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Author(s): Franky
total rating:3.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
manarch2 3 5 3 2
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(1 reviews)
3.00 5.00 3.00 2.00

Reviewer's comments

"The builder can surely do better than this. It's just a very amateurish and careless level with wallpapered and stretched textures everywhere, no real sense of location (a surreal label alone cannot be an excuse for this), weird architecture and lots of mistakes only acceptable in beginner levels. The gameplay is not enjoyable either. At the start it's just about finding a lever somewhere in the random geometry, a few more decent traps and jumps follow but all in all it's pretty uninteresting and tedious, with many and sometimes large mazes that even downgrade the fun factor some more. The few puzzles are not really logical (e.g. the one in the big snowy hall) and I really dislike those unmarked ladders and doors that open on approach. Of course there are some nice objects, but this time they don't really save the level as they are mostly have been used in other levels of this builder as well. The audio tracks are just placed one after the other without any relation to the settings, cameras shamelessly go through walls, there are endless illegal slopes and end of the world moments and the like, it's really a shame as there's certainly a talent in the builder but it very seldom shows. The only halfway decently looking room was the Egyptian room with the skeletons. I really think the builder needs to change his attitude to level building (please care a lot more for your levels instead of "just building something" without any sense of atmosphere or thought about the enjoyment factor on the players' viewpoint!) as the results are getting worse IMO. 35 minutes, all four secrets found (one was necessary to finish)." - manarch2 (17-Jul-2018)
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