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The Lost Trident by Osvaldo

DJ Full 6 6 5 4
eRIC 6 7 6 5
Gorty 8 5 6 3
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 7 6 8
manarch2 6 5 6 4
Minox 8 8 8 7
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 7 7 7 6
release date: 23-Jun-2018
# of downloads: 910

average rating: 6.42
review count: 9
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file size: 31.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While the puzzles are well organized and nicely divided into minor prologue, major task and the final artifact, only several textures are used (sometimes a single one just plastered around) and the lighting simply isn't there. So while it's a rare case when gameplay of Osvaldo is better than graphics, it seems he simply cannot resist drafting at least one of the two. Why not to just take time and do it good..." - DJ Full (10-Jun-2019)
"There is not a lot of levels with this set of South Pacific textures, coupled with objects mostly taken from the Coastal Wad. With a better lighting which is mostly absent , the level could have been more immersive. Skeletons play their (annoying) role (good) but the wild life too much often do not have a chance to survive. I like the use of some wild boars though to show you some hints. As for the gameplay some good ideas with puzzles involving doors, trapdoors and switches, and i like the timed ones. The builder is known to be rather generous with the time given for you to suceed them. But there are a few things that are not planned well : the button in the room where you find one of the gem is easy to miss and you can wonder and wander a long time before knowing where to go next or what you have missed (why not using a pickup trigger instead , there are already plenty of switch triggers). Also for some of the timed doors , you don't have a hint it's a timed trial. The underwater lever in that big room with the translucent ledges is also hard to spot , and it's coupled with one of these timed doors not indicated as such so you can redo all this part several times unnecessarily. Not bad but lacking more work on lighting and a better planification." - eRIC (05-Jun-2019)
"This feels more like a rushed level, as even when the builder did not excel in his previous levels, this is a clear step in the wrong direction. The things I liked most were the multiple and occasionally quite tricky timed runs and also some jump sequences. The banana jump felt a little out of place here, but it's not too hard actually. However, there's still severe backtracking (especially if you miss some items or levers the first time around), and as all areas tend to look quite alike, it's hard to know which door has opened even if a camera cue is given. The added puzzles also didn't click well with me, being very basic in their design - at least there's not a lengthy pushable task this time. Enemies felt like placed as an afterthought, while the two secrets are okay. Not much work has been put into object design, but it's not inapt or too empty here. The atmosphere suffers from the similarity of the areas, but still some parts are decently constructed. The texturing is sometimes okay, but often has a very wallpapered and unappealing touch. Exactly zero work has been put into lighting, as all rooms have the same, unchanged 128x128x128 lighting, not something that is realistic in any way so I'm surprised about some fairly high ratings here. The best thing about this level is that it does not outstay its welcome and ends after about 20 minutes. At least something, I guess." - manarch2 (14-Oct-2018)
"This was an enjoyable enough raid, but I found this to be a bit of a disappointment after Osvaldo's two previous efforts. Thankfully this one isn't too dark, but I found the scenery in here a bit crude and unappealing, and the backtracking and repetitive skeleton attacks got pretty tedious after a while. Still, the action is quite fast paced here, with plenty of timed runs and trap sequences to keep you on your toes, plus two nice secrets to go for. Not as good as The Temple of Seth or The Electric Crystal, but at least an above average raid." - Ryan (05-Oct-2018)
"The same old style from this prolific author. The same classic tasks with many levers to pull, this time more timed runs than usual, some enemies to shoot and some gymnastics. Correct architecture and texturization, perhaps some rooms are too empty of objects like the big pool with two crocs; as usual I missed some puzzles to solve and more flybys and musics to create a better atmosphere. Anyway an enjoyable level, not very hard to play and solid enough to take a try." - Jose (21-Aug-2018)
"There are some fun timed runs/traps in this level, but I could have done without the backtracking and having to pause the action to find somewhere to shotgun skeletons out of the way on frequent occasions. Looks-wise, it's fairly competently made, but lacks a wow factor. On the plus side, it doesn't overstay its welcome so you might want to try it for some of the more entertaining bits." - Jay (17-Jul-2018)
"Although this is by no means a bad level, it was something of a letdown after having played the much more enjoyable Electric Crystal by the same builder. It's almost as if Osvaldo had made this one years ago, was not satisfied with it, yet decided to release it along with his more recent efforts. The surroundings are decidedly crude by comparison, but once again the lighting is just fine. There are several timed runs not advertised as such, and at least one of them took me more than a few tries to conquer. I was writing a walkthrough while playing, which always skews my playing time, but I imagine that most raiders would spend the better part of an hour here. A definite improvement on his first two releases, but not up to the higher standard set by The Electric Crystal." - Phil (14-Jul-2018)
"A very simple and basic designed level by Osvaldo. Except of some fun gameplay tasks nothing else interesting can be seen here. The rooms are designed extremely basic, a box style with texturing made probably using ˝texture all ˝ button. Of course, not literally. Being a box styled level, even some stretched textures can be seen very often. The light is very flat. I don’t recall seeing a light bulb anywhere in the level. I also guess that there is no use of the sun. So it’s hard to say anything nice about the light. Rooms look most of the time very empty, meaning that the object use is very limited. Enemies very placed nicely. I felt like I was walking through a test level and not a serious level. That’s what I have to say about the atmosphere. What else to expect from a level made in 10 days from the last release of this author. Sorry, but I have to say at the end – not really recommended." - Gorty (04-Jul-2018)
"The gameplay is quite simple, no particular difficulties, some timeruns quite easy. The game ends on a black screen. This level is quite short." - Minox (23-Jun-2018)