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Author(s): PedroTheGamer
total rating:4.80 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 3 2 3
Cerebralfire 5 5 5 8
DJ Full 3 5 5 4
Gerty 3 6 3 4
Jay 5 5 6 7
Jorge22 5 5 7 7
Jose 4 5 6 7
manarch2 3 4 4 4
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 5
Phil 6 6 6 7
Ryan 4 5 5 7
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.00 4.73 4.73 5.73

Reviewer's comments

"First of all, this is just broken because a critical door closes itself at some point (and the walkthrough doesn't even mention that door so I had a trouble with and without). Or who knows, maybe you need to ignore that switch or whatever else hard to predict and confusing is required here. So in the end even though the entire castle is just a few rooms I was here for an hour, and not a good one - while textures are OK, I don't think there is a single lightbulb used what makes this game incredibly tiring immediately after starting. Secrets are unfair but still satisfying, unlike main gameplay which is random, and entire rest is just mediocre except from music which makes this level but only because it's default from Complex Simplicity, and resources of Complex Simplicity are excellent. In short: if anything works in this level, it's because of the package not because of the builder, there was no point to release it in current form and Pedro was just too hot headed to rush it towards an inevitable disaster. Not recommended at all." - DJ Full (26-Jun-2019)

"Yeah… a dark level and no flares to be found, great start, NOT! Then you have a stupid fixed camera with no purpose as far as I can see than to annoy the player. Found invisible blocks in front of doors, triggers not working properly, dizzy flyby’s, all in all very sloppy. A pity though, with more attention to detail this could have been a nice raid, now it isn’t." - Gerty (08-Nov-2018)

"An improvement from this builder's previous level and a nice little return to the Complex Simplicity surroundings. However, there are still some things that the builder might want to take into account for the future full version. The gameplay is still quite embryonic and needs spiced up a bit more, the fixed camera on the balcony was just irritating and in this case rather unfair, as the chandelier in the foreground cunningly obscured a wall lever, I would implore the builder to provide more flares and the camera shot that showed a block lowering was rather poorly set up as it went through the wall afterwards. That said, I did think the textures were pleasing and the bat-wielding demons did provide a bit of excitement. The full version might be a bit more promising..." - Ryan (23-Sep-2018)

"Nice to see how this author has got better skills building levels; I found a better texturization, better lighting, better architecture and a better atmospere. But even when this demo is not long, I found many things to fix here: even when it's not necessary to finish the level, the fixed camera in the balcony should be able to be restored by the players; the author should place a hint (camera target or so) so the players can discover the movable block and get the first key; there's a paper wall in the corridor leading to the scepter; the lonely pack of flares is not enough to light all the dark areas; I was able to pull the floor lever inside the raised block using the "Alt" key; the flyby camera showing that block when lowering goes out of the world (black screens); the door triggered by that floor lever is bad placed and if the player goes there when it's closed an invisible block is in front of the door; and what about the last "puzzle" with the 4 switches on the mirror floor? It's the same if you pull the wrong switches, the doors will open anyway so not a real puzzle at all. We'll see the final release..." - Jose (03-Aug-2018)

"Not sure quite how the title ties in with the mansion/library setting, but perhaps all will become clear in the full version. I think this could be a decent level with a bit of tweaking and, of course, a lot more gameplay. Rating demos is always tricky, but as far as this went I found it quite appealing. It seems well made and the spectral appearances gave a frisson to the proceedings. There wasn't really time to include more than one puzzle, so it was mainly exploration-based. I would certainly like to see it expanded, but would beg the builder to a. supply more flares and b. ditch the incredibly irritating fixed camera angle on the balcony so players can actually see the two switches that need to be thrown. I was fumbling around with the camera (nicely retextured binoculars) for ages trying to see why on earth I was up there." - Jay (02-Jul-2018)

"Superficially,this small level looks reasonably well made.The textures are generally placed well;there are some nice effects;and the rooms are fairly well built - but it really doesn't take long before you notice a host of little irritations:annoying camera angles;dreadful flyby's;incorrect doors and door placement. The gameplay doesn't really gel,and involves the opening of many doors and grates;and lots of running through overly large areas and long dark corridors.The safe-square puzzle was decent enough;but it arrived too late in the day to perk things up. As a Demo I,suppose it did it's job;but it didn't make me particularly eager to see the full version." - Orbit Dream (01-Jun-2018)

"I was playing this level while writing a walkthrough, and I never felt along the way that this was a really terrible level, hence my scores. The gameplay is reasonable although somewhat simple, the surroundings are definitely not jarring to the eyes, and this adds up to a worthwhile download and play. I also encountered the floor lever bug and did my best to document it in the walkthrough. Other than that there are few issues presented in this routine raid that evokes memories of Complex Simplicity in several places." - Phil (21-May-2018)

"Wow, that was really short as in a true demo as opposed to demos that could be entire levels. Still, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to see how much Pedro has evolved (I'll grant him my opinion that it took him 5 months to discover he shouldn't be making copies, to finally learn a few level editor tricks, to put his own imagination at work and, finally, build this demo - it's a bit like saying Sgt. Peppers took 6 months to record when that actually means the entire process and not being there 24 hours a day, day in-day out). I thought this was a huge step forward in terms of... actually everything: the atmosphere, the music and sounds, the gameplay, which is simple yet nice. True that I didn't like at least the fixed cameras in one of the rooms and thought there was a bit too much darkness throughout the demo (although I assume that was on purpose to make us open that gate and get the flares). But I believe if Pedro doesn't give up or mess what he's accomplished thus far he may still end up delivering a nice level in general terms. Go, Pedro, go! The demo being so short and all I can only rate it accordingly, but I did like what I saw." - Jorge22 (21-May-2018)

"It's somehow a step upwards for this builder, but a rather small step. The very basics are present here, with a few halfway passably desgined rooms, but then there is also very flat or too dark lighting, eclectic and faulty texturing on some places and paper thin walls are also prominent here as well as odd fixed cameras and an annoying background audio. The gameplay is mostly okay, but mostly consisting of finding levers and items and progressing to the next part very quickly. Apparently the lever on the balcony (the one with the horrible fixed cameras) can open a door too early so you can skip a part of the level. What I liked, though, were the few atmospherical touches with the ghosts that were also effectively placed as enemies. Found two very easy secrets in 13 minutes." - manarch2 (10-May-2018)

"A simple level with easy gameplay. Has some awkard camera moments, but some seem to be deliberate. There is a bug with a floor lever; you can activate the lever before the block is lowered, but you will still need to lower the block and return to the lever again to get the result. Most of the lighting is ok, but some areas could use a revamp in a full version. A few more enemies & some atmospheric music can't go astray. The builder is definately on the right path (IMO) to becoming a top builder. Hopefully Pedro will add a more puzzle saturated style to his future builds, nevertheless, my thanks to Pedro for this level." - Cerebralfire (09-May-2018)

"While its good to see Pedro craft something original from his own mind at long last, this demo doesn't offer anywhere near enough substance to justify the filesize(which can be blamed on the audio folder containing a significant chunk of unused tracks within it, that should have been removed prior to public release). Gameplay is practically a cakewalk from start to finish, with nothing really standing out here beyond a passable 'jump to the right spot' puzzle near the end, to open a door(in-between gunning down a few spectre ghosts from TR5 inexplicably & collecting a couple of easy secrets respectively). Atmosphere doesn't fare any better either, on account of an out-of-place jungle environmental ambiance track playing throughout, questionably dark lighting in most areas & some badly-placed fixed cameras at a specific point(with background objects obscuring required wall switches from your vision). And while the object placement & texturing utilization are appropriately done in some rooms, it is noticeably a bit lacking in others. Overall, a slight step in the right direction. But not really something worth playing at the end of the day." - Ceamonks890 (09-May-2018)
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