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Author(s): BtB 2018
total rating:8.31 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 7 8 10 10
Feder 7 8 9 9
Jose 7 9 9 9
manarch2 7 8 8 8
category averages
(4 reviews)
7.00 8.25 9.00 9.00

Reviewer's comments

"The first level without a base/lab style, and certainly a good use of varied environments: from an icey water world to a desert landscape, and finally a jungle scenery. Objects matched their respective environments, as well as the enemies. I think this makes this level quite unique, as it accomplishes the immersion on a journey through different and unexplored worlds. Tasks are entertaining but there aren't any elaborated puzzles, just the good old search for key/switch and push some objects into very noticeable places. The desert climbing parts were really fun. Enemies were plenty, plus one big fight after each special object collected. Pickups are abundant and the "return to base for supplies" was a useful feature. I missed the shotgun so I had to face the final bosses with the pistols (it took me a while). Nice work!" - Feder (18-Jun-2018)

"Another good entry with quite fluent and varied enough gameplay and decent visuals. The smaller puzzles in the ice section are quite enjoyable as well as the platforming in the desert. The enemy placement is pretty well done and the objects help to create a nice atmosphere too, the geometry of the desert areas stood out in particular as well and actually made this area look quite beautifully. The other two sections are sometimes a bit more simple in their design but still decent. I didn't like the overall lighting so much, while not especially dark it's pretty greyish and sometimes uniform throughout and colour is only created with textures and object lighting, which feels slightly uneven and does not match the surroundings so well. The overall concept is sweet, although I think the straightforward connections of the three areas are a bit simple and the level is fairly linear and without major surprises. Found the four secrets the first time around, but I think the teleporter idea to return for some is a good one. 40 minutes." - manarch2 (17-Jun-2018)

"Summary: With three distinct missions, simple gameplay is combined here with captivating environments. Think of a classic, straight-forward Tomb Raider level, about the same difficulty as Tomb of Qualopec, but set in space. With the platforming of TR3’s Nevada Desert, well-placed enemies, abundant ammo, and straight-forward but satisfying puzzles, this level was easy but nevertheless engaging to play and beautiful to look at. Details: I seldom felt lost during the journey through a frozen fortress, a desert canyon, and a short (but hostile) jungle. Gameplay consisted of pulling switches, and occasionally finding keys or pushing blocks, in the pursuit of three pickups which unlock the final boss and the level’s exit. Each area has a small number of puzzles, and although many were similar to simple Tomb Raider activities that have been around since 1996, three stood out in particular. One was a monkeyswing puzzle that, although difficult to guess, was nevertheless interesting to work out. The other two involved pure exploration, and this is truly my favorite activity in any Tomb Raider game. A series of underwater levers, each of which glowed once thrown, was actually really fun to search for in a glittering, phosphorescent underground cavern, complete with a secret to find and plentiful air pockets. Clearly, the goal was to explore rather than face a particular challenge. The other, and in my opinion the best part of the entire level, was the desert platforming section, which took advantage of Lara’s new moves to scale the rocky walls, finishing in a rope swing. There was even an interesting bit with deadly steam and healing water which was fun to experience. I think I only died once the entire time, including each of the boss battles (the first boss glitched and never attacked unfortunately), and with the hub of the friendly alien village and pod for topping up Lara’s health, pickups were more for fun than a necessity. However, I did find I used flares during the underwater search, and I did unload my full battery of Uzi ammo and some of the shotgun (Plasma Gun ;) ) as well for the final boss fight. Lovely lighting, even underground in the desert, well-placed objects, a definite storyline with discernible goals, and the traversal and exploration, which are lacking in some of the more Space- station/lab/base oriented BtB levels this year, make this one fun to play. I would have enjoyed quite a bit more challenge, and perhaps a greater number of enemies in the frozen fortress and desert sections (they appeared a lot in the jungle). 3 secrets, 1 hour 45 minutes on first playthrough." - Cbl (10-Jun-2018)

"This is a solid level nice to play with easy puzzles and suitable for most players. Even the secrets are not very hard to find (I found all 4). Never frustrating or with hard tasks, you'll always find something to do or somewhere to go, helping with a lot of camera hints and a lineal gameplay. "Natural" environments to explore, well balanced enemies, good use of musics and correct texturization and lighting; I think the author had not get enough time to properly tint the numerous objects, but the environments are still good. Very enjoyable and playable, it was a pleasure to play this easy level. Only in the area with the big Torso, Lara was able to stand at the end of the slide to shoot him without danger. Anyway a recommended level to have a good time without complications. Good work!" - Jose (09-Jun-2018)
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