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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:6.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 5 4 5 6
Cerebralfire 7 8 7 8
DJ Full 6 4 5 4
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jorge22 8 7 7 8
Jose 5 6 7 8
manarch2 4 5 4 5
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 8
Phil 8 8 7 8
Ryan 7 7 7 8
category averages
(10 reviews)
6.30 6.20 6.30 7.10

Reviewer's comments

"The first impression of this level was so similar to other base/lab levels I wasn't even sure f I played it already or not... After several rooms it was clear I didn't, but it didn't make things better - enemies are countless clones, objects don't fit, there should be a passage/lever/door/button counter, and before anybody accuses me of hate speech, YES you're correct - I hate secrets which are meant to infuriate you instead of being found. Good thing about this level is the transition into the mine where the final artifact is, I surely didn't expect that after the long monotonous build-up. This is also where the gameplay gets more creative and provides a nice conclusion with a satisfactory ending, so I will say the first half isn't recommended but the second one is." - DJ Full (10-Jun-2019)

"It seems that the author got out of ideas this time. Nothing really interesting here, push a lot of buttons, push a lot of levers, several timed runs and few more. Always leaving a closed door behind, you'll need to backtrack to the same places many times. If you want some extra weapons you'll need to look for the well hidden secrets, except the revolver I found near the end to shoot the last enemies. Some cameras help ok, but I missed more musics to create a better atmosphere. The best were the well worked lights and the well applied textures, even when many rooms are textured the same way producing monotony. Anyway another solid level from this author, but boring." - Jose (17-Dec-2018)

"The worst of all the builder's levels I played. Boredom from start to finish (except of one double timed run which was nice), pulling a seemingly endless amount of buttons, shooting three dozens of guards along the way and all that in very boxy and plain areas with little atmosphere and very few cameras. On few occasions the builder shows he is capable of more - like the card that once found allows you to pass the machine guns -, and perhaps the lighting is a tiny bit better than in the last two releases (though still quite flat and uninspired most of the time), but it's a very pointless addition to the builder's portfolio all in all and I really can't say more. Missed that secret where you are not allowed to push a certain button. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (01-Nov-2018)

"This is pretty much as standard as it gets, in terms of base type levels. It's competently built, but nothing really extraordinary, and the long corridors and labyrinthine sections do tend to outstay their welcome. I also felt that the guard and bat attacks got boring after a while, seeing as you encounter them around almost every corner. That said, this level is solid in its own right, so you could give it a go if you like base levels." - Ryan (13-Oct-2018)

"An old-fashioned level consisting of long corridors in a well-guarded, but seemingly derelict, secret base located in a canyon. The gameplay is made up of pulling switches to open doors to reveal SAS baddies, guarding more switches for more doors, and so on. The textures are TR3 Area 51, but applied like wallpaper in many areas. There is an exceeding amount of backtracking, frequently through frustrating fire and steam traps or through the long, empty corridors. There are two areas the level does well. The first is the lighting, which is minimal but pleasantly pastel in the few areas where color is used. The second is in two of the timed traps, one involving trap doors and the other involving flames, which required a little bit of effort and some lateral thinking in the latter case. There were also a number of details that make it clear that the level builder does pay attention to detail: steam emitting from gratings, and the use of updated moves like the forward roll from crawlspaces and Piega's "look" animation make it clear that some thought has gone into making the game a smooth experience. I hope the author takes time to work on building a logical, and less switch-filled world next time. I cannot recommend playing this level." - Cbl (09-Oct-2018)

"By and large, this is pretty much standard base fare - not bad, but not great either. Inevitably, there's rather a lot of running around, shooting guards and pushing buttons I did like the bit where Lara acquired the key card that prevented the sentry guns from firing at her - we haven't seen that for a long time. Otherwise, there's nothing out of the ordinary going on, but if you're a base level fan you could do worse than take a look at it." - Jay (05-Sep-2018)

"After a string of enjoyable raids I feel the builder has taken a small step backward with this release. The gameplay provides ample variety, but there are too many nondescript tunnels that must be navigated multiple times. There's also an overuse of buttons, a feature I mentioned in the walkthrough. The builder has demonstrated a devious talent in the way he allows the player to acquire secrets. There are two in this level, and if you don't do things in the proper order you miss out on the opportunity to get either one of them, with no way of going back once you've realized the error of your ways. I have no complaint with the lighting, and the builder has certainly adapted nicely in response to my reviews of his earliest levels. Upon reflection, I've gone back to bump up my rating in the gameplay department, because this is a well thought-out raid from start to finish despite the shortcomings I've mentioned." - Phil (19-Aug-2018)

"Although the gameplay flows well enough,this adventure never really got itself into gear until the final fifteen minutes in a large cavern.Up until then,it was all about running through a plethora of conventional Base corridors;shooting hordes of gunmen;pulling lots of levers;swimming back and forth and back and forth;and finding ways to open inappropriately Egyptian doors. The (generally) pacifist and inquisitive machine guns were a nice touch;but things didn't become absorbing and atmospheric until the huge cave area,which was an intriguing place.The textures were fine;but there's only so much you can do with those overly familiar metallic corridors and red rocks.(Well,you can plaster the occasional wall with giant computer circuitry,as the builder does here;but that always looks rather silly).The camera hints were useful;and the lighting worked well. It's all decent enough,if you fancy a standard corridor level with a bit of exploration at the end." - Orbit Dream (19-Aug-2018)

"In my opinion, Osvaldo could do better if he released less levels while taking more care of building them above the average. That hasn't been his take and he has a right to do as he pleases, of course. This is an enjoyable level in which he intents to make a transition from Egypt to a Base/Lab environment, which can easily be noticed in the use of Egyptian guards and Egyptian textures and objects such as the shootable globes and the glove Lara finds near the really abrupt ending. There isn't much or anything actually tough to do in the puzzles department but there are a couple of quite interesting timed runs. I also think he could have used an English DAT - not that it was a problem for me as I can understand Spanish but I'm not certain I can speak for everyone around the globe. As for the rest, it's about swimming, using buttons, keys and levers and exploring (and I was too blind to notice a platform had gone up in one room before taking the entire tour at least half a dozen times). I liked the couple of automatic machine guns that just starred curiously at Lara while she ran along the hallways and never ever tried to fire a shot (I wondered if I was supposed to shoot them but I saw it was impossible) - funny touch. The sounds and atmosphere are what is to be expected from an Egyptian level that takes place somewhere outside Egypt. Enjoyable indeed for what it is and I'm sure it can get much better." - Jorge22 (13-Aug-2018)

"A nice and enjoyable level. Texture layout is reasonable, Gameplay is fun and fluent, though not much in the way of puzzles, but I'm not a big fan of getting stuck for hours on witty puzzles anyway. Plenty of enemies but could have used some more diversity ie: Crocs, scorpions, dogs etc, having only bats and soldiers makes it a bit bland. All in all, a nice and enjoyable level. My thanks to Osvaldo for this build, I hope to see more levels from him in the future." - Cerebralfire (11-Aug-2018)
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