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Author(s): BtB 2018
total rating:8.61 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 8 7 8 8
Feder 8 9 8 9
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 9
manarch2 8 7 8 8
Mman 9 9 9 9
requiemsoul 9 8 8 9
category averages
(7 reviews)
8.57 8.43 8.57 8.86

Reviewer's comments

"This was a tough nut to crack and many were the times when I just couldn't remember where I'd seen some place I had to go to then, what to do exactly, how to reach a certain spot. Quite out of the box and quite interesting too, like Uvavoo revisited on harmless acid and pretty much improved too. The entire level ends up being a gigantic maze with loads of interesting objects and interactions and the only downside of a main room where things get a bit too slow. Teleportation, puzzles, a few very feasible traps in a certain part of the level, lifts and codes, dragons, swimming and, mostly, gas-induced harmless hallucinations are all memorable. If this isn't recommended in the space level category, I can't think of any other I've played that is." - Jorge22 (20-Jun-2018)

"This starts out with a mix of human and alien designs, which feels a little odd when the story doesn't really suggest that, however, it feels more cohesive later on and most of the actual designs and areas are interesting. The central base area does seem to have some bad performance issues though with how many objects it has. There's some extremely creative ideas here though that also forward the story, namely revolving around the "gas". Gameplay starts off relatively simple (although there are still some nice tasks) but things get more involved and interesting as it goes, with quite a bit being done with the main design twist (including a really clever bit of parody), and a nice climax, although the final part of it is a little frustrating and borderline luck based. A great level and potential candidate for my favourite, on top of being another that does good things with it's story concept." - Mman (19-Jun-2018)

"This surely has to be one of the longest levels of the competition, which is not bad because gameplay evolves continually and it is fun enough to keep you moving foward. Tasks are varied and very original (like the hallucination parts), but there is a problem that makes progression tedious: the rooms overloaded with objects that cause framerate problems. I've mention this issue before in some other levels, and I still beleive it can ruin a great gameplay, making it hard to explore or even appreciate those areas. Appart from that, great work with the architecture design! Although, I wasn't quite sure about where I was, because I started in a cave with some vestiges of an alien civilization, and suddenly I was in a base-lab with both human and alien furniture, which was pretty strange. Lighting and textures are well applied, and enemies are not too hard to overcome given that you get the uzis with some clips right at the beggining. Overall, a very entertaining level with plenty of fun tasks." - Feder (16-Jun-2018)

"This is a highly involved and complicated game that took me a total of 65 minutes to complete. The gameplay is very engaging, with a good mix of exploration, puzzle solving and traps, and what makes this level quite special are those unique "helmet areas" you really have to see. Many tasks include something new to well-known procedures. The overall design is elaborate, despite a few more simplistic and sometimes too eclectic areas and oppressive colours, but the texturing and object placement is mostly very nice. However, there's a massive lag on my end (the object density is pretty high, maybe that's a reason), especially in the main lab area, that was fairly annoying and made some platforming/timed tasks pretty difficult but in a way how it should not be. The six secrets are really hard and fun to find, and overall I think this is a really good level overall but it could've been slightly better without the lags." - manarch2 (14-Jun-2018)

"Summary: Psychedelic, object-dense, and lengthy, this is a challenging level with some clever gameplay, but made more difficult due to framerate drops, a lack of indications regarding overall goals or switch functions, and architecture so confusing as to be disorienting. Divided into two parts, Lara journeys from a purely alien world back into a more-or-less human lab station, where she must recover a variety of objects while facing challenging timed-runs and frequent traversal of the central lab and a multi-floored tower. Details: I found this level frustrating, primarily due to the slow-down in the main lab area. I followed the instructions and doused the torch as soon as I had used it, but the problem persisted, making it a slog to navigate the necessary backtracking. Part of the problem was the over-abundance of objects, which I believe detracted from the atmosphere too. Many did not have lighting that matched the rooms' ambience, and the use of "alien" objects in the human lab made it difficult to understand what they were supposed to be. One room appeared to be a crypt as well as a terrarium, while others had multiple alien skeletons decorating alcoves, but in neither case was it clear why these things would be there. I disliked the number of switches that did not have clear outcomes: a camera for each would have helped significantly. I enjoyed the lighting other than the objects, and several puzzles were awesome: the numbers/colors puzzle was clever, being underwater when it froze was cool, and I particularly liked the squishy block puzzle near the end, which required good timing in a creative way. Enemies were infrequent, but the final boss was a nice challenge (despite the hordes of jellyfish[?] it spewed which were simply annoying). I never thought of putting that particular enemy underwater which made the gameplay significantly different and engaging when encountering it. I managed to finish the level without ever using a Saturn-shaped key, bringing the elevator to the third floor, or pushing the tube pushable into place, so I know I must have missed something, but the lag in framerate discourages me from attempting to play it again. 3 hours on first playthrough, due in part to the lag." - Cbl (10-Jun-2018)

"The longest level of this BtB. Not especially difficult but demanding for the average player. The lisergic sections are very original and friendly. The last boss is a little annoying and missing some mediapack in this task. The geometry and the location of the objects are a bit flashy." - requiemsoul (06-Jun-2018)

"I think it could be the most complete level in this contest. Hundreds of tasks with a huge dose of exploration and, as usual from this author, some innovative ideas. Even so I think this level will be complex for most players, 'cause the absence of hints when you pick up something to show where to go. Anyway, it notices an effort from this author tried to avoid the backtracking, implementing raising blocks so the players don't need to go back to certain areas. As usual, there are a lot of objects ornating all the rooms, a huge work with the lighting with many colourful areas, a lot of items to pick up and a lot of areas to explore. I don't want to talk about the bugs to not give hints to the contest for the players. Definitely, a very long and complex level for expert players with no very hard tasks, except one of the timed runs to use the first torch and another one before the series of traps in the passages to get one of the circuits. As usual, a very hard work from this builder. Take a try!" - Jose (06-Jun-2018)
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