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Author(s): Noe
total rating:8.37 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cerebralfire 9 9 9 10
DJ Full 7 8 7 8
Drakan 9 8 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Gorty 7 8 9 6
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 6 8 8 9
manarch2 6 7 8 8
Mehrbod 9 10 10 10
Nyah 6 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 9 9 8 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.85 8.38 8.54 8.69

Reviewer's comments

"Definitely too much time in a single location what has a bad side of getting confused and tiring but also a good effect of multiple foreshadowing and reminding. Visually, materials are correct but applied without enough transitions so they feel glued and falling apart a bit too much. If this was fixed it could also ease some platforming by applying different textures to standable and slidable slopes. Finally, some sfx is messed up, a kind of tradition for beginner builders to care about everything but this... In short, the level could be less annoying and more polished but it's also impressive how nicely the rooms are connected to eventually come together for a feeling of a fully functioning organism, a riddle where everything is needed. A pretty neat try as for a new author." - DJ Full (19-Jun-2019)

"This was quite a complex level. First off, the geometry of the rooms are weird. The author uses a lot of random cracks, gaps and slopes that makes the surroundings look a bit chaotic, thus the walkthrough feels improvised. It seemed to me that quite a lot of rooms could have been cut off of the final release. Despite the rooms being mostly well-thought I feel that the gameplay was wasted with pointless switches or key items quests (for instance, one of the cogs feels placed randomly instead of having an actual challenge to collect it). The amount of pickups could have been more generous (especially regarding flares and extra bullets) or at least the secrets should have been more rewarding. As other reviewers pointed out, this game lacks some camera hints that would make the gameplay more friendly, especially when pulling switches. The lighting, the texturing, the music and the static objects were on point. The author accomplished to get a good atmosphere but an overthought, tricky gameplay." - Nyah (13-Jan-2019)

"This has quite a complex structure for a debut level and very well executed it is too. Apart from the inventory items being wrongly named in the script, a few odd sounds and illegal slopes, this is an engaging and complicated raid that took me 75 minutes in total to complete. The snowy climes are pleasingly crafted and the atmosphere is well up to par. Gameplay mainly involves exploration and finding out exactly how to get out of each area, with just a couple of actual thinking puzzles near the end, but the entertainment factor remains intact throughout. Enemies are mostly dotted around in various places, although the guards can be quite vicious at times. Overall, very well done and I look forward to more from this builder." - Ryan (03-Oct-2018)

"Really a very good debut, even with several defects like the untinted objects, the inventory or the ilegal slopes, the level is still enjoyable. The architecture and texturization are excellent, with a great design and well placed objects, well balanced enemies and secrets easy to find. On the other hand, the gameplay is sometimes confusing 'cause the absence of camera hints when triggering things in distant areas; I missed some puzzles to solve (only found the movable blocks) too; and I think there are too many switches to pull. Anyway still a level worth to play for everybody and I hope this author can continue building in the future. ¡Buen trabajo, Noe!" - Jose (13-Aug-2018)

"With the exception of a few illegal slopes and some oddly named inventory item, this is a most assured work for a debut level and I sincerely hope we see more from this builder in future. I love this particular texture set, evoking as it does the cold snowy wastes so convincingly. The gameplay is engrossing and, at times, challenging, especially in the ice cold water areas where Lara loses health rapidly. I definitely recommend this one for all but the really inexperienced player, although you might want to keep the walkthrough to hand as it can be confusing at times." - Jay (13-Jul-2018)

"OK, you want complicated, well you got it. You have to look in every nook and cranny to figure out where to go and thus I found all secrets (always nice). Complicated jumps, as well as easier ones, yup they are there. There is even a timed run of sorts that luckily wasn’t too difficult. Still hate the freezing water and I died a couple of times before I figured out where I had to go. Some traps are thrown in for good measure. Of course I got lost a few times and ran around like a headless chicken. Bit unfair was the bit with that nasty demi-god, how would I know he carried an object I needed. But I got there in the end. Overall the level looked good, a few too many illegal slopes and the underwater swimming was made a tad difficult with all the corners and small cracks one had to swim through. Also don’t forget it is a debut, so two thumbs up." - Gerty (01-Jul-2018)

"The only evidence I saw that this is a debut level was the fact that all keys show up in your inventory as "load." Otherwise, this is an engaging raid that could have been produced by any of our top builders. I was writing a walkthrough while playing, which slowed me up a bit, but my game clock still registered more than two hours when I finished. The game map is quite sprawling, but near the end you return to the place where you started. I experienced what I thought was a game-stopping bug in that large room with the water down below, but after some give and take in the stuck thread it was revealed that the builder (with no notice to the rest of us) had released a revision that removed a shortcut option and forced the player to make the circuit around that room as the builder had intended. And if the flycheat had been enabled in the first version, it's enabled no longer (not that I would ever resort to anything like that, mind you). I don't recall any flare pickups, but the level is so well lighted that you don't need any. Excellent job, Noe." - Phil (13-Jun-2018)

"This is an good level but quite complicated because you have to search a lot, there are not many cameras showing the action of some switches .. The enemies are gurgling when they shoot lol. Harvested objects have no name in the inventory (load)." - Drakan (06-Jun-2018)

"A decent debut level, even with some technical mistakes. The atmosphere really draws you in and I must say that architecture, room connections etc. are very professionally done at most. What I also liked was the colour scheme, inside and outside areas blend nicely into each other. The lighting is quite okay, if a bit flat in some parts - but why, WHY are there no flares to find in this level? -, and there are not that texturing mistakes in terms of streching or squeezing (or, at least, not many disturbing ones) - sometimes the textures just don't fit to the surrounding ones, which makes some rooms look a bit eclectic. What should've been cared of are the sounds which are partly messed up, there's no sound for crawling and the shooting sound is not correct either. Camera clues are also rare. On the other side the musics and flybies are well done mostly. The gameplay is quite fluent and enjoyable on the whole, but not varied enough; there are few and mostly very short and simple puzzles and too many parts where you just find some items and place them (e.g. the two cogs) without anything special; still, the exploration and a few jump sequences/traps are nice enough to keep players entertained. I had two problems including keys being dropped on places where I couldn't get them - one was the demigod and the other a SAS later in the game. Also, the mirror I found somehow disappeared from my inventory so I was stuck when I needed it, had to use the item cheat to retrieve it, very strange. The enemies are well placed mostly, but some objects were slightly flying in the air and there were invisible blocks in front of doors at times. Overall, the 50 minutes I spent here were a good raid though, despite some annoyances and beginner mistakes here and there, and I hope that the abrupt finale only marks the transition to an upcoming level. Found three placed-as-an-afterthought-secrets." - manarch2 (04-Jun-2018)

"A very entertaining level. I was hard pressed to put down the controller. For a first time level build, Noe has done some homework. Textures are very clean, enemies are well placed, (could have been a few more though), lighting gave me no cause for complaint. Gameplay in general was fun, though this level is more for the adventurer (Like me)than the puzzel guru. All in all, I hope Noe keeps building levels like this, if this is a sign of things to come, I'll be eager to play the next level build. Thanks alot for this fun and very neat level Noe :)" - Cerebralfire (01-Jun-2018)

"Excellent and superb level . It was really enjoyable to visit a cold and snowy place . The builder had tried so hard to build this game . The only problem was the lack of scripting . There were no specific names for the items you found during the adventure , no customized parameters for damage and cold bars , and even the player has forgotten to disable DOZY cheat ! But excellent work ! Thanks for this outstanding and flawless level ! Good luck ." - Mehrbod (01-Jun-2018)

"An actually very good debut level from the author that has, unfortunately, many specific beginners’ mistakes all over the level. The gameplay was nice, sometimes frustrating or hard to follow. Maybe even some dead ends, but I’m not sure if I’m just blind. I didn’t like the lack of camera hints. Overall, the gameplay was mediocre, but enjoyable. Object use was nice, but their light was not always adjusted right. Some parts had an overuse of enemies and some enemies are maybe not killable. Items had the name ˝load˝ in the inventory. Guns had bubble sound. The texturing was very superficial. In every corner or transition the textures were wrong. The light was alright with some outside parts too bright, but actually quite fitting for a snow level. The best aspect of the level was the atmosphere, which I really liked. The overall design was also very nice, sometimes looking too chaotic, unorganized and build without planning. Overall, a nice debut level. The author has so much room to improve. The level is also probably not beta tested." - Gorty (01-Jun-2018)

"This grandiose single level (a debut,at that) made my head hurt! So many objectives to accomplish;so many puzzle pieces to collect;so many areas to explore;so many places to return back to later on.The player is sent galloping around and about;and it's often damn confusing.The lack of many camera clues is a major sin;but so too are the numerous areas which seem to serve no purpose,and appear to have been included simply to baffle the player even more. One entire acrobatic sequence around a large room was left untouched by me;but presumably led only to a secret. These elements in no way detract from the adventure,however;because it all looks so damn good! The textures are perfectly placed;the lighting is spot on (atmospheric,but never impenetrably dark);the challenges are thought-provoking;and the design of the map is absolutely ingenious.Puzzles are cleverly set in scene;while enemies appear at just the right moments (although the mutant Demi-god could have been more sensibly placed,in order to avoid dropping the key on a death square). This is one of those levels that you really need to play in one sitting,in order to keep confusion to the minimum - and it will provide you with around two hours of engrossing gameplay. Complex;yet most impressive." - Orbit Dream (01-Jun-2018)
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