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Author(s): Nigel Redfield
total rating:5.00 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 6 5 5 5
Andi Croft 6 6 6 7
Dimpfelmoser 4 6 4 4
Drakan 6 5 5 5
eRIC 4 4 2 4
Gerty 6 6 5 6
Jay 4 5 5 6
Jose 5 4 4 5
Josep 6 6 5 4
Kristina 7 6 7 6
Magnus 3 3 3 4
MichaelP 5 6 5 5
Momster 6 5 5 5
Neso 5 4 6 3
Orbit Dream 3 5 3 3
RaiderGirl 6 6 5 5
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Sash 6 6 6 6
Scottie 4 4 5 5
Torry 6 6 7 7
Treeble 4 4 5 5
category averages
(21 reviews)
5.05 5.05 4.90 5.00

Reviewer's comments

"If ever you decide to play this short one built with the Karnak stuff, you may want to change the background audio loop 097 which was made for boss encounters by a more atmopsheric one like some TR1 audio that works well. That was one of the discutable choices made by the builer. Others : some of the things designed to be done are optionnal , the flybys do not go through walls but are too fast and not smooth enough to be enjoyed, the lighting is often lacking and there are thin walls in many places. On the bright side of levelbuilding , the author has made several flipmaps , also used some sink for a good idea (to prevent the player to find the first secret after the main route became obvious)." - eRIC (04-May-2020)

"I had a crash while finishing this level (with the horus amulet) when climbing the slope transformed into steps. Bad animation of the button, thin walls and stretched textures but I still appreciated this short level (about 10 minutes)." - Drakan (28-Apr-2020)

"Another level from the Dawn Age of the Level Editor, and it really hasn't aged well. The gameplay is really simple and underwhelming and there's quite a few sloppy design choices scattered throughout making it a rather odd: nauseating fast flybys, paper thin walls, patronisingly simple ninja encounters (you can just avoid them completely as they only appear after you've completed a certain action) and a rather odd flipmap as you can access the opened room quite early but then there's just a closed gate. A couple of climbing exercises spice things up ever so slightly, but otherwise I can't really recommend playing this one." - Ryan (01-Jun-2018)

"Another Egyptian level, pretty straightforward, and around 20 minutes of finding puzzle items, pulling switches, killing red ninjas, scorpions and crocodiles. Flybys are used but sometimes they go so fast and end abruptly. You better lower the music volume as the looping track will annoy you after a while, or simply delete the 097.wav file. There is some backtracking after collecting the amulet. I found the 3 rather easy secrets." - alan (08-Oct-2017)

"I found the looped background music so irritating, I ended up deleting it from the file to save what little remains of my sanity these days. Otherwise, this is a very straightforward 25 minute Egyptian level, nothing difficult to achieve and a bit of a button fest really, with some quite dizzying flybys. Quite a few ninjas to shoot, plus a couple of crocodiles and scorpions. Apart from the occasional thin wall, it seemed quite well built, but nothing really to stay in the memory." - Jay (07-May-2015)

"Lineal level with a fast gameplay. No puzzles, only push (wrong animation) buttons to open doors and paper walls in every door. Also there is a not marked deadly pool. Very few enemies to shoot (black ninjas), I found a couple of secrets. The dangerous background music was not appropriate; there are some flybies to help the player and the textures are not well applied in many places. Playable but not very entertaining." - Jose (26-Apr-2015)

"Lara must find here the Ankh. In addition she must press some switches, find a Vršus, dive a little bit and switch off some Baddies. Then after about 20 minutes one is at the level end. The level is easy to play, because one knows any time what is to be done. The camera journeys are quite confused. Moreover, there are paper-thin walls. And the lighting could also have been better. And one must endure the TR music in endless loop in the whole level. But apart from the fact this short and light level is suitable very well for beginners. Or for the people who search a level for occasionally." - Scottie (22-May-2009)

"Bland gameplay. Wafer-thin walls. Short (around ten minutes). Long shimmy cracks. Nauseating flybys. Long climbs. Long monkey swings. Mediocre texturing. A ton of buttons to press (with the wrong animation, no less!). But you know what? I spent my afternoon taking screenshots of some of the lowest-rated levels out there and they all had one thing in common: they all looked like they'd been thrown together in an afternoon by someone who didn't care about what they were doing. This level, on the other hand, shows the unbridled enthusiasm of someone who's just discovered the Level Editor. I bet the author had fun building this level, and that was just what I needed tonight." - Magnus (21-Mar-2009)

"You can't get any level with a more obvious and linear gameplay than this one. That's not a bad sign by the way, just the indication that if you're looking for something to play inbetween massive releases, you've just found it. There are, however, a number of wafer thin walls. Some of the camera flybies could have used more work, as they spin so quickly and move on so fast that you can't make anything (ie: they're not all that useful). 15 minutes, 3 secrets. 01/07" - Treeble (29-Jan-2007)

"Another level from the mists of time,and time indeed has not been particularly kind toward it (although I doubt if the level was particularly notewaorthy even back in the day). It's a 'full-ahead' adventure with no need for pausing to contemplate. All the usual beginners mistakes are evident(although none are too distracting) and the beta-testing appears to be rather cursory,as some potentially good ideas (the flipped room,for example) have not been worked out properly and a irrlevant as a consequence. Still,the ending was fun and exciting with a rather clever use of copied rooms to simulate a 'full circle' effect;and the whole thing will only take 20 minutes or so. As a point of interest,considering that a full six years have elapsed since its release,I wonder if the builder is even aware that it's still available for download and that people continue to play it?" - Orbit Dream (29-Jan-2007)

"I was extremely disappointed by this level as the textures were not after my taste and also by the secrets that were too easy to find. However Lara progresses in a succession of mini-searches to open door by door which in fact makes a well structured level... not of real complications I was also disappointed that one can recover the amulet without challenges except for a little earthquake without danger! The basic music resumption of the temple of Horus got annnoying as it repeats in loop! lol but on the other hand there are many levers and sounds but also the flyby programmed rather well! The play misses a little set of colors and of difficulty but as a whole (except textures) it is a good first level! 25.04.2003" - Neso (26-Apr-2003)

"A fairly simple 25 minute romp through an Egyptian temple pretty much standard stuff with some extremely irritating non-stop official music. Lara obtains the Vraeus in the beginning in this one to gain access to the inner rooms of the temple so she can push buttons to open gates to push more buttons to open more gates. Some nasty ninjas but mostly in the start and a couple of surprise crocs. Game time would have been less except for that one button I missed in the vase room." - Momster (19-Aug-2002)

"Yes very easy short and linear with far too many buttons to push some extremely wild and uncoordinated fly bys and even I wasn't able to overlook the paperthin walls. However the enemies are placed really well with a crocodile ambush that caught me by surprise and the assassins did a good job too. I escaped with the Amulet of Horus after 20 minutes and then I remembered that there was a square of water that I've never dived into. So I went back found some ammo and a crocodile and climbed up into a room where I could push another button. I got a cutscene of a blue door that opened and probably lead to a secret. But I was satisfied with the amulet so I didn't investigate any further. Some interesting camera angles along the way but otherwise a fairly dispensable adventure." - Dimpfelmoser (14-Aug-2002)

"This short level was very easy. No hard puzzles nice textures and some objects I must find. The same music was playing from beginning till the end. I don't want to hear this music next time. The earthquakes were nice but there was not much to do. I was playing 30 minutes in this short game. But I had fun. I found 3 secrets." - Andi Croft (13-Jul-2002)

"The main function for Lara in this level is to locate and press buttons so that she can progress to the end of the level and they aren't all that hard to find but there are some interesting rooms in the meantime there are a couple of room altering minor quakes and a serene waterway that may not be all it seems sadly the creator may have thought that the players of this level were slightly less than bright as there are way too many camera fly bys telling us where we should next proceed this is by no means a mind bender of a level but it still manages to hold the interest." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"The level welcomes you with a fire trap two ninjas a wafer-thin wall and dramatic music. Unfortunately the thin walls and the music keep going throughout the level (I actually turned the sound off then). The fly-bys are quite wild and could use a little fine-tuning. In terms of gameplay you get into and out of the Temple in about 20 minutes hardly ever scratching your head about what to do next as it is a very linear progression. On your way you can deal with crocodiles ninjas and scorpions and I found 2 not so secret secrets. Nice level for the novice raider to practice." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"This level will take just over 20 minutes and is a relatively simple romp through an Egyptian setting seeking the same old keys to open doors etc. The author used the 'earthquake' affect well to change rooms around which makes this level different from the rest. There were too many red ninjas for my liking but other than that a relatively simple excursion into Lara's world." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"This level is not really finished, in fact is not a bad level but, I believe that the author has tried to finish the level too quickly. Well, this is not too strange because was one of the first set of custom levels available in the web. There are too many minor details to be, easily, corrected by Nigel: synchronization of the lights, too stressing fly-bys,"paper" walls and additionally the handicap of the exteriors and the horizon. I hope Nigel will re-work the level because with some work it could be very much improved." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)

"Though using the same old Egypt textures this level still looked quite nice and had some interesting rooms. No difficult puzzles though you'll always know exactly what to do next and have no trouble doing it. There are few enemies mainly ninjas and crocs and much of your time will be spent pushing buttons and opening doors with the occasional jumping and shimmying to break up the monotony. I found two secrets not very many pickups though but you really won't need them. The constant overly dramatic music really got on my nerves and some of the camera fly-bys made me a bit dizzy. You'll enjoy this if you like the easier levels but if your looking for a challenge you might skip this one for now." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"A nice pleasant level. Gameplay is linear and not that hard. Found some bugs I couldn't climb on certain things Lara plainly refused but jumping was on them was OK. The music got on my nerves and there were also some missing textures. For the rest; I had fun. Loved the Ali Baba room you will see what I mean. Although those ninjas came out of nowhere and scared the beejeez out off me and the first crocs I encountered trapped Lara in a door opening (a bug I take it). Good that I do save once in a while. Pushing buttons is what you mostly do and there are not many pickups found two secrets. The earthquake changing is nice and some rooms are quite interesting. A TR4 file easiest of them all to install. 29-05-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"Unfortunately the thin walls in the entire room sometimes are keeping you from enjoying this level. It's a pity because the game play isn't bad at all. Passing through hallways and pushing buttons while you are at it opens the way to the next little challenge. Collecting the golden vraeus and a couple of guardian keys the player can get hold of a secret in a detour as well as proceed. The earthquake element is used quite nicely more than once I also liked the water trap. You could see crystal water but when you dived you realize it was a mistake. Crocodiles ninjas and a few scorpions are your enemies. Everything was fun not difficult even the little underwater maze if you can call it a maze. Short but enjoyable." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
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