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Author(s): Clara masha Sponge
total rating:9.95 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Dutchy 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 9
requiemsoul 10 10 10 10
category averages
(5 reviews)
10.00 10.00 10.00 9.80

Reviewer's comments

"The kind of adventure we only get every four years if we get lucky! And the mutants have been destroyed... or have they? Of course nothing is absolutely flawless but it would be terrible of me to point out anything at all, namely how cryptic some solutions were on occasion, when the game (or set of levels if you really will) is so near-perfect. Varied in every sense (locations, atmosphere, sounds, action, exploration, puzzles, lighting, cut scenes and FMVs), clearly full of original ideas and furthermore somehow reminiscing of TR3, which I admit is something I truly appreciate. I'd like to say I preferred this or that level but, in fact, they're all really good in their own right. I did have a hard time opening the door when I was inside the sub underwater... The use of the bazooka was just great and something we actually don't see that often. I clearly enjoyed the raid against Monsanto, here renamed Sanmonto. This must be the best team ever in Tomb Raider history and I don't know what else I should add but a huge thank you together with my absolute recommendations for each and every raider." - Jorge22 (07-Jun-2018)

"What a great game these builders put together for us! Took them 5 years I heard, well we can se it was time well spent, every detail worked out with finesse, amazing new animations, puzzles, cutscenes... All great. Only thing I could not understand was the use of an oldfashioned push/pull animation where you have to push a key every time for Lara to keep pushing, but it must have been by choice? 15+ hours for me, enjoyed every bit of it." - Dutchy (03-Jun-2018)

"Good work done by this magnificent group of builders, as one progresses in the game begins to feel addicted to the level. Many tasks to realize that keeps the player entertained for hours ensuring good times. The animations were very well executed, the cameras and cutscenes were of great help in key moments. In my opinion an excellent game of a good team builders and thanks for the work performed.. Two thumbs up!" - McRaider (03-Jun-2018)

"This was already 4x10 when I first played it years ago, but the builders STILL took few more years to polish it. The effect is another adventure worth more than our rating system allows, and another one to prove scales and numbers are simply not enough. I presume The Jerusalem Project will remain the opus magnum as it's surely more "universal" (whatever the heck it even means and only in case if you believe it matters), but that one and this one are just different stories, both reaching top possible taletelling quality. CMS is just the best communicating, the most coherent building team we've ever had and it shows as they could run a professional game development studio both turning movies into games and having their games turned into movies. Of course I don't like some new animations, I think Mario goes a bit too far in his experiments regarding this matter - but many other animations are plainly amazing nd I'll rather remember those instead. Brilliant job, guys - this has been a long journey but now I can play it 24/7... I mean 24/3... DAMMIT!!!" - DJ Full (25-May-2018)

"A fantastic crossover between 24 and Tomb Raider with many and fun references and details. A long set of levels with a lot of creative, varied, challenging and very unique tasks. My favorite one are Highway Construction Site, Kassel Airport and Svalbard. The cutscenes and animations are amazing and impressive. There are some bug but fixed soon. Thanks a lot to CMS for one of the best projects of the latest years, a real masterpiece." - requiemsoul (24-May-2018)
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