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Author(s): MizzCroft
total rating:5.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 5 7 6
Bene 5 5 5 6
Cosmos 4 5 4 5
DJ Full 5 8 7 5
Drakan 8 8 8 7
Gerty 4 5 5 7
JesseG 4 6 5 5
Jose 6 7 6 8
manarch2 5 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 6 7 5 7
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 5 6 4 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.33 6.17 5.67 6.17

Reviewer's comments

"This levels has nice environments, there are plants and interesting locations. In the huge room with water it was very hard to me to spot the underwater switch. The secret was easier to find. I don't like that running animation, it makes the jumps more difficult to perform. The normal one would have been better in my opinion." - alan (29-Jan-2017)

"I played this before it aired but something (possibly BtB preparing) interrupted me and I failed to submit the report before the release. I only recalled it now, really sorry about that :((((((( But I see some tips I had still apply. Majorly, not that animation again... there's no point to include other than smoother or faster, unless in a long levelset giving a chance to adapt - otherwise we waste time both on adapting to new physics and then on readapting to default when we return to them. I don't think the author knows what "save before every jump" means - it's asking to be notoriously out of the game, therefore why to game. The focus is sometimes wrong: the first underwater switch took me a dozen minutes to find, much longer than the accompanying secret. The ammo count may be correct if you follow the plan but I always first go for the bullets, so I killed the pit raptors with the uzis and from that moment I was running out of ammo in everytime I fought with a weapon other than pistols - note with TRNG you can expand the bullet count without need for more pickups. Life, health or reload, slowdown in general, is often a cost of these issues. Other are stuck points - e.g. you can overlook the first key and not go back, though it's as unlikely to happen as trapping yourself in the shotgun hole, btw the block you do that with is drawn from an untextured pit. Then instead of hiding, the spikes stick out but don't hurt so I'm glad it's not a stuck point. When you exit the pit, the trap may retrigger, as in a missing one-shot. Then I died of an edge flyby, I wrote a part of this and died again, same reason. Then don't you even dare use that tempting air pocket - the nearby skeleton did so and now warns you not to. Then I discovered another plant-masked switch, which at least pressed after opening the two heavy gates crashed the game. So I went for the Key of Calm Waters and Key of Fiery Chaos, like I imagined their correct names, into the side rooms, quite different from the rest of level overwhelmed by the same stone-grassy pattern. I also got the pushies off the heavies to retry the lever in altered map state - nope, a crash again. I bet that was to get me up to the keyhole shelf, and if that was to be a rope, I suspect a missing sprite or whatever of this kind. Fortunately I could use the flare bug to bypass the failing trigger, and so I managed to reach the T-Rex, as always killable with a precise shotgun hit, yet followed with a bunch of now unnecessary items, why not provided earlier - and that standable slope just before the battle could hold that stuff as fourth secret. For all this time, since the initial trap warning, the ambience is gone, likely due to a single-shot sound trigger overtaking the background channel without restoring the old track - but since since that audio was of unrelated settomb, my experience was unexpectedly better, and in return I could enjoy mostly correct SFX, this way put in greater emphasis than usually. SUMMARY: I don't like reviews which are bug reports - it's one of the games I wanted to help prepare and I regret not doing it on time. But some kind of miracle makes it enjoyable even in this raw state, giving another chance to get Peru'd - why not?" - DJ Full (17-Jan-2017)

"Is this a new fab to reduce the goodies to the bare minimum and if so, me do NOT like. Specially as there are a lot of traps in here and for me as every trap was covered up in heavy greenery it meant, reload, reload and reload. Pick-ups are also very scares and there are some nasty glitches in the game that I wondered if this has been tested and if so, what happened. As the readme already stated the Lara figure movements are the pits. I know she looks adorable in this outfit but that is no reason to choose it if the animations are off. Still wondering about the savedgame that is included in the download. I know it is hard to make a level but I'm sorry to say: not my kinda game. But (and there is a but most of the time) it is a vast improvement from her previous game." - Gerty (26-Oct-2016)

"This is a pleasant enough, (albeit short at around 30 minutes) raid through a South American environment. The gameplay is simple and will not leave you stuck for long (although I experienced a couple of minor issues with the spikes in that big chasm). Enemies were placed well, although the T-Rex froze up. Lara targeted him, but couldn't shoot him, so I just got the hell out of there. Also, more could have been through the use of music, as the level was quieter than I would like. It seems to be an improvement on the author's previous level, which is always promising. I look forward to more." - Ryan (18-Oct-2016)

"If this level were even a demo, it would still be on the sort side. I have no problem with level shorts. In-fact, I much prefer short levels with a few decent puzzles and a much greater attention to detail than "feature length games" which span over 4 or 5 levels. Unfortunately, I think this level should have stayed in the "test" folder. There wasn't really a puzzle factor to this, and the gameplay simply involved running and occasionally dodging traps. There was a few push blocks here and there, but I think they're more gameplay extenders than puzzles. Enemies consisted of two hard to kill raptors, a few bats and a really bugged T-Rex. Don't try to kill the T-Rex, simply continue as if he wasn't there, and eventually he'll get caught on the geometry and freeze up. I felt like I was in a temple, so I think the level at least lived up to the name, as for the music and the cameras, standard music standard cameras. It wasn't really atmospheric either. I thought the textures were OK, but a little repetitive. Nothing really stood out, extremely boxy environment. Bland lighting. NOTES TO BUILDER: I appreciate that my review is a little negative so I think I should offer some construct. Really think about what you are aiming to achieve. If your making a short level, really pay attention to the details. Make sure you can make the environment feel as organic as it should be. Don't make a swim through cave with an entirely flat roof. Lighting is the mood of the game, it should be bold. If the lighting is bland, you have made a bland game. Don't make repetitive textures, use variety. Key's shouldn't be called LOAD, and there shouldn't be "missing" level files. If you are making a level short, I find it best to think of a puzzle, and orient the level around that puzzle." - Cosmos (11-Sep-2016)

"I had some crashes, including a lever in the room where you have to put the 2 keys. also blocked in the air hole. I had a registred secret. But interesting level, not too difficult." - Drakan (10-Sep-2016)

"I found this to be an eye-pleasing and fun level to play. Nothing very taxing, all quite linear, but well made and entertaining. I was a bit distracted at first by Lara's slowed down running animation, but this did not affect my ability to get around in the usual fashion, and no corrective measures were required. I'm sure that the jump switch in the pillar room deactivated the spears in some fashion, but each time I replayed that section something different would happen. On one occasion the spears were up (but inactive) after I climbed the ladder (but caused me no damage when I jumped from pillar to pillar), on another occasion the spears had disappeared entirely. And on still another occasion the deactivation seemed to be on a timer. Contrary to what Jose reports in his review, when I went down for the secret and climbed back up the ladder, the spears were still down. Same thing with the T-Rex near the end. One time it chased me all around the place, another time it ignored me and tried to dig itself through a wall while I went about my business. And that air hole in the long underwater passage was a cruel trap, if that is what the builder intended. Once you're in, there's no way out and you have to reload. In summary, this is a level that provides considerable raiding pleasure, and I feel that it's underrated at this point. Recommended." - Phil (08-Sep-2016)

"This one was rather hard to score: straightforward gameplay except for a lever that didn't seem to want to be found, a dino stuck in place, and places where it was all too easy to get stuck but over all, an enjoyable raid. The end comes abruptly but maybe with a hint of a continuation with Lara running for a ladder. If so, I will be looking for the second part. It's a fun, short raid and I was able to share it with my niece who is now interested in TR, thanks to MizzCroft. Found 2/3 secrets." - Bene (06-Sep-2016)

"Much better than the first level, this one is more entertaining, with a lot of traps, a lot of vegetation and variety of enemies. The extra guns are hidden in secret areas, but not very difficult to find; also another pickups could be in better visible places, and not hidden lying anywhere between the plants. Easy puzzles with moveables, lineal gameplay, I missed a hint for the hidden lever in the first water area, but the game is usually fluid with no hard tasks. I found a couple of places where I had to reload (stucked forever); one of them if you touch the air column where the jumpswitch is in the pit with three pillars with spikes once you are in the other side, if you want to go back down to get the secret and touch it, the spikes will pop up constantly and you'll never be able to go back up; later I found an air hole in an underwater passage where I had to reload too. Cameras are well worked, but I missed more musics (background musics, musics with the flybys...). The best were the lighting and the texturization giving a good look to the natural environments. Good work, Alyson! Continue so." - Jose (05-Sep-2016)

"This was a pretty enjoyable 40 minute romp around a tried-and-trusted Peruvian location.Some of the puzzles were a little cheaty,as the solutions depended upon rooting around thick undergrowth for hidden levers;but others were interesting enough,and usually involved a combination of jumps followed by object pushing in order to raise strategically placed blocks.The enemies were more of a nuisance than an actual threat (the T-Rex seemed harmless,before eventually becoming paralyzed);while object placement appeared more to do with obstructing Lara's progress than actually performing a visual function,even though all of it was appropriate to the location.Lara's animations were distractingly sluggish;and none of the rooms were architecturally ambitious enough to create much of a visual impression,but were textured and lit to a decent standard and served their purpose. This was mostly all about trap- negotiating;and absolutely none the worse for that.It's ultimately an unpretentious but entertaining little adventure." - Orbit Dream (04-Sep-2016)

"A short jungle romp through some temple rooms riddled with traps and dinosaurs. The strongest part is decorative objects which help the environment feel a bit immersive. The gameplay was short and unbalanced, being very heavy in trap sequences. There were not really any puzzles to speak of, and in terms of combat you're better off just running away, especially when it comes to the t- rex. The rest of time is running/swimming through a bunch of corridors. There are some glitches as well - Lara's pull-up animation can prevent her from being able to grab things until you draw your weapons, which can almost be a show-stopper when jumping between ledges quickly. She can also get stuck in a certain underwater tunnel if you try to surface for air. Her running animation is slow to start, making acrobatics hard to get accustomed to, which the author at least acknowledges in the readme. The texturing was okay but suffers from quite a bit of wallpapering and warping. The lighting had some color but could have used some more light/dark variation. Overall it left me with the feeling of a not-quite-solidly built sprint of a level, but it is a good step forward for the author and I know they can get better with some feedback. 22 minutes." - JesseG (02-Sep-2016)

"This is a step upwards from the not exactly memorable debut level of this builder. The gameplay consists of a lot of various traps (the boulder one being the best), a few smaller pushable puzzles, a good use of the torch for a secret and still a lot of levers that are to be used, yet only one really sneaky moment with the underwater lever in the larger cave. There are also some errors like animation problems (there is no single good reason to slow down the running animation at all and it's just a waste of timed to change it!) and an air hole where you can't get out of late in the game, the T-Rex also was frozen at one point. The rooms are rather basic in their design with mainly blocky geometry, too small scale areas most of the time and the visuals are also rather repetitive, there are a lot of squeezed and wallpapered textures that should've been applied much more carefully, the lighting is actually a bit better here although still rather flat. I found the two secrets, the Uzi one doesn't register as such although I heard the chimes, and spent 20 minutes in this level." - manarch2 (01-Sep-2016)
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