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Author(s): Feder
total rating:8.90 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
BHM Productions 8 9 10 10
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Gerty 8 9 9 8
Gorty 8 8 8 5
Jose 10 10 10 10
jtrim 9 10 10 10
KingdomHearts 10 10 10 10
LOTRKingluis 7 8 9 7
manarch2 7 7 8 7
McRaider 9 10 10 9
misho98 10 9 10 9
Mman 7 8 9 8
Nuri 10 10 10 10
Phil 8 7 8 7
Ryan 9 9 9 9
TG 10 10 9 7
Torry 9 9 10 10
Treeble 8 8 9 9
TRTheoP 9 9 8 10
category averages
(21 reviews)
8.76 8.95 9.24 8.67

Reviewer's comments

"I've reached the end of my journey through TR1 custom levels and I picked a great one to end on. This is a great tribute to the original South American levels. It doesn't try to do anymore than stay faithful to its source material, but it captures the spirit really well and is a pleasure to go through. The gameplay actually isn't all that difficult and is mostly linear but entertaining and the enemies and secrets keep things spiced up. I did try this with the Windows 10 components (despite my system being Windows 8, but anything to avoid Dosbox) and the textures are much smoother and pleasing to the eye. Sound is nicely cued too. This may not be one for those searching for constant challenge, but if you want a solidly enjoyable game, this is a good choice." - Ryan (06-Aug-2018)

"Again Feder shows us that you can make great levels without a lot of fancy-pancy stuff. I really like his style of building. Of course it is a TR1 level so it is rather limited in what is there to use, but hats off for what he does with it. OK there are many levers to pull and some of them don’t make much sense, but what the heck. I had a great time anyway. It is all about the gameplay as you can see in here." - Gerty (07-Jul-2018)

"What a joyful and nostalgic experience this level has been. I loved every minute of it and actually wished for the adventure to be longer. In particular I liked the use of cameras and music. You'll be seeing the typical and classic gameplay from the first TR Games which isn't a bad thing obviously since authors are limited with the engine that is being used for those levels. A rather pleasant surprise was that small puzzle involving the moveable pillars. I don't think that I've seen something similiar in any of the original games nor in any TR1 custom level. Verdict: Recommend towards all players since apart from the more or less stiff controls from TR1 this level is not hard and suitable for everyone." - KingdomHearts (02-Jul-2018)

"This level represents the best way to feel the happiness and nostalgia of playing TR1. What I loved about this level is that it is designed in a way that it feels like it belongs to the original TR1 game. All the puzzles and gameplay were gorgeous, while the fly-by cameras in some ledges were stunning. The soundtracks used were nice but they would unnecessarily replay if you did some backtracking to the spot where they were activated. Ammo and extra guns were very useful especially against the atlantic mummy creatures. Conclusion: Ruins of the Lost City by Feder can easily be mistaken as a level belonging to the original TR1 game due to its beautiful puzzles and excellent design. I enjoyed every single moment of it." - TRTheoP (30-Apr-2018)

"An extremely enjoyable TR1 level, gameplay and design was unpredictable and smart throughout. Secrets were clever or hidden in plain sight. Enemies and atmosphere was perfectly blended together. This was a fantastic simple yet complex TRLE level that was nostalgic and incorporated perfectly balanced and fun gameplay." - TG (20-Apr-2018)

"I can clearly tell that this is the most creative custom level with the TR1 engine that I've played. It starts with easy enemies and puzzles, getting harder in each room. Speaking of the puzzles: Not the best puzzles of all TR1 levels, but still very enjoyable and creative. The whole level has more variety in it's gameplay than most of the other custom levels with this engine. And I personally think it represents more reality than any other level (with TR1 engine). Beautiful, fitting soundtrack, even the texturing shows detailed work. The 4 secrets were easy to find actually, but hidden in a nice, classic "Tomb raider- way". I'm giving this a solid 10 points, highly recommended!" - Nuri (25-Feb-2018)

"Having just recently completed TR1 again for the umpteenth time I was so pleased to see this level and in true TR1 format it took me back to the glory days when raiding was simple and true. Not an overly long level but great to get back to the TR roots for a half hour or so. A couple of instances when you need to think (the moving underwater tunnel had me going for a while)but lots of jumping and pure raiding at it's best. Thanks." - Torry (23-Feb-2018)

"I really enjoyed this game in how it mirrors the original Tomb Raider. The gameplay could have been slightly more original, but I loved the atmosphere and the camera zooming out from high ledges." - jtrim (15-Feb-2018)

"I was updating my personal spreadsheet of custom levels and you wouldn't know how surprised I was to discover a new TR1 level had been recently released, and not only that -- it was made using Peru assets! This prompted me to immediately download and play the level, and I am so glad that I did. This is a straightforward and simple adventure, yes, but such a pleasure to play. I also enjoyed the mix-up in enemies, so you get more than the usual wolves and raptors here. Visually speaking, this was a joy from beginning to end. I believe this is possibly the first TR1 level released bundled with GLRage, and that alone should hopefully ensure a reasonable number of people will get to enjoy this gem. 35 minutes, 3 secrets. 12/2017" - Treeble (24-Dec-2017)

"The gameplay is very solid and enjoyable, with a brisk pace and flow of progression for the most part. Some of the traps were used rather simply or just put in bizarre places. I did get stuck for some time about a third of the way through because I did not notice the little room with the boulders above the underground water section. I eventually had to look at the walkthrough to realize it was there, so I think that little area was a bit too obscure considering how important it is. Otherwise, the gameplay was quite well made and fun! I really loved the room with the movable platforms. The enemies were placed well and the secrets were helpful, as they should be. I don't personally think that we needed four weapons for a simple one-level raid, but they were fun to find nonetheless. The atmosphere, sound choice, camera-work, lighting, and textures were all incredible. Very impressive considering the TR1 engine. The environments and rooms were lush, varied, and well thought out. Music use was perfect and really set a wonderful tone. Cameras were impressive, and the lighting did the job just fine. Overall, a terrific level! Made me want to play more!" - BHM Productions (19-Dec-2017)

"An extremely nostalgic TR1 style level with a fluid straighforward gameplay with the basic use of doors, switches, keys, traps and enemies. I do wish the enemies were better positioned/triggered throughout the game. The cameras and music were very well used. In the end, an excellent game to sit and relax in an afternoon, but there is a big lack of "Something special", a "boom" that makes this game be better reminded in the future." - LOTRKingluis (18-Dec-2017)

"For me I think there are 10 years or more I not play a tr1 levels. I ever also never expected we can with win10. So it was a nice surprise to discovered we can with Lost of the Lost City. I have loved this level. There are a lot of funny and interesting challenge to do and better than tr1. Textures was perfect and like tr1 the lighting is very clear. Lots and various enemies like wolfs, dino, mummy and even gorillas I personnaly not thinking encounter in Peru but ... why not. So to conclude a good tr1 level even better than the original tr1 peru ones. Easy and recommended for everyone ;-)." - Bigfoot (16-Dec-2017)

"I literally fell inlove with this level. I adore the oldschool vibes - the gameplay is perfectly fluent and i enjoyed all the tasks. I was never really bored nor i got stuck for too long to stop me from having fun. The graphics look great for the engine. This adventure plays exactly as if it is a true classic raid. I love it, highly recommended!" - misho98 (01-Dec-2017)

"This is a good extension of the Peru Tomb Raider 1 theme; there's grand rooms and interesting geometry, along with good music use and a couple of surprise effects. The one or two reskins are nice as well. The textures and lighting are mostly good (taking into account that lighting in TR1 is very limited comparatively), but there are a few areas with some weaker visual design. The gameplay is quite sedate and a pretty smooth ride to the end. Outside of one or two tricky moments the difficulty is pretty low and it's quite linear with little in the way of puzzles, which feels like a bit of a step back after Tomb of the Ancient Warriors, but maybe the TR1 engine limits are an issue? A good attempt at a TR1 map, but, given the designer's earlier levels maybe TR1 is a bit too limited for them." - Mman (17-Nov-2017)

"Good level to the best TR1 style, I've enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Good job Feder!" - McRaider (16-Nov-2017)

"My thoughts about this level are more in line with the less enthusiastic reviewers, although I believe it's also a good idea to be less caustic in one's choice of words when submitting a review. TR1 is definitely a thing of the distant past, and although I don't object to encountering that platform now and then, any builder wishing to display his talents would be well advised to shy away from it (and from TR2, for that matter). To me it's something on the order of trying to make gourmet hamburgers out of cow patties. Any excellence in design is overshadowed by the texture droputs typical of TR1 levels (many times I thought I was approaching a hole in the floor before it became apparent that this was merely a mirage). That being said, I agree that this is a competently built level. The builder has gone to great lengths to ensure that the game can be played with different versions of Windows. The gameplay flows along quite logically, although I had to have some help at one point where I could find no way to proceed. The tasks are not overly complicated or difficult, and my playing time was a bit less than an hour. A good, fun raid, but hardly one worthy of top scores." - Phil (13-Nov-2017)

"This really is a great level as far as TR 1 levels go, with very decent looks, good architecture, nice visuals, excellent camera work abd fluent gameplay. I still think that the progression is a bit repetitive with a lot of levers to be used in succession and I wished there were more puzzles like the great pillar one near the end; at least the traps are a rather nice challenge. Enemies are well placed although I think that most didn't fit the setting; the secrets were almost a bit too easy as for the builder's standards. The texturing is rather clean, while the lighting is rather flat, although it's also due to the engine's limitations of course. All in all a decent level but I think that TR 1 gives too much restrictions for builders to blossom out. 30 minutes." - manarch2 (11-Nov-2017)

"Another level from Feder in just a few months. Four levels in six months. That must be maybe a new record. All levels with very high ratings. It must be either very easy to make an immensely high rated level in TR1/2 style or is Feder really a level building god ? I have to say that it was incredibly hard for me to review this level and give a rating as I’m in a conflict with my own thoughts or rating system and the opinions of other reviewers or some community standards. The level starts quite in a typical TR1 textured environment. Goes very smoothly. I pulled few switches, killed many enemies, done some jumps, pushed few blocks , used keys… nothing special is going on, but the gameplay is overall done quite nicely and fun, but nothing I’m overhyped about. It does include interesting jumping parts. The enemies are popping up on every corner. A really unfunctional and unnecessary overuse of enemies. Sometimes 3 raptors attack at once and repeatedly. Sometimes the enemies are very annoying, often having monologues with myself: ˝again something to shoot ?˝, ˝more gorillas?˝.The first thing I didn’t like. The texturing is on some places done really right with no roughness, smooth, properly applied, but there are also many parts where it looks so careless, rough, stretched and squeezes. Some textures look like they are just misplaced. So that should not be a matter of using the unofficial level editor, just the authors fault. What would be the other explanation ? Later, when the game gets mostly inside the temple, texturing gets better, but also, the environment gets less complex. I did take a closer look at the original TR1 level , and yes, the original work has better texturing than this one. So, the argument that the original tomb raider had bad texturing is not true. The architecture and design is good, but too boxy or blocky for a cave, even for a TR1 level. Some inside parts are just too basic to be considered good ( ˝two connected cubes˝ or in latter parts just ˝a huge cube room˝) and looked very empty . The original TR1 caves were smoother. Two things are really hard to rate, light and objects. Should I give a rating for light what I think it deserves or give it a 10 because it’s a TR1 level ? I mean, the light is totally flat with zero diversity. How can that be even rated ? Is it even fair to compare it to any level with complex light ? If not, why should it be a privilege for TR1 creators to not take care of light and get into the same pot as all other levels ? The same problem exists for objects. The game is close to objectless. Should I ignore the fact because it’s a TR1 level or give it a rating what I think it deserves ? I must say that I enjoyed more the previous levels released by the author. The Templars secret was nothing too special in texturing and light, but this one is a step back in my opinion. Even the Ancient warrior was better. Overall, a good TR1 level, enjoyable, fun, interesting, but lacks some more work and has its imperfection mentioned early. I went through the game easily, it was very inconspicuously, classic with not much innovativity, very generic sometimes, obvious, predictable … nothing new. Gameplay 8 – it was good, but nothing too special, maybe even too easy and too classic with nothing too innovative ( except the part with moving blocks ). Most of it seen before a million times. EOS 8 – A little use of objects, rooms are empty and an overuse of enemies that I didn’t like. Even annoying. ASC 8 – It has its classic TR1 vibe, nothing more. LT 5 – some things can be explained by the fact it’s a TR1 level built with the unofficial level editor, but many things just can’t. I don’t see any improvement in this category and the last level was rated with a 6 ( which was better than this one ). Tried as much as possible to take the fact of TR1 in consideration for ratings. The engine has evolved massively from the TR1 release ( 21 years ), so it’s hard to ignore the fact that there are levels out there that took years to finish, years to make the light or texturing perfect, and yet there is this level, that took 2 months or less to build that doesn’t even care about light or texturing because it’s a TR1 level. I see also that other reviewers are mentioning in their reviews the bad texturing and light. When I read the official reviewing guidelines ( ˝ represents the builder's artistic creativity: How colours and lighting are used; how close a representation of 'reality' we might see˝ ) I feel this is the right rating. If my review turns put to be the worst, it won’t matter for the top custom level list or hall of fame as the lowest review doesn’t get into the calculations. So Feder shouldn’t really worry. Things mentioned about light, texturing, design, basics are reflected in the rating of the last category. Highly recommended for TR1 lovers, but maybe should be avoided by players seeking something more pleasant for the eye." - Gorty (10-Nov-2017)

"Of course it's not a perfect level, but I definitely love the style of this author. Fluid gameplay, it's very difficult to get stucked, and even when there are no great puzzles, the tasks are entertaining and never boring. I don't know if the author place the triggers so some musics play always when Lara touches the tiles, but not a real problem. Even with low resolution textures, the areas have a very good look, and the architecture is impressive. Thank you Feder for this small jewel. Highly recommended." - Jose (10-Nov-2017)

"The temple interior could be shaded and textured better but this could still be the best single-level TR1 custom I have played. This guy just proves the engine doesn't matter." - DJ Full (09-Nov-2017)

"A TR1-based level by Feder? Now this I have to see. And while getting used to TR1's more light-weight and less responsive control again was a challenge in itself however, it wasn't too long before I was right back into the old groove and primed for whatever came my way. Better yet, Feder makes very effective use of TR1's Peru assets to craft simple but sneakily-designed challenges(where one moment you'll be dashing through darts & axes against a timed door and the next, figuring out a path forward across a series of movable platforms triggered to move between positions, with the pull of a switch). Sure, the Roman gorillas feel quite out-of-place in an environment like this. But much like the wolves in the early game & the mummies and custom-textured raptors of the latter sections, they do their job perfectly fine at keeping you on your toes. And combined with the consistently shaken-up gameplay and convincingly immersive level design, getting bored is a literal impossibility. Ultimately, a very well-crafted experience that I recommend to everyone(if you can get the game to run on your operating system of choice)." - Ceamonks890 (07-Nov-2017)
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