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Author(s): Franky
total rating:5.65 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gorty 6 7 7 3
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 3 3 1
manarch2 4 7 5 3
Phil 8 7 6 7
sonnyd83 7 9 8 7
category averages
(5 reviews)
6.00 6.60 5.80 4.20

Reviewer's comments

"Directly coming to the largest gripe in this level, the texturing is really careless this time. Not only it is applied with the "texture all" button in many rooms creating a crude wallpaper effect, but there are also extremely streched, otherwise misplaced and a lot of missing ones and many places where one can see the end of the world. The lighting, while not exactly what you would call great, helps to compensate that a bit, but it's mostly the object design which creates the atmosphere (the factory is actually quite nicely designed). Gameplaywise, I also think that there's not all too much creativity in here (a painful lot of levers are to be found and used) and although there is a variety of tasks, there's barely a memorable thing in this level - the two highlights of this level, the vehicle ride and the mechanic robot enabling you to walk through the lava, are highly buggy to say the least. More and challenging puzzles, trap sequences or timed runs would create a much more enjoyable experience. The fact that you have to find three of the secrets is also annoying, as they should never be mandatory, never. At least this doesn't create moments where you're stuck for good. Enemies are also a mixed thing; while they often present a nice challenge, there are places where they just grow too many, especially in the area with aliens and robots shooting at you while you basically can't do anything than being quick. A minor thing is - why reduce the amount of savegame slots? Really just an annoyance for players. All in all, a nice storyline as always, and a good work with enemies and objects, but there is so much more to be done to create a fun and immersive level that is sadly missing here, even more so than in the builder's previous level. Found all 6 secrets in 30 minutes." - manarch2 (13-Nov-2017)

"Franky is a very talented level builder in the terms of using the NGLE and some very cool features, but in the core level building shows rather a lack of skills or just doesn’t care. The game starts in a nice flyby spoken in a bad gipsy English accent. Only the last third of the level I actually liked. Everything before that was very questionable. The texturing is something that the author didn’t really care for. Can’t be even rated how bad it is. The light assignment was better, especially in the later parts. Gameplay is hard, but hard in a weird way, tricky and cryptic, sometimes unfair. I lost myself in the labyrinth at the beginning and just couldn’t get out. No matter how hard I tried, I just could orientate as everything looked the same. Had to reload and enter it from a fresh start. The gameplay has some very fun and unique elements making it easier to accept the flaws. I really liked some cool features like the teleporting, moving platforms and machines Lara could ride making this a very good game for players looking for something innovative. The last third the level had even a good atmosphere, chaotic, but good. Overall, a game packed with amazing features, but somehow destroyed by the fact that the author lacks some advanced level building skills to combine his arts into something more acceptable for us. Defiantly waiting for his next level. Recommend only for a specific type of players I can’t define." - Gorty (13-Nov-2017)

"I feel that I was privileged to have been asked to test this game, and it was nice to see the progrss Franky made with it. I love the title screen, this looks particularly professional, it does entice you in. As you can see from the screenshots of the game, it has a 'sci-fi' feel to it, and you certainly feel like you were transported 2000 years in the future. The unique thing with this game is that you are not stuck in the same place all the time, you use worm-holes to transport to different locations through the planet. There are a variety of locations such as the cavernous area where you get to ride a giant 'mono-cycle' thing, then there's a snowy place with a giant pillar which is a challenge to navigate. You have a place with giant pits with water containing mutants or fire, and a large industrial complex. The gameplay is fun - the highlights would be the new mechanical warrior you climb into to traverse deadly water, the aliens and robot enemies who fire electric sparks at you, and the puzzle with 2 keypads where you have to work out the codes. The objects used are superb, so many of them I've not seen before, they bring the game to life. The texturing gets better as you get further into the level, although I think a greater variety of textures could be used earlier on e.g. in snowy rooms. I think the concept of secrets needs to be clarified, because some of the secrets are required in order to proceed with the game, whereas they should be just there as a bonus. The ending is as good as the beginning, and the final music and the SAS fight, concludes the game nicely. Save regularly just in case you get stuck! Good work Franky. The game takes about an hour to complete." - sonnyd83 (12-Nov-2017)

"I'm rather surprised to be the first reviewer of this level a full week after its release, although I gave it up for several days upon encountering the number pads (believing in error that the clues had been provided earlier in the level, making it impossible to go back and look for them). To me the strongest feature here is the gameplay, as there are several unique features that I found quite intriguing. You begin with the huge unicycle the builder has used before, and near the end you get to climb into a mech warrior suit so you can wade safely through a lava trench. I found five of the six secrets, none during the latter half of the game. The level has a space theme befitting the upcoming BtB competition, but the looping music is so loud and annoying that I turned it completely off while playing. Not a barn burner by any means but still a fun raid." - Phil (11-Nov-2017)

"g&p: In this level you totally have to forget about logic... I mean you have every kind of enemy, you can drive a "strange" motorbike, and a giant robot that is only useful to go through a lava lake. The main problem is that the gameplay is not clear at all...For instance why picking up a secret will activate a portal, or a door ( 3 things were activated in the level with these secrets) The keycodes were very hard to understand, which code go with which keycode etc etc. Enemies were a big problem for the gameplay, for instance the two one in the "big tower" E,O&C: Enemies as I said were annoying in some parts, like having about 10 enemies to defeat in the same room, hard to survive even with a lot of medipacks... secrets were strange, illogical (see the gameplay part). Objects were not that bad in the lab part, but there is a serious lack of decoration in the whole level. A,S&C: well...the music is in loop, your ears may bleed after few minutes of a quite annoying looped music. Atmosphere was special, not really good, but quite ok. There also is a lack of cameras in some places to help the gamer along the way. L&T: The worst part of this level, I can't even see if the builder tried to make visual efforts with this level. Textures were stretched in a lot of places, misplaced, missing and of course compressed...Well I don't know if Francky's cat did really beta the level, but I could actually believe it...Lighting was illogical, but we get used to it, like in a lot of trle levels, for instance having "pink color" were you don't have lighting source, in a cave... I still don't understand why are builder using a lot of colors in their levels without any logic in it. To sum up the level is hard to understand, because of (once again) illogical things, and you have to deal with it from to beginning to the end. I don't really recommend this level, for newbies or expert players, IMO this level is not fun, and not beautiful to even been recommended for any kind of player." - Lara_Fox_Croft (11-Nov-2017)
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