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Author(s): JesseG
total rating:9.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 9 10 10 10
Allicya 10 10 10 10
Bene 10 9 9 9
DJ Full 10 9 10 9
Drakan 10 10 9 8
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 10 10 9 9
Jose 9 10 9 10
manarch2 8 9 9 8
Phil 10 9 10 10
Ryan 10 10 9 9
category averages
(11 reviews)
9.55 9.55 9.36 9.18

Reviewer's comments

"Welcome to dystopia - the future of rebelling robots and people still using pushables. First look was "OMG he blinks". Second was a surprise I could still go from monkey swing to a ladder. Then I jumped to notice all moves are gravity-responsive, therefore kudos to betatesters for not leaving shortcuts in such a major mod. A little trouble was presence of crawlspace squeeze, for I kept trying random key combos to check what other moves may be enabled without mentioning. Same for the storyline computers sort of puzzle holes, hard to recognize as switches - please fill these gaps in the readme. The storyline has one common inconsistency - humans attack the hero who tries to help them - terrifying and terraforming, but also well working for a twist: I found myself take sides with rebel droids not their unfortunate owners. A minor problem was the outside zone - maybe I was just tired but I noticed the intended ladder in the last order, deconcentrated by all surrounding ledges and shelves to explore apparently for nothing. I understand these ledges are for atmosphere but in such case I would just restore the gone focus by making the ladder a 3D instead of a texture, that increases the chance of noticing by about 1482%. Speaking of textures, finally the steampunk ones used in a decent way - that pack is still underused, glad to see a lesson on how it's meant to be done. Lighting is at last as vibrant as it should, also we get a chance for reunion with a Lost Artifact horizon, but a very uncanny trouble is the non-animating water, standing out as a basic error among advanced TRNG tweaks which in this rare case improve the game. Until I saw it I thought about a full mark for visuals, I may rethink if it's fixed. And vice versa, it was the ambience change after piercing the roof what made me give top score to the sound, also this time a techno version of the main theme, much fitting a Deadwolf - Leuk (I guess this is how our hero is now called, or will be after the radiation exposure) has been rebuilt but still looks cute, he also meets some fitting enemies however the robots look very SD and should be remade in higher definition to match everyone else because the "older generation" line feels like an excuse. Don't keep it half-customized, for instance remove the default desks and medikits in favor of more Martian ones to match these doors and puzzle items. Same for the F16 "shuttle" which worked well in Clara's Ice Age but doesn't belong here. SUMMARY: Pack 1 is a lot on its own, but if Pack 2 keeps this quality and concludes well, just release both together for deeper and complete experience. Totally recommended, I already wonder what will happen back on Earth." - DJ Full (25-Jan-2017)

"This was a great level, with many new features and playing as a different character. My favorite part was when I was riding the quadbike and jump to see it exploding. That was epic. The gravity of the jumps makes it more realistic, the horizon showing the Earth and our character exposed to radiation. Nice work." - alan (27-Oct-2016)

"There is certainly much innovative stuff presented here and the game has a bunch of cool features which add a lot to the experience, like the iPhone, the great usage of the crowbar to deal with an enemy, the light gravity and a great boss fight (amongst other novelties). There's always a new twist given to the gameplay which feels fluent and enjoyable most of the time, yet I wished it had a little bit more depth in terms of more exploration and puzzle solving, although it's absolutely not bare of those things and finding out how the new features work is certainly providing for a nice time anyway. As said the technical standard is very high here and outtaking some of the enemies is great. The atmosphere is mainly living from the nice setting and the well chosen sounds but a bit more work in terms of geometry could've been nice, a few end of the world moments and not perfectly applied textures are also visible. Overall a 40 minute level that lives up to the expectations I had and I'm looking forward to the next installment. Found the three well hidden secrets." - manarch2 (11-Aug-2016)

"This level is kinda different from the others we see here, but amazing. The Wolf Pack part 1 bring us inovation and fun. You totally have to give it a try. 10 to everything! It deserves to be in the hall of fame. Good job here..." - Allicya (29-Jul-2016)

"What a unique adventure. I haven't yet played the previous adventures in the series, so I didn't know what I was letting myself in for. One thing I do know is that this is definitely an enjoyable level. I thoroughly enjoyed utilising the Wolf's new moves, particularly the sprint jump, and the fact that most puzzles were centered around them. The enemies were cleverly retextured to suit the Martian atmosphere. I found the iPhone hints a nice touch and certainly helped me through the harder parts. Great work, Jesse! Looking forward to future instalments." - Ryan (20-Jul-2016)

"Shame that I do not understand all the information contained in the iphone (my English is too just). All the details are important and I have trouble understanding certain passages. Although the puzzle of 4 blocks was very simple to understand. This level is quite original with a new hero (Luke). I noticed some missing textures and we can reach the end of the world. Otherwise I enjoyed, lots of challenge (timed runs, traps and excellent puzzles )and a lot of thinking to find where fire the grappling hook. Excellent" - Drakan (13-Jul-2016)

"Interesting level full of new features. I think there was an error to not include, at least, the new movement monkeyswing-to-ladder so you can get access to the PDA to check the remaining new moves; this involves all players get stucked from the very beginning. I liked a lot the design, the architecture, the impressive new objects and the texturization. The spitting fire enemies are very dangerous, and the winged woman is too hard to kill, I had to use all the shotgun and uzi ammo, and later wasted a lot of time with the pistols. The four blocks puzzle is confusing, 'cause more than one block can match in the same niche, but at least there is a camera shot when you place the block in the corect place. The PDA is an original and good idea, the cameras are well placed and the appropriate musics create a good atmosphere. Found two of three secrets. Recommended. Good work, Jesse!" - Jose (01-Jul-2016)

"As this saga continues we find a "spark of life", a descendant of Luke the wolf defending himself against cyborgs on, of all places, Mars. The atmosphere on Mars being different, it naturally follows that some moves are different and therein lies some of the fun. From the very beginning you know this is not going to be "the usual". No weapons and how to get past the flame thrower without them? The puzzles and gameplay are creative and imaginative - there may be a glitch or two but easily sorted. The stuck points may need a bit of thinking and, in my case, a bit more thinking but then, the more satisfying the solution. The problem of conveying to the player the different situations and what needs to be done is solved by downloads from computers situated throughout to wolf's cell phone....the player just has to remember to check it :) Since this is part 1 and not a long level, perhaps part 11 will soon follow. However long it takes, I am looking forward to it. Recommended for all. Great job, JesseG!" - Bene (24-Jun-2016)

"My impression of a level is usually enhanced when I write a walkthrough for it, as I'm forced to play closer attention to what's going on around me so I can better understand the workings of the builder's mind in crafting the gameplay. However, I believe that my high scores are fully justified in this case for a number of reasons. Along with a few new moves that we've seen before, there are some conceptual innovations that are quite fresh, such as the lighter gravity you experience when exposed to the outdoor reaches of Mars. The lighting is absolutely superb, and I never once felt the need to use a flare (assuming any were available, as I didn't bother to check). The retextured robots and androids were well rendered, as was the boss lady near the end. I suspect that comments in the reviews and stuck thread about the level's brevity are a reflection of the pang one feels when the fun ends all too soon. In reality, it takes about an hour to play the level (although I spent twice that because I was writing along the way). The game map is laid out in familiar fashion, using a hub room from which the player must open doors to control rooms in four separate areas in order to progress to the finish line. Along the way are some clever exercises, including a pushblock puzzle, a step-on-the-tiles timed puzzle, a couple of nifty timed runs and some pole-swinging exercises. There's nothing here beyond the reach of the average raider, and I had a grand time while enjoying the alien settings. Highest recommendations." - Phil (23-Jun-2016)

"I love sci-fi Tomb Raider and I love the Wolf's levels, so we've got a great combination here. This was one great game, never really complicated and therefore entertaining, with a nice glitch (if you go out of a room and then come back, you can go on getting the same items from the drawers, which is just great for medipacks). I loved the low gravity in the open spaces, the different rooms the Wolf had to visit (namely the radiation rooms) and I could even put up with the long next-to-final battle with some winged martian. I also enjoyed the messages that kept coming to the cell phone. So, the only true shame was that the game felt a bit short. Really looking forward to more!" - Jorge22 (21-Jun-2016)

"I love Luke. If you've not played as the wolf before, you really are in for a treat. This is a witty, quirky, inventive and, above all, fun level. Don't neglect to collect computer data for your iphone as you really will need the hints contained therein. The feel of this Mars set adventure is wonderful (nice that Luke can jump further in the Martian atmosphere), the enemies appropriate and the gameplay varied and intriguing, with some good timed runs, traps and excellent puzzles - I especially liked the one which requires red squares to be turned to green. I managed to miss two of the three secrets (of course I did) and that's particularly annoying as I wanted to see every square inch of this level. I may just play it again when the walkthrough comes out to find out what I missed. Highly recommended." - Jay (19-Jun-2016)
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