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Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Yu Tu Island by Sponge

Chel 6 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Feder 7 7 9 9
Jorge22 8 10 10 9
Jose 6 8 7 9
Josey 8 10 10 9
manarch2 5 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
release date: 02-Apr-2018
# of downloads: 1542

average rating: 8.36
review count: 9
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file size: 39.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Now this was just marvellous. You won't find anything like this in any other custom level. The beginning is kinda tough but after the first 5 minutes it's a pleasant chillout. It's very likely you gonna love it played during Easter but also any other time of the year. I heard the previous version was buggy but even if it was, it didn't deserve a rating that low. If you didn't yet fix the ratings and they still correspond to the old version, please do so because otherwise we got here another masterpiece sentenced to be forgotten. Thanks in advance." - DJ Full (03-Jul-2019)
"Another surprising level from this author, and again new objects, cool animations and features. Not really puzzles to solve but, as usual, squeeze the brain thinking about the places to use the new objects, what objects you can shoot/move or interactue with. The environments are nice, and the cameras and the sounds are well worked, but the game crashes when Lara dies. I never used the gun. Definitely a small level to explore and look for objects to use. Good work." - Jose (31-Jul-2018)
"This was a somewhat buggy last addition to the Easter calendar and I hoped that in the new version at least most had been fixed, but sadly the only different thing to the original version was that you can't get on top of the roof, there are no secrets to find here either and no use for the special weapon (this should at least have been a secret). Sadly so, as this netto only 10 minutes long game could have much more up to it and now just feels like an appetizer of more to come but most likely that was about it. There are only few real tasks except of finding and placing objects - which was still done in a quite elegant way - but honestly the gameplay falls clearly behind the atmospheric setting, the object design and the beautiful visuals. Not my favourite level of Sponge but you can enjoy an environment that is different to most things you've seen before." - manarch2 (08-May-2018)
"Despite a download flaw, this is a very entertaining and creative game, in a pretty environment, full of unusual objects and actions. It is short and easy, recommended for all kinds of raiders. I enjoyed it very much." - Josey (29-Apr-2018)
"Very quick level with a few very fun puzzles(candles & koi fish!) but also a few red herrings and some nasty bugs. Like other reviewers have mentioned, attempting to load a saved game results in a crash every time, and there is a door that goes nowhere! I also did not see the purpose of the special gun, since you find it only after you have defeated all your enemies. This may also be just a personal quirk, but the custom animations drive me to distraction and take away from my enjoyment of the gameplay. They tend to cause some odd lags. Aside from that, I enjoyed the atmosphere of this quick level, and wish that it had been a bit longer." - Chel (23-Apr-2018)
"It's a shame that the game crashing bug was still present in my version as otherwise I thought this was a short and sweet level to go through. Actually, this shouldn't be a huge issue unless you accidentally slide off the island or are killed by the two warriors (which are admittedly quite tough). There's also a weapon that I found no use for and a balcony that lead nowhere, but aside from those this was a pleasant level. There's some nice thought put into the custom objects and animations and I found the atmosphere quite good. Recommended with the reservations noted above." - Ryan (23-Apr-2018)
"A short level taking place in a small island, exploring a strange oriental house, both inside and underneath it. Gameplay revolves around finding objects and solving small puzzles (with a slight tendency to get stuck if you don't use your imagination). Lara has some new animations, alongside some new effects that demonstrate the author's creativity when it comes to details. All the sounds and cameras are well put, as well as the careful placement of textures and lights. Some observations to be made are the invisible wall that kept me from picking up the Bandages, the false secret count, and the fact that once you get the Dragon Gun there are no more enemies to kill, leaving it as a nice souvenir. Also, the game crashes everytime you try to reload, but luckly you won't die often because there are almost no traps and only one fight at the beggining. Overall, a nice and simple level with some interesting details." - Feder (22-Apr-2018)
"Very enjoyable, puzzle-based, Oriental level in a small area. Nice music and general atmosphere and architecture, quite a lot of imagination put into the use of objects. Honestly, the only annoying thing about it was the game crashed everytime Lara died for one reason or another (not that it's easy to die here unless you're careless and fall off the island) and it even crashed at the very ending. Not a huge complaint though. Recommended." - Jorge22 (22-Apr-2018)
"This level was released a week or so before it was hosted here, ostensibly to give the builder some time to remedy some bugs. Well, in my experience the bugs have not been remedied. If you try to load a savegame while in game, the game crashes, which means that for all practical purposes you need to play in one go, saving along the way if you wish to mark your progress. That's not so much of a problem, because the level is short and there are few dying opportunities other than an early encounter with a couple of hard-to-kill samurai warriors (a bit before you pick up a weapon, which from that point is rather useless). I wrote a walkthrough while playing and finished in less than 30 minutes. The game map is confined to a single building and the outlying area. Early on you pull a switch that opens a door allowing access to the outside roof areas, but there's nothing to do out there, and I wonder why the builder thought it necessary to add this annoying red herring. The level is fun to play, and there are some interesting touches here, but the F6 bug is a major flaw that should have been corrected before release." - Phil (21-Apr-2018)