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20 Years of Memories by MBog

AaronD 8 8 7 6
Ceamonks890 2 3 3 3
DJ Full 6 4 6 5
Gerty 4 4 5 5
Gorty 4 4 4 3
JoeTheCrazyGamer 10 10 10 9
Jose 5 5 6 6
manarch2 4 4 4 5
Nomad 7 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Penne_Pesto 7 9 8 6
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ray Croft 5 5 5 4
Ryan 6 6 6 5
sonnyd83 7 6 6 8
TombExplorer 7 6 7 5
Torry 8 7 9 7
release date: 31-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 3282

average rating: 6.01
review count: 17
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file size: 280.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A nice creative way to go trough all Tomb Raider games. The puzzles were more focused on enviromental exploration than anything else. The lighting was bad in some cases (exemple in TR3 room), but the overall design of each room was diverse and nostalgic. Loved the music theme in each room. Variety of enemies was a nice addition. Also the bow was nice to have, but useless, because i killed the wolves with the shotgun, before realising there are no more enemies after that." - AaronD (28-Feb-2020)
"MBog's level "20 Years of Memories" is clearly a tribute to the anniversary of our beloved franchise, and I swear that the concept idea of this level is fantastic: Lara starts the "adventure" in Croft Manor and has to explore some rooms( 1 Room / Area for every game, from TR1 to RotTR ) to retrieve some key items, "Memories". The level is split into 3 parts that clearly divide each era: Inside the manor we have the 6 Classic Games, from TR1 to AOD. Then we have the garden, that shows us how high is our heroine's ego. Here we have the LAU trilogy: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. Then, outside the garden, we have the last 2 sections for the reboot games: TR2013 and Rise. The thing that kept me intrigued was the fact that I really couldn't wait to see which area was actually reproduced into the game(classic-like outfits included!). But not everything is as good as it seems... The gameplay, texturing, geometry and lighting is awfully bad for the majority(if not all) the sections, but the game is fun nonetheless. In fact, the reason is probably that putting all those stuff in one level was not possible(because of engine limits). My favourite areas are certainly AOD and Legend(these are very intresting texture-wise and lighting-wise and also have decent platforming that kept me intrigued). The rest is kinda meh(the worst is most probably TR3, since it includes an useless tower, pitch black areas and long block pushing. Overall, this level is more like a tribute level and not an adventure on itself, and that is why despite it's evident flaws, it is very fun to play, running through the Tomb Raider franchise's history. Recommended? Yes. Not Recommended if you are looking for an adventure. Difficulty? Medium. Duration? Approx. 1h20m - 1h40m." - TombExplorer (05-Nov-2019)
"I am of two minds with this one. Yes there are some technical issues like Lara not being able to pick up some items, insufficient flares and med packs but no crashes for me as I replaced the tomb.exe under Phil's advice so that worked well. The lack of any real puzzles did not help but I enjoyed the excursions through old environs and albeit they were generally short they provided sufficient nostalgia to relive the glory days of raiding for the 90 minutes I spent here. I also quite liked the homage to Lara at the end on the exit gate with current Lara and 1996 Lara shaking hands. Thought that was a nice touch." - Torry (13-Oct-2019)
"Another great concept and a lot of work but again the game doesn’t deliver. Almost at the end I got crash after crash even if I changed the TR4 EXE file. Also you can leave the house with only using 5 of the 6 Memories you find. Some pick-ups Lara wouldn’t pick up. Sorry to say but that is sloppy in my book. If this was a first I could understand. Textures and lighting could use more attention. Apart from the idea I found it rather a nuisance to go through it." - Gerty (03-Jan-2018)
"Novelty is the best word to describe this level. It features an original and interesting concept, while I remember seeing a level with a similar theme of Lara's trip to the memory lane I have never encountered such a different gameplay - the main goal being refreshing memories and capping this 'process' with a memory crystal. Neat. Lara was not the only one having a nostalgia trip as well, I have been playing custom levels for some time now so I am still familiar with all the textures etc. but this one brought back memories, especially from the lesser played ones like the Angel of Darkness or Chronicles. So it brought out some of those nice emotions from back then. All of this is accompanied by changing outfits - this one was another thing I have never seen before, from the classic outfit to the diving suit we have all the outfits in one level. Sadly, the gameplay is not on par, or is not on par enough. The platforming is brilliant and I enjoyed it, but it is all about platforming save for the torch puzzle in the end. If this level had more various puzzles and tasks and the level design was better (places don't feel very realistic) it would be really special." - Nomad (23-Oct-2017)
"Upon downloading this level I immediately replaced the 'Tomb4' exe with my NGLE tomb4 exe, because of reported crashed mentioned in the walkthrough, I had no crashes as a result. However, I was unable to complete the game because in the King Arthur (TR Legend) room, when I pulled the jump switch and attempted to climb out via the crawl space, I was unable to do so even though the little gate was open. The other problem which hindered my progress was lack of decent lighting in the VCI room and area 51 room, I did a lot of shooting just to see around me! Moving on from my complaints, and I did actually think this was a fairly good level because it's different (although not different to the previous one by this builder). You get to briefly visit different locations from Lara's adventures, these were Egyptian Temple - this involves a bit of shooting and a switch pull, VCI tower - involves negotiating lasers, Area 51 - just a bit of climbing about, Maria Doria - bit of swimming and getting via a rope swing to desired room, Lost Valley - T Rex fight, Tomb of ancients (TR AOD) - descent down and back up a deep pit, the ship in the Arctic (TR U) - fighting a bunch of baddies with very little medipacks left, and King Arthur's tomb (TR L) - another downwards descent. I never played any others as mentioned above. The texturing quality was actually not that bad, a good attempt was made, with occasional errors, but the different areas were done right. The sound was quite poor to be honest, for example door and shooting effects were silent, and the same background audio played throughout, albeit with the theme tunes for each area playing when you go in them. It took me about 2 hours to get to where I got to. I'd definately play it because the builder looks like they're learning how to use the editor, slowly but surely. I'd love to see a sequel but maybe with 'portal' objects to each area (like the one from Stargate), and less dark lighting, and no bugs of course." - sonnyd83 (12-Aug-2017)
"Good idea make Lara visits the old TR locations, with the same old musics and features. Not very interesting 'cause there are not puzzles to solve and all the entire game is based about gymnastics and shoot the old enemies. There are also some areas with excessive darkness. Evenmore I had to play the last part (outside the mansion) in one shot, 'cause the game crashed continuously, even changing the "exe" file as Phil suggested. Anyway worth to play for nostalgics." - Jose (04-May-2017)
"This level constitutes a novel concept: allow Lara to explore various sceneries from the Official Tomb Raider games (right up until TR 2013 I believe, at least the music in one area reminded me of that. It's a pleasant enough level with fairly simple gameplay, spiced up by a block puzzle in the TR3 High Security Compound area). Some rooms are rather empty and there is excessive darkness in a few places, but it managed to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, and that's good enough for me." - Ryan (29-Mar-2017)
"A nice enough late contribution to the Create a Classic series, with the "novel" concept of making tributes to all, also the new, existant TR games. The gameplay is okay most of the time, some parts are fairly dull without much to do but a few areas at least contain decent platforming parts. Not so much is done in terms of puzzles though. Also, enemies are rather few and far, some areas don't even have any enemies, this might've helped to distinguish the areas some more. While there are a few decorative objects and the outfit swapping is still nice the second time around, most rooms felt pretty empty. The inside areas do look somewhat better than the outside ones as the latter often have strange borders (paperthin textures) and a blocky appearance. Texturing is in general mostly clean (I found some missing textures in the house pool area) but the lighting is fairly bland despite some attempts here and there. Overall a cute release but sadly nothing that you'll remember for a long time. Found no secrets in 45 minutes." - manarch2 (24-Feb-2017)
"This level has an interesting concept, allowing you to explore bite-size areas reminiscent of the commercial TR releases while collecting Memories along the way. As mentioned in the walkthrough I prepared, it might be a good idea for you to substitute a standard CaC tomb4.exe before you start playing, to avoid crash issues that are inevitably encountered before you finish. The variety here is appreciated, and I didn't really need the help of this stumblebum adrielvicio, who has posted in three segments a video walk that should have been rendered in one. It was almost laughable watching him make like a headless chicken as he kept repeating one futile attempt after another. Sometime, somewhere, someone has said that this is a workable definition of insanity. Anyway, I was able for the most part to muddle through on my own. And hey, come on, if I can get by without help, by definition it's an easy raid. For this reason my scores aren't stratospheric, but they're higher than the consensus thus far." - Phil (10-Feb-2017)
"The title music is fine and makes the point, however the transitions between particular themes could be done better - all in all, that white color in the title is applied so the bits don't collide with each other. Unfortunately, music collision overwhelms this game - I already think any fresh user of New Sound Engine should pass an exam to even unlock the download link. I know a Greek track overlapped with settomb ambience won't disturb few earless people, but you have no idea how infuriating it is to a person like me, not to mention it playing in the manor. Now, in order of visited locations: TR5 - it seems Lara's memory is of her bad experience, also bad I took this in first order as 3/4 is a dark laser corridor without a single flare and the slowest getaway possible. The baddy sounds are missing, I said before how it feels and I won't repeat - insulting rape victims once is enough... then I really liked Lara actually collecting "memories", that's the point. I liked the transition to TR2 bit even more, it makes sense: if I had so much near-drown experiences, this is exactly what a pool swim would invoke. It's again the only good memory - the shipwreck would have no chance to be that bright, the water doesn't animate, the trapdoor flickers and I missed the underwater switch placed in the least logical place so I had to repeat the climb you're then required to repeat anyway - the floor reflection looks like if the flipmap has failed so we got a placeholder rope instead... Right... I already see what kind of level it is... it's like eating the first bit of chocolate and knowing it's homogenic. Speaking of food, next bit I took the freezer, expecting a cold level behind, and this indeed happens - we land in TR1, Peru. Until now, I didn't notice the changing outfits - to all crazy feminists, you see how much I concentrate on Lara's looks. Swallowed the next bit of SFX, this time missing everywhere except on the swingblades, I liked the option to disable them if you explore carefully enough. It also felt good to grab the shotgun with sufficient ammo but the raptor AI failed so I had little challenge... oh well, screw the challenge. While climbing to the top for the next memory, the screen shook all the time so I thought "a buggy rollingball", only until when up there the shaking suddenly stopped and the next thing I noticed was a T-Rex hanging in midair, her head stuck in the wall - poor thing, such an uncomfortable way to die, but also an unusual way to deal with the boss so here you go, the task is done. Next stop, the place where you usually find the pool, now the AOD underground which looked quite promising - in this moment I hoped for a flawless section. But when I picked up the TR1 medikit I realized the meshswap could be used for outfits but not for inventory items. I know it would take extra work, but again, consistency, consistency. Some corners were totally dark, looking down the hole I saw more of them but I still lacked flares so before digging in I returned to the manor. Normally flares are on the attic, but here non-existent, so I chose the bedroom where I used to find them either. I was kinda right because I landed in a TR4 corridor, which is again utterly bright, no chance to be so in real life. I really appreciated the following "defend the medikit" challenge, even if not intended, and I bet it wasn't... should I assume already? No? Right, I'll give more chances... I happily realized me and MBog have one thing in common: when he doesn't know what to do with something, he blows it up, so I give +1 for explosions, noting he must care much more if he wants to beat me in pyrotechnics department. In the end of this part, the impression is also blown up, with a Load of pickup. Still flareless but not clueless, I entered the music room, quite sure what remained to expect - TR3 and, apparently, Nevada compound - it's a question why the choice was this not coastal village, but I also appreciate it wasn't Tinnos - I see MBog and me also have a common enemy, the first step in a deal (I may hand him some TNT). At the edge of another totally dark corridor I hesitated, but I took a risk well rewarded - two packs of flares invited me, much desired in a place which would have - on the contrary - no chance to be that dark. I also got the revolver, quite useful for an enemy attacking me in the crawlspace, still a design punishable even for thinking about. The levers I pulled down the shaft are the only which require a camera hint but don't have it. The part concludes with a multi-floor pushable and I must ask why not to explode these crates instead. It helps to find out they're skippable except one block, but I still did them like the author planned, and grabbed the memory from the exploded rocket - a neat, logical design again. I returned to the AOD part with 12 flares remaining. Assuming the other 12 would be spent in the TR5 segment, the game is one pack short. Finally I entered the Tomb of the Ancients replica, where I almost died because of the initial camera. Down the hall, I appreciated the trap getaway via ducking in the right moment - one simple good trap is better than tons of pointless ones. I wondered why I raised that trapdoor, then I realized I took a very obvious shortcut while climbing down - again, I replayed it the way the author intended. With the last, memory, very satisfying to get, I returned to the manor another way than I got in - quite surprising and I wondered if it was planned or just a work around the buggy entry ladder which couldn't be used to get out... I'm not sure but tons of evidence made me guess the answer, I hope not too early now. In any case, it's Croft Manor, bound with many ways in and out, so such design should occur more often. With all 6 memories in the backpack, I opened the exit - somehow I didn't have to use them all, I guess (sic!) the author didn't know how to make more than five combo triggers so he left things undone. But somehow the manor leaving concept always works, so I was satisfied anyway. "But what about later memories?" - I asked. The answer came right after the neat writing shot - you can explore the target shrubbery for a TRU bit, with another questioned location: why, out of the entire scenery range, the author chose Amanda's ship, which was even rebuilt in the original game? Why do we get the laser sight if the roof baddies are in pistol range? Again, was that planned, overlooked, or totally random? Also, if magenta is pink not black, how did these crate textures got holes in them? I wondered if some of these crates are pushable, but I didn't check - an extremely rare case when a level made me stop to care so I just returned to the manor yard which offers more exploration... Lara, you have lava in the garden, make Winston clean that up... before that, TRA memory is one of the best, or I reached that state when I'm glad a game has even one room done correctly. It gave me immediate vibes of Beyond the Scion so I tried an upward hop from a ledge, what hints another idea: why not to use flipeffects to disable/enable animations we know from particular episodes? Across the garden, a TRL zone with Cornwall - this time not only the most boring location chosen, but also built the emptiest and boxiest way of the whole level, thankfully either the fastest or I used a shortcut on the way down, but this time I couldn't differ that from the genuine route. Nonetheless, seeing the memory from the very beginning was as satisfying as in case of the TR6 part, and the getaway up the ladder is the best of all. With the two memories I saw required for the next lock, the gate remained closed so I tried the flare trick but in this case the shortcut was correctly prevented. After asking the forums for a savegame, my curiosity prevailed so I replayed from the manor exit, trying the TRL area first - but in this order the game crashed back in the garden, and created a ghost savegame pointing back to the title screen, so thankfully I didn't overwrite. Then I replied in the order of TRA before TRU, but again the gate failed to open. Only then, I noticed the third receptacle, next to the manor entrance - just WHY back there?!?!? I left the snowy part for last, normal thing to my favorites, and I chose the reboot zone. The concept was to smoothly slide down the zipline, for the bow to shot the wolves like in 2013, only you the arrow stack is ridiculously huge and you pick the bow in the last order so you get absolutely no chance to grab it before getting attacked. Still, I follow the author's vision till the last blood, even mine - so I denied other weapons, I ran away and back to the bow. I couldn't totally outrun the wolves, a proper thing to happen, so I reached the weapon with blinking health. Only then, I ran to the ladder and sniped these beasts from the block, quite satisfying in return. Up here, the holes in textures, btw why Irish not Pacific, reminded of themselves in greater waves and the ghost save/load crashes became regular, so I avoided the backpack as much as possible, except from replaying two more shortcuts. I understand, however not always accept, leaving them on purpose to reward experience, but this game always has them easier than the planned route. The torch puzzle is good however the fireplace burns without wood, let's just blame it on methane. Unfortunately, the rollingball warning in the Rise part made me uneasy enough to reattempt saving - and so this was the last time I did: I just switched the order to Rise before Reboot because I knew the latter already. The snowy part is one of the most satisfying and truly classic, with the icy slope challenge, a nice patience usage to outwait the rollingballs on the ladder, and another alternate way out - this time surely planned. The last shortcut can be made to skip the transverse ladder, and I left the big pit for last to avoid reloading: as I expected, it can be survived to produce a sure dead end. The real ending is brilliant, however it would make even more sense to see the last door close instead of open - this way old Lara would give her hand to the new one instead of letting her go. SUMMARY: What times. I see a trapdoor and expect it to flicker, I see a switch and expect it to have a wrong animation, I see a flame and expect my binoculars to crash, I see water and try to accept lack of movement, I (don't) hear a sound and try to ignore it... Fortunately, just half of these happen here but surely another game will come to grant us another half, and add more to it... How did we come to bugfixing not being a standard? Why am I even trying to live with these errors? Is it the old knowledge being lost, political correctness affecting our forums, or something different what made every setup included in this game faulty, every bit not even half- but quarter-baked, and therefore none fully enjoyable? Of course for this author it's a huge leap in creativity, but to produce good memories the bad ones must be cleared, as they live much longer... unless the very point of this game was to make me aware of that - in this case it's fully achieved." - DJ Full (16-Jan-2017)
"This is only the second TRLE level I've ever played, so forgive me if I miss some of the finer details of reviewing that you all are so accustomed to. But I really enjoyed this level! I was drawn to it because the concept was interesting and I think it lived up to my hopes. Gameplay was solid fun for the most part (if kinda bland at times), and I can't find much else to critique on the other areas beyond minor gripes. I do need to critique the texturing a bit though, because in some areas (such as Lara's home) they were a bit of an eye sore. But I still saw the detail and work and appreciated it. This was a pretty enjoyable level in my opinion, but the builder could definitely polish up their work and spend more time perfecting the levels. Then they'd be rocking it!~" - Penne_Pesto (11-Jan-2017)
"The idea of this Level was good. Using Lara's Home as Hub room for Areas of TR Games. There were some design errors such as the paperthin "ledge" i'd say in the pool room in the manor. I found it too dark in a few places. Especially the TR3 Area so i decided to cheat myself unlimited flares. The Texturing could have been better as it was repetitive at places. Gameplay was okay but not really fun unfortunately. Enemies were fitting but with bugs for example in the TR1 Area. The Raptors kept repeating their death animation. It was nice to hear the Main Themes of the TR Games when you entered their area. Despite of these things i mentioned i still recommend trying out this game." - Ray Croft (10-Jan-2017)
"First, a few words about the download package size. Downloaded around 290 mb, of which, the level had 18 mb and the rest are some audio tracks ( 330 mb ). This is a huge mistake by the author. Another disappointment is that the Croft manor background track is the generic karnak audio. If someone puts that much audio, I expect at least that the background tracks are something new. Actually, through the whole game the karnak audio was playing. The croft manor looked very weird in design. Light flat and monotone. No diversity. I think the doors had bat sounds. I was unlucky to go to the first door, push the button and land in a TR3 london/VCI environment ... with 3 flares .... I managed to pass the first dark tunnel, after that I was attacked by 2 soldiers who shot with some futuristic weapons that made no sound ( or something very muted, low volume ) so that I first thought I was in some kind of damage room. After exploring this office I had to go through another pitch dark tunnel with one flare remaining. Got into the water pool with monotone light. Got the memory and again a dark tunnel This time I had no flares ... tried it with pistols shooting, but I gave up. Seemed impossible to go again through this, avoid the lasers with this constant flashing pistols to see something. I'd rather not get some convulsions, so I gave up and restarted the game. It's obvious that the author didn't planned for someone to go in that door first, but I was unlucky. On my second try I landed in something much better. Reminded me of AOD, but I'm not sure what part of TR it represents ( the part with the big room with a broken bridge ). It had better light, some dynamics, geometry was more diverse and interesting, but still had this shadow bulbs and pitch dark parts placed everywhere. Too bad it was very short and easy. Still the karnak audio was playing ( getting annoying ) and still no flares to pick up ! One flare left. Next I landed in a tr2 snow/jungle/ruins which looked even worse than the first two side levels ! Very bad and ultra basic design with bad texturing. Raptors that poison Lara but didn't seem hungry so I had to chase them. Next I landed in a tr4 level, which surprisingly, looked even worse than the first 3 side levels ... You can say for a tr1 or tr2 level that they are old school and ˝no light needed, no geometry needed, it's an old game˝, but making such a basic and careless tr4 side levels shows that the author is not very skilled. This part had no light at all. The 5 baddys without sound were just annoying. It was very easy to reach the ˝end of the world˝ not with some wild jumping, just by walking. Next I landed in something like VCI/London ( not sure ) which was ultra pitch black, but finally, some flares are on the floor ! The game doesn't get better or worse in the remaining parts. There is not much good I can say about this game. I liked the outfit changing and the overall concept Mborg had in mind, but the performance was not so good, very bad actually. Overall, a very basic and beginner-ish designed game with many flaws and imperfections that reflect the lack of TRLE building skills. Instead of using very long audio tracks playing over the generic karnak background, a better option would be using shorter audios with background tracks changing like the outfits change ( looping shorter tracks ). Judging by the one side level I liked ( AOD style ), Mborg has some great potential. The key is just to spent more time on one room, no rushing, play with the light, add more light bulbs, use the sun, avoid shadow bulbs, read the manual... I agree more with Ceamonks890 review, which seems more honest and more objectively. I'm really not sure how Orbit Dream and Crazy Joe could rate it so high. Seems very overrated, but in the end, everyone can have its own opinion and rating criteria. The rating system of Joe the gamer needs some explanation - how can this have the same rating as hypersquare, coyote creek and some other games, but on the other side has far better ratings by him than mysts of Avalon. What is important for him when rating the light and textures ? Friendship ? In the end, I wouldn't recommend this game. Maybe if it had 15 mb, I would." - Gorty (09-Jan-2017)
"More or less just an expansion of the builder's similarly-titled 'So Many Memories' levelset, I'm afraid to say that a whole year between releases hasn't really improved things much(making me question JoeTheCrazyGamer's review with a suspicious eyebrow raise and wondering, utterly perplexed, if we even played the same game). Sure, attempts have been made by MBog at adding a few decorative objects here and there in some areas, to give environments some form of life this time around. And the main themes from TR1-Rise of the Tomb Raider(which make up for about 330MB of the overall extracted 358MB download), might give you nostalgic goosebumps as you move from one memory-conceived area to the next. Oh and of course, the real-time outfit change between sections is still about as cool now, as it was in 'So Many Memories'. But now that all the pros are out of the way, I'm disappointed to reveal that this release is still packed with far too many problems to warrant downloading it, if you're looking for something of proper quality. Texturing is unfortunately still pretty crude and repetitive throughout each area(with environments still feeling quite empty despite the builder's previously-mentioned efforts), general atmosphere falls mostly flat(with bland lighting utilization/unconvincing boxy nature to the level design). And gameplay in itself, just isn't that fun. Enemies(despite fitting their surroundings), either have a lack of actual sound effects or have a tendency to glitch out(such as the raptors repeating their death animation infinitely ad nauseum). I also had the game crash on me twice in the VCI area during my playthrough, merely from dying in a laser trap and attempting to save my progress respectively(with the latter result leading to a corrupted savefile that was stuck in an infinite loop where it tries to load, but fails and sends me back to the main menu every single time). So I had to start all over again because of this game-breaking bug, which utterly frustrated me to no end. It's a shame really(as you can tell MBog wanted to craft an engaging experience for everyone to enjoy). But once again, his inexperience(or outright need to rush his levels out?), ruins any sort of charm that this general concept could have offered. In conclusion, a slight step in the right direction. But I wouldn't say it's worth playing more than once out of pure curiosity(if you really can't help yourself)." - Ceamonks890 (04-Jan-2017)
"After a succession of TR mini-adventures,MBog appears to have found his level-building niche:the combining of a variety of small adventures into one large all- encompassing level;and,for the most part,it works well.The story concept (Lara's house containing different thematic areas from the Classic TR Games)is not actually original (Alex Chap did something very similar a few years ago),but it's been handled well. The various areas don't always look as convincing as they should (the Mansion interior lacks atmospheric lighting;the end of the world can be reached in the Egyptian Temple outdoor area;the edge of the map is clearly visible in the apparently rather speed-built Jungle zone;many of the locations are a little too rectangular);but there are many creative and inventive moments (I particularly liked the 'change of clothes',which MBog laid the groundwork for in his previous release,and which never fails to raise a smile). The gameplay is never very tricky (if in doubt,look for a lever somewhere) and,aside from a torch sequence,is generally devoid of puzzles.Instead,it's all about getting to the top (or bottom) of an area in order to collect a 'memory piece'.Once enough have been retrieved,you can move on to another section of the level.It's a nifty concept,and it's been actualised very competently.The episodic mini-level structure ensures that the pacing is always fast and entertaining,and there's never a dull moment.Music has been used evocatively,and cameras do their job (particularly in accentuating the visuals).It's a fun 90 minutes;and,if it weren't for the occasional signs of rushed construction,could have been a classic.It certainly shows that the builder has great imagination and a good sense of fun.It's nice to see him reaching greater heights." - Orbit Dream (03-Jan-2017)
"Excellent level design, really nostalgic you collect "Memories" from areas Lara has been to in the official tomb raider releases. Whilst there was a little glitch with the outfits (I had her in Antarctica with barefeet and her gown, which would be too cold for her). It was a very good game and you get alot locations in a small time space. :D" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (02-Jan-2017)