would be quite satisfied with the effective lighting and pleasant-looking environs. However, I wouldn't even think of putting it out there for public consumption. Clocking in at just under five minutes, it's clearly a testing-the-waters effort that has limited or no appeal for seasoned raiders. There are pickups aplenty that are provided for no rational basis, including ammo for nonexistent weapons that couldn't kill the sole enemies (two mummies) anyway. The only traps (two spikeballs) are easily evaded. When you pick up the eponymous trident you wait in vain for something to happen. Strictly for padding one's review count." - Phil (10-Jun-2016)

"The game crashes when Lara dies, not that it is unavoidable but still... The English text is all screwed up I saw, so Trey read the manual, it is all in there. For the rest, well it is a first and I hope Trey has the patience to figure out how things work and then it can be quite addictive. For now too short, textures could use attention but as a practise run... oh well." - Gerty (24-May-2016)

"For a first level, this could be worse, but could also be better. It could be longer - when I play a level, I want to lose myself in the game, but can not do so in this, way too short. If this guy insists on making small levels in a few weeks, this is ok, but he should squeeze as much gameplay into it as possible, it's amazing what you can get into a single room, or a few rooms. In this game, the highlight was finding some zombies in a dark corner, pretty good. There's some boulder traps and plenty of pickups (which you'll never use). The trident is at the very end of the game, but there's kind of no finish trigger, so if you don't read the walkthrough, you'll spend a lot of time trying to find a way out, which is kind of good in way...The level looks ok, he has made some sort of effort with texturing, chosen the most appropriate ones, although as with his next level, there's paper thin walls - you shouldn't just place all the rooms next to each other and connect them with doors - you should place a small room one block wide in between. Not a bad start at building, just needs to learn how to use the editor more, and include more gameplay to fill the empty rooms." - sonnyd83 (01-May-2016)

"A basic attempt which skips other basics with missing sounds, useless pickups and no finish trigger though modelling shows some imagination while texturing, lighting and enemy placement make sense. It's nice the bars were modified but in any case one should provide widescreen as well." - DJ Full (28-Apr-2016)

"I really found no sense to release this mini-level. Visit four or five rooms only to pick up a lot of items you'll never use, avoid a couple of spiked balls and pull a couple of levers... Also the game crashes when Lara dies and you want to reload, not a finish trigger... Not worth to play." - Jose (27-Apr-2016)

"Five minutes of goodie collecting, avoiding a couple of mummies/boulders and throwing a lever or two nets you: 30 uzi ammo, 12 revolver ammo, shotgun with 12 normal and 12 wideshot ammo, 60 flares, 8 small and 8 large medipacks and one Trident. No partridge or pear tree! Oh and no finish trigger either. I expect the builder had fun making it and he's made a bit of an effort with the lighting, but ultimately it's all a bit pointless." - Jay (26-Apr-2016)

"Gameplay & Puzzles: I don't want to see bad gameplay if this is good, because this is barely more than nothing and pretty cheap. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: There are some mummies and a few boulders but one point is more than enough here. No secrets. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: There is just a bit of atmosphere but it's very simple, no special sounds or cams. There are thin walls too. Lighting & Textures: Experiments with textures and lighting can be seen and there are not so many mistakes but overall this doesn't really work together. Total: 1/10 at best, this is a very, very simple and boring test level after all (my first one was, too, I admit)." - Rambo (23-Apr-2016)

"A two minute debut level that consists of 5 rooms and shows at least some attempts by the builder to create atmosphere with a few light, shadow and color effects. Probably should not have been released, as it is more a practice effort than an actual level, but we all have to start somewhere." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2016)

"Lara picks up a lot of needless ammo (if you like), Lara meets two mummies (if you like), Lara uses two floor levers and Lara picks up the trident. That's it - downloading this level takes longer than playing it. While there is barely any kind of gameplay, the other elements are all at least present if not very elaborate already. Also you can't load in the game without crashing it to the desktop. Perhaps as a very first try this is okay, but I agree to Michael that levels that are in such an early state like this shouldn't be released. Finished in 30 seconds (ignoring all pickups save for the trident)." - manarch2 (22-Apr-2016)

"The textures were good, the gameplay was also good, I liked the level even though it was linear, I especially loved the textures, I will always have a weak spot for Catacomb levels, they're my favorite. It's really well done for a debut level, keep on making levels, I would love to see & play more from you." - LaraSpears (22-Apr-2016)

"No,there really isn't any gameplay (save for a couple of rolling boulders,which can be easily missed - or even not triggered);but a token effort has been made with enemies and a few scattered objects and superfluous pick-ups;and the lighting and texturing is really perfectly alright and creates an adequate atmosphere.Even if you take your time,though,you'd be hard pressed to eke this out for much more than 4 minutes.Never mind - onwards and upwards." - Orbit Dream (22-Apr-2016)

"Gameplay is almost nonexistent, you just move across a couple of rooms and pick up a bunch of stuff. There's no finish trigger, either. So, I guess it's up to you when you're done! There were a ton of objects that didn't need to be there (honestly you didn't even need your pistols). The two mummies popping up in the one room actually scared me a bit, so good placement there. Lighting and overall atmosphere was the best part. There was good effort towards a sense of darkness, however there needs to be even more effort and more attention to detail (crawlspaces shouldn't be more bright than the bigger room itself). Textures were varied, but not used cohesively or realistically. Be sure to make your textures flow seamlessly and not just placed wherever you feel like. Overall, good for a cute little test level. Hope to see more from you soon :)" - BHM Productions (22-Apr-2016)
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