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Author(s): Nika
total rating:1.36 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 4 3 3 2
Drakan 1 1 1 1
eRIC 1 4 1 1
Gerty 1 1 0 0
Jay 1 1 1 1
Jose 1 1 1 1
manarch2 1 1 1 1
Mehrbod 1 1 1 1
MichaelP 1 1 0 0
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 0
Phil 2 2 2 4
Ryan 1 1 1 1
Torry 2 4 4 4
category averages
(14 reviews)
1.36 1.57 1.21 1.29

Reviewer's comments

"I have never been a fan of Young Lara levels and this one as a first offering is not that raid worthy I'm afraid. We have illegal slopes everywhere, door blocks, rooms you cannot get out of once you decide to drop in and relatively tedious game play. Still, I have seen worse as first offerings." - Torry (10-Jan-2020)

"This level reminds some of the early ones for the very stretched textures and bad construction in general. You also have annoying moments with tiles you can't walk as there are invisible blocks (probably it has to do with the very peaky upward or downward blocks), or the spikes triggered you never sure when or why. A couple of audio are nice but there is a lack of background audio at some point and others are triggered without fitting the plot. Aggravating is the fact that the setting caused also confusion for the gameplay. The good points are the use/placement of some objects (the jumps_switch , the scorpion). So this new builder has some good ideas that would be better put in scene if the design was good." - eRIC (02-Sep-2019)

"Looks awful but plays rather good for the 10-15 minutes it lasts. Clever scorpion is a yes-yes, unmarked traps are a no-no, music choice could be better but the three secrets are appreciated. It needs much less softlocking and much more testing but I see the idea was here so the builder is on the right track. Actually, recommended." - DJ Full (10-Jun-2019)

"Basic: yes, very basic; classic: not so classic; the title says Old Hotel, but you'll play in a jungle environment. This author should take more interest on the architecture (very simple) and texturization (very elongated textures). The gameplay is very poor: only use a key and a lonely lever, and the skulls are not required to finish the game. I heard a couple of musics, but the cameras don't exist. Still a big effort remaining to release an entertaining level." - Jose (11-Dec-2018)

"Nothing to complain about what has already been said by others." - Drakan (18-Nov-2018)

"Yes it is a debut and it shows that building isn’t as easy as some might think it is. Beginner mistakes all over but that is how you learn. I was lost at a certain time that I had to peek at the walkthrough. Some of it didn’t make sense; that is my excuse. Keep at it and remember it gets easier with practise." - Gerty (10-Nov-2018)

"I'm not one to discourage new builders, but I'm sorry to say that this really wasn't ready to be released. All hallmarks of an absolute beginner are displayed here: extremely sloppy and careless texturing, wafer thin walls everywhere, odd uses of action music despite nothing exciting happening, and pretty much nothing worth mentioning in the gameplay. The spike traps are at times nastily placed (having to take damage at the beginning) or even oddly placed (an unmarked trap near the end is laughably easy to avoid) and it ends after around 11 minutes. I think the builder needs more time invested to build a better level, as I really can't recommend this one." - Ryan (13-Oct-2018)

"A single solitary point for a hang-lever (even though I'm not absolutely certain what it activated);but,really,I could easily have forfeited even that degree of faint praise due to the myriad shortcomings in gameplay that this level displays - particularly the builders use of unfair spikes popping up everywhere and impeding all logical progress.Fast-paced music is cued indiscriminately;the textures are dreadfully applied;there is not a shred of atmosphere. It's been quite a long time since I've played a level as comprehensively poor as this.Hopefully,it'll be an equally long time before I do so again." - Orbit Dream (27-Aug-2018)

"I try to be charitable with new builders, particularly when debut levels are involved, but I agree with Michael that this one should not have been released for public consumption and the inevitable vilification to follow. At the very beginning it's necessary to take damage by pulling through a bed of spikes, and it goes downhill from there. Sure, I would be proud to compile my very own custom level, complete with finish trigger, but I would also think long and hard about whether the consumers out there would have equal appreciation for my work product. At least you can see everything around you, although in this case I'm not sure that's a blessing." - Phil (24-Aug-2018)

"I don't particularly enjoy having to be so negative about a debut level, but this is just so reminiscent of the early days of the level editor when so many over-excited new builders were rushing to produce a level and offer it up for public consumption whether it was ready or not. This one really wasn't ready. It looks thrown together with very little care and the gameplay is incoherent and not even vaguely enjoyable. I appreciate that it must be incredibly exciting to build your first level and I admire anybody that achieves that, but honestly this builder desperately needs much more practise with the level editor before releasing anything else. Sorry." - Jay (11-Aug-2018)

"Not much to add to the previous reviewers comments. All the typical beginner mistakes are present in abundance and even you can see past the paperthin walls, oversized rooms, massively stretched textures and overuse of Spikes, then there is still not much to do apart from a switch and a key to use. All builders start somewhere, but maybe not all first efforts should be released to the public." - MichaelP (10-Aug-2018)

"Referred to as 'Old Hotel' in the level select menu rather than The First Classic Basic, this release is a very brief but ultimately unfulfilling romp, overflowing to the brim with every general game design sin you could possibly think of, when it comes to poorly-made debut levels. Cheaply-placed traps, boring & unfair gameplay, unconvincing environments, out-of-place objects/music choices, atrocious texturing, flat atmosphere, nonexistent lighting & a significant lack of structure and sense of place throughout. So in conclusion, don't waste your time with this one and play something else instead. Hopefully Nika will put some actual effort into their work next time." - Ceamonks890 (09-Aug-2018)

"For a very first take on the level editor this might be called okay, but it's not a level you should release to the public. Textures are extremely carelessly placed, being streched, wallpapered and not realistic at all and anywhere, there is no hint of changed lighting and the architecture is nonsensical. The gameplay is of course very simple and basic, but actually could've been slightly better here if the builder didn't rely on walking through spikes, an odd monkeyswing and the spikes at the exit of the second area which, once triggered, cannot be deactivated so you either need to reload or pass them taking away all medipacks. There's a whole lot of care and work needed to build a proper level that players can enjoy (there are so many tutorials out there - take a look) and I hope the builder takes the whole thing a bit more serious next time. Found three unregistering secrets (in form of sculls) in 8 minutes." - manarch2 (09-Aug-2018)

"A really solid and boxy TR4 level, set within the young Lara era, which means you have no guns to have fun with. Not satisfied at all with all of the elements of the gameplay, because it had nothing special to make you happy or even no reality was involved within the level. While I can't understand the main purpose of building such level, I wonder that how the builder has mentioned that this was a really hard level to create? ( This mentioning can be seen in README.txt file inside the level's zip file ) What I mean is that there was nothing too hard to create, even there were no lights at all! How the builder could have said that?! Not a recommended level actually." - Mehrbod (08-Aug-2018)
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